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Classification: Unconventional weapons, super-powered suits of armor worn by human operators

Creator: Tony Stark

Modified by: Peter Parker

User/Possessors: New York Police Department (Code: Blue, Mc Nulty, Morales, Ruiz, Liutenant Singh), New York City

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#602 (October, 2009)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Mandroids of the NYPD were initially a Mark II version of the Mandroid armor (see here for the technical specifications). Further improvements to the arsenal, borrowed from Spencer Smythe's Spider-Slayer technology, consisted in:

The second models of armors used were Mandroids very similar to the Mark IX (see here for the technical specifications), which, after a while, underwent some improvement as well:

The Automated Mandroids could be simply some Mark II automated armors (thus without a human operator inside), or some Secbots with a shell resembling the Mark II version (see here for the technical specifications).

(Amazing Spider-Man I#602) - Some old Mandroid armors were bought for cheap by J. Jonah Jameson, mayor of New York. The armor had to empower the newly created Anti-Spider Squad, formed by officers of the New York Police Department (NYPD), in order to take down Spider-Man. The officers set up a trap, donned the armors and assaulted Spider-Man. Spider-Man was actually surprised by the armored men and had to beat them a little, but eventually he escaped.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#603) - Jameson retrieved the first of  Spencer Smythe's Spider-Slayers from a storage upstate. His purpose was to use it to upgrade the NYPD Mandroid armors. He ordered Glory Grant to call the Anti-Spider Squad to meet him at Gracie Mansion.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#603 - BTS/604 - BTS) - The armors were upgraded at little cost.

Mandroids upgraded by Spider-Slayer technology(Amazing Spider-Man I#604) - Thanks to the Spider-Tracking device, the team of five NYPD Mandroids (then named Spider-Slayer Squad by Jameson) found Spider-Man just while he was intervening to save OEM Shadow Command. The entangling wires stopped the arachnid for some seconds, but his spider-strength broke them so he could reach Chameleon, disguised as a cop. When Jameson saw the hero attacking an officer ordered to use lethal force and the Squad opened fire. They missed him and Spider-Man managed to unmask the criminal, who escaped. They hesitated only few seconds after Spider-Man let them see the bomb set up by Chameleon. Following his suggestion, they used their Particle-Field Accelerators in order to contain the explosion, and saved Manhattan. Grateful to Spider-Man for the help, Lt. Singh destroyed the only Spider-Tracking device they had.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#614) - The Anti-Spider-Man NYPD Mandroid squad was employed by Jameson for a sabotaging operation under the DB building. Switching off generators and cutting electric lines they helped Spider-Man fighting Electro, just before the DB building collapsed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#648) - During a massive attack of Doctor Octopus' giant Octobots to New York, the NYPD Mandroid squad protected the Mayor, J.J. Jameson in his house.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#653/1) - Code: Blue team of blue NYPD Mandroids entered in action to protect Marla Madison, wife of Jameson. It was a little team of three automated Mandroids. They attacked the cyborg killers sent by Alistair Smythe, but Beetle and Mantis were too powerful for them. There were too many Fireflies, even with the help of the Thing, Mockingbird and Spider-Man the Mandroids were destroyed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#654) - Marla Madison, using the knowledge she acquired when developed the Spider Slayers, re-used some parts of one of the automated Mandroids to create a frequency disruptor that stunned Smythe's cyborgs.

(Web of Spider-Man II#9 - BTS) - The City of New York spent 25,350$ to repair its Mandroids. J.J. Jameson charged Spider-Man for the expenses.

(Spider-Island: Emergence of Evil - Jackal and Hobgoblin (ff) ) - Madame Web, trying to disentangle the Web of Life, foresaw events involved in Spider-Man's future and also saw a blue Mandroid.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#667) - Thousands of people in Manhattan acquired super-powers similar to Spider-Man's. J.J.Jameson declared the State of Emergency and mobilized the whole Anti-Spider Patrol, including old-styled Mandroids and new exoskeletons resembling the Mark IX armor.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#668) - McNulty and his Anti-Spider-Man squad colleagues helped the Avengers and the FF to stop the false Spider-Men created by the Jackal. Helped by Carlie Cooper, Peter Parker, Shang-Chi and a lot of honest Spider-empowered New-Yorkers, they all defeated the Jackal's army after a night of riot.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#668-669) - The NYPD Mandroids worked alongside the Avengers to block all the accesses to Manhattan in order to contain the epidemic. Spider-Island was closed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#669) - Other NYPD Mandroids defended the Horizon Labs while their scientists built spider-sense inhibitors and Reed Richards discovered the origin of the epidemic. Another Anti-Spider Patrol was defeated by Shocker, trying to prevent him from robbing the bank.

