Classification: Extraterrestrial (Uranian) spacecraft

Creator: Marvel Boy/the Uranian (Bob Grayson)

User/Possessors: Marvel Boy/the Uranian (Bob Grayson)

First Appearance: Agents of Atlas I#1 (October, 2006)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Marvel Boy's saucer-like ship was linked to Marvel Boy's mind and was capable of flight using either rear thruster jets or the gravity drive, which Marvel Boy had installed to manipulate gravity's effects on the ship. The ship also could travel at warp drive using its warp core device. Marvel Boy's ship was also equipped with an energy projector dubbed the "meteor smasher" and a light beam that lowered passengers to the ground level, alternately called both the "life beam" and the "transport beam." The light beam was later boosted by a protective force field installed by Marvel Boy to protect those being lowered.

Marvel Boy's ship also possessed cloaking technology, allowing it be render invisible to the naked eye if needed and it was also equipped with technology that could alter the atomic structure of objects including the ship itself, which was often used to allow the ship to be phased through solid matter. This technology could also render the hull of the ship invisible to passengers within the ship, allowing them to see outside the ship without leaving the ship's protective hull.

In addition to the ship's extreme durability sufficient to withstand direct contact with molten hot magma, the ship had a very sophisticated communications system that allowed video communication and its sensors were powerful enough to pick up unusual temporal disturbances. It was also capable of converting into a submarine mode that allowed it to traverse underwater using its gravity device to compensate for the extreme underwater pressures.

The interior of the ship contained numerous rooms that could easily be configured into sleeping quarters if needed and the main deck contained the control room, which used a virtual reality interface that only Marvel Boy could see and interact with and a visual data display device that could project any data recorded by Marvel Boy's headband as protonic images. Elevators within the ship allowed for multi-deck travel and the ship's bathrooms were capable of taking care of any waste on their own including acting as the toilet itself, the paper and cleaning. At least one room was equipped with a machine that could restore the cells of a person using genetic information gathered by Marvel Boy's headband.

The ship also housed various environmental suits that could be modified for different atmospheres and removed the dead skin cells and waste of the person wearing the suit.

History: (Agents of Atlas I#3 (fb)) - During his time living with the native Uranian aliens, the former hero Marvel Boy began designing and building a saucer-like starship during his excursions to the Uranian surface despite the Uranians forbidding him from leaving the planet. When he was contacted by his former teammate Gorilla Man about their old leader, Jimmy Woo, being seriously injured, Marvel Boy decided to leave the Uranian membrane and take his ship to Earth to check on Woo.

(Agents of Atlas I#1) - Marvel Boy flew his spaceship to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base housing Woo and beamed up not only Woo, but his other former teammates Gorilla Man and M-11 the Human Robot. Once inside the ship, Woo was placed in a device that genetically transformed him back to his 1950s prime.

(Agents of Atlas I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Marvel Boy flew the ship, with Jimmy Woo, Gorilla Man and the Human Robot, to Woo's home and touched down to allow Woo to change clothes and acclimate himself to his rejuvenated body. As the area was under S.H.I.E.L.D. surveillance, Marvel Boy used his telepathic abilities to disguise the ship from S.H.I.E.L.D. guards.

(Agents of Atlas I#2) - Eventually, Marvel Boy revealed to his allies that, as S.H.I.E.L.D. continued searching various wavelengths and frequencies, S.H.I.E.L.D. would soon uncover the disguised ship. When the investigating S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Derek Khanata located them, Gorilla Man suggested they leave before the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered the ship and refused to allow Derek to work with them, expecting S.H.I.E.L.D. to drug them and reverse engineer Marvel Boy's ship if they were caught. Khanata ultimately managed to convince Woo and his allies to allow his company when he admitted to knowing where their former ally Venus was and the group left the area in Marvel Boy's ship. As Gorilla Man went to the ship's bathroom, Marvel Boy set their location coordinates in the ship for a six hour trip, which would allow the group to rest. Marvel Boy then took Woo to the central area of the ship, where Woo was able to view and interact with his home data recorded earlier by Marvel Boy's headband, which was projected in protonic holographic form. Gorilla Man soon met them there, having went to the bathroom, and Woo began going over his collected data on the Atlas Foundation. After some time, Woo decided to rest before their arrival and all present went to their sleeping quarters. The ship subsequently arrived to rendezvous with Derek Khanata's cousin Kal'ti in the African region where Gorilla Man had originally been transformed and the group of allies had themselves safely lowered to the ground by Marvel Boy's ship.

