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Classification: Humanoid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Lar (see comments), fifth planet from the sun in the Stinlar system (Earth designation Alpha Pegasi, sometimes Star System Pegasus), Milky Way galaxy;
   they were also active on Tarkus, third planet from the same sun.
   both planets were semitropical with 81% of their surfaces covered in water; their atmosphere being 67% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, and their surface gravity, 75% of Earth's

Known Members: Sphinxor, the Prime Movers of Tarkus
approximately 2.8 billion Pegasusians were believed to exist

Affiliations: The Prime Movers, at least, were former agents of the Beyonders.
    the Prime Movers were formerly allied with the High Evolutionary

Enemies: Her (later Ayesha), High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham), Alicia Masters, Moondragon (Heather Douglas), Starhawk (Earth-691's Aleta & Stakar Ogord), the Thing (Ben Grimm), Adam Warlock

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#178 (February, 1975) (as Sphinxor from the Star System Pegasus);
    (identified as Pegasusians)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7: Appendix to Alien Races: Pegasusians (June, 1983)OHotMU DE

Powers/Abilities: Pegasusians are massive humanoids. In high-gravity environments, Pegasusians can psionically project anti-gravitons to support their own bulk. However, this size and amount of matter does not translate into raw physical power: Pegasusians have been quickly defeated in fair fights by several superhumans (from Earth and other planets) who were three times smaller than the Pegasusians (and pejoratively nicknamed "tiny aliens" by these), including the Thing, Spider-Woman, Starhawk and Moondragon, the latter of whom resorted to martial arts instead of superpowers to fight them; and in most of these cases, Pegasusians had personal weapons that were useless to stop the superhumans.

    Pegasusian minds have been found particularly alien for Earth-born telepath Moondragon; her telepathy was unfit to affect Pegasusians. Still, psionic blasts affect their minds; and Pegasusians also proved vulnerable to Her's biostellar bursts and eruptions and to Starhawk's cosmic blasts.

    One particular Pegasusian, Sphinxor, demonstrated several other skills which may be a trait of his species or a personal attribute of Sphinxor (note that Sphinxor was imprisoned by the Stranger along with unique cases of multiple species, suggesting that Sphinxor is far from a common Pegasusian), or , most likely, was accomplished via technology. Sphinxor half-phased the Earth's solar system in a process that allowed him to monitor TV transmissions; manipulated the Soul Gem so that its wearer, Adam Warlock, developed vampiric tendencies; later manipulated Adam Warlock again with different illusions that Warlock could not differentiate from reality, including simulating the disappearance of a planet only to Warlock's senses (this may have been a manipulation of the Soul Gem or any other psionic power); and apparently broke the so-called fourth wall to speak with the audience (or with a person off-screen). He was also able to speak English (although with idioms taken from TV sitcoms).

    Pegasusians, or at least the Prime Movers of Tarkus, had advanced space technology, including starships with advanced warp drive, personal weapons and space suits with pressure helmets; in a given environment, some Pegasusians were seen with their helmets on, while others were helmetless. A good part of the Pegasusian technology had been provided by the virtually  omnipotent extradimensional species known as the Beyonders; Sphinxor declared that the Beyonders were too powerful for the Pegasusians to even consider opposing them.

    Pegasusians had access to technology that allowed them to move planetary masses to different space sectors without the creation of gravitational chaos. This was done by surrounding the planet in two different axes with a number of spherical tow-ships (or ringships) that were connected by other ships through a stasis-ring, so that two huge perpendicular rings surrounded the planet. Each tow-ship had a teleport device, and also generated a stasis field to keep the planet in suspended animation for the duration of the process; inhabitants, and theoretically visitors entering the planet during the process, were unable to move, unless the stasis field was partially turned off, which required a considerable expenditure of time and energy. The tow-ships were crewed by Pegasusians and were easily detected; some superpowers allowed a person to identify the command ship. The movement of the planet was then faster-than-light, and it left behind a particle trail that could be followed. It was accurate enough to move a planet without taking its moons, which would remain in the original solar system.

Traits: Republic government, where commercial corporations were in control. Pegasusians were capitalistic, cordial and particularly xenophilic.