the mandroid used the extensible arm against Spider-Man

(Amazing Spider-Man I#674 (fb) - BTS) - Peter Parker upgraded the armors of the Anti-Spider Squad. He added Pumpkin-Bombs to their arsenal and Stilt-Man technology in their arms which became extensible.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#670) - Despite the heroes' efforts, the population of Manhattan underwent a further mutation, almost everybody was transformed in a human-sized, eight-legged spider, controlled by the Queen. The Mandroids in the emergency command held back Spider-Man while he tried to help a spider-mutated Jameson. The bestial mayor attacked Alistaire Smythe. Ruiz, in a Mandroid armor held back Spider-Man who could not prevent Jameson from wounding Alistaire Smythe.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#670 / Venom II#7) - Other Mandroids were protecting the Horizon Labs when Venom brought them Anti-Venom, captive, the cure for the epidemic.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#671) - The Queen, having learned of the possible cure, drove waves of human spider against the Horizon Labs. The Thing held the front-line, helped by the National Guard and by the Anti-Spider Squad. The attacks, however, were only a distraction. Tarantula sneaked into the Labs to kill Anti-Venom, but Spider-Man saved both of them.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#674) - After Spider-Island the Anti-Spider Squad was dispatched to find the last mutated in Manhattan. One night, intervening for an alarm near Central Park West, 3 Mandroids tracked the thermal footprints of a humanoid spider and found Spider-Man on the scene of a murder. Despite he claimed he was an Avenger, they attacked him without hesitation. They were soon defeated, also because Spider-Man perfectly knew their improvements.

(X-Factor I#218) - Three supersoldier women, Noelle, Rococo and Sylvius, in sought of a mad revenge attacked J. Jonah Jameson during a public manifestation against Mutants and muslims. Two yellow NYPD Mandroids arrived flying but Syl shot a huge electro-magnetic pulse that shutted down the armors system. The Madroids fell from the sky, one was grabbed in middle air by Monet but the other one was hitting the ground and only the intervention of Guido Carosella saved him. Unfortunately, Guido has just been shot by Noelle, and the strain proved to be fatal for his heart, and he died few minutes after. The three supersoldiers escaped.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#685) - Jameson dispatched the Anti-Spider Squad in the streets to prevent plunder and anarchy, afraid of Doc Octopus' plan to destroy the ozone layer.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#699) - Some NYPD Mandroids protected the Raft during Doctor Octopus' last days. Hydro-Man, Scorpion and Trapster succeeded in breaking in, defeated some Mandroids and teleported away with Doc Ock's terminal body, unaware that Peter Parker's mind was entrapped in that body.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#700) - The Mandroids reported the situation of the Raft to Jameson. During the battle Morbius had escaped, too.

   Later, 14 units of the Anti-Spider Squad led by Lt. Singh attacked a secret base of Doc Ock under a waste platform near Staten Island. The Squad was held back by Hydro-Man and Scorpion, without posing a serious threat. Octopus/Parker entrapped the Trapster in his own paste, so the Mandroids captured him only. The others escaped in a submarine.

(Superior Spider-Man#1) - A new formation of the Sinister Six (Boomerang, Beetle, The Living Brain, Overdrive in the Big Wheel, Shocker, Speed Demon) stole a Biometric Oscillator from the Madison Faculty of Science; normal police agents and half a dozen of Anti-Spider armored ones intervened but were easily overpowered by the criminals. Spider-Man saved some agents but the Six escaped with the loot.

(Avenging Spider-Man#16) - A 60 meters wide and 10 meters tall giant spider went on rampage through the center of New York. A team of Anti Spider-Man Mandroids tried to take care of him, until Superior Spider-Man arrived and ordered them to stay apart. Few moments after, the X-Men (Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers), Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine(Logan)) arrived on the scene, trying to help. Shadowcat used her intangibility powers on some Mandroids, in order to keep them safe. After some failed attempts of the heroes, Spider-Man managed to stun the giant spider, which, when became unconscious transformed into a girl.

Comments: Created by Fred Van Lente (writer), Barry Kitson (pencils/inks) & Rick Ketcham (inks).

an automated mandroid

    Almost but not all the NYPD Mandroids were blue, some of them kept the yellow color which was a distinctive mark of the first Mandroid armors.

   Marla Madison used some pieces of an automated Mandroid. It is possible that, among the Mandroids, Jameson could have acquired some old Secbots, consequently modified.

    The robotic Spider-Slayer squad may have or may have not be built from previous Mandroid models. Even if their shape is similar to the Mark X, the "Goblin Slayers" are completely robotic and are neither exoskeletons nor armors. They have elements coming from Spencer Smythe's first Spider-Slayer, and it has been said that Alchemax built them, so it is very likely that the robots did not contain Mandroid technology, therefore they could not be considered Mandroids. Nonetheless they were an Anti-Spider Squad, even if not formed by NYPD members.

Profile by Spidermay.

The NYPD Mandroids have strong connections to

and have no known connections to

Avenging Spider-Man#16, p2, pan1 (main image, Mark IX NYPD Mandrois)
Amazing Spider-Man I#669, p9, pan2 (head shot, Mark IX NYPD Mandrois)
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Avenging Spider-Man#16, p2, pan1 (back view of the Mark IX armor)
Amazing Spider-Man I#654, p4, pan4 (a broken automated Mandroid)

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