(Agents of Atlas I#3) - When S.H.I.E.L.D. was alerted to Marvel Boy and his allies' presence, Marvel Boy suggested they all leave and they boarded Marvel Boy's ship and traveled back to the USA, discussing how Woo had recruited his allies back in 1959 along the way. Noticing a traffic jam along their way, Woo asked if they were evacuating the city but Gorilla Man suggested they drive the remainder of the way while Woo, whose memories were from 1959, acclimated himself. When the Human Robot later began walking towards the Arctic Circle in an effort to revive their lost ally Namora, Woo and his allies convinced the Human Robot to instead travel with them there in Marvel Boy's ship. Boarding the saucer, Marvel Boy projected the coordinates into the ship and as they traveled, Woo took the time to go through more of his virtual files. Eventually, Woo asked Marvel Boy to explain what had happened to him since 1959 and Marvel Boy linked his mind to his allies within the ship and proceeded to give his story. Once finished, Marvel Boy revealed that they had arrived at their destination and that his friends should join him in a lower level to be fitted with environment suits. Upon putting on the modified suits, Marvel Boy and his allies ventured outside the ship underwater to find their old ally Namora, whose corpse lay in Lemuria.

(Agents of Atlas I#4) - Marvel Boy's ship remained above the surface while Marvel Boy and his allies were underwater. Once the Human Robot had revived the dormant Namora, she defeated the area guardians before passing out and the group returned to Marvel Boy's ship, where the unconscious Namora was placed in a tub of seawater to speed up her recovery. Namora soon revived and thanked the Human Robot for reviving her before the assembled group ventured a deck lower, where Jimmy Woo explained to Namora their mission against the Atlas Foundation. A week after all of the assembled heroes agreed to accompany Jimmy Woo in taking down the various front companies managed by the Atlas Foundation, Marvel Boy flew the group over to investigate a group called the Foundation, which turned out to be modern-day pirates robbing the rich. Venus immediately knew how to halt the Foundation and asked Marvel Boy to use his ship to lower her to the boat, where she used her siren songs to stop the pirates.

(Agents of Atlas I#5) - Marvel Boy used his ship to travel to Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard on request from Jimmy Woo. Once there, Woo and his allies were lowered to the ground level by the ship. When Venus cried out, causing all present to experience each other's worst pain, the affected Marvel Boy turned towards the Human Robot and blamed him for being a puppet of the Yellow Claw's. Announcing that he had left the Uranian membrane, his only home, at the behest at nothing more than a puppet, Marvel Boy ordered his ship to fire on the Human Robot, quickly destroying the robot. Also affected by Venus' pain, Namora picked up a discarded Navy ship and hurled it into Marvel Boy's ship, angry at Marvel Boy's attack since the Human Robot had been the only one that remembered her during her supposed death. When the ship collided with Marvel Boy's ship, the psychic feedback to Marvel Boy caused him great pain and the ship was knocked aside as Marvel Boy, Namora and Gorilla Man, who had entered the fray to protect Marvel Boy, all battled one another.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 - BTS) - After the team made up and decided to raid the Atlas Foundation facility they had earlier found empty, Marvel Boy took them all there in his ship and used the ship to lower them down to ground level.

