yago-grampus-56862-image YAGO

Real Name: Yago

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Reality-56862) extraterrestrial (Grampus) advanced technology-user

Occupation: Pirate

Group Membership: Leader of an unidentified group of space pirates

Affiliations: His crewmen

Enemies: Captain Boyce, Reg Carlton, Hamilton Forrest, Patrol Station Galaxy, the rest of the crew of the Sparrow, Universe Insurance;
    an unidentified number of ships he and his crew plundered and murdered

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Last seen on a space ship en route to Earth;
    formerly mobile aboard the Scorpion ship and based on the planet Grampus, Grampus star system, presumably the Milky Way Galaxy

First Appearance: Astonishing#52 (August, 1956)yago-grampus-56862-upper

Powers/Abilities: Like his crewmen, Yago was presumably resistant to the cold and vacuum of space.

    He may have needed a helmet for being in space, but he was active without one while being next to an open cargo door.

    He also was not incapacitated by the knockout gas his transport device released into the Sparrow apparently just seconds after the gas' release

    He flew aboard the Scorpion and sometimes used its gas/transport device as part of a way to dupe and incapacitate ships they were attacking.

    Yago had no problem destroying ships and killing apparently innocent crews.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'4"-5'6")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 120-140 lbs.)
Eyes: Small pupil within large white eyes (with no gross distinction between sclera and iris, if present)
Hair: Dark (only a thin "Mohawk" strip atop is head)

(Astonishing#52 (fb) - BTS) - Circa 2301 A.D., based on his native planet Grampus, Yago led a band of space pirates aboard the Scorpion to raid a number of cargo ships.

    Although having radioed Universe Insurance of the impending attacks, none of the other cargo ships returned, as Yago and his crew apparently destroyed them. Many if not all such cargo ships were insured by Universe Insurance, which had to pay out on claims for the lost cargo.

(Astonishing#52 - BTS) - Eventually Universe Insurance vice-president Hamilton Forrest felt that if they had to pay another such claim that they would go out of business, and so he sent investigator Reg Carlton to accompany the rocket ship Sparrow as it delivered a shipment of uranium worth $500 million to Jupiter.

    Aboard the Sparrow, Carlton showed Captain Boyce how he had brought advanced image and sound recorder equipment, hoping to gain evidence of the pirates in action. Considering that the pirates had not left any survivors, Boyce hoped they did not encounter the pirates. yago-grampus-56862-headneck

(Astonishing#52) - As the Sparrow entered the territory of the star Grampus, they were approached by the Scorpion (although they did not know this, as the ship's name was written on its opposite side...), whose crew sent a radio message, noting that they had a sick man aboard their ship and did not have enough fuel to get to Jupiter. Following the "Space Code," they agreed to take the person to Jupiter, and so the two ships flew abreast, and a tether line was extended between them, upon which a small carrier allegedly containing the passenger was transferred; however, Yago was within the carrier, which also contained a gas that could incapacitate the crew of the ship onto which it was loaded.

(Astonishing#52 - BTS) - Presumably suspecting treachery, Carlton donned a space suit and hid out in a room with the other space suits.

(Astonishing#52) - One the carrier device was aboard the Sparrow, it released its gas, incapacitating the entire crew as Yago mockingly called out, "Thank you, my Earth friends. 500 million thanks!" At least four members of Yago's crew, wearing space helmets, then used the tether to board the Sparrow, after which Yago informed them of the valuable cargo -- the uranium, which had been kept on the Captain's wrist -- and told them to look around for more cargo. Searching the ship, they found only seemingly empty space suits, after which Yago programmed the Sparrow's robot controls to set a course for the ship to crash into Earth's moon, which would leave nothing to identify it or its crew.

    Yago and his crew left, turning their ship to proudly show its name as they headed back to Grampus. Meanwhile, Carlton came out of hiding and made a distress call that was picked up by Patrol Station Galaxy, who gave him instructions on how to stop the Sparrow while they dispatched a patrol ship that tracked its radio beam.

(Astonishing#52 - BTS) - The patrol ship arrived and the crew awakened, after which Carlton showed them video footage of Yago, after which both the patrol ship and the Sparrow flew to Grampus. yago-grampus-56862-full

    The space patrol rounded up all of the adults people of Grampus, but found them all to be identical to them. Claiming to know how to locate Yago, Carlton returned to the Sparrow and then came back with what he claimed was a radiation counter that they could use to locate the uranium that Yago would have had on him.

(Astonishing#52) - As Carlton walked through the crowd with his ticking device, Yago panicked and started running away, and the space patrol then caught him. After Yago had been imprisoned on the patrol's ship upon which he was to be taken to Earth to be imprisoned, Carlton (who also boarded the patrol's ship to return to Earth) revealed that he had not actually had a radiation counter but had just used his audio recording device to record and project the ticking of his watch.

    The space patrol took Yago

Comments: Created by Carl Wessler and Lou Morales.

