Classification: Alien life-form, humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Mobile aboard the Levianon; formerly, the planet Levia (now destroyed) in the Nelweni star system

Known Members: Cherise, Darnak, Relstor, Sharman

Affiliations: Recorder#211, Sif, Thor, Warriors Three

Enemies: Sporr

First Appearance: Thor I#256 (February, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: The Levians possess no unusual physical abilities. Their technology is advanced enough to allow for insterstellar drive and robot servants.

History: (Thor I#257 (fb))- The Levians were once a technologically powerful race who exploited the resources of their world for the sake of personal comfort until finally the world could no longer support them, and began to erupt at the core. To preserve some of the race, the Levians constructed a starship called the Levianon to carry some of them to safety. Over the generations that followed, the Levians continued to live a life of hedonistic pleasure, while the technology aboard fell into disrepair. Without the knowledge to repair their facilities, the Levianon drifted through space aimlessly.

During a meteor shower, the mutant Fomalhauti called Sporr was brought aboard the Levianon, and it set about capturing the weakest of the Levians. The Levians believed Sporr to be murdering them, unaware it was actually providing the care they could no longer themselves provide.

(Thor I#256)- When, by chance, the Asgardian Thor came to the Levianon with his allies, the Levians' leader Relstor convinced them to aid them against Sporr.

(Thor I#257)- Thor led the Warriors Three and Levians against Sporr, and although Thor tried to take Sporr alive, Relstor ordered Sporr's death. It was only after the creature died that the Levians learnt he had truly been benevolent, and were ashamed at what they had done.

Comments: Created by Len Wein, John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga.

Profile by Prime Eternal

The Levians should not be confused with:

The Securitrons are the robot guardians of the Levians, assigned to provide security aboard the Levianon. When not in use, they rest inside of Servo-Pods, emerging during a state of emergency. Over the years, the Levians have forgotten how to repair the Securitrons, resulting in their numbers slowly dwindling. The Levians set the Securitrons after Sporr, but all those released were eventually destroyed. Other Securitrons attacked Thor and his allies when they boarded the Levianon, and nearly killed Sif with a laser blast before being called off by Relstor. The Securitrons are equipped with powerful laser rifles. - Thor I#256-257




Darnak is a young member of the Levian race. When his grandfather was stolen away by Sporr, he believed him to be dead and vowed vengeance upon the creature. Darnak accompanied Thor and his people for the final confrontation with Sporr, but finally faced with the creature, he found himself unable to act, frightened by its appearance. -Thor I#256-257

Relstor is the First Citizen of the Levianon, ruler of the Levian race. Realizing that Thor possessed the power to save his people from Sporr, he convinced him to join forces with them, and shared the history of his people. After Thor brought Sporr down with a blast of lightning, Relstor ordered Sporr's death, which his men carried out. It was only afterwards that the learnt Sporr had been benevolent. -Thor I#256-257

The Levianon was the starship home of the Levian race. It carries approximately 5 million Levians at present. Although it was originally an advanced insterstellar vessel, generations of neglect have rendered it unable to chart its own course, and it currently drifts aimlessly, the Levians now unable to make repairs themselves. -Thor I#256-257



Thor I#256-257 (February-March, 1977) - Len Wein (writer/editor), John Buscema (pencils), Tony DeZuniga (inks)

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