Vendetta 2099

Real Name: Vendetta

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth 2099) human/mutate (Venus 8 Gene Doll)

Occupation: Punisher

Affiliations: Punisher 2099 (Jake Gallows); the gene dolls of JM881

Enemies: Fear Bugs, "Manuel," the miners of Asteroid JM881, Nodding Dog Neelson, Nu-U Clinic, Langen Russell, Sidwell Wilson pretty much any large crew of men in outer space

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Polly"; "The Punisher";

Base of Operations: originally mobile; later in the Alchemax Prototype Satellite, in Earth's orbit, Earth 2099

First Appearance: Punisher 2099#19 (August, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: As a Venus 8 Gene Doll, Vendetta was programmed to be dumb, slow, and weak, but Vendetta was able to reprogram herself to have roughly 300x the strength of a normal human, genius-level intelligence, metahuman reflexes, and psychotic aggression. Wearing battle armor similar to the Punisher's, she could survive getting shot by most bullets, blasts and blunt objects. Vendetta also had her share of weapons, including an incendigel (napalm) gun...

History: (Punisher 2099#19 (fb) - bts) One of Alchemax's Venus 8 Gene Dolls, Vendetta was created to be a toy for lonely men on space colonies. Illegal on Earth, neural inhibitors kept gene dolls from becoming too smart (their IQ is set at 74), strong or fast, and made them more obedient to their masters. Despite her programming, Vendetta tried to defend herself from her master's beating, and was beaten so bad her inhibitors were damaged.

(Punisher 2099#19) Brought back to the Alchemax factory where she was to be reprogrammed, and with her IQ rapidly increasing, Vendetta used a diversion to reprogram herself to increase her abilities to a superhuman level and escape the factory - leaving many dead bodies on her way out. Using the Alchemax computers to learn everything she could about New York, Vendetta saw that it was rife with misery and injustice, and that it's protector, the Punisher, was too weak for the job. Seeing her mission in life, Vendetta set out to become the new Punisher.

Tracking down Langen Russell, an executive at Stark-Fujikawa who pushed through a dangerous drug, Vendetta forced justice on him, murdering him and the 2 Public Eye agents who were protecting him.

(Punisher 2099#20) While the Punisher helped Manuel--a man whose personality was going to be overwritten by a rich old man's--escape, Vendetta watched on and shot the man. The Punisher confronted her about this, but she pointed out that the man's posture was wrong, that he walked like an old man. As he lay bleeding on the ground, "Manuel" cursed her for blowing his cover, and the Punisher shot him dead.

Following the Punisher, Vendetta found her true target, Sidwell Wilson, her former owner. Sidwell, grotesquely deformed from growing up in low-gravity, was attempting to transfer into a new body as well. Surprised to see his "Polly" there, Sidwell was even more surprised when she set him on fire with a napalm gun. The Punisher demanded she end his terrible suffering, but Vendetta declined, forcing the Punisher to mercifully put an end to his life. Later, the Punisher and Vendetta were spotted by a Public Eye agent. Vendetta attempted to shoot the man, but the Punisher stopped her. Angered by the Punisher's ethics, Vendetta attacked him, shooting him with her napalm gun.

(Punisher 2099#21) Surviving the blast, the Punisher fought back, but not enough for Vendetta's liking. Chiding him into going at her at full strength, Vendetta continued her fight with the Punisher, until they were interrupted by the Public Eye. Retreating to the Punisher's base, Vendetta once more claimed she could do the job better than the Punisher. Deciding to test her, the Punisher showed her his jail, where he kept untouchable criminals. Setting Nodding Dog Neelson, a criminal who had just reached adulthood at 21, in the molecular disintegrator, the Punisher offered Vendetta the honors for his execution. For some reason, Vendetta found herself unable to throw the switch, and the Punisher did it for her. Rethinking her plans, Vendetta decided to leave New York to the Punisher, while she went out to help liberate the other gene dolls still trapped in slavery.

(Punisher 2099#25/3) Taking a space ship up to the mining asteroid JM881, Vendetta found some difficulty in finding the gene dolls on the asteroid. Flirting with the bartender at the worker area, Vendetta was shocked to hear where they actually were. The mining done on the asteroid was basically the robbery of Fear Bug eggs. The workers, afraid of the Fear Bugs, violent defenders of their offspring, sent the gene dolls down to do the work for them. Many were killed, unable to defend themselves due to their programming.

Sneaking into the mining area, Vendetta was forced to kill many of the Fear Bugs to protect the gene dolls. Ordering the gene dolls to follow her, she took them to the asteroid's control room, where they received their programming. Murdering the workers in the room, Vendetta reprogrammed the dolls to be just as powerful and smart as her. Leaving the gene dolls to exact revenge, Vendetta flew off to her next destination.

(Punisher 2099#30) While searching for mining facilities in space, Vendetta found a large laser satellite hidden in an asteroid belt.

(Punisher 2099#31) Stumbling across mining asteroid Adamco Eighteen while piloting the laser satellite, Vendetta radioed the crew. While they drooled over the prospect of a new shipment of Gene Dolls, Vendetta blasted them with the laser, destroying the asteroid and all on it. Vendetta then continued into Earth's orbit.

(Punisher 2099#32) Watching over New York from space, Vendetta monitored Jake Gallows' ousting from SHIELD.

(Punisher 2099#33) Using the satellite laser, Vendetta blasted a cargo ship escaping Earth's orbit.

(Punisher 2099#34) Forced to make repairs after the satellite laser's last shot, Vendetta had to don a spacesuit and make some adjustments from the outside. While she worked, Jake Gallows, who had been forced to escape into space, attacked her, penetrating her suit and stealing it's oxygen for himself. Awakening in the barracks, Vendetta decided that working with Gallows was a better idea than fighting him, and together they modified the laser so it could fire down on locations on Earth.

Comments: Created by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner and Tom Morgan

Finding herself unable to kill Nodding Dog Neelson seemed rather out of character for Vendetta, but she seemed to have bigger things on her mind at the time.

Profile by: Zerostar


Vendetta 2099 has no known connection to...

Vendetta's spaceship
Vendetta's original means of space travel, the ship's firepower was a little low for her, however. How she came to attain it was never revealed.

--Punisher 2099#25 (30

Alchemax Prototype Satellite Laser
A prototype so top secret, not even Alchemax knew about it. The laser could fire blasts at great distances, even to specific locations on Earth, after it was modified. It's computer interface was particularly annoying.

--Punisher 2099#30 (31,32,33,34


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