Classification: Armored assault vehicle

Creator: Unknown; the two operators of the Brawn Tank might have invented, been hired to use, or stolen it.

Users/Possessors: Two unidentified men

Enemies: Iron Man

Aliases: None

First Appearance: "Iron Man in: Brains Over Brawn" (Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement in Marvel Team-Up I#81 and other May 1979 issues)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Brawn Tank is equipped with an energy weapon but otherwise appears to have no more ability than a standard military tank.

History: It is not known how the Brawn Tank came to be constructed nor how its two operators came into possession of it; it is possible that they received or stole it from an earlier employer (see Comments).

("Iron Man in: Brains Over Brawn")- The Brawn Tank's operators drove their vehicle through the gates of a Stark Industries plant, intending to kill Iron Man, take over the plant, and proceed to unspecified further goals. However, Iron Man easily evaded the tank's energy weapon, then forced the tank and its operators through a brick wall with his armor's repulsor rays, knocking his two opponents out of the tank. Showing charity for his fallen foes, Iron Man tossed them some Hostess Fruit Pies; as they enjoyed the snacks, he fixed them in an immobilizing ray to prevent them from escaping. Iron Man then departed to resume his identity as Tony Stark, in which capacity he presumably saw to the arrest of the tank operators.

Comments: Created by an unidentified writer and artist.

The name "Brawn Tank" is derived from the ad's title and does not appear in the ad itself.

The two Brawn Tank operators might have been Hy Torque's operatives, working on their own, and might later have rejoined him in action as the Bank Robbers.

Of all the Hostess villains, only Icemaster has shown up in an Earth-616 title. He could have crossed over to Earth-616 from "Earth-Hostess," but I say leave them on Earth-616 until proven otherwise. Nonetheless, until they do show up in regular continuity, they remain outside regular canon. Surely someone will write a story teaming them all together.---Snood.

This is not true anymore as some Hostess ad villains were mentioned in the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia as natives of Earth-616. And lets not forget about Printout Man in the New Avengers Most Wanted Files.

You can get the whole story, and some clever commentary from Seanbaby's The Hostess Page. It might not meet with the Comics Code Authority's approval, so kids, ask your parents before checking that out!---Kyle

by Ronald Byrd

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"Iron Man in: Brains Over Brawn" panel 1
"Iron Man in: Brains Over Brawn" panel 4

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