(Spider-Man Family II#4) - Following Jimmy Woo's taking over leading the Atlas Foundation, Woo and his squad, the newly-dubbed Agents of Atlas, traveled through New York City in Marvel Boy's ship in search of one of Atlas' loose creations. Finding one of the creations battling Spider-Man, the Agents of Atlas watched the fight from Marvel Boy's cloaked ship but the battle soon drew Spider-Man their direction and the wall-crawler ended up colliding with the invisible ship. After the Agents of Atlas uncovered a plot in the Atlas Playhouse, they briefly battled Spider-Man, who was also present in the Playhouse, before parting ways on friendly terms with the wall-crawler and having Marvel Boy's ship beam them back onboard. Spider-Man, still wanting to uncover the truth behind the Atlas Playhouse, webbed his way onboard the ship as well and the Agents ultimately let him stay to help stop the Playhouse. When Spider-Man learned that the Atlas Foundation often hid in plain sight, he had the Agents of Atlas use Marvel Boy's ship to travel to Rockefeller Plaza, where the Playhouse's Atlas Foundation remnants attacked them.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1/5) - When alien Skrulls invaded Earth, the Agents of Atlas parked Marvel Boy's saucer underwater and at one point, ventured above ground to obtain a Skrull life form sample for Marvel Boy before returning to the ship. While Marvel Boy dissected a captured Skrull squad leader, leaving his head alive and intact, the Skrulls searched for Marvel Boy's hidden saucer, soon finding it. When the Skrulls located the saucer, Jimmy Woo quickly ordered Marvel Boy to bring the saucer to the surface with shields up. Before the Skrulls could penetrate the ship's shields, Woo had the Human Robot incinerate the invading Skrulls. Following the battle, Jimmy Woo had Marvel Boy use his ship to transport the Agents of Atlas to Seattle in an effort to help against the Skrulls there, suggesting that after their job there was completed, they move outside of the United States, possibly to Japan.

(Dark Reign: New Nation #1/2) - In an effort to root out who was trying to transfer Fort Knox gold to Japan for a weapons system without Congress' knowledge, Jimmy Woo and the Agents of Atlas staged an attack on Fort Knox using Marvel Boy's ship to phase through the Fort ceiling, where Gorilla Man announced Woo's presence as the ship beamed them to ground level. To be able to fly the saucer with the gold, Marvel Boy used the ship to alter the gold's atomic structure in something less affected by gravity for a lighter load on the ship. Upon beaming the gold onto the ship, the Agents of Atlas returned to the ship to learn that their theft had uncovered the mastermind, Norman Osborn.

(Agents of Atlas II#1) - After halting a raid on an Atlas Foundation facility by "Man-Mountain" Marko, Gorilla Man interrogated Marko and learned of Norman Osborn's campaign against Atlas before having Marvel Boy use his ship to pick Marko's men and deposit them into the nearby mudflats. Later, following the dragon Mr. Lao's devouring of Marko, Woo and the Agents of Atlas flew in Marvel Boy's ship celebrating a perceived victory over Norman Osborn.

(Agents of Atlas II#2) - The Agents of Atlas flew to their meeting with Norman Osborn at Edwards Air Force Base in Antelope Valley, California using Marvel Boy's ship, which they kept cloaked as Osborn's agent, the Grizzly, arrived. During the meeting, Woo and Venus remained behind to observe from Marvel Boy's ship as Gorilla Man, the Human Robot and Namora made a weapons deal with Grizzly. After Gorilla Man, the Human Robot and Namora returned to the ship, the Agents of Atlas were attacked by Mr. Lao's appointed successor to Woo, Temugin, son of Mandarin. Marvel Boy quickly created a telepathic illusion for Temugin, forcing him to relent his accusations before warning Temugin to never enter his ship again without permission. Marvel Boy then coldly opted to show Temugin where in the ship he could stay while traveling with the Agents of Atlas.

(Agents of Atlas II#3) - Marvel Boy piloted his ship to the Pacific Ocean, where Namora had requisitioned an old tanker, and dropped off Venus to meet with Namora near the tanker before leaving for the East Coast for a weapons demonstration with Norman Osborn. Following the meeting with Osborn, Woo suggested the then-weakened Marvel Boy return to his idling ship to rest while he, Gorilla Man and the Human Robot took a helicopter back.

(Agents of Atlas II#4) - Marvel Boy was pulled from his rest inside his ship's virtual Uranian membrane and asked to rescue Woo, Gorilla Man and Human Robot, who had been attacked by Captain America ("Bucky" Barnes). Arriving in time to destroy Woo's helicopter, Marvel Boy had his ship's lift beam pull Woo, Gorilla Man and Human Robot into the ship. When Captain America resisted, the Human Robot blasted the cable Captain America was holding onto, allowing Marvel Boy's ship to pull Cap in as well. Once onboard, Marvel Boy linked the Agents' minds to Cap's and learned that he was actually the original Captain America's sidekick Bucky. After also learning that Captain America was hiding the Avengers, the Agents of Atlas used Marvel Boy's ship to deposit Captain America on a rooftop with memories of the Atlas Foundation's formidability and the location of their supertanker munitions factory, all placed in Cap's mind to keep up the Agents of Atlas' claims of being villains.

