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Real Name: Khaos

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-9339 (Irth)) 

Occupation: Ruler of Irth;

formerly adventurer, mercenary

Group Membership: Royal house of the dark elves, royal house of the fair elves

AffiliationsKamendae, Kromm, Longstrider, Quarto, Excalibur (Captain Britain, Cerise, Feron, Kylun, Meggan, Nightcrawler, Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Shadowcat)

Enemies: Ghath, possibly the Technowizards

Known Relatives: Unnamed father and mother (dark elves); unnamed adoptive mother father (fair elves)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: England;

formerly mobile on Earth-9339

First Appearance: Excalibur Annual#1/1 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: Khaos was born a dark elf and very skilled at using his dual energy-charged swords, which he could also mentally summon. He is a strong and able leader and tactician, and a brave, relentless fighter who focuses his innate teknomagical abilities through his paraphernalia, including his IBIC talisman plus very large metal wings that fold into his metal backpack, which also houses his twin swords.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lbs


(Excalibur Annual#1/1(fb)) - Khaos was born the heir to the Emperor of the dark elves on strife-torn Irth, which had been divided between the light surface dwellers and the dark dwellers underground. However, he was spirited away as a baby to another continent and raised by the royal house of fair elves. This afforded only a little protection from bigotry and he learnt to fight, eventually leaving his adopted family to become an adventurer and mercenary. Along his travels, he met up with others who would become comrades, including Kamendae, Kromm, Longstrider and Quarto. For several years, they adventured, exploring dungeons and strange lands, fighting many, including aliens, until they discovered a teknomagical artifact that revealed Khaos' true origins. He saw his destiny to forge a peace between the two opposing forces. From then on, he and his comrades fought more passionately, eventually raising a small army and taking the strategic island of Ameroth. Claiming leadership, Khaos declared an unconditional ceasefire, but the renegade and power-hungry Ghath resisted and attacked Ameroth. Ghath was defeated and banished from Irth by Khaos to be scattered across dimensions. The villain arrived on Earth-616 and was still able to send waves of fiery destruction upon Irth and foment insurgency. Khaos found a warrior to be dispatched after Ghath and eliminate him, but a scrambling spell from the archmage instead sent Khaos to Earth-616. A week later, Khaos found Ghath using his talisman, IBIC.

(Excalibur Annual#1/1) - Khaos smashed his way into the old castle where Ghath had hidden himself, only to encounter Excalibur, who themselves had arrived to investigate the strange magic being used. A battle ensued, with the team being held back by Khaos' exceptional fighting skills and weaponry until the dark elf was overcome and knocked out. Although the disguised Ghath wished to hold Khaos, Captain Britain and his crew decided to take the elf with them back to Braddock Manor. Khaos awoke imprisoned and watched by Cerise, to whom he related his dimension's war-ridden history. Cerise left to investigate Ghath further and Khaos took the opportunity to quickly escape, summoning his swords from across the room. He went back to Ghath's hideout and helped Cerise battle the powerful archmage until Excalibur arrived and turned the tide of battle against Ghath, who then escaped, stealing IBIC from Khaos. Using IBIC, Ghath generated a portal back to Irth with Khaos and Excalibur just making it through as well. Khaos then encountered his four fellow adventurers who related that Ghath had actually managed to arrive months earlier. They then saw Ghath's mighty armada heading for Ameroth with the island's forces not strong enough to repel the invaders. Nevertheless, Khaos charged at the fleet and with Excalibur's help, smashed the ships. Khaos was able to confront Ghath who still defied him but Khaos beheaded the archmage. Later, Khaos watched as Excalibur was about to be teknomagically returned to their home dimension but instead traveled back with them, Ghath's scrambling spell apparently still in effect. Cerise invited Khaos to join the team, but Khaos declined, choosing instead to find a way home and continue his quest for peace on Irth.

Comments: Created by Evan Skolnick (writer), Chris Marrinan & Audwynn Newman (pencils) and Mark McKenna, Danny Bulandi & Keith Williams (inks).

   Khaos' physical details were revealed on the back of the collector card polybagged with the Annual (Marvel's theme for the 1993 Annuals), and from the OHotMU.

   Given his long absence, it seems likely that he found a way to get back to Irth.

   Both Shadowcat and Phoenix (Rachel Summers) suggested that, given the number of extradimensional counterparts of Excalibur, Khaos may be the composite embodiment of Excalibur with the elven qualities of Nightcrawler, the twin swords of Kylun and Captain Britain's flight powers. Even IBIC had similarities to (absent) Widget. Interestingly, Cerise recognized some personal similarities between her garb and Ghath's initial robed and jeweled disguise (see an image in Ghath's profile).

   Khaos' wings were remarkably similar to Archangel's metal wings (circa Whilce Portacio's art).

   Khaos received an entry in the OHotMU A-Z hardback, vol. 6, which provided some of the info for the Powers section above.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Khaos has no known connections to:



IBIC was the powerful energy-channeling monkey talisman used by Khaos, who used it to generate powerful blasts and raise virtually impenetrable shields. Ghath briefly used it to cross dimensions with the aid of teknomagic. Khaos reclaimed the talisman with the apparent death of Ghath.




--Excalibur Annual#1/1



Kamendae was a fellow adventurer and friend of Khaos who enjoyed many adventures with the dark elf. He was a fair elf who used weapons and was skilled in teknomagic, being able to open interdimensional portals with Quarto's assistance. He helped fight and overthrow Ghath, assisting in opening the portal to banish the villain and later return Excalibur.




--Excalibur Annual#1/1



Kromm was another elf who had joined Khaos in his adventures and quest to unite the warring factions of Irth, including eliminating the threat of Ghath. He was a fierce warrior armed with blades.



--Excalibur Annual#1/1



Longstrider was an able archer who was a comrade of Khaos in his travels as adventurer, mercenary and unifier of Irth.



--Excalibur Annual#1/1



Quarto was a fair elf very proficient in teknomagic. He was a fellow adventurer and also aided Khaos in his quests. He helped fight and overthrow Ghath, assisting in opening the portal to banish Ghath and later return Excalibur.




--Excalibur Annual#1/1

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Trading card supplied with Excalibur Annual#1 (main image)
Excalibur Annual#1/1, p30, pan4 (head shot)

p9, pan4 (IBIC)
p26, pan3 (Kamendae)
p26, pan3 (Kromm)
p26, pan3 (Longstrider)
p26, pan3 (Quarto)

Excalibur Annual#1/1 (1993) - Evan Skolnick (writer), Chris Marrinan & Audwynn Newman (pencils), Mark McKenna, Danny Bulandi & Keith Williams (inks), Suzanne Gaffney & Terry Kavanaugh (editors)

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