Aeon - master of time

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Ultraverse) long-lived humanoid vampire

Occupation: Gatherer of historical, magical artifacts of time

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Doc Virtual (loose)

Enemies: MonaLisa, Rush

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: San Francisco, U.S.A.;
    formerly hidden tomb in Chichen Itza, overgrown city of ancient Mayan civilization, Mexico

First Appearance: Ultraverse Premiere#5/1 (July, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Aeon displayed enhanced human strength. He could also halt time, at least temporarily and at least in isolated pockets, so as to move into restricted areas or freeze opponents. He was also able to stop a person's heart and could fix his broken nose in an instant without discernible pain. Aeon also knew how to access the Temple Breastplate of the Alexandrian Temple-Keepers, even feeling the energy emanating from it, suggesting he had quite some affinity with time tools and objects. He was flamboyant with hand gestures when stopping time. Aeon also seemed to have some level of immortality, being at least long lived, having connections to prominent ancient civilizations (such as Mayan and Alexandria).

    He had mottled green skin, with a long black ponytail, and, once resurrected, chose to wear skin-tight yellow pants with a gear/cog-like design that matched the black tattoos on his forearms. He also briefly disguised himself with a long coat and yellow sunglasses to help him gain entry into MonaLisa's concert. Aeon also spoke in the third person when referring to himself ("No one may strike Aeon and live"). He occasionally stuttered with words beginning with "b" or "p". He also had a fascination with collecting old time pieces like sundials and hourglasses.

Aeon reawakenedHistory: The exact origins of Aeon have not been revealed.

(Warstrike#5) - In his efforts to marshal superbeings ("ultras") to combat Warstrike, Doc Virtual uncovered Aeon's tomb in Central America, located beneath the terrain of the ancient Mayan city, Chichen Itza. Doc Virtual claimed that he had seen the tomb's chamber in his dreams, and secretly coveted the inhabitant's power. It took at least four men to partway move the sarcophagus' lid, while a green glow emanated from inside. Once re-energized after consuming the lifeforce of one of the expedition crew, Aeon smashed the lid away and questioned why he had been resurrected. Doc Virtual's men ran away in fear, while Doc Virtual remained behind.

(Ultraverse Premiere#5/1 (fb) - BTS) - Aeon relocated to San Francisco and began gathering magical historical time artifacts.

(Ultraverse Premiere#5/1) - Standing in the midst of various historical timepieces, Aeon saw a news report that featured details of the upcoming tour of singer MonaLisa. He instantly recognized the item and its power, and desired to have it.

Aeon menaces MonaLisa

    That night, he entered the audience for the MonaLisa concert, slipping in between seconds to bypass the turnstiles, then forced his way past the barricades and climbed on stage. MonaLisa's hired protector, the superfast Rush, then ran to her rescue at hit Aeon with ultrafast punches, breaking the green man's nose. While Rush was tending to MonaLisa, Aeon kicked Rush away into the music pit almost 2 meters below, slowing the boy's insides down. Rush then clambered up wielding an electric guitar, but had his heart stopped by Aeon.

    Aeon was then challenged by two security guards wielding handguns, but froze them. Aeon then easily pushed his hand into the mid-section of the breastplate, but was blindsided by the recovered Rush, who smashed a guitar at Aeon's head, knocking him unconscious. MonaLisa's female back-up singers/dancers then kicked the unconscious form further, until he was dragged away by security and presumably incarcerated.

Comments: Created by Dan Danko (writer) and designed by P. Craig Russell (art).

    Not quite sure why he technically appeared in UV Premiere against Rush two months before his modern resurrection in Warstrike, but the Warstrike writer (plus P. Craig Russel on art) is credited with his creation in UV Premiere.

    It would probably have been easy for Aeon to escape once he recovered from Rush's blow.

    It's unknown why he elected to stay in San Francisco after his resurrection in Mexico. Perhaps Doc Virtual helped him to set up base there, hoping to use him in his ultra army against Warstrike, but Aeon was effectively incarcerated before he could be properly utilized?

    Sorry, can't quite explain how he knew modern English as soon as he was resurrected (perhaps he absorbed the hapless archaeologist's memories and language skills?).

    The ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza is listed as being around 1,000 years old (c. 800-1200 AD in its glory), with Aeon's tomb set in a secluded and overgrown part of the abandoned city (with Aeon's burial being more of a sleep). Mayans developed the calendar in use today.

Profileby Grendel Prime.

Aeon has no known connections to:

Temple Breastplate

Aeon's hand in MonaLisa's breastplate

The metal and gold breastplate, which had been manufactured to suit lithe adult female proportions, held the power to an unspecified "gateway" (possibly to time or another dimension). It was once proudly held by the Alexandrian Temple-Keepers. It is unknown how MonaLisa gained access to this item, although it is clear that only very few people (this includes Aeon) knew how to access the breastplate's power. MonaLisa used it only as a fashion item as part of her huge range of costume changes for her latest tour; however, Aeon was able to access the gateway and submerged his hand into the breastplate, before being knocked away by Rush.

It is probable that Alexandria refers to the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria, suggesting it to be about couple of thousand years old (although its design appears more Ancient Greco-Roman than Ancient Egypt, in my opinion).

-- Ultraverse Premiere#5/1


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Warstrike#5 (September, 1994) - Dan Danko (writer), David Wong (pencils), Howard Shum (inks), Roland Mann (editor)
Firearm#11/Ultraverse Premiere#5/1 (July, 1994) - Andy Mangels (writer), Sam Liu (pencils), Jason Rodriguez (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)

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