(Agents of Atlas II#6) - The Agents of Atlas traveled over the Atlantic Ocean in Marvel Boy's ship, where they hoped to find Namora's cousin, Namor, and use his status in Norman Osborn's Cabal to bring Osborn down. Along the way, they also discussed the Human Robot recognizing the Avengers' Wolverine from a battle Woo and his allies fought in 1958. While piloting the ship, Marvel Boy remarked that time had no meaning for the Human Robot and the battle might as well have been 50 minutes ago. Upon arriving at Namor's coordinates, as provided by Namora, Marvel Boy submerged the ship into the ocean. Descending into a trench, Marvel Boy altered the gravity effects on the ship to compensate for the angle of their dive and the ship soon made its way into a volcanic vent, where molten hot magma poured over the ship. Insisting that the ship would withstand such heat, Marvel Boy made the roof of the ship translucent so the Agents of Atlas could see the magma pouring over the ship, which prompted Jimmy Woo to remark that it was the wildest glass-boat view he had ever seen. Emerging from the volcanic vent, Marvel Boy's ship arrived at a hidden Atlantean city dubbed Oceanus. When Namor stopped the ship, the Agents of Atlas exited Marvel Boy's ship to introduce themselves. Two days later, most of the Agents of Atlas were still residing within Marvel Boy's ship and were no closer to taking down Norman Osborn.

(Agents of Atlas II#7) - After it was revealed that the Atlantean Tulem had arranged for the Agents of Atlas to visit Oceanus in an effort to breed Namor and Namora, the Agents of Atlas returned to Marvel Boy's ship and Namora holed herself up in her room, feeling betrayed by Tulem. The ship then surfaced and the group were on their way back.

(Agents of Atlas II#8) - Marvel Boy and Gorilla Man used the ship to return gold that was earlier stolen by the Atlas Foundation back to Fort Knox. When the Atlas Foundation's Las Vegas biobase called in a request for backup, Marvel Boy and most of the other Agents of Atlas took Marvel Boy's ship to Las Vegas, where they were lowered to ground level by the ship. When the culprit of the attack appeared to be the Hulk, Marvel Boy neutralized the biobase's mutant creatures before summoning his ship to battle the Hulk with its meteor smasher weapon. Hulk fought back, shoulder-charging into the ship and knocking its beam awry before Venus managed to calm the Hulk.

(Agents of Atlas II#9) - As the Agents of Atlas took down the remnants of the mutated creatures from the Atlas Foundation's Las Vegas biobase, Marvel Boy's ship hovered above the group. When the Human Robot was destroyed in China, Marvel Boy sensed the destruction and announced to the other Agents of Atlas that they had to leave immediately, prompting the group to board Marvel Boy's ship and fly away, leaving Bruce Banner behind. Arriving in the Jade Claw's Chinese temple headquarters, the Agents of Atlas battled the Jade Claw's Great Wall forces, rescuing Jimmy Woo as the Human Robot rebuilt itself. Retreating back into Marvel Boy's ship, the Agents of Atlas managed to escape the temple in the ship but unfortunately, the damage the ship had suffered at the hands of the Hulk and during the battle with the Great Wall caused the gravity drive to go out, downing the ship in the water outside the Jade Claw's temple. The methane atmosphere from Marvel Boy's area of the ship then flooded into the rest of the ship, forcing the Agents of Atlas to move to higher ground as Marvel Boy patched up a section of the saucer that was taking on water. From the ship, Jimmy Woo contacted the Atlas Foundation to request a super-tanker to retrieve them and berated the dragon Mr. Lao for not informing him of the treaty he would be breaking by meeting the Jade Claw in person. The Jade Claw interrupted the transmission to announce a Dragon Clan War and when the communication ended, Woo asked Marvel Boy how the saucer was doing, to which Marvel Boy replied that the ship would need a full overhaul.

