Real Name: Sphinxor

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Pegasusian)

Occupation: currently unknown; former interstellar mover and research subject

Group Membership: Former leader of the Prime Movers of Tarkus (aka the Ringshippers); formerly one of the prisoners of the Stranger

Affiliations: Stan Lee; Beyonders (former employers); Her (Kismet), High Evolutionary, Moondragon, Starhawk, Thing (antagonistic allies); Overmind (used him as a pawn)

Enemies: People of Counter Earth, High Evolutionary (former), Stranger, Thing, Adam Warlock

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly the Stranger's Laboratory World; Ringship 1, throughout Interstellar space; the planet Lar of the Stinlar (Alpha Pegasus) star system, Milky Way Galaxy

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#178 (February, 1975)

Powers: As a Pegasusian, Sphinxor is approximately 20' tall with corresponding levels of superhuman strength and durability. However, he is neither particularly fond of nor skilled at combat, and so is willing to negotiate in an effort to avoid a fight.
He apparently has a conscious or subconscious ability to project anti-gravitons to assist with support and movement of his large mass. Sphinxor is a businessman, willing to undertake massive projects and willing to do what is necessary to complete them. In addition, he speaks English using colloquialisms he learned from Earth's Sitcoms.
Sphinxor has had access to large amounts of extraordinarily advanced technology, some of which may have been created/supplied/designed by the Beyonders. In addition, to possessing interstellar ships, laser weapons, etc. Sphinxor led the Ringships which could transport an entire planet through space. The Ringships project anti-gravitons in the outer atmosphere of the planet, which nullify the planet's effects on surrounding matter, etc. The Ringships also projected a stasis field across the planet, which render the inhabitants inert, preventing motion or conscious thought, while at the same time protecting them from changes in temperature, etc. The stasis field could be removed on focal areas of the planet, but only at great energy expenditure.

History: Sphinxor is an extra-terrestrial of the Pegasusian race. Much of his past history is unknown, but he came to head an interstellar moving company known as the Prime Movers of Tarkus, or the Ringshippers, most of whom appear to be fellow Pegasusians.

BTS-Sphinxor and his Ringshippers were contracted by the enigmatic Beyonders to transport the artificial world known as Counter Earth. Sphinxor spent some time in

(Marvel Two-In-One#63(fb)-Sphinxor prepared the Ringships and other methods for transport extra-dimensionally, parallel to Earth's solar system. By half-phasing into Earth's solar system, he learned about the history and culture of Earth by monitoring television transmissions, specifically "Sitcoms." In addition, he learned of the High Evolutionary and Adam Warlock, two powerful beings with a vested interest in Counter Earth. Sphinxor knew that he'd never be able to make a deal with Warlock, so he began to prepare to take care fo them by other methods.


(StrT#178)-Sphinxor was drafted by "Uncle Stan" to narrate the background history on Adam Warlock, who had just taken over the lead feature in Strange Tales.



(Warlock I#9-BTS/MTIO#63(fb))-Following Adam Warlock's crucifixion, Sphinxor manipulated the Soul Gem, awakening its vampiric tendencies.

(Warlock#14, 15-BTS/MTIO#63(fb))-The Ringships arrived to move Counter Earth, but found that Warlock had returned to that area. Sphinxor again manipulated Warlock's Soul Gem, making him imagine he'd grown as large as the whole solar system, as a result of his travels across the universe. His hope was that Warlock would abandon Counter Earth since he could no longer interact with it--which he did, initially.

(Marvel Team-Up#55-BTS/MTIO#63)-Warlock returned to earth's solar system, and managed to overcome the illusion.

(MTIO#62(fb)-BTS)-As Warlock returned to Counter Earth, Sphinxor tried another illusion on him. This time making it appear as if Counter Earth had been destroyed. Warlock blamed the High Evolutionary, and attacked him. The Evolutionary evolved himself into an inert energy form to escape Warlock's wrath, and left to explore space.

(MTIO#63(fb))-Figuring the High Evolutionary to be dead, Sphinxor and the Prime Movers set up their Ringships and took off with Counter-Earth in tow."

(MTIO#61+ 62-BTS, 63)-The being known as Her sought a relationship with Adam Warlock, whom she learned was buried on Counter Earth, yet believed she could revive. Her recruited Alicia Masters, Moondragon, Starhawk, and the Thing before traveling to Counter Earth and finding it missing. They revived the High Evolutionary and followed the trail of Counter Earth to the Prime Movers. Her, Moondragon, and Starhawk teleported aboard one of the Ringships, where they proceeded to get into a battle with the other Pegasusians aboard the ship.
Sphinxor realized that nothing would be gained from pointless conflict, so he teleported the High Evolutionary, Alicia, and the Thing to Ringship 1, where they were soon joined by the others. Sphinxor explained recent events, and agreed to allow the High Evolutionary to accompany Counter Earth to the Beyonders, who could answer his questions. Sphinxor initially refused to temporarily disable a portion of the stasis field over Counter Earth, because of the extensive energy drain. However, the Thing, annoyed at the whole experience, punched Sphinxor. Again seeing that this would not be resolved without a fight, he opened a portal to Counter Earth, where Her tried (and failed) to revive Adam Warlock.

BTS-Sphinxor finished his trip, transporting Counter Earth and the High Evolutionary to the space sector of the Beyonders. His job done, Sphinxor collected his payment and released Counter Earth from its stasis field.

At some point Sphinxor was captured by the Stranger, and brought to his Laboratory World, imprisoned, and used as a research subject.

(Quasar#14+15-BTS, 16)-The Overmind attacked the Stranger, and freed many of his prisoners. Among those freed was Sphinxor. The Overmind drew many of the freed prisoners to battle several Earth beings who were attempting to defend the Stranger, or at least stop the madness. Sphinxor was in the midst of being transported to the battle by Dr. Spectrum, when the Overmind withdrew his influence in order to focus on the Stranger. Spectrum dropped the other prisoners where they were and took off to help in the battle.
Many of the former prisoners escaped the Laboratory World, although Sphinxor's fate has not been revealed.


Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

The Thing thought of Sphinxor as "An alien who talks like a refugee from 'Gilligan's Island.' "

One might speculate that the Stranger learned of Sphinxor through his behind-the-scenes influence during the events of Marvel Team-Up#55. Or one might not.
It's also up for debate whether the Stranger captured and dissected the rest of Sphinxor's crew, or whether he was the sole captive.

Sphinxor...he, he, he, he...sounds like it was made up by Beavis and Butthead.

Sphinxor has no known connection to:

The Beyonders are the enigmatic extra-dimensional race who release the power which becomes a Cosmic Cube, one of these releases was partially absorbed by the Molecule Man, and the remainder went on to become:

Counter Earth, constructed by the High Evolutionary, @ Marvel Premiere#1 --should not be confused with:

The Prime Movers of Tarkus, aka the Ringshippers, have no known connection to:


Other appearances:
Marvel Two-In-One#63 (May, 1980)
Quasar#16 (November, 1990)

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