main imageMECHANOID

Classification: Terrestrial vehicle

Creator: The Leader (Sam Sterns)

User/Possessors: The Leader

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk in "The Gamma Gambit" toilet paper comic (1979)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Mechanoid had superhuman strength sufficient enough to smash through a building wall and it could project gamma radiation blasts from its claws. It included a cockpit in its torso to allow for a pilot to control it. The Mechanoid was also equipped with an escape pod that could launch itself from the main Mechanoid body and housed the pilot. It was adapated to draw power from the Gamma Generator.


(The Amazing Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk in "The Gamma Gambit" (fb) - BTS) - Hearing of Empire State University's design of their own gamma power plant, the Leader designed a mechanical robot body/vehicle that would use the power plant's Gamma Generator as a power source.

(The Amazing Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk in "The Gamma Gambit") - On the day of ESU's Atomic Energy Exhibition that was to display the Gamma Generator, the Leader smashed his way into the Exhibition, stealing the Gamma Generator, unaware that the Exhibition was attended by both Bruce Banner and Peter Parker. Announcing his plans to use the Gamma Generator to power the Mechanoid and monologuing about the unstoppable power of its might combined with his brain, the Leader decided to prove its power by blasting a bystander with a Gamma Ray Blast. When the bystander happened to be Peter Parker, Bruce Banner (unaware Parker was Spider-Man) leapt to take the Gamma Ray Blast for Parker. Banner, who had come to the Atomic Energy Exhibition hoping that the Gamma Generator could provide a cure for him, quickly transformed into the Hulk and began smashing the Mechanoid into pieces. Changing into his Spider-Man costume, Peter Parker noticed that one of the "pieces" flying from the Mechanoid was actually an escape pod for the Leader, who jumped from the pod and began running on foot. Spider-Man webbed up the Leader and commented on how he and the Hulk made a good team but the Hulk leapt away, claiming that he just wanted to be left alone.

Comments: Created by Jim Salicrup, Michael Higgins and Marie Severin.

The Mechanoid appeared in a comic strip printed on toilet paper by Oh Dawn!, Inc.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Mechanoid has no known connections to

The Gamma GeneratorGamma Generator

The Gamma Generator was a piece of machinery created to harness gamma radiation as a power source for Empire State University's on-site power plant. Hoping to use the Generator to cure himself of his dual identity of the Hulk, Bruce Banner attended ESU's Atomic Energy Exhibition along with Peter Parker and others. The Exhibition was soon crashed by the Leader, who had built the Mechanoid to run off of the Gamma Generator and planned to use the Gamma Generator to make the Mechanoid unstoppable. Unfortunately, Banner quickly changed into the Hulk and destroyed the Mechanoid, which was housing the Gamma Generator at the time, effectively destroying the Gamma Generator as well.

--The Amazing Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk in "The Gamma Gambit"

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The Amazing Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk in "The Gamma Gambit", p3, pan1 (Mechanoid main image & Gamma Generator)
The Amazing Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk in "The Gamma Gambit", p3, pan3 (Mechanoid 2nd image)

The Amazing Spider-Man & the Incredible Hulk in "The Gamma Gambit" (1979) - Jim Salicrup, Michael Higgins (writers), Marie Severin (illustrator)

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