Type: Semi-humanoid reptilians
Eyes: Two (on head; jet black and reflective of other colors; no visible pupil)
Fingers: Four (plus opposing thumb)
Toes: Four
Skin color: Light green
Average height: 20'
Other features: Scaly skin; pointed ears; pronounced scales around the eyes; pronounced scales over lower lip; vertical crest from the nose to at least the back of the head

History: (Marvel Two-in-One I#63 - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7 / Warlock and the Infinity Watch#4 (fb)) - A number of Pegasusians were involved in a moving company specialized in towing planets, alternatively called thePegasusian Moving Company, Prime Movers of Tarkus, and the Ringshippers; this company was led by a Pegasusian named Sphinxor.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#63 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#15 / Warlock and the Infinity Watch#4 (fb)) - The extradimensional species known as the Beyonders became interested in Counter-Earth, an artificial planetoid patterned after Earth in the Solar System and created by the High Evolutionary. The Beyonders hired the Prime Movers of Tarkus to tow Counter-Earth to another space sector that served as their museum of curio; and they explained Sphinxor that they got interested in Counter-Earth when the Evolutionary was building it with extradimensional mass.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#63 - BTS) - Sphinxor visited the Solar System for preparations to transport Counter-Earth. There he learned about about the High Evolutionary and Adam Warlock, two super-powered champions of Counter-Earth, who were classified as potential threats to his plans.

(Strange Tales I#178/1) - Sphinxor recorded Warlock's activities, up until when Warlock left Counter-Earth to explore space.

The Prime Movers

(Marvel Two-in-One I#63 - BTS / Warlock I#9 - BTS) - The Pegasusian tow-ships reached Counter-Earth, only to find that Warlock had returned. After Warlock's crucifixion, the Pegasusians stealthily manipulated Warlock's Soul Gem to awaken its vampiric tendencies.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#63 - BTS / Warlock I#14 - BTS / Marvel Team-Up I#55 - BTS) - As Warlock overcame this problem, the Pegasusians used an illusion to make Warlock believe he had grown to the size of a solar system, correctly assuming that Warlock, unable to interact with Counter-Earth, would leave the area. However, Warlock overcame this illusion and returned to Counter-Earth, noticing in the process that the Soul Gem seemed to be receiving an external input.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#62 - BTS / Marvel Two-in-One I#63 - BTS) - The Pegasusians then developed a new illusion for Warlock: Making him believe that Counter-Earth had been destroyed, even though other beings could perceive Counter-Earth. On the surface of Counter-Earth's moon, Warlock seemingly slew the High Evolutionary (who instead evolved into an advanced consciousness); and lastly Warlock left to explore space.

(Marvel Two-In-One Annual I#2) - Warlock eventually perished in battle with Thanos, after which he was buried on Counter-Earth.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#62 - BTS / Marvel Two-in-One I#63 - BTS) - Assuming the Evolutionary to be dead, the Prime Movers entered with their tow-ships, prepared their stasis-rings and left, towing Counter-Earth but leaving its moon behind.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#61 / Marvel Two-in-One I#62) - Her, a humanoid construct patterned after Warlock, traveled to Counter-Earth on a quest to recover and resurrect Warlock's body with her somewhat reluctant allies, Alicia Masters, Moondragon, Starhawk, and the Thing. They discovered that Counter-Earth was missing, but they found the High Evolutionary's body. They restored the Evolutionary who, noticing that his planet had been stolen, found the trail left by the Pegasusians and decided to follow it, using the moon as his starship. Her and her allies joined the Evolutionary in his mission.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#63) - The Evolutionary caught up to the Pegasusians, and Her, Moondragon and Starhawk teleported to the command ringship to attack the Pegasusians. Captain Sphinxor was informed, and he forcefully teleported the High Evolutionary, Masters and the Thing to meet with him, after which Sphinxor explained the situation and agreed to take the Evolutionary to the Beyonders. Pressured by the Thing, Sphinxor allowed Her to try to resurrect Warlock on Counter-Earth, who failed as his soul was in the Soul Gem, after which Her returned to Earth along with Masters and the Thing.

(Avengers Annual I#17/2) - The Pegasusians reached the so-called space sector of the Beyonders, where they were paid, released Counter-Earth from the stasis field and then left. 

(Avengers Annual I#17/2 - BTS) - The Evolutionary remained behind to meet the Beyonders. The Beyonders used their extraordinary power to grab Counter-Earth, put it on a solar system-sized stasis sphere and left it along with other unusual planetary objects. Witnessing this, the Evolutionary suffered a depression that led him to several suicide attempts and to megalomaniac missions.

(Spider-Woman VII#6 (fb)) - The Evolutionary eventually updated his files with information on the Pegasusians. The Avengers also updated their files with data on the Pegasusians, as the Counter-Earth's theft was a relevant event for them, and Carol Danvers was briefed about that. Similarly, Sphinxor decided to keep up to date on Counter-Earth's location.

(Quasar#14 - BTS / Quasar#15 - BTS / Quasar#16) - The cosmic scientist and surveyor self-styled as the Stranger kidnapped Sphinxor to keep him in his Labword, along with several extraordinary beings of different species, for his own enigmatic purposes. The Stranger's ancient enemy, the Over-Mind, released Sphinxor and several other prisoners, keeping them under his control in a plot against the Stranger. Sphinxor and other minions of the Over-Mind were being transported to join the fray against the Stranger, but they never reached the battle in time. Soon afterward, all of the Stranger's prisoners escaped.Drinking buddies

(Spider-Woman VII#6) - Sphinxor and other Pegasusians were later seen in Elepha Base, a scavenger space station, drinking with other aliens. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Miss Marvel (Carol Danvers) forecefully questioned him to get the cooridnates of Counter-Earth.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

    The Pegasusians referred to human-sized beings as "tiny aliens." 