(Agents of Atlas II#10) - Marvel Boy worked on repairing the extensive damage to his ship with the help of the Human Robot. As he worked, Derek Khanata and Venus came by to check on him and Khanata remarked that Marvel Boy had his work cut out for him, further commenting that he was surprised they made it out of the Jade Claw's mountain base with the ship in such a condition. Continuing with his repairs to his ship, Marvel Boy was subsequently visited again by Venus, who asked if Marvel Boy knew of a way to project her voice with her effect intact and Marvel Boy informed her that he would see what he could come up with as soon as he finished the critical repairs to his ship. Temugin then arrived and asked if Marvel Boy was able to find a weak point in the Jade Claw's Menacer robot, to which Marvel Boy replied that his focus was on his saucer but that between the Human Robot and his own headband, he might have obtained crucial data. As Temugin left, Namora and Gorilla Man entered to request Marvel Boy's assistance as well and they were interrupted when Jimmy Woo arrived and informed Marvel Boy that despite Marvel Boy wanting to get his ship up and running again, he was needed to repair the Atlas Foundation network to prevent the Jade Claw from accessing it. Leaving his ship, Marvel Boy promised to help Namora and Gorilla Man when he was finished.

(Agents of Atlas II#11) - Preparing to storm the Jade Claw's Great Wall organization, Jimmy Woo asked Marvel Boy if his ship was airworthy yet and Marvel Boy replied that it was but the shield generators were still down. Warning that the ship couldn't take any damage, Marvel Boy was told it wouldn't have to. When the actual battle between the Atlas Foundation and the Great Wall began, Marvel Boy used his ship to destroy the orbiting satellites that were feeding the Great Wall's M-21 robot power.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#1) - The Agents of Atlas used Marvel Boy's ship to travel to the X-Men's Graymalkin Industries headquarters in an effort to use their Cerebra computers to locate their missing teammate Venus. After Marvel Boy (now calling himself the Uranian) unlinked Cerebra's neural core, which he hoped to connect to the Atlas Foundation's hidden city computers, he had his ship project its transport beam to pull the Agents of Atlas back into the ship. The X-Men interrupted their escape, however, but following a brief battle, the Agents of Atlas still managed to escape with Cerebra in their ship.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#2 - BTS) - When the X-Men ultimately agreed to assist the Atlas Foundation in locating Venus in the Adirondack Mountains, Jimmy Woo ordered the Agents of Atlas to the Uranian's saucer. As the saucer beamed up the Agents, Woo offered the X-Men the help of Atlas should they ever need it.

(X-Men vs. the Agents of Atlas#2/2) - The Agents of Atlas arrived at the Adirondack Mountains via the Uranian's ship to rescue Venus from the Olympian goddess Aphrodite.

(Assault on New Olympus#1/2) - After the rescued Venus left the Atlas Foundation's hidden city in a daze, the Agents of Atlas boarded the Uranian's ship and tracked Venus to the San Francisco Bay. Finding that the Olympian creature Phorcys had mentally enslaved Venus to lead humans for Phorcys to devour, the Agents of Atlas had the Uranian drop them off on the bridge and the Uranian used the ship's meteor smasher weapon against Phorcys, knocking him back. Phorcys then attacked the Agents of Atlas directly, grasping at the Uranian's ship with his facial tentacles and attacking the others on the ground.

(Incredible Hercules I#138/2) - Phorcys slung the Uranian's ship around as he attempted to devour the Agents of Atlas. After Phorcys retreated back into the water following losing control of Venus, the Agents of Atlas boarded the ship and Woo ordered the Uranian to set a course for Manhattan as soon as everyone was onboard. A short time later, as the ship was approaching Manhattan, the Agents of Atlas discussed Venus' recent battle with Aphrodite and how Aphrodite had mentioned something big on the horizon relating to Hera. When the group arrived at the Olympus Group, the Uranian announced that he was having the ship go invisible. When the ship proved unable to scan the Olympus Group building due to a force field, Woo had the Uranian check underground and the Uranian then activated the ship's intangibility, allowing the invisible ship to travel through the ground and into the caves beneath the Olympus Group building.

