Real Name:

Identity/Class: Human, extra-temporal (1,000,000 A.D.), technology user (briefly active in 1946)

Occupation: Would-be conqueror of the past

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Madame Death, Pacific Pirates, Stiletto Gang

Enemies: All-Winners Squad (Bucky (Fred Davis), Captain America (Jeff Mace), Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Miss America, Sub-Mariner, Toro, Whizzer)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth of the year 1,000,000 A.D.

First Appearance: All-Winners Comics#21 (Winter, 1946)

Powers/Abilities: The Future Man is from a branch of humanity which has evolved to develop psychic powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, the ability to cast an astral form and illusions, mental force blasts, blasts of mental "lightning," and could control the weather. He also possessed advanced technology including a time ship, dark-bombs, a powerful germ bomb called the "green plague", his Slow-Down Machine which could cause paralysis, a torpedo which could flood most of Asia, a Life Battery which could raise the dead to life, and atomic fire which could not be put out.

History: (All-Winners Comics#21 (fb)) - The Future Man's Earth in the year 1,000,000 A.D. was a wasteland, as all of the oceans had dried up, placing the species on the brink of extinction. Future Man was charged with a mission to conquer the past so that his people could expand in a prior era. Upon his arrival in the year 1946, Future Man sought out the crime-boss Madame Death, and convinced her to aid him in conquering the world in exchange for power. However, their meeting was interrupted by Captain America and Bucky. Future Man dropped a dark-bomb so that they could escape.

(All-Winners Comics#21) - Future Man and Madame Death went to the Swiss Alps, and took over a laboratory so that he could manufacture the "Green Plague," a germ bomb which they began to release into the environment, slaughtering people by the hundreds. However, Captain America and Bucky came upon their laboratory, and buried it in an avalanche. When they chased after the fleeing Future Man, he vanished in their grasp, revealing that only his astral form had been present.

Future Man and Madame Death next journeyed to the Diablo Crater in South America, where Future Man created his Slow-Down Machine, and began to paralyze people across South America. The Whizzer investigated, outfought the Future Man and Madame Death's Stiletto Gang, and then tied up the two ringleaders. However, Future Man had once again been using his astral form, and vanished. He then brought Madame Death to safety, pulling her into the sky with telekinesis.

Future Man and Madame Death went to the coast of China, and recruited the Pacific Pirates to help him prepare a torpedo which would generate a tidal wave large enough to drown most of Asia. However, the Sub-Mariner intervened, and destroyed the torpedo.

Future Man's next scheme was to use his Life Battery in Egypt to resurrect the bodies of mummies, using them to create an unstoppable army. Miss America investigated this incursion, and fought Future Man and Madame Death in their pyramid base. Future Man tried to seal Miss America within a room and suffocate her, but she made it to safety. When she tried to capture the two villains, they both disappeared, as Future Man had generated astral forms for both himself and Madame Death this time.

Guessing that the Human Torch and Toro would be waiting to confront him in North America, Future Man created a diversion by starting a forest fire up in Canada. He then had some of Madame Death's men steal uranium, which he used to create an atomic fire, a fire which could not be put out. When the Human Torch and Toro returned from putting out the forest fire to try and stop the atomic fire, Future Man created a raincloud, putting out their flames. When they dried off using the atomic fire, the two heroes finally determined that they could stop the fire by using its own ashes to smother it. Future Man escaped, again using his astral form. He vowed to contact an invasion force of his own time to come and conquer 1946.

The full line-up of the All-Winners Squad located Future Man's time ship, and attacked the vessel before he could send his message, and the Human Torch destroyed his radio. Future Man managed to drive the heroes out, but Captain America had reversed the ship's future/past designations, so that when the Future Man tried to return to the future, he and Madame Death were sent into the past, with apparently no way to stop.

(All-Winners Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1) – As part of a plot to contact his invading force from the future and conquer the world, the Future Man teamed with Madame Death against the All-Winners Squad. When Captain America hit the Future Man’s Chronol-Capacitor with his shield, it sent the device spiralling into the past with Future Man and Madame Death in tow. Eventually halting its descent one millions years into the past, the Future Man set about repairing the device. Unfortunately, he contracted a prehistoric disease and used the last of his life bequeathing his knowledge of the future to Madame Death. Dying after finishing the last of the repairs, the Future Man collapsed in Madame Death’s arms. She subsequently used the device to return to the 1940s, where she died attempting to gain revenge on the All-Winners Squad. As she died, she proclaimed that she would be joined with the Future Man where they could not be separated...in death.

Comments: Created by Otto Binder, Al Avison, and Charles Nicholas.

Brief recounts of the Future Man's clash with the All-Winners Squad were given in Giant-Size Avengers#1 and Saga of the Original Human Torch#3.

This is one Golden Age villain who's screaming for a return! And all he'd have to do is fix the time machine...

by Prime Eternal

Future Man should not be confused with:

The Chronol-Capacitor

The Chronol-Capacitor was a device built by the Future Man that could contact other time periods. Using it in an attempt to contact his invading force from the future, the Future Man had Madame Death hold off the All-Winners Squad while he attempted to send the signal back. When Captain America hit the device with his shield, it caused the Chronol-Capacitor to spiral back in time, imploding itself into the past with the Future Man and Madame Death in tow. Halting the device’s descent one million years into the past, the Future Man repaired the device as best he could but contracted a disease and perished upon its completion. Using the device, Madame Death traveled back to the 1940s, where she used it to generate a temporal barrier around New York City that pulled deceased soldiers in from various time periods. Once captured, Madame Death revealed the remnants of the device were heat-activated just as the Human Torch and Toro’s heat caused the device to explode, eventually killing Madame Death in the process.

The Chronol-Capacitor could send signals into any time period and when damaged, it was able to actually to be pulled along with those signals into the past. Upon its repair, the Chronol-Capacitor could generate indestructable barriers of temporal energy that could pull individuals from various time periods to its location. It was also heat-sensitive and would explode if exposed to too much heat.

--All-Winners Comics 70th Anniversary Special#1

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