Tremellyn head shotReal Name: Ennis Tremellyn

Identity/Class: Human, Astral spirit

Occupation: Necromancer

Group Membership: High Priest of Ahriman

Affiliations: Enslaver of Kemo

Enemies: The Marquis of Crawlins and his family (including Jane Crawlins), Dr. Strange, The Thing

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Crawlinswood (on the New England coast), the astral plane

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#49 (March, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Ennis Tremellyn was a necromancer, and proclaimed himself to be the High Priest of Ahriman. Very few of his actual mystical abilities have been seen.
Tremellyn was able to bind his soul to that of another human, and in doing so keep that human alive for over two hundred years. In doing so, Tremellyn allowed his own spirit to live on after death.
After death, Tremellyn existed as a spirit on the astral plane. However, beyond controlling his previously created slave, he exhibited no mystical powers during his time on the astral plane.
Ennis Tremellyn was very knowledgeable about magic and its forms and users. He was able to recognize Dr. Strange as a disciple of the Ancient One from his choice of oaths.

Tremellyn full bodyHistory:
(Marvel Two-in-One#49 (fb)) - In the late 1700s , the ship Ennis Tremellyn was traveling on sank off the New England coast, near the future site of the town of Crawlinswood. Using the Eye of Ahriman, the necromancer mystically bound himself to the soul of Kemo, and though Tremellyn died when the ship sank, Kemo was kept alive in the sunken wreckage.
(Marvel Two-in-One#49) - After geologic activity exposed the sunken ship, the sun, moon, and certain planets came into alignment and Tremellyn's power was restored. Kemo was reanimated and, under Tremellyn's control, was ordered to attack the last living descendents of Ennis' ancient enemy, the Marquis of Crawlins. While Kemo followed those orders, Tremellyn was opposed on the astral plane by Dr. Strange (who had anticipated his return).
Kemo was stopped by the Thing when Ben Grimm destroyed the Eye of Ahriman, which Kemo was wearing around his neck. With the destruction of the Eye, Tremellyn lost his ability to remain in the astral realm. Ennis Tremellyn's spirit faded away, presumably to face its unhappy deity, Ahriman.


Ennis Tremellyn, Kemo, and the Eye of Ahriman were created by Mary Jo Duffy, Alan Kupperberg, and Gene Day.

A gem known as the Heart of Ahriman appeared in several Conan comic books. The two gems did not look alike, and it is unknown if they are related in more than name.
The Eye of Ahriman was smashed into fragments in MTIO 49, and neither what became of those fragments nor if those fragments retained any power(s) thereafter have been revealed. The origin of the Eye of Ahriman has also not been revealed, though it presumably does relate to the god Ahriman.

Profile by SQUEAK


These characters, Ennis Tremellyn and Kemo, have no known connections to

The Eye of Ahriman has no established connections to

Both items probably have some unrevealed connection to

Eye of Ahriman

The Eye of Ahriman

The Eye of Ahriman was a blood red mystic multi-faceted gem, about the size of a human fist (or heart).

Ennis Tremellyn used the Eye to bind his soul to another's, and then to control the person wearing the Eye. Tremellyn also relied on the Eye to augment his own powers, to the point that he attempted to flee as soon as the Eye was destroyed.



Kemo was a Polynesian sailor, the strongest man on the ship Ennis Tremellyn was on when it sank. Tremellyn bound their souls together, and kept Kemo alive for 200 years. When the Thing destroyed the Eye of Ahriman, Kemo was freed from Ennis' control, which he described as "centuries of torment at another's hands." Kemo faded away, believing he went "at last to find peace with his own island gods."

In his "possessed" form, Kemo was about eight foot tall, very dark of skin, and enormously strong and resistant to damage.


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Marvel Two-in-One#49 (March, 1979) - Mary Jo Duffy (writer), Alan Kupperberg (pencils), Gene Day (inks), Roger Stern (editor)

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