(Incredible Hercules I#141/2) - After Venus defeated the Olympian Aphrodite within the caves, the Agents of Atlas boarded the Uranian's saucer and returned above ground.

(Thunderbolts I#139) - When the Thunderbolts attacked a Louisiana Atlas Foundation facility on orders from Norman Osborn, the Agents of Atlas arrived to stop the Thunderbolts in the Uranian's saucer-ship. As most of the Agents battled the Thunderbolts, Jimmy Woo had the Uranian use the ship to divert swamp water onto fires caused by the Thunderbolts.

(Thunderbolts I#140) - After the Agents of Atlas were exposed to chemicals released when the Thunderbolts destroyed the Atlas Foundation's Louisiana facility, the Uranian informed them all that they needed to get back to his ship, which was still hovering in the sky. Severely affected by the chemicals, Jimmy Woo ordered Gorilla Man to retrieve the damaged Human Robot and unconscious Namora and the Uranian had his ship lift the trio up into the ship. Woo then had the Uranian plant a telepathic suggestion to kill Norman Osborn within the Scourge's mind before the Agents of Atlas departed the scene in the Uranian's ship. As they flew away and the Uranian healed his allies within tubes, the Uranian detected another mind onboard the ship and the Thunderbolts' Ghost was forced to reveal himself onboard, claiming that he simply wished to understand the ship's technology. Before the Uranian could alter the ship's density and force the Ghost out, the Ghost phased himself through the ship's hull and fell back towards the ground.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#1) - During an Agents of Atlas battle in Crystal Caves, Mexico, the Uranian informed the Agents that his saucer had picked up an unusual distortion in Arizona that he thought the Agents needed to investigate. After defeating the crystal creatures they had been fighting, the Agents of Atlas boarded the Uranian's ship as they discussed the temporal distortion the ship had moments earlier picked up. Upon arriving in Arizona to investigate the temporal distortion via the Uranian's ship, the Agents of Atlas battled Lava Men that appeared there and once the Lava Men were defeated, the Agents witnessed a strange, twisted looking being which the Uranian confirmed seemed to be the cause of the temporal distortions. Before they could question the being, the Uranian detected stronger temporal distortions in Manhattan and the Agents traveled to New York via the Uranian's ship to find the Avengers battling the Growing Man at the distortion's epicenter. Deciding to help the Avengers, the Agents of Atlas hit the Growing Man with a blast from the ship's meteor smasher weapon but it served only to make the Growing Man grow larger. From the Uranian's ship, the rest of the Agents of Atlas then witnessed Wolverine cut the Growing Man into pieces with Namora's help.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#4 - BTS) - Following the destruction of a Chronovirus that had absorbed the present-day Avengers shortly after the Growing Man's defeat, the Avengers were restored in Norway, where the battle against the Chronovirus had ended, and the Uranian informed everyone that his ship would be there shortly to return everyone to New York.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#3/2) - When Venus traveled to the planet Venus and answered letters written to her, she was picked up afterwards by the Uranian's ship and continued giving advice to her "audience" as the ship lifted her up inside.

(Darkstar & the Winter Guard#1) - When Namora was kidnapped by the Atlantean warlord Krang in an attempt to make her his bride, the rest of the Agents of Atlas arrived in Vladivostok, Russia via the Uranian's ship to stop Krang and rescue Namora. The Russian heroes known as the Winter Guard also arrived on the scene and the Uranian combined the warp core drive technology of his ship with the Crimson Dynamo's fusion beam to create a dimensional rift in which to banish Krang. When the technology was combined, however, the Uranian warned from inside his ship that the dimensional tear could potentially create dimensional instability but the Red Guardian opted to go through with the plan, soon having Ursa Major defeat Krang by damaging his air-providing helmet. As the Uranian continued flying around the scene in his ship, the Crimson Dynamo flew next to the ship and, using the combined technology, banished Krang from Earth's dimension. The Agents of Atlas then boarded the Uranian's ship and with Russia well in hand, Woo opted to focus the Agents' attention on trouble brewing in Hawaii and the team flew off towards Hawaii in the Uranian's ship.

(Enter the Heroic Age#1/2) - The Agents of Atlas returned to Hawaii, the site of an old battle with a Kree Sentry, using the Uranian's ship and fought the rebuilt Sentry, which had reformed itself after fifty years.

