Real Name: Hannah (last names [both maiden and married] unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed (but in her time she has been a child, a wife and a mother)

Group Membership: Abductees of the Flora Colossi

Affiliations: Groot

Enemies: Flora Colossi

Known Relatives: Husband (name unrevealed, possibly deceased), child (name and gender unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A farm somewhere on Earth
   (previously) briefly imprisoned on Planet X

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Groot#1 (August, 2015);
    (full) Groot#6 (January, 2016)

Powers/Abilities: Hannah presumably possesses only the normal abilities of a human being of her age

   Hannah has been near-sighted since childhood and has required glasses to see properly her entire life.

   In her oldish age, Hannah apparently needs a cane to help her walk.

Height: 3' (as a child); 5' (as an older woman) - (both estimated)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - Decades ago, the woman known as Hannah was a young human child living somewhere on the planet Earth. Hannah wore pink-rimmed glasses and often carried around her favorite toy, a stuffed pink rabbit.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during her youth, Hannah was abducted by a Flora Colossus who had come to Earth in search of specimens for scientific study. The Flora Colossus teleported back to Planet X with Hannah who was placed within a clear tube.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - Hannah was held captive on Planet X for an unspecified time.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - One night, while sleeping within her tube, Hannah was noticed by a small Flora Colossus named Groot whose outlook on life was not like those of the rest of his race. As Groot gazed upon Hannah in her tube, he came to the realization that the way in which his people treated aliens was wrong. At that moment, Hannah awoke and, seeing the small (for his kind) alien staring at her at close range, began to cry out in fear. Groot acted quickly to calm her, first by placing one of his fingers before his mouth to indicate that she should be quiet, and then rapidly growing a flower out of that same hand. As he offered the flower to her, the now quiet Hannah spoke to him, asking/stating that he was not like the others. Hannah then introduced herself, saying, "I'm Hannah" and reaching one of her hands out towards him. Groot responded with one of his own hands, placing it against the tube opposite to Hannah's hand, and saying, "I am Groot."

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - Groot freed Hannah from her tube, picked her up in his arms and began running away with her.

(Groot#6 (fb)) - As Groot ran with Hannah in his arms, they both heard multiple loud exclamations of "I AM GROOT" behind them. When Hannah saw that at least seven larger Flora Colossi were pursuing them, she pointed them out to Groot who continued to flee with her. Upon reaching the teleport station, Groot placed Hannah within the departure zone and she told him to "Get in! but then realized that he wasn't going with her. As their pursuers closed in, Hannah accepted a glowing flower that Groot grew for her and was then teleported away from Planet X and back to Earth. Once Hannah was safely away, Groot smashed the control panel so that the other Flora Colossi couldn't follow and recapture her.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - Back on Earth, Hannah presumably returned home and was reunited with her family.

(Groot#6 (fb)) - Back home, Hannah planted the glowing flower that Groot had given her and began taking care of it.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - As Hannah grew older, she continued to care for the alien plant as it also grew.

(Groot#6 (fb)) - One night, some time after she had returned home, an older Hannah held a pink watering can as she gazed at the alien plant which was over three times as tall as it had been when she first planted it.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - Years later, an adult Hannah married a man whose name has not been revealed.

(Groot#6 (fb)) - One day, Hannah and her husband gazed at the alien plant which had grown into a tree that was more than twice as tall as they were.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - Later, Hannah and her husband had (or adopted) a child whose name and gender have not been revealed.

(Groot#6 (fb)) - One day, Hannah and her husband gazed at the slightly larger alien tree and watched as their child played on one of its branches.

(Groot#6 (fb) - BTS) - Decades passed, during which Hannah's husband died (or left) and their child grew up and moved away (or died). At some point, Hannah began using a cane to help her walk.


(Groot#6) - One day, an elderly Hannah was standing in front of the alien tree with her eyes shut. When something caused her to open her eyes and look to her right, she found herself looking at another glowing flower being held by someone. Looking up, she saw that that person was her old friend Groot and she instantly threw her arms around his waist and hugged him. Once the hug ended, the two clasped their hands and Hannah said, "Hi. I think we have a lot to catch up on..." to which a smiling Groot replied, "I am Groot." Also smiling, Hannah replied, "Ha. Right."

   As she and Groot knelt down and prepared to plant the new glowing flower, Hannah asked/stated, "How 'bout I go first?"

   Later, after the flower had been planted, Hannah and Groot sat side-by-side on the ground beneath the alien tree. As they watched the sunset, Groot said, "I am Groot."



Comments: Created by Jeff Loveness and Brian Kesinger.

Groot's story (as told to Jean Grey)
   This is Groot's narration of the story of how he first met Hannah. I wanted to include it in this profile but Hannah never heard it so it wouldn't really fit in the main profile and a sub-profile also seemed like the wrong place for it. So, here it is in the comments section. Enjoy!

   On my world, there were many like me...But I was not like them...Merely lost in their shadows.
   And they did things...Things that horrified me. They went to many worlds...took so many. In the name of empire. Fear. Conquest. Science.
   Every reason was used to justify their actions. The powerful always justify their actions against the weak. It was my home...It was our way. It was all that I knew...
   But on one night...in one moment...I knew it was wrong.

   For this I was punished. Banished. Disowned. I left everything I knew. And I spent so many years alone. But I do not regret anything that day...
   Because she taught me that if you have the courage to leave your old life...If you take that risk and jump into the unknown...
   What you find will amaze you...There are much better places than home. And in time...you will find a new one.

   Time is strange. At first, it feels boundless. But it is always fleeting. Soon, our time belongs to others...and it races by. But before we know it, time runs out. And we lose the chance to thank the ones who meant the most to us. Who made us who we are.

