Null the Annoying Darkness


Real Name: Null

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-20051) extraterrestrial

Occupation: Unemployed;

formerly staff member at Rick Donalds hamburger restaurant

Group Membership: Staff at Rick Donalds

Affiliations: Burll, Dimri, Kurrgo, Lemmy

Enemies: Fantastic Four, anybody who wants to change items in a value meal

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44 (March, 2009)

Powers/Abilities: Null was a large and many tentacled creature with a bad attitude to work and customer service. He had incredible mental powers, including being able to levitate. He could shoot small bursts of energy from his tentacles through which he could  mind-control others and send people to sleep, as well as shoot a shrinking ray. He could also cast illusions of himself to fool his would-be enemies.

Null the Slurping Darkness


(Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44 (fb) - BTS) - Although Null had tried to take over the Earth several times, he was hired by the fast food company Rick Donalds as part of their alien promotion. However, he had a bad attitude to his work duties and would shrink down people who wanted to make changes to their value meal deals, including Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four.

(Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44) - Johnny went into his Human Torch mode and signaled for help from the Fantastic Four, who promptly arrived and confronted Null. The co-called Living Darkness the minitiarized the Thing, who was nevertheless still able to punch Null through the wall. Null then cast distracting illusions of himself as he levitated away from the Fantastic Four and left the scene. Meanwhile, Reed Richards was able to make those Null had shrunk return to normal size and later questioned the logic of hiring a destructive being like Null and the frustration caused by hiring a Watcher, personally forbidden to interfere, as the store manager.

   Over the next few days, the Fantastic Four were called in to fix up the mess left behind by the belligerent Null, including unshrinking victimized customers and waking up those Null had mind-controlled to fall asleep. Another time, Null cast an illusion of himself with a giant body, trying to scare patrons away from the fast food outlet. The Fantastic Four were called in once more to counter Null's mind control and shrinking antics when Reed Richards came up with the idea to have Johnny Storm hired at management level so that Null could be fired if he stepped over the line, which came up very quickly. Johnny sacked Null and a fight soon ensued between the alien and the Fantastic Four that caused much damage and which ended with Null being finally knocked out by the Thing. Technically still an employee, Johnny Storm was called on to clean u the mess left by Null.


Comments: Created by Paul Tobin (writer) and David Hahn (art).

The "mainstream" Earth-616 version of Null the Living Darkness is classed as a demon, not an extraterrestrial. The Earth-20051 version is less powerful and more juvenile than its Earth-616 counterpart. This may be a case of an alien impersonating the demon Null.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Null the Living Darkness of Earth-20051 has no known connections to:



Burll was a friendly worker at Rick Donalds who hailed from the lava world of Volcanatra 13. He looked after the deep frying.




--Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44

Dimri watches


Dimri was a Watcher who had been hired as the store manager of Rick Donalds. However, as a Watcher, he was forbidden to interfere with other races and so did nothing to curb Null's destructive behavior. He later let out a small chuckle when Johnny Storm had to help clean up the mess at the restaurant.




--Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44



Kurrgo handled the Drive Thru window at Rick Donalds in a somewhat aggressive manner and stood on a stool issuing commands as part of his customer service skills. He was knocked off by Null in the fight with the Fantastic Four.





--Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44



Lemmy was an amiable Skrull who liked to impersonate Elvis Presley (but still maintain his Skrull body). He was a worker at Rick Donalds and later helped confirm that Null had been knocked out in the final fight with the Fantastic Four.




--Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44

Good taste need not be alien

Rick Donalds

Rick Donalds was a fast food restaurant that hit upon the line "Good Taste Need Not Be Alien" as a marketing tool, hiring extraterrestrials as workers, including front counter service. They made the mistake of hiring Null.




--Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44

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Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44, p21, pan1 (floating)

p4, pan3 (slurping)
p10, pan2 (Burll)
p16, pan4 (Dimri)
p10, pan4 (Kurrgo)
p10, pan3 (Lemmy)
p10, pan1 (RD's)

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#44 - Paul Tobin (writer), David Hahn (art), Nathan Cosby (editor)

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