    Starhawk was unfamiliar with the Pegasusian species and was convinced that they were not members of the Federation in his time (which is the 31st century of Earth-691).

    The Pegasusian language was transcribed using irregular symbols, which represented unrecognizable words.

    Avengers Annual I#17 showed Sphinxor in a flashback of the events seen in Marvel Two-In-One I#63; then presented what happened afterward. The narrator stated that the Beyonders paid the Pegasusians, but this was not graphically shown (as the Beyonders weren't depicted until the 21st century Secret Wars).
    Warlock and the Infinity Watch#4 (May, 1992) is also a flashback of that same story (and also the only time the company is called the Pegasusian Moving Company); but the way it tells the story, it suggests that Sphinxor personally stole the Counter-Earth due to his own greed and sold it as a curio to the Beyonders (instead of the Beyonders hiring the Pegasusians to do that). It also fails to mention Moondragon.

    The Pegasusians have 1/4-page profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7 (June, 1983) and II (Deluxe Edition)#15 (March, 1987), with several differences: In the second profile, four fields from the first one are lost (Habitat, gravity, atmosphere and cultural traits), two fields are added (names of representatives and Note, the latter describing the history in one paragraph), and their planet, identified as "Tarkus, third from the sun" in the first Handbook (notice that the Pegasusians are called Prime Movers of Tarkus), is replaced with "Lar, fifth from the sun" in the second one. Also, the first of these Handbooks identified their star system as Stinlar, which is an anagram of Starlin (after species creator Jim Starlin).

Courtesy of Donald Campbell:

   In my opinion, Mark Gruenwald and/or Jerry Bingham made a poor creative choice when they decided to reveal that Sphinxor and the rest of Pagasusian race were about 20 feet tall. Prior to Marvel Two-in-One I#63, Sphinxor's only appearance had been in Strange Tales I#178 and there was nothing in that issue that showed him to be unusually tall.

   Very tall characters may look impressive but they bring with them an increased awareness that the world in which their stories are set is not obeying the same natural laws (i.e., gravity) as the real world and that weakens the readers' suspension of disbelief. Furthermore, "official" attempts to explain away these problems by claiming that the brains of these giant aliens psionically project anti-gravitons to support their large masses just sound contrived, again weakening the suspension of disbelief.

   In short, inserting giant characters into stories for no reason other than they look impressive and/or alien has the overall effect of weakening those stories.

   Plus, Pegasusians from the star system Pegasus could work if "Pegasus" was, as unlikely as it seems, the actual name that these aliens had chosen to call their planetary system. However, the Official Handbook's statement that their star system was named "Stinlar" (an anagram of Starlin - no problem with that) and "Alpha Pegasi" was its Earth designation just underscores how human-centric the Marvel Universe is. If their homeworld is named Lar, then their race's name for themselves should be some variation of "Larians" or "Larites" or something like that. Of course, that's an example of using human suffixes to create the names of the alien races but it doesn't seem as bad since the alien names are being translated into English anyway.

   Naming alien races after the human names for the constellations in which their homeworlds can be found (if one is looking from Earth) is just wrong. It supports the idea that Earth and the human race are (or should be) at the center of the universe. And with as many alien races as there are in the Marvel Universe, that's just comes across as arrogant.

   I hold this opinion about all fictional continuities.

From Earth-96943    Pegasusians of Reality-96943 make a cameo appearance in 2099 Manifest Destiny#1. In this alternate reality, a Pegasusian is seen in a meeting of important beings of both other planets and dimensions. This Pegasusian is brown-skinned, not green, and is not noticeably taller than other beings in the room - although several beings there are shapeshifters that can adapt their height, and the text specifies that the laws of physics are defied in that area.

    Diverging from Reality-928, Miguel O'Hara led humanity into a golden age as of 3099 AD. By then, Earth was a power respected by other space-faring alien species, including Pegasusians.

    An orbital station from Earth, Emancipation, was used for meetings with beings from several species, like Ovoids and Pegasusians, and mystical beings, like Mephisto and Nightmare. At one time in 3099 AD, a Pegasusian there witnessed a speech given by O'Hara.

    The Pegasusian in this reality was brown in color, not green like the other Pegasusians. He seems surprisingly human-sized, but he is in Emancipation and the narrator explicitly mentions how the laws of physics are defied in the area.

Handbook images cleaned up by Ron Fredricks.

    I think that's a Z'nox to the Pegasusian's right--Snood

    This profile was completed 8/13/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Skippy Farlstendoiro.

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