The American dreamer


Real Name: Victor Cieszkowska

Identity/Class: Human inventor

Occupation: Inventor and dreamer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Captain America (Rogers), Daredevil (Murdock)

Enemies: Auto, oil, military and industrial conglomerates plus at least one news station that were (possibly) abetted by US government agencies

Known Relatives: Nora Cieszkowska (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed town in the USA

First Appearance: Daredevil I#283 (August, 1990)

Powers/AbilitiesVictor Cieszkowska was a normal human but a genius inventor who created products that he saw while asleep in a lucid dreaming state (mind awake, body asleep). He was able to build his inventions in a trance-like state, including the environmentally friendly Harmony Car and a flying harness, both of which enabled people to fly, but he did not usually document their construction (if at all)  until later. He was unafraid to display them to the general public and seemed willing to share his knowledge with other people.

He was an immigrant worker who believed strongly in American entrepreneurial ideals and was surprised at the adverse and violently negative reactions from large corporations, which were (possibly) aided by US Government agencies. He proudly wore the American flag and daubed his Harmony Car with stars and stripes. He was persistent in pursuing his inventive dreams and was dubbed "a true American" by Captain America. He resided legally in the USA on a Green Card.

Hounded by Immigration


(Daredevil I#283 - BTS) - Victor Cieszkowska dreamt of his Harmony Car and built from garbage in a trance-like state. He'd also managed to build a flying harness. However, various oil and car corporations, possibly assisted by US Government agencies, heard about Victor's inventions and set about to stop him as it would affect their business by reducing people's reliance on fossil-fueled transport.

(Daredevil I#283) - Victor proudly showed his Harmony Car to gathered onlookers, which included Captain America, and spoke of its environmental and economic benefits. He then flew off in it as a demonstration to small crowd but was followed by Daredevil. Later, Victor was asleep in a lucid dreaming state but was awoken by a phone call from US Immigration that accused him of being an illegal immigrant. He then received a letter from the IRS that stated he was under investigation for not paying taxes before suddenly being confronted by an FBI agent who barged in and started looking for contraband. Daredevil observed the scene and knew the agent was lying and intended to plant cocaine in Victor's house. Daredevil and the newly arrived Captain America then approached and stated that the agent required a warrant; the agent promptly left.

Demonstrating his flying harness

Victor then introduced the heroes to his wife but saw a news report stating his Harmony Car demo was a hoax and that the police were looking for him. He later fell asleep and again dreamt of his flying car. However, hired thugs had arrived later that night and were about to demolish Victor's flying car parked in the garage. Daredevil and Captain America sought to stop them but the ensuing fight ended up severely damaging the car. Upset, Victor quickly left but left a note for his wife and the two heroes to go to the town center in the morning. There they saw Victor atop a building draped in American flag with a crowd and camera crews assembled below. He threw himself off the building before anyone could stop him, releasing the flag to reveal his flying harness and he flew off high over the rooftops.

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils) and Williamson & Morgan (inks).

He could have been hired by Stark to pursue more environmentally friendly technology.

His country of origin was not specified but his name sounds Slavic (e.g. Polish).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Victor Cieszkowska name has no known connections to:

Harmony Car

Victor built the Harmony Car from designs he saw in his dreams and built it in a trance-like state. It was constructed entirely of recycled but all American products including garbage such as plastic bottles and metal cans. It was cheap to make and very economical to run as it ran on harmonics and generated no pollution. Victor displayed it in the town center and flew off in it as a demonstration before the small gathered crowd which included Captain America although it was later derided by a news station. He had it stored in his garage and intended to document its structure but it was destroyed by the intervention of hired thugs from car and oil companies, plus Daredevil and Captain America who tried to stop them. As it came to him in a dream and there was no actual design to work from, it could not be rebuilt.

--Daredevil I#283

Nora Cieszkowska

Nora Cieszkowska was Victor's wife who was very concerned for her husband's welfare. She was introduced by Victor to Daredevil and Captain America but saw news footage that Victor's Harmony Car had been labeled a hoax. Victor later left her a note to pass on to Cap and DD to meet him in the town center and she saw him demonstrate his flying harness to the gathered crowd and news crews.



--Daredevil I#283

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Daredevil I#283, p1 (in flag)

p7, panel 5 (on phone)
p22, panel 1 (flying)
p5, panel 3 (Harmony Car)
p14, panel 1 (Nora)

Daredevil I#283 (August, 1990) - Ann Nocenti (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils), Williamson & Morgan (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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