(Atlas I#1) - The modern-day 3-D Man began tracking the Atlas Foundation and witnessed the Uranian's saucer-ship flying through the air despite it being invisible to the naked eye.

(Atlas I#2) - An image of the Uranian's saucer-like ship was telepathically shown to 3-D Man as the Atlas Foundation related its history to him. When the telepathic history lesson was interrupted by an Atlas Foundation emergency, the Agents of Atlas, with 3-D Man in tow, were transported aboard the Uranian's ship to travel to Iceland. Upon arriving in the ship, the Agents of Atlas battled a group of subterranean monsters until Venus calmed the monsters into retreating into a cave, which the Uranian remarked he would seal using his ship's meteor smasher. As the group left Iceland in the Uranian's ship, they discussed the group's strengths and weaknesses until 3-D Man admitted that he was still no closer to uncovering who attacked him or his friends in Flagstaff, prompting the Agents to travel to Flagstaff to investigate. 

(Atlas I#3) - Arriving in Flagstaff, Arizona via the Uranian's ship, the Agents of Atlas and 3-D Man used the Uranian's headband to display recent events involving the murder of Chuck Chandler, the former 3-D Man. Upon seeing that two apparent police officers murdering Chuck, the Agents and 3-D Man visited the police station, where Gorilla-Man asked who they were supposed to be looking for, as he was getting tired of beating everyone in Yahtzee aboard the Uranian's ship. After an energy being possessed Chuck's body in the morgue, leaving it alive before departing, 3-D Man discovered Chuck Chandler was still barely alive and the Uranian quickly ordered the Agents to get Chuck back to his ship's lab, where Chuck's condition was stabilized. The Agents and 3-D Man then returned to the Atlas Foundation hidden city, where they were lowered to ground level with the ship's transport beam.

(Atlas I#4 - BTS) - When the Uranian's suit was ripped apart by a possessed Namora, Gorilla-Man ordered the Human Robot to get the Uranian back into his room aboard his ship immediately. After recovering some in his saucer, the Uranian revealed that Atlas servant Chang had trapped one of the possessing Echo Worlders within his own body.

(Gorilla-Man I#1) - Continuing the Atlas Foundation's mission to shut down their rogue factions, the Uranian prepared to take off in his ship when Woo suggested Gorilla-Man hitch a ride on the ship to his own mission. When Gorilla-Man boarded the ship, the Uranian asked where the Gorilla-Man wanted to be dropped off and Gorilla-Man replied Africa, specifically the Congo from Atlas file V-66. When they arrived invisibly in Africa, the Uranian used his ship to lower the Gorilla-Man to the ground behind some trees, admitting that he could take the Gorilla-Man farther but Jimmy Woo had wanted him to unearth an Atlas Foundation cult in Malaysia.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#1/2) - Jimmy Woo was summoned to the deck of the Uranian's ship by Gorilla-Man. Before Woo could arrive, the Uranian and Gorilla-Man waited for Woo on the ship's deck and discussed why Woo felt the need to immerse himself in 1950s culture to relax. Once Woo came onboard, Gorilla-Man informed him that a neo-Nazi group was bombing synagogues and African-American churches in Florida. When Woo asked for information on every racist group in America within the last five years, Gorilla-Man suggested Woo have one of the other Atlas Foundation agents in the Foundation's hidden city find the information but Woo announced that he couldn't trust anyone else and had to have the information himself. When Woo also asked Gorilla-Man to look up any Soviet cells, the Uranian, who was piloting the ship, gave Gorilla-Man a concerned look. After learning of one of Red Skull's German castle from Vorster, leader of the Neo-Nazi Hammer of Thule organization, the Agents of Atlas traveled to Germany via the Uranian's ship with Vorster in tow.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#2/2) - Onboard the Uranian's ship, Jimmy Woo and Namora discussed Vorster's revelation that the Thule organization had infiltrated the Atlas Foundation after World War II. Gorilla-Man soon arrived and informed the duo that the Uranian's ship would arrive in Germany within 20 minutes and Woo suggested they attempt to interrogate Vorster once more before their arrival. Once the German castle was in sight, Woo had the Uranian telepathically probe Vorster but the Uranian proved to be mostly blocked via mystical means.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#4/2) - When the castle ultimately self-destructed, the Agents of Atlas escaped the exploding castle via the Uranian's saucer-ship. Once onboard, the Human Robot revealed that he retained a partial copy of the information that the Thule society sought to keep from anyone discovering by setting their castle with a self-destruct program. Upon seeing the state of the world via the ship's video screens, Woo sequestered himself in his room while the other Agents tried to pry the Human Robot for the information he had copied. Eventually, the Human Robot revealed to the Agents that Woo had erased the information obtained at the castle in an effort to keep the information from falling into the hands of a possible future infiltrator into the Atlas Foundation while Woo himself immersed himself in 1958 television.

(Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas#1 (fb)) - Following a multiversal collapse that left the surviving Atlas Foundation with altered pasts and memories of the patchwork planet Battleworld thanks to an all-powerful Doctor Doom, the Uranian (using the alias of Marvel Boy in the altered reality) piloted his ship as part of an eyepatch-wearing Jimmy Woo's Agents of Atlas. During a mission in which the Agents of Atlas freed the Weapon X projects from Baron Zemo's extermination, Marvel Boy remained in his ship, where Woo later contacted him to acquire Zemo's train using his ship's transport beam.

(Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas#1) - After Jimmy Woo turned up missing, Gorilla-Man met with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Phil Coulson to discuss Woo's location and Gorilla-Man revealed the Agents of Atlas' plan to rescue Woo by taking the fight straight to Zemo using Marvel Boy's flying saucer ship. When Coulson opted to join them, the Agents of Atlas traveled to Zemo's castle in the Metropolitia region of Doctor Doom's Battleworld patchwork planet using Marvel Boy's ship and had Marvel Boy lower Coulson and the Agents of Atlas into Zemo's castle using the ship's transport beam. After Gorilla-Man was killed by Zemo's son Helmut, who inherited the gorilla-man curse, and Coulson was also shot dead by Zemo himself, Marvel Boy located Venus, whom he unleashed upon Zemo. Marvel Boy then hovered within his ship as Venus killed Zemo and Helmut took over as baron of Metropolitia. Marvel Boy then transported the Agents of Atlas back onto his ship as Woo warned Helmut to become a better baron than his father.

(Secret Wars I#9 - BTS) - Marvel Boy's ship was presumably restored to normal when the multiverse was restored following Mr. Fantastic's defeat of Battleworld god Doom.

Comments: Created by Jeff Parker, Leonard Kirk and Kris Justice.

Marvel Boy's ship never had an official name but it was often referred to as "the saucer" by the Agents of Atlas based on its saucer-like design and shape.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Agents of Atlas I#3, p19, pan1 (Marvel Boy's ship-under construction)
Agents of Atlas I#3, p13, pan3 (Marvel Boy's ship-lights in front)
Agents of Atlas I#5, p8, pan6 (Marvel Boy's ship firing energy blasts)
Spider-Man Family II#4, p3, pan4 (Marvel Boy's ship, cloaked)
Dark Reign: New Nation#1, p12, pan4 (Marvel Boy's ship, bottom phasing through ceiling of Fort Knox)
Agents of Atlas II#3, p8, pan1 (Marvel Boy's ship flying over the Pacific Ocean)
Agents of Atlas II#6, p2, pan1 (Marvel Boy's ship flying over the Atlantic Ocean)
Agents of Atlas II#9, p6, pan1 (Marvel Boy's ship, hovering over Nevada desert)
Agents of Atlas II#10, p1, pan4 (Marvel Boy's ship undergoing repairs)
Thunderbolts I#140, p11, pan4 (Marvel Boy's ship flying over the Louisiana skies)
Darkstar & the Winter Guard#1, p4, pan1 (Marvel Boy's ship, flying via rear jets)
Gorilla-Man I#1, p11, pan2 (Marvel Boy's ship, interior with Marvel Boy/Uranian piloting)
Fear Itself: The Home Front#1, p18, pan3 (Marvel Boy's ship, flying over city scape)
Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas#1, p12, pan1 (Marvel Boy's ship on altered reality Battleworld planet)

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