Eved on the mega-floater

Real Name: Lord Eved

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) humanoid, over 100 years ago

Occupation: Unknown

Group Membership: Royal Court of Homeworld (loose)

Affiliations: Diarmid, Princess Mari;
    formerly Baron Karza

Enemies: Baron Karza, ice hydra

Known Relatives: Father (unnamed)

Aliases: "Edev" (see comments)

Base of Operations: Homeworld, Microverse;
    especially First Zone
    and Ice Zone (onboard a mega-floater)

First Appearance: Micronauts II#15 (December, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Eved was a normal human young man, but was easily captivated by young women in the Royal Court of Homeworld. He tried to be manipulative of others to suit his own ambitions, but was instead easily manipulated, especially by Karza. He was about 5'11", thin, had black hair (with white temples and back, although this may have been dyed) and brown eyes, with a 2" scar running vertically over his right eye. He was elitist, short-tempered, smoked cigarettes and liked to wear gaudy outfits and up-to-the-minute fashions.

Eved compliments MariHistory:
(Micronauts II#15 (fb)) - In the ancient Palace of Rulership on Homeworld, the teenaged Princess Mari was complimented by nobles from hundreds of worlds, including the local Lord Eved. However, Eved's interest in Mari was not reciprocated. Mari found a new friend in the dancer Diarmid and Eved found himself attracted to her. He then approached Baron Karza and urgently requested his aid in winning the affections of Diarmid. Karza agreed, but only because he wanted to use Eved as the tool to break Eved's family, who were resistant to his machinations. Eved offered to put in a good word for Karza at the Royal Court.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Karza devised a plan to make Eved appear a hero by saving Diarmid from an ice hydra. He gave Eved a potion that was an antitoxin to an ice hydra's poison.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb)) - At a state dinner, Eved secreted the potion into Diarmid's drink, but caused undue attention for his violent elitist manner. He was then banned from Court for a fortnight. Eved later questioned Karza of his plan and was rebuked and told to make his next move. That night, Diarmid fell ill from the antitoxin. The next day, Eved sought his father's assistance to win back the family's name and the Court's favor, and suggested a gala ice event. Diarmid recovered four days later from her mysterious illness, her body now able to negate the poison of an ice hydra.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb) - BTS) - Karza recreated a venomous ice hydra in his Body Banks and set it beneath a large frozen lake. He also devised a jacket that hid a neuro-field generator designed to disrupt an ice hydra's nervous system.

(Micronauts II#15 (fb)) - A mega-floater was organized to transport the whole Court to the frozen reaches of Homeworld (likely Ice Zone) above the large frozen lake used by Karza. Most of the Royal Court went force-field skating on the lake to whispering music, but Eved had an audience with the Royal Family. Eved was pardoned and Princess Mari kissed him in gratitude for what he had done for Diarmid. Eved then felt confused regarding his feelings for Mari and Diarmid. He then approached Karza in private and asked him to call off the whole plan, but Karza refused and Eved left. Karza then sent an illusioner to Mari and Diarmid, a device that enabled the user to make thought-directed hologram disguises. Mari decided to use it to imitate Diarmid in a forthcoming special solo dance on the ice. On the floater, Eved donned the special jacket, knowing what he was doing was wrong, but he felt powerless to stop it.

    At sunset, the crowd gathered to watch the Court dancer, Diarmid, perform solo on the ice (in reality, Mari using the illusioner). Eved was noticeably nervous and shadowed by a hooded Diarmid, who harbored affection for him. He then activated a device that let the ice hydra burst forth from beneath the ice; it then targeted the only creature on the ice in the near vicinity - the disguised Mari. As others ran away, Eved proclaimed that he would rescue the periled skater, only to be stopped by Diarmid, who declared her secret love for him. Eved was shocked and then saw Mari on the ice in the grip of the ice hydra, as the illusioner had broken. Eved still leapt at the monster, although Diarmid's attempt to hold onto Eved only ripped the jacket, exposing the circuitry inside. Eved landed on the ice hydra's head and stabbed furiously at it, aided by the jacket's electronic disruption of the beast's nervous system. Eved then knelt forlorn by Mari's battered, poisoned and unconscious body. Karza arrived and commanded that key body parts and organs be replaced, and took the legs volunteered by a remorseful Diarmid so that Mari's new body would have some level of antitoxin. Eved was horrified at this development but Karza then had him arrested and sentenced to immediate execution, with his organs consigned to the Body Banks. Eved did not protest.

(Micronauts II#15) - Many years later, Marionette still felt shame at how she had acquired her legs.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (penciler) & Danny Bulandi (inker).

    The whole story is narrated by Marionette as a flashback to her fellow Micronauts.

    He's initially referred to as Edev twice by Mari, but this changes a few pages later and he is referred to only as Eved from there on.

    He made nine costume changes over the course of the story!

Profile by Grendel Prime


Eved has no known connections to:

The mega-floater has no known connection to:

The ice hydra has no known connection to:

Eved's father ponders

Eved's father


Eved's unidentified father was concerned at his son's misbehavior, particularly regarding how it affected the family name. He controlled the family's considerable fortune and staged the gala ice event onboard a great mega-floater to help shore up support for Eved and the family name. Karza disliked Eved's family as they had resisted his machinations and so he used Eved as a means for their downfall. It is unknown what became of Eved's father after his son was executed.


-- Micronauts II#15



The Kirbyesque mega-floater



A mega-floater was an enormous floating superstructure that was the size of a small town. It had multiple spires and various viewing platforms. It had multiple heated living quarters for the guests and servants, and hovered at least 30' above the ground by way of antigravitation devices that required an enormous amount of power, with almost the lower half comprising the mega-floater's antigrav drives.


One mega-floater was used by Eved's family to help stage a gala ice-skating excursion.


-- Micronauts II#15





The ice hydra menaces Mari

Ice hydra


The ice hydra was a massive green serpentine beast with two arms and claws. It had at least five tentacles that had large suckers and several 2' long poisoned barbs at the end of each tentacle, and would use its tentacles to smash through ice. They were green and reptilian in appearance and had a huge head with giant fangs plus two huge pink eyes that had slit-like pupils. Despite their ferocious countenance, their heads were not well protected and a simple knife could penetrate their skulls, killing them. However, they were highly toxic and carried deadly poison in their tentacle barbs and claws that could permanently disrupt their prey's nervous system. Ice hydras, creatures from the dawn of Homeworld's history, lived in the icy water and were nearly extinct, but the specimen that menaced Mari had been duplicated in Karza's Body Banks and placed under the ice (it is unknown if he augmented the creature in any way).

-- Micronauts II#15

Micronauts II#15, p14, panel 1 (main)

p4, panel 6 (head)
p11, panel 6 (father)
p12 (mega-floater)
p18, panel 4 (ice hydra)

Micronauts II#15 (December, 1985) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Danny Bulandi (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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