Real Names: Bruce Banner / Reed Richards / Charles Xavier

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (alternate [divergent] earth, Earth-774) human mutate

Occupation: Hero; Scientific Researcher (Richards and Banner) / Professor (Xavier)

Affiliations: As X-Man, none; formerly the Fantastic Four (Reed)

Enemies: Galactus and Ben Grimm (both from their own reality)

Known Relatives: Sue Richards and Betty Banner (wives of Reed and Bruce);
Nathaniel Richards, Brian Xavier, and Brian Banner (fathers),
Evelyn Richards, Sharon Xavier, and Rebecca Banner (mothers)
David Charles Haller (presumptive son of Xavier with Gabrielle Haller)
any other relationships that would have existed on Earth-616 prior to Incredible Hulk I#1 could all be included, but are beyond the scope of this profile. Please see the Earth-616 profiles on the relevant characters for more complete listings.

Aliases: the Ultimate Self-Induced Mutation, the Living Embodiment of the Unknown;
Banner: formerly the Hulk; Richards: formerly Mr. Fantastic

Base of Operations: Baxter Building, New York; ALTERNATE EARTH

First Appearance: What If? I#2 - What if the Hulk were created with the mind of Bruce Banner (April, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: The X-Man had amazing telepathic powers that rivaled even Galactus'. In addition, X-man was 12 feet tall and had great physical strength probably on par with the Hulk. X-Man also apparently radiated cosmic radiation.  Being a combination of three of the most brilliant minds in the world, X-Man may have also possessed superhuman intelligence.

History: see comments for relevant back history of this Alternate Earth

(What If? I#2)- With the arrival of Galactus upon earth, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier hooked themselves to the Psychotron. The Psychotron merged them into one being combining their powers. Witnessing the transformation but not understanding, Ben Grimm came to help his friends, but instead was knocked aside by the X-Man-- who had no time for "foolish humans." The X-Man confronted Galactus and used his full telepathic might against him. Galactus felt that he could ultimately win the struggle against the X-Man, but it might take months or even years to defeat him--after which he would be too weak to stand against the other inhabitants of the Earth. When Galactus left, X-Man changed back into Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier but without their powers.


Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe.

Here are the Rules of Thumb when it comes to dealing with alternate earths.

The premise of the What If? Worlds, although not always followed 100%, is that the history was EXACTLY the same as that of Earth-616, up until the "point of divergence"--which in this case occurred very early in the modern era, in Incredible Hulk I#1. (In other words, What If? worlds are largely a specific type of alternate earth known as a divergent earth--Kyle)

A couple of significant factors in this alternate Earth:

  1. No reason for Banner's mind remaining in control of the Hulk was given. It just worked out that way.
  2. The Hulk/Banner befriended the Gargoyle (Russian mutate, father of the Gremlin), who survived and went off to live his own life
  3. The Hulk/Banner quickly made his peace with General Thunderbolt Ross and married Betty Ross soon after.
  4. Banner and Reed Richards worked together to cure Ben Grimm.
  5. Feeling the the team wasn't worthwhile without the Thing's strength, Johnny Storm left for college soon after, leaving only Reed and Sue--> no Fantastic Four.
  6. The Hulk/Banner didn't fall for Loki's manipulations and thus the Avengers were never formed.
  7. The Banners eventually moved into the Baxter Building, with Bruce joining Reed in his research projects. They were joined soon after by Charles Xavier, who never founded his school or the X-Men.
  8. The interaction of Ben Grimm with the X-Man caused him to revert back into the Thing, but he was now much stronger, and was decidedly more hostile. The Thing became the menace to the world that the Hulk sometimes seemed to be on Earth-616. There were few heroes to oppose the Thing, but General Ross led the army against him in Operation: Thing.

It is extremely likely, though not ever confirmed, I think, that Sue and Reed were married. The coming of Galactus on this world would likely have occurred at the same time as on Earth-616, @ Fantastic Four I#48. However, on this world, with no Fantastic Four adventures or other members to distract them, an earlier wedding seems likely. Sue tells Betty that Bloomingdale's gives a special discount to superheroes' wives, but that's about as far as the confirmation goes.

I'd think it possible that the Psychotron could retain the power and maybe the memories of the X-Man, who could be released at a later date. Maybe the Exiles will visit this world and face the X-Man...yeah, that'll happen!

Carycomix adds: It could be that, upon this particuliar parallel-Earth, Bruce Banner never had an abusive childhood.  So, the gamma radiation never catalyzed his multiple personality disorder into the one so painfully familiar to the friends and acquaintances of our Incredible Hulk!

Profile by Sammy7D, Luis Dantas, and Snood.

X-Man, this temporary composite being of an alternate timeline, is not to be confused with:

It was the composite form of the alternate dimension counterparts of the following character (who are profiled at the Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe (UOHotMU) and elsewhere):

The Psychotron, used to create the X-Man, has no known connection to:

The Psychotron

Was a device designed by Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier, in case there ever existed a threat on Earth greater than what they could stop individually. The threat came in the form of Galactus, and merged them into the X-Man. Unexpectedly, when they split apart, all of their powers were removed.

The Psychotron merged the minds, bodies, and powers of Banner/Hulk, Professor X, and Reed Richards. It was also wheelchair friendly. -What If? I#2




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