    The location of Grampus and some other features of his race, etc. are discussed in the comments of the Grampus profile.

    Not the safest thing to carry uranium around your wrist, but maybe it was contained in something truly radiation-proof and Carlton was completely bluffing him.

    If the space pirates were only hitting cargo ships that approached the Grampus star system, it would seem likely that Grampus would have been identified as a likely source of the piracy early on, so presumably Yago's pirates were active throughout various star systems and possibly even other galaxies.

     The people of Grampus seemed to have little technology beyond that which Yago and his men possessed. It may be that only Yago and his pirates had a rocket ship, and they may or may not have constructed it vs.purchasing it, stealing it, or recovering and repairing it after it crashed on Grampus.

    As Yago and his crew were criminals but there was nothing to support similar behavior in the rest of the people of Grampus, I chose to profile Yago separately.

    Reg Carlton, Universe Insurance, the Sparrow, Captain Boyce, Hamilton Forrest, and Patrol Station Galaxy could all have profiles (or the others could be sub-profiles under Carlton). However, they're not associated with Yago beyond the one encounter and they really don't belong as sub-profiles here. If someone else wants to do a profile on Reg Carlton, feel free, but please don't add him or the others as sub-profiles here.

    Thanks to Loki for supplying the story pages for me. If they become available digitally-remastered, we can replace them with high-resolution versions.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

Yago's crew

yago-grampus-56862-crewboardsparrowyago-grampus-56862-crewonsparrow     At least four other resident of Grampus served under Yago in the Scorpion ship, acting as space pirates, looting cargo ships and then apparently destroying their ships and killing their crews. When not on a mission, they were apparently lived back on Grampus.

     The thefts eventually led Universe Insurance investigator Reg Carlton to accompany the Sparrow ship's mission. When the crew looted the Sparrow, Carlton hid out safely and then led the a space patrol from
Patrol Station Galaxy to Grampus to capture Yago and take him back to Earth for imprisonment.


Note: Oddly, neither the space patrol nor Carlton seem to care about finding the rest of Yago's crew and bringing them to justice as well, but it may just be that this was not shown due to limitations of the four page story.


yago-grampus-56862-tetheryago-grampus-56862-scorpion     The Scorpion was a rocket ship used by Yago and his crew of space pirates to loot multiple cargo ships.

     The Scorpion could apparently travel to other star systems (see comments), which would indicate faster-than-light travel and/or ability to access space warps, etc.

    Yago's pirates used a device that sent a cable/tether from the Scorpion to other ships to facilitate transport of objects or beings, as well as a cannister the both carried an occupant and released a knockout gas that swiftly incapacitated the crew of a small cargo ship. A space suit and/or helmet could provide protection from this gas, as did the interior of the cannister.

    They presumably had some translation technology to facilitate communication with ships from other worlds...it may be that there was some sort of universal translator technology that was readily available in this future reality.


Note: The text confirms that the name on the side of the ship says "Scorpion," but the image is too low-resolution to show that.

     Kind of silly for a pirate ship to have its name written in giant letters on its side when they are trying to dupe ships into believing they are benevolent.

     It's a little unclear, but the Sparrow was the blue ship. You could see it clearly when it departed for Jupiter. When the two ships first approached each other, speech balloons from Boyce and Carlton clearly came from the blue ship. In the tiny image, the Scorpion looks blue, but when you enlarge, it is mostly green, with a little blue at the top.

gas/transport device

yago-grampus-56862-gas-device     A box, it carried a single passenger within it, and it also contained a gas in a separate compartment that could incapacitate the crew of the ship onto which it was loaded.

     It had an extension on its lid that attached to a tether cable to facilitate transport between two nearby spaceships.

Astonishing#52) - Claiming to have a sick person in need of transport, Yago's crew convinced the crew of the Sparrow to transport the sick person.

     The two ships flew abreast, and a tether line was extended between them, upon which a small carrier allegedly containing the passenger was transferred; however, Yago was within the transport box.

(Astonishing#52 - BTS) - Presumably suspecting treachery, Reg Carlton donned a space suit and hid out in a room with the other space suits.

(Astonishing#52) - One the carrier device was aboard the Sparrow, it released its gas, incapacitating the entire crew (but sparing Carlton)


Note: The device was only shown in action and not identified...I'm not happy with the name I picked, but it is both a gas weapon and a transport device...

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Astonishing#52, pg. 2, panel 5 (Scorpion ship using line/tether to transport device to Sparrow ship in Grampus star system);
          panel 6 (gas-transport-device);
          panel 7 (Yago's crew boarding Sparrow via tether);
       pg. 3, panel 1 (Yago's crew searching Sparrow);
          panel 6 (Carlton projecting image of Yago);
       pg. 4,
panel 5 (Yago upper);
          panel 6 (Yago head & neck);

Astonishing#52 (August, 1956) - Carl Wessler (writer), Lou Morales (artist)

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