   But...while I still have time...I want to thank her. I want to thank the person who showed me that a kinder universe was out there...And that kindness is worth the risk.

   Because of her, I learned the greatest truth I know. One I live by every day...

   Life is not about the shadow you cast on your enemies... but the shade you provide to your friends.

   In my opinion, if the story from Groot#6 is considered canon, then this kind-hearted Groot cannot be the same being as the Groot who attacked that village on Earth in Tales to Astonish I#13. And whoever wrote the Wikipedia article on Groot apparently feels the same way...which, of course, does not mean that either of us is correct.
    Yes, it has become progressively more clear that Groot of the Guardians is not the same Groot from Tales to Astonish I#13...but, that is newer information and not DEFINITIVELY confirmed...we initially thought they were the same being.

Profile by Donald Campbell.

Hannah has no known connections to

husband and child

   An adult human male and a human child of undisclosed gender who are presumed to be (or have been) Hannah's husband and their child. Since so little has been revealed about them, it's impossible to confirm the exact nature of their relationship to Hannah.

   At some point after she had become an adult, Hannah had a relationship with an adult male human whose name has never been revealed. It is not known if this man and Hannah were married or just friends. On one occasion, when the man and Hannah stood together looking at the alien tree, the man had one arm draped over Hannah's shoulders and was holding the pink watering can in his other hand. The man was somewhat taller than Hannah and had dark hair but his face was never shown.

   Years later, when the tree had grown somewhat larger, this man and Hannah again stood together looking at the alien tree. As before, this man had one arm draped over Hannah's shoulders and was holding the pink watering can in his other hand. However, he and Hannah had been joined by a young human child who they were watching walk along one of the tree's branches. It is not known if this was their child (by birth or by adoption) or if the child was a member of a neighboring family who was just playing in Hannah's tree. The child seems to have had dark hair but his/her gender was not apparent and his/her name was never revealed.

   When Hannah was older and had to use a cane, neither the man or the child were with her when she gazed upon the tree. This could mean that her "husband" had died or left her, and that their "child" had grown up and moved away (or also died). With so little data available, there are several possible explanations for their absence.

--Groot#6 (fb)


   While she was on Planet X, Hannah awoke one night in her specimen tube and saw a small Flora Colossus staring at her from right outside her tube. When she cried out in fear, the alien reacted by holding the forefinger of his left hand in front of his mouth to indicate that she should be quiet, and then rapidly growing a flower out of his left palm. When he offered the flower to the now-quiet girl, Hannah realized that it was a gift and that her visitor was not like the other Flora Colossi she had encountered. Hannah and Groot then both introduced themselves and have been friends ever since.

   Unlike the second flower that Groot gave to Hannah, the petals of this first flower were yellow and did not glow. Since it was not seen with Groot and Hannah as they fled from their pursuers, it was presumably abandoned near the tube from which Groot had freed Hannah.


--Groot#6 (fb)

glowing flower / alien tree

   During the last few moments that they spent together on Planet X, Groot rapidly grew a flower with glowing petals out of his left hand and gave it to Hannah as she sat on the teleporter pad. Hannah was holding the alien flower and her pink toy rabbit in her arms when Groot activated the teleporter to send her back to Earth.

   Once she was back at her home on Earth, Hannah planted the alien flower in the ground near her house and used a pink watering can to provide extra moisture for the process.

   As the years passed, Hannah watched over the plant as it grew and it soon became apparent that the "flower" was actually an alien tree. Hannah continued to care for it as she grew older, sometimes using the pink watering can.

   By the time Hannah had grown into a woman and had met (and married?) a man, the tree was more than twice as tall as she was. The man helped Hannah to care for the tree, sometimes carrying the pink watering can for her.

   A few years later, the tree had grown even taller. Hannah and her husband had been joined by a child who sometimes climbed the tree and played on its branches (as his/her parents watched).

   Decades after it had been planted, the tree had grown so that it was at least four times as tall as Hannah, and its many leaves glowed brightly. When Groot arrived he found Hannah standing before the tree with her eyes closed. Hannah did not notice Groot until he extended his left hand which held another glowing flower and the energy emitted by it caused her to turn her head and look for the source. After a joyful reunion, Groot helped Hannah plant the new glowing flower in the ground near the base of the tree.

Note: Although these three flowers were definitely grown by Groot out of his own body, it's uncertain if any of them were actually part of his body. The fact that the glowing flowers can grow into large and immobile trees that are not Flora Colossi suggests that they do not share Groot's DNA. It's possible that these flowers/plants were grown from seeds which Groot carried within his body or that they were separate plants which existed in symbiosis with Groot.

--Groot#6 (Groot#6 (fb), Groot#6)

images: (without ads)
Groot#6, page 14, panel 1 (main image)
      page 15, panel 3 (head shot)
      page 20, panel 1 (head shot - older)
      page 16, panel 4 (fleeing Groot's people)
      page 19, panel 1 (planting flower)
      page 19, panel 2 (watering tree)
      page 20, panel 6 (planting second flower with Groot)
      page 21 (watching the sunset with Groot)
      page 19, panel 3 (with husband)
      page 19, panel 4 (with husband and child)
      page 15, panel 2 (Groot growing flower)
      page 15, panel 4 (Groot + flower + Hannah)
      page 17, panel 1 (receiving glowing flower from Groot)
      page 19, panel 5 (alien tree with glowing leaves)

Only Appearance:
Groot#6 (January, 2016) - Jeff Loveness (writer), Brian Kesinger (artist), Devin Lewis (editor).

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