Real Name: Mechanoid Scout MK-5

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial robot

Occupation: Advance Scout

Group Membership: one of the Mechanoids serving the Masters

Affiliations: agent of unnamed Masters
    Belinda Thompkins

Enemies: Iron Man (Tony Stark), "Baldy" Kolak, Rasko

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mike

Base of Operations: Unnamed planet;
    mobile throughout space

First Appearance: Iron Man I#32 (December, 1970)



Powers/Abilities: The Mechanoid possesses superhuman strength (enhanced human) and durability. It can survive gunshot wounds, but enough damage will eventually cause it to self-destruct. It can alter its appearance to mimic other humanoids. It has access to advanced technology, including a space ship able to fire energy blasts and create force fields.
    Despite being a robot, the Mechanoid clearly had the capacity for emotion, and possibly even for love.

(Iron Man I#32 (fb) - BTS) - The Mechanoid was sent by its unidentified Masters to investigate Earth as a possible trading colony. The Masters' laws require the native life forms to give their peaceful consent. However, they customarily made the investigation a secret as they were less often deceived by that means. Once a trading colony is agreed upon, the Masters send colonists to deal with the natives.






(Iron Man I#32) - The Mechanoid arrived in Earth's orbit via his interstellar cruiser. The ship was detected by Iron Man who flew closer to investigate, but was immobilized by a "Rho-Beam" and then pulled into the ship. Iron Man feigned weakness and then tried to blast the Mechanoid, but he remained trapped within a power field. The Mechanoid left him behind, traveled to Earth, took human form, and was picked up as a hitch-hiker by Belinda Thompkins, who had just broken up with her boyfriend. Belinda picked up another pair of passengers, but these turned out to be escaped convicts "Baldy" Kolak and Rasko, who forced Belinda to help them try to escape the police. Disturbed by the violence he had encountered in humans, the Mechanoid nonetheless found itself feeling compassion for Belinda.





    Iron Man broke free from the Mechanoid's ship and tracked the robot's energies to Belinda's car. As he approached Baldy began shooting at him, after which the Mechanoid insisted that Baldy and Rasko depart at once. Iron Man used a blast to stop their car without injuring any of them, and the Mechanoid attempted to escape with Belinda. Confronted again by Baldy, the Mechanoid tried to take away his gun and was shot through the chest as a result. Continuing to advance, the Mechanoid crushed Baldy's hand, causing him to drop the gun, but Rasko pulled free from Iron Man and shot the Mechanoid again. Iron Man subdued the two criminals, but the damage had already been done. The Mechanoid told his dearest Belinda that he was glad to have met her, and then he walked some distance away to explode harmlessly.




Comments: Created Allyn Brodsky, George Tuska, and Joe Gaudioso.

So who were those Masters? Perhaps related to the Masters that created Ultimo? They were probably not the Martian Masters (most notable for their Reality-691's counterparts who conquered Earth circa 2001 before being eventually defeated by Killraven), although perhaps there is a benevolent branch of those Masters... Any race we've seen...

Could Mechanoid Scout MK-5 have a connection to Marvex the Super Robot from Daring Mystery Comics#3? You mentioned that Scout MK-5's un-named creators could have something to do with Ultimo, maybe they (or a faction thereof) created Marvex as well. It would explain the origins of some of the androids running around in the Marvel universe in the pre-FF days (such as "Diane Harper" from Journey into Mystery I#77). Ando who knows, maybe "Marvex" is actually a corruption of "Scout MRV-X" or some-such (okay, I'm stretching it a bit...)
--John Kaminski

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:


Iron Man I#32, p8, panel 2 (profile)
        panel 5 (costume, from rear)
    p3, panel 2 (ship)
    p17, panel 4 (Mike)

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