wristlets-champion-surf98-b&w"WRISTLETs of SUTNAQOCCU"wristlets-maybsutnaqoccu-surf98-lastpg-pan1

Classification: Extraterrestrial ("Zrhaermall") talismans of mystic power

Creator: Unrevealed

Possessors: Unrevealed (apparently destroyed);
    formerly Champion of the Universe (Tryco Slatterus), the "Zrhaer";
    briefly Mephisto (posing as Nova/Frankie Raye) and Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

First AppearanceSilver Surfer III#97 (October, 1994)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Of a magic nature, the "Wristlets of Sutnaqoccu," augmented the innate power of the user. They appeared to have perhaps six gems spread an equal distance around the bands. 

    To what level they would have augmented and what abilities they would have granted to a being of normal human ability is unrevealed.

wristlets-champion-surf98-champblast    Worn by the powerful  Champion, they allowed him to fly through space at great speed and project energy blasts, making him a challenge to the Silver Surfer.
    They likely further enhanced even his vast might. 

    Even thusly augmented, however, the Champion was no match for the Power Gem-augmented Drax the Destroyer (Arthur Douglas).


(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the "Zrhaer" acquired the powerful "Wristlets of Sutnaqoccu" (see comments)

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#4: Fallen One entry) - and which were apparently adaptations of the Quantum Bands.

(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb) - BTS) - The Zrhaer considered the wristlets to be religious icons. 

wristlets-champion-surf98-worn-color (Thanos Quest#1 - BTS) - Having duped Champion (Tryco Slatterus) into surrendering the Infinity Power Gem (the power of which Champion failed to appreciate), Thanos released him from a tractor beam in low orbit of the planet "Zrhaermall," causing him to begin the plunge to the planet. 

(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb)) - After Champion survived the impact with the planet due to his own power and the Elders' Death-granted immortality, the Zrhaer thought him a god fallen from Heaven. They worshipped him and gifted him with their most potent icons, the "Wristlets of Sutnaqoccu" -- 

(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb)) - Champion was surprised to find that the wristlets truly were of mystical origin, and they greatly augmented his power. 

    Tiring of dictatorship, Champion met the entire population in battle, easily overpowering them all (see comments).

(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb) - BTS) - Champion then took to the stars, seeking Thanos...

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#4: Fallen One entry) - and the Power Gem.wristlets-champion-surf98-champenergized

(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb)) - Champion then took to the stars, seeking Thanos...

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#4: Fallen One entry) - and the Power Gem.

(Silver Surfer III#98) - Locating and smashing his way into Thanos' sanctum, Champion announced his intent to punish Thanos for his theft and humiliation, warning that his wristlets granted him the power to destroy even the Titan. Mildly annoyed, Thanos dismissed Champion with a blast that teleported him to a lifeless world.

(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb) - BTS) - In his rage, Champion destroyed this planet. 

(Silver Surfer III#98) - When the Silver Surfer and "Nova" (actually the Hell-lord Mephisto as part of a plot in which he sought to tempt the Surfer with wealth, power, etc.) approached this planet, they were stunned by an energy blast and then found the Champion amidst the planet's rubble. 

    After Champion had detailed his recent activities, the Surfer raged against the callous destruction of a civilization/race, and the Champion welcomed the challenger until "Nova" blurted out that it was fortunate that Drax had ended with the Power Gem rather than this maniac. Seeking to regain the Power Gem, the Champion took off toward Earth find Drax. 

    To prevent the Champion from reclaiming the Power Gem and tapping into its true power, the Surfer intercepted him, striking him in mid-slight and knocking him off-path, after which Champion warned the Surfer that the wristlets granted him power enough to best even him. Champion fired a blast, which the Surfer dodged, after which Champion delivered a powerful punch to the Surfer's face.

    Accepting that reason was wasted on Champion, the Surfer told him he would have the contest he desired, but not the outcome. When the Surfer asked "Nova" why she did not aid him in the battle, as Champion must be stopped, she instead flew off. 

(Silver Surfer III#98 (fb) - BTS) - "Nova" traveled to Earth and convinced Drax to accompany her.

(Silver Surfer III#98) - Noting that she showed more wisdom than him, Champion blasted the Surfer into a piece of planetary rubble and then hurled another massive boulder against him. After the Surfer flew back to continue the fight, they were interrupted by Drax.

    Disgusted that the then-imbecilic Drax controlled the Power Gem, Champion rushed to claim it, but the Gem enabled Drax to smash the Champion into the submission with a single punch. Drax subsequently departed.wristlets-maybsutnaqoccu-surf98-destroyed

    "Nova" then claimed the wristlets from Champion, tempting the Surfer with their power, noting how they would make him god-like and to think of all that he could do: If absolute power was going to rest in anyone's hands, it should be his. "Nova" urged the Surfer to take the power; he considered that while it would be better if they were in his possession rather than that of another, it would be better still if they did not exist at all. 

    As the Surfer used his Power Cosmic to apparently destroy the Wristlets, "Nova" asked how he could do that, and the Surfer told her that the lure of greater power tempted him not at all, particularly when absolute power was always destined to corrupt. 

Comments: Created by Ron Marz, Jim Hall, and Tom Christopher.

    It always frustrates me when a race or person appears and gains some history, significance, but is never named.
    To provide some sort of useful designation to clarify the wristlets in this profiles and others, I am calling the "Wristlets of Sutnaqoccu."
        As the Wristlets were apparently adaptations of the Quantum Bands, I spelled Quantus backwards, removed the "u" by the "q" and then added occu at the end for occult, as in magic. If a name for the bands is provided in-story or in-handbook, etc. different from that, I'll retitle and revise the profile.
    Similarly, for the purpose of useful discussion, I'm going to call the race who gave the wristlets to Champion the "Zrhaer" and their planet "Zrhaermall."
    To avoid needless clutter, I'm using quotations around the terms in the first use in each heading, but not subsequent references. 

    This story was part of a plot where Nova was seemingly recovered and accompanied the Surfer into space, but in reality, it was Mephisto, and he tried to temp/corrupt the Surfer with wealth, power (in this issue), love, etc.

    The Wristlets have at least one additional image in the Zrhaer profile, where the gift him with the bands.

    Thanks to Loki for helping to provide more clarifications!

Profile by Snood.

The "
Wristlets of Sutnaqoccu" should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads):
Silver Surfer III#98, pg. 11, panel 1 (Champion energized);
        pg. 12, panel 2 (Champion wearing wristlets);
            panel 5 (nice lateral image, but not in color);
        pg. 16, panel 1 (firing blast at Surfer);
        pg. 22, panel 1 (wristlets in profile, in Surfer's hands);
            panel 2 (Surfer destroying wristlets)

Silver Surfer III#97-98 (October-November, 1994) - Ron Marz (writer), Jim Hall (penciler), Tom Christopher (inker), Craig Anderson (editor)

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