Classification: Genetic enhancement/energy absorption technology

Creator: Locomotive Breath

User/Possessors: Volkhvy

First Appearance: War Machine#14 (May, 1995)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Built by Locomotive Breath, The Program was a vast machine, occupying a huge chamber under the Slorene Parliament Compound. It worked by draining human life-force and using it to empower another, usually Locomotive Breath  or Volkhvy (who seemed to be using it as a substitute for a mystic artifact like Ember’s Triptych).

Volkhvy on The Program: "It collects power from the life-energy of my foes and distils it, with this power source, I can perform many wonders. I can transmute human cattle into devoutly loyal Targoth slaves...and more importantly, it feeds me!"

History: (War Machine#13 - BTS)- Locomotive Breath received an e-mail from the Tabissara, informing him that due to the circumstances of the civil war, they were forced to deny him further access to The Program.

(War Machine#14)- Volkhvy learnt that Locomotive Breath had returned to Slorenia with the aid of War Machine, and was after The Program. Volkhvy sent Black Brigade to prevent Locomotive Breath from reaching it.

(Force Works#11-12)- While tracking captured Dudaks on their way to becoming Targoth, Spider-Woman came upon the Program and was captured by Volkhvy, who hoped to use her power in The Program. Before he could do so, Ember broke into the Program and slew Volkhvy. Realizing that Ember would be a terrible a dictator as Volkhvy had been, Force Works fought him, and struck him into the Program, which absorbed his power, then exploded, unable to transfer his energy into someone else.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning & Jim Calafiore.

In Avengers III#20-22, Ultron trapped his prisoners in pods that looked very similar to those used in The Program, in the same underground chamber.

by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

The Program should not be confused with:

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Force Works#11, p11 (Volkhvy & Boshlovor in front of the Program)

Other appearances:
Force Works#11-12 (May-June, 1995)

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