Classification: Extra-terrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Unknown place of origin; on Earth a cellar somewhere in New York City

Known Members: F'Adak, "D'Aknopf", "A'Aug"

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), Samantha

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare I#60 (December, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: They were seemingly stronger than average humans. They possessed two eyes and five fingers, but only two toes. They had a horn on the right side of their skull for an unknown purpose.

The N'Grith had knowledge of advanced technology like interstellar portals and they used devices like the Neuro-Synchrotron and disguised weapons like the K-23 Grenade.

Traits: They were a violent species of conquerors.

(Marvel Fanfare I#60 (fb) - BTS) - Some time ago the N'Grith sent F'Adak to Earth where he built in the disguise of grocery store owner Lee a hideout in a sub-basement somewhere in New York City. In his time on Earth many humans were sent through a portal to the N'Grith home base for experiments. When the research on the human species was concluded the N'Grith planned to proceed with their plans for Earth.

(Marvel Fanfare I#60) - One day a K-23 Grenade was stolen from F'Adak and he was relieved when T'Challa captured the little thief for him. F'Adak (as Lee) used a Neuro-Synchrotron on the little girl and he tried to take her away, but T'Challa offered him to pay the apple. F'Adak didn't want to take the offer and T'Challa followed him when F'Adak became unfriendly. An argument ensued between F'Adak and T'Challa and the girl dropped the apple. The sound it made surprised T'Challa and he examined the apple only to find out that it was a grenade. F'Adak used the Neuro-Synchrotron on T'Challa and took him to his hideout while the girl ran away before F'Adak could reapply the Neuro-Synchrotron on her. In his hideout F'Adak cuffed T'Challa to a stationed version of the Neuro-Synchrotron. He then opened the N'Grith portal and removed his mask. A N'Grith soldier (let's name him A'Aug) came through and F'Adak asked him if they needed more specimens for experiments, but the soldier denied this. After a transmission from the home base was completed F'Adak wanted to kill T'Challa, but an apple the N'Grith mistook for a grenade was thrown towards them by Samantha and they jumped right into the stationary Neuro-Synchrotron and broke it. T'Challa was free and attacked the aliens seconds later as Black Panther. First to fall was F'Adak, but the "A'Aug" wasn't as easy to beat. The Black Panther was still victorious when he tossed the soldier back through the portal. F'Adak's body (or was it already a corpse) was thrown back as well. An N'Grith commander (I call him D'Aknopf) appeared in the portal and started the self-destruct sequence for the hideout. It detonated shortly after Black Panther and Samantha had escaped.

Comments: Created by Walter Simonson & Denys Cowan.

The names for the unnamed aliens originate in a German dialect. I just couldn't resist. "A'Aug" means "One Eye" and I gave him the name for an obvious reason. "D'Aknopf" means "The Button" and he was named that way because the only thing he did was pressing a button.

It is unknown if the N'Grith had more bases like the one led by F'Adak, but it is likely. It is also not known how long they were on Earth, but if they had a hideout in NYC they should've known what powerful creatures were walking around on Earth.

Profile by Markus Raymond

The N'Grith race has no known connection to:

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  • Grithstane, sorcerer of Weirdworld @ Marvel Premiere#28
  • Girth, a Lilin @ Marvel Comics Presents#143
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  • N'Garai, demon race @ X-Men I#96
  • any other characters with a similar name


F'Adak was sent to Earth by the N'Grith to build a hideout from where he could observe humans. He disguised himself as the grocery store owner Lee and did like he was told. Many humans were sent through the portal in his sub-basement for experiments in the N'Grith's home base. When a little girl stole a K-23 Grenade from him he was nearly revealed, but T'Challa stopped the girl. The problems continued when T'Challa found out that the stolen apple was a grenade and F'Adak took him to his base after enslaving him. The girl escaped and returned later to help T'Challa. F'Adak seemingly got his neck broken in the following fight with Black Panther, who tossed his body through the portal back to the N'Grith's home base.


--Marvel Fanfare I#60


After Black Panther had defeated the other N'Grith this alien came through the portal and activated the self-destruct mechanism of F'Adak's hideout. Black Panther and Samantha escaped and then the place went boom.


--Marvel Fanfare I#60


This unnamed alien came through the portal and told F'Adak that he just wanted to contact him. In fear of the apple, he mistook for a grenade; he crashed into the stationary Neuro-Synchrotron together with F'Adak. He immediately attacked the Black Panther when he saw him, but the Panther was too quick for him. He claimed that the N'Grith were feared across the universe. Black Panther then used a body-scissor to throw the alien back through the portal to the N'Grith home base.


--Marvel Fanfare I#60

Samantha ??

Samantha stole a K-23 Grenade and was stopped by T'Challa when she ran away from Lee. She told T'Challa that there were aliens, but Lee used the Neuro-Synchrotron on her before she could tell T'Challa more. Samantha dropped the grenade when T'Challa began to argue with Lee. She ran away before Lee could use the Neuro-Synchrotron on her again, but she didn't leave T'Challa alone. She returned to F'Adak's hideout and tossed an apple to the aliens, who thought that it was one of their grenades. T'Challa got free, defeated the aliens and left with Samantha before the house was blown up. Black Panther thanked Samantha for the help and gave her an apple as a present before he left.


--Marvel Fanfare I#60


It was a small device hidden inside the palm. It could enslave other beings after a short contact. It is unknown if it injected a drug into the victim's body or if it used some kind of signal to do so. A victim was only rendered helpless for a few minutes after contact. A stationary version of the device was in F'Adak's hideout in the sub-basement.

--Marvel Fanfare I#60



K-23 Grenade

These were grenades disguised as apples. They consisted of plastic explosives surrounded by a metal casing. It is unknown how they were activated and how destructive they were.

--Marvel Fanfare I#60



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Marvel Fanfare I#60, p3, pan4 (K-23 Grenade)

Marvel Fanfare I#60 (December, 1991) - Walter Simonson (writer/inks), Denys Cowan (pencils), Al Milgrom (editor)

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