Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human (Vietnamese)

Occupation: Gambler, information broker, auctioneer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: "Card Faces", Commedia dell'Morte, Wild Cards

Enemies: Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Power Man (Victor Alvarez)

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Twilight Idol casino, Atlantic Ocean

First Appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist II#2 (April, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Pokerface is a skilled gambler; as the emotional centers of his brain have been destroyed, he can gamble without his emotions clouding his judgment. He has access to a variety of advanced technologies.

History: (Power Man and Iron Fist II#3 (fb) ) - Discovering his wife with a lover, the man who would become Pokerface killed them both in a fit of rage. He fled Vietnam on a cargo ship full of illegal immigrants; en route, he lost what little money he had in a crooked card game. Seeking revenge, he rigged the ship's boiler to explode, but the resulting explosion lodged the furnace poker in his skull. The poker destroyed the emotional centers of his brain, allowing him to become the emotionless Pokerface - the self-proclaimed world's greatest gambler. With the fortune he accrued, he built the Twilight Idol, an underwater casino and auction house.

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#5 (fb) ) - After possessing former Heroes for Hire employee Jennie Royce and killing her abusive lover, the Crime-Buster (Eugene Mason), the Commedia dell'Morte's Columbina used Royce to sell her mask (which contained her essence) to Pokerface, to be auctioned off at his Auction of Silence.

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#2) - Heart-Club-Diamond alerted Pokerface to two new entrants into his Auction of Silence - Danny Rand and Joy Meachum. Although Heart-Club-Diamond suggested that allowing Rand, who their intel suggested was the vigilante Iron Fist, to enter would be a gamble, Pokerface insisted that he be allowed to come - because "what else does Pokerface live for?"

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#3) - Iron Fist confronted Pokerface in his Twilight Idol office, demanding to know who had sold him the mask of the Commedia dell'Morte's Columbina, as that mask had been stolen from his murdered ex-associate, Crime-Buster. Meanwhile, a recording of Pokerface directed Rand's partner Power Man into a labyrinth, where he was confronted with several of Pokerface's deadly Wild Cards. Pokerface proposed a wager to Iron Fist; if he correctly guessed the number of Wild Cards Power Man could defeat, Pokerface promised to give him the name of Crime-Buster's killer.  If he lost, however, he would surrender the location of K'un Lun. After Pokerface promised to flood the labyrinth with nerve gas if he refused, Iron Fist guessed that Power Man could defeat thirty Wild Cards.  As they watched the battle, Pokerface explained his origins; elsewere, another recording directed Joy Meachum to Columbina's mask, which possessed her. Unaware of this, Iron Fist watched as Power Man defeated thirty-eight Wild Cards - meaning that Pokerface won the bet.  Putting up a holographic map of the Himalayas, Pokerface's computers tracked Rand's involuntary eye movements, pinpointing the mystic city's location. Enraged, Iron Fist shattered a computer screen, embedding a shard of glass in Pokerface's hand and sending him fleeing - and prompting him to drop the scrap of paper he'd written the killer's name on.

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#4) - As Iron Fist battled the shadowy vigilante Noir, Pokerface fled...until Power Man burst through a wall in front of him. Believing Pokerface to have been injured, he yanked the poker right out of Pokerface's face, crippling him with pain. Before he could assist the stricken gambler, he was attacked by the Columbina-possessed Meachum - and soon, all three were swept away by sea water, as Iron Fist and Noir's battle had breached the outer walls of the underwater casino. While Power Man and Meachum survived, Pokerface was nowhere to be found.

Comments: Created by Fred Van Lente, Wellinton Alves, and Nelson Pereira.

Bizarrely, Power Man and Iron Fist #3, which revealed Pokerface's origin, came out one week after Amazing Spider-Man #656, which revealed the origin of Massacre...and both of them involved chunks of metal cutting off their brain's emotional centers. Maybe Van Lente and Dan Slott watched a documentary on Phineas Gage on the same day or something?

Pokerface's floaty assistant guys are never named in the book; I've dubbed them "Card Faces". I'm not sure what they are, exactly. They're definitely not human, but they could be robots or magical constructs or something.

Can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read my...

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Pokerface has no known connections to

Twilight Idol

Located three kilometers outside of US waters in the Atlantic Ocean, Twilight Idol was Pokerface's base of operations; it contained a casino, an auction house (equipped to hold "silence auctions", in which sonic dampeners prevented bidders from communicating with each other), and a maze-like arena area, in which Pokerface would stage fights against his Wild Cards. It was accessible via underwater monorail. During a battle between Iron Fist and Noir, its hull was breached and it was flooded; its patrons were successfully evacuated, although Pokerface may have been killed.

--Power Man and Iron Fist II#2 (2, 3, 4

Wild Cards

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#3) - Pokerface's men abducted vagrants from the streets of New York and fitted them with masks that injected them with a variety of psycho-hallucinogenic drugs, transforming them into his Wild Cards. Pokerface set 38 of them loose in a maze-like arena, pitting them against Power Man and forcing his partner, Iron Fist, to wager how many of them he could beat. Iron Fist bet that Power Man could beat 30, but despite taking a pounding, Power Man beat them all.

 (Power Man and Iron Fist II#4 - BTS) - The Wild Cards were presumably killed when Twilight Idol was flooded.

--Power Man and Iron Fist II#3 (3, 4 (BTS)

"Card Faces"

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#2) - Heart-Club-Diamond, one of Pokerface's servants, informed him that Daniel Rand and Joy Meachum had applied to enter their Auction of Silence; Heart-Club-Diamond suggested that allowing Rand, who was semi-secretly the vigilante Iron Fist, to enter would be a gamble, but Pokerface overruled him, as he lived to gamble.

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#3) - A Card Face ushered Rand, Meachum, and their guests Vic Alvarez and Tiowa Bryant into the Twilight Idol underwater monorail. Upon their arrival, another one handed each of them a thousand-dollar chip, compliments of the house. To sneak into a restricted area, Rand flipped his chip into the distance; the noise distracted a Card Face, allowing him to sneak past it. While some of them helped to administer the Auction of Silence, others restrained captive vagrants and fitted them with drug-injecting masks, making them into Wild Cards to battle against Alvarez

(Power Man and Iron Fist II#4) - When a battle between Rand and the Darkforce-empowered vigilante Noir resulted in Twilight Idol's hull being breached, the Card Faces helped the casino's patrons evacuate into the monorails. Several of them survived the casino's destruction.

 Heart-Club-Diamond was named; presumably the others were named for other combinations of playing-card suits.

--Power Man and Iron Fist II#2 (2, 3, 4

images: (without ads)
Power Man and Iron Fist II#2, p22, pan1 (main image)
Power Man and Iron Fist II#3, p16, pan5 (Pokerface's origin)
Power Man and Iron Fist II#3, p1, pan1 (Twilight Idol)
Power Man and Iron Fist II#3, p12, pan2 (Wild Cards)
Power Man and Iron Fist II#2, p21, pan2 ("Card Faces")

Power Man and Iron Fist II#2-3 (April-May, 2011) - Fred Van Lente (writer), Wellinton Alves (pencils), Nelson Pereira (inks), Pere Perez (art), Tom Brennan (editor)
Power Man and Iron Fist II#4-5 (June-July, 2011) - Fred Van Lente (writer), Wellinton Alves (pencils), Nelson Pereira (inks), Tom Brennan (editor)

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