The launch platforms of Project Ricochet


Classification: Terrestrial technology

Creator: US military

User/Possessors: US government, Spider-Man, Captain America

First Appearance: Spider-Man and Captain America in "Ricochet to Freedom", Ricochet Racer ad appearing in Uncanny X-Men I#103 (February, 1977) plus various other Marvel comics published that month

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Project Ricochet comprised two gigantic gun-shaped launch platforms which were able to shoot specially designed wheeled capsules at tremendously high speeds. The capsules were large enough to hold a single person who was able to control its trajectory while in flight. It has not been revealed how damage-resistant they were or if they even came with a parachute for safe landings, but they did appear to have a type of aerofoil that identified the pilot and probably aided its steering. The launchers needed dozens of soldiers to pull back the trigger to fire the capsules into orbit.



Soldiers pull their guns


("Ricochet to Freedom" - BTS) - The US military created a device under the name Project Ricochet to launch vehicles at high speeds into orbit or on land using specially-designed cannons.

("Ricochet to Freedom") - An unknown alien spacecraft approached Washington DC and ensnared the city beneath a web-like net and then mysteriously departed. Unable to effectively remove the trap, the President activated Project Ricochet to deal with the problem.

The Ricochet Racers shoot for the web

   While attending the special bicentennial ceremonies in Washington DC commemorating the USA's 200 years since independence, Captain America and Spider-Man were asked by the President to destroy the alien web surrounding the city using the specially-designed capsules launched from huge gun-shaped cannons. Travelling at tremendous speeds, the two heroes managed to each tear a hole through the alien web, thus saving Washington DC from an unknown fate.

Comments: Created by unaccredited writer, penciler and inker.

Hasbro marketed this strange toy in the late 1970s. It consisted of a rifle which required a cartridge to be loaded into it. Inside this cartridge was a small car. Once in position, the gun could be placed at an angle on the floor and when you pulled the trigger, the car would shoot out and then speed along the floor.

This is probably not in continuity.

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Project Ricochet and the Ricochet Racers have no known connections to:

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Spider-Man and Captain America in “Ricochet to Freedom” panel 3 (Project Ricochet)

panel 5 (launch sequence)
panel 6 (launched at web)

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