Real Name: David Pike

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cassandra Pike

Enemies: She-Hulk

Known Relatives: Cassandra Walters Pike (mother), unnamed father (presumed deceased), unnamed maternal grandfather (deceased), unnamed maternal grandmother (presumed deceased), Morris Walters (maternal uncle), Elaine Banner Walters (aunt, deceased), Jennifer Walters (cousin, a.k.a She-Hulk)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare I#48/1 (December, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: A strength building formula invented by his mother, gives David superhuman strength

History: (Marvel Fanfare I#48/1) - Sits and paints in his mother’s apartment, when she comes home, she tells him that he needs to fight his cousin. David really doesn’t wanna fight, only paint, but he obeys his mother’s commands. She gives him a shot of her strength building formula. A day later, David is introduced at a body building contest, where She-Hulk is one of the judges. The announcer tells the audience, that the next contestant is “Brawn”. The audience is shocked to see an over-muscled man, and when Cassandra shouts to David that he should use the confusion to attack She-Hulk, he does just that. He is about to defeat her, when his uncle Morris Walters shoots him in the shoulder. He knocks his uncle down, but when his mother demands that he should kill them both, he refuses. Cassandra then is about to fire the gun at She.Hulk, but is stopped by her, and then the police comes through the door. Brawn takes his mother and escapes through the window

Weaknesses: David isn’t very intelligent, his mother is also his weakness, since he’ll do anything she demands just to please her

Comments: Created by Dwight Jon Zimmermann & Kerry Gammill

Profile by: The Beetle

Brawn is not to be confused with:

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Marvel Fanfare I#48, p6, pan1 (main image)

p6, pan3 (head shot)

Marvel Fanfare I#48 (December, 1989) - Dwight Jon Zimmerman (writer), Kerry Gammill (pencils), Josef Rubinstein & Jose Marzan (inks), Al Milgrom (editor)

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