Classification: Amoeboid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: The core of the planet Uranus

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: Marvel Boy (Bob Grayson), the Uranian Eternals

Enemies: None

First Appearance: Agents of Atlas I#3 (December, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: The Uranians could stretch their physical forms and shared nutrients among themselves as part of a communal membrane. They could split off from the membrane if needed and fed off byproducts from their planet's surface.

Traits: The native Uranians resembled amorphous, amoeba-like blobs that were part of a much larger communal membrane.

Type: Amorphous amoeboids
Skin color: Translucent purple (sometimes translucent green-see comments)
Average height: Various

History: (Agents of Atlas I#3 (fb) - BTS) - The native amoeboid race of the planet Uranus dwelled within the planet's core, all part of a large communal membrane. While they could split off from the membrane, they were forbidden to permanently leave the membrane.

(Agents of Atlas I#3 (fb)) - When a group of criminal Eternals was banished to the planet Uranus in the Milky Way galaxy, the native Uranians emerged from the planet's core and struck a pact with the prisoners: they could stay and provide the natives with beneficial byproducts but if they left, they would be stopped. Unfortunately, the amoeboid Uranians did not figure in finer details of the agreement and the Eternals aided Earth's Grayson family in hopes of bypassing their pact with the Uranians by being invited to Earth. Several years later, the Eternals were destroyed by radiation from Uranus' core and their Earth-born hero Marvel Boy returned too late aid his Eternal allies but when his Eternal technology began failing, the Uranians saw him as outside of their contract and decided to save him. In order to be brought into the Uranians' communal membrane, Marvel Boy was transformed to be more like the native Uranians and allowed brief excursions outside their membrane but was forbidden to leave the planet. 

(Agents of Atlas I#5 (fb)) - At some point, Marvel Boy experienced a very personal horror while inside the Uranian communal membrane.

(Agents of Atlas I#3 (fb)) - After Marvel Boy's former teammate Gorilla Man contacted Marvel Boy to inform him of the mortal wounding of their former leader, Jimmy Woo, Marvel Boy spoke with the native Uranians about leaving for Earth and the Uranians decided to let him leave on the condition that he never return to their communal membrane.

(Agents of Atlas I#5 - BTS) - When Marvel Boy was affected by Venus' songs, he experienced great joy and love, seeing a vision of himself and a female-shaped Uranian embracing one another.

(Agents of Atlas I#6 - BTS) - After Marvel Boy decided to stay on Earth and join Jimmy Woo's Agents of Atlas, Woo remarked that perhaps the Uranians realized it was time for Marvel Boy to rejoin the human race. A smiling Marvel Boy replied that perhaps the Uranians just thought he was weird.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1/5 - BTS) - An alien Skrull invasion squad leader was taken for vivisection during a Skrull secret invasion of Earth by Marvel Boy, who kept the leader's head alive, telepathically connected to Marvel Boy, where the squad leader learned of Marvel Boy's genetic alterations that allowed him to survive amongst the Uranians with the core of the planet Uranus.

(Agents of Atlas II#4 - BTS) - Photos of the native Uranians were placed in Marvel Boy's Atlas Foundation network personnel file, which recounted his origins.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#3 - BTS) - When Marvel Boy was temporally transformed into his 1950s self and had no recollection of anything past the 1950s, the present-day Gorilla Man (who apparently didn't know the difference between the actual Uranians and the Uranian Eternals) told Marvel Boy that the Uranians Marvel Boy had grown up with wished to take over Earth.

(Avengers vs. Atlas#4 - BTS) - Jimmy Woo informed the 1950s Marvel Boy that the Uranians had inhibited Marvel Boy's headband but were no longer around to inhibit the headband, apparently not realizing that the native Uranians were still around and it was the Uranian Eternals that had perished.

(Atlas I#5 - BTS) - While traversing the astral plane towards Echo World, Marvel Boy/Uranian recalled how the Uranians had taken him in and altered his body to survive with them. He also recalled how he never truly fit in with them.

Comments: Created by Jeff Parker, Leonard Kirk and Kris Justice.

Some Uranians were seen in a story in Strange Tales I#94 (March, 1962), in which Earth-616 native criminal Joe Morgan escaped prison, only to  run into the Uranian alien Groff, who himself was a prisoner from the alternate future of Earth-62321 and had escaped into the past of Earth-616 using a time travel ring. The ring was then stolen by Morgan, who returned to Groff's future, only to find himself on the planet Uranus. Since these Uranians were from the alternate future of Earth-62321, I chose not to include that appearance in the History section of Earth-616's Uranians seen in this profile.

During the Avengers vs. Atlas mini-series, there seemed to be some confusion in writing as to the difference between the native Uranians and the Uranian Eternals, as in #3, Gorilla Man refers to the Uranians wishing to take over Earth and in #4, Jimmy Woo tells Marvel Boy that the Uranians had placed an inhibitor on Marvel Boy's headband. In fact, these two references were things the Uranian Eternals did, not the native Uranians. I've included the "appearances" in this profile, however, as these references could be just written off as Gorilla Man and Jimmy Woo not really understanding the difference between the natives and the Eternals and therefore, were still references to the native Uranians in this profile.

Marvel Boy/Uranian referred to the native Uranians as "Aboriginoids" in Atlas I#5.

Each time we saw the Uranians, they were translucent purple in color but when the Uranian saw his memories of them on the astral plane, they were translucent green in color.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Uranians have no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Agents of Atlas I#3, p17, pan6 (Uranians emerging from core)
Agents of Atlas I#3, p18, pan1 (Uranians preparing to transform Marvel Boy)
Atlas I#5, p10, splash page (Uranians as they appeared in Marvel Boy's memories)

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