Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant (see comments)

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None (see comments)

Affiliations: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Dr. Halsey, Joe Keegan

EnemiesBrotherhood of Evil Mutants/Mutant Force (Burner, Lifter, Peeper, Shocker, Slither), Magneto;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly a S.H.I.E.L.D. medical research facility
    formerly an apartment in Manhattan, New York
    possibly the Andes Mountain base of the Acolytes

First Appearance: Captain America Annual#4 (1977)


Powers/Abilities: His mind possesses two separate bodies, only one of which he can inhabit and control at a time, though the transition is virtually instantaneous. The greater the distance between the two bodies, the greater difficulty he has transferring his mind from one to the other. It is unknown whether either form eats or drinks, or has other normal human needs.

    One body, Mister One, is less than an inch tall and is frail and mute; in the past it never moved, because it could always use its other body to move, so it had no need to do so. It can communicate telepathically, but otherwise possesses no known abilities other than those inherent to its size.

    The other body, Mister Two, is approximately eight feet tall and possesses superhuman strength (Class 25?) and durability, though it can be completely incapacitated by electrical shock. His body could react to stress by generating defenses, though the defense wasn't always better than the attack itself.



(Captain America Annual#4 (fb) - BTS) - The mutant spent his whole life with Mister One doing the thinking, but remaining immobile, while Mister Two saw to his every need.

(Captain America Annual#4 (fb) - BTS) - Mister One and Mister Two were found by the side of the highway by a man named Joe Keegan. As they seemed to have no place to go, Keegan brought them to his apartment, and he made a special place for Mister One inside of his wristwatch to protect him from harm. Eventually Keegan found that the pair needed more care than he could provide, so he placed a newspaper advertisement "Unique and talented mutant seeks home environment and care from concerned and sensitive persons or agencies equipped to help."

(Captain America Annual#4) - Captain America and Magneto responded to the ad, arriving at the same time. After seeing Mister One, Magneto decided he would be perfect for his purposes--investigating a tiny spaceship he had found--and he stole Keegan's watch, which contained Mister One. Mister Two then came rushing and smashed Magneto's helmet and hurled him into the distance. Magneto decided to return at a later date, and Captain America brought the pair to a SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division) research facility, where they were studied by Dr. Halsey.

    A week later, Dr. Halsey reported to Captain America on his belief in the pair having a symbiotic relationship, but the mutant had grown tired of being cooped up and examined, and Mister Two soon rampaged throughout the facility. Halsey had learned that electrical shock could incapacitate Mister Two, so they easily stopped him, but Captain America decided that they deserved some form of recreation. He took Mister Two out jogging with him, but they were spotted by Magneto's agent Peeper, and soon Magneto and his new Brotherhood assaulted them. After some futile attacks upon Mister Two, Shocker incapacitated him. Meanwhile, Magneto forced his way into the SHIELD base and abducted Mister One. After finding Mister Two completely inert, Captain America began to suspect the true nature of the mutant.

    Magneto tried to force Mister One to enter the spaceship, threatening him with torture, but Mister One refused (or seemed unable) to move. At the same time, marshalling his efforts, Mister One transferred his mind into Mister Two, who confirmed Captain America's suspicions and led him to Magneto's base. They battled the Brotherhood, but when Burner used his full power against Mister Two, his body responded with a defense mechanism, closing its pores to resist the heat, which apparently caused his body to suffocate. Meanwhile, Magneto had placed Mister One into the ship, in hopes of spurring him to investigate. With his other body apparently dead, Mister One knew he only had a short time before his other self died, too. Seeking vengeance, the micro-mutant located a lever with a picture of an explosion above it, correctly reasoned that it was a destruct mechanism, and set it off, apparently killing himself, Magneto, and the Brotherhood, while the force of the explosion pushed Captain America--via his shield--outside of the chamber.

Comments: Created by Jack "King" Kirby.

    Who diagnosed Mister Two as having internally suffocated? Captain America...not exactly an expert on abnormal mutant physiology. Everyone else survived the explosion...

It should be noted that it's unconfirmed whether he was a mutant, as a civilian stated, or a product of a genetic experiment, as Captain America hypothesized. However, the OHotMU I#8 Appendix lists him as a mutant.


    There is a tiny mutant served by a much larger form in the Acolytes seen in Magneto (1996 series) #1-4. He frequently wore a Magneto-like helmet, and sometimes dwelt within a life-sized Magneto helmet. That guy is named the Orator; neither the previous appearance nor reasons for working with Magneto were mentioned. While I'd like to make them the same, I seriously doubt that Peter Milligan, the writer of that series, ever read Captain America Annual#4. The appearances don't quite match up, but that never stopped anyone before...
    If that's him, he's in #1 - where he seemed to be a spokesman of the Acolytes, and he is taken hostage by Fabian Cortez in #2, where he seems much bigger, and his life was threatened to test whether Joseph was Magneto or not, but Joseph ordered that he not be harmed.
    Probably not him...oh, well.








Perhaps the people of Centaurius II or the Goloks were the source of the tiny spaceship found by Magneto (I know the people of Centaurius II and the Goloks were a lot smaller than Mister One, but maybe it was a really big spaceship to them); another possibility is that the spaceship was a lost ship from the Microverse.
--John Kaminski


Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Captain America Annual#4, p7, panel 6 (watch chamber)
    p8, panel 1 (Mister One)
    p15, panel 1 (Mister Two)
Magneto#1, p7, panel 2 (Orator)
    p12, panel 1 (Big form)

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