Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/ClassDemon (possible transformed human)

Occupation: Agent of "Hades"

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Attila the Hun, "Devil" (see comments), Adolf Hitler

Enemies: Destroyer (Roger Aubrey)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: "Hades" (a Hell-realm associated with the "Devil" in this story)

First Appearance: All-Winners Comics#8/5 (Spring 1943)

Powers/Abilities: Madam Satan presumably possesses supernatural abilities of some kind that remain a mystery. She can apparently travel from "Hades" to Earth and back through fire.

As a confidant of the "Devil" she was in a position to command others serving him and was apparently even allowed to send those with contractual obligations to the "Devil" to his realm immediately if they reneged on a deal or otherwise infuriated her.

She used a gas sprayer that released petrifying gas as a weapon.

Height: Unrevealed (5'6"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (130 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Reddish blonde

(All-Winners Comics#8/5) - <Spring 1943> Madam Satan sat at the "Devil's" side on his throne in "Hades" with her arm around his shoulder while he read a report on Hitler, whom he had put in charge of things. Hitler was messing up on the Russian front and the "Devil" got mad. Madam Satan, who had never liked Hitler since the first time she saw him, suggested replacing Hitler with Attila the Hun, who had been torturing other souls for the "Devil" for the last 1500 years. The "Devil" liked the idea and sent Madam Satan to relieve Attila of his duties and get him ready to return to Earth. Madam Satan suggested to tag along with Attila to supply the brain power in their operation to aid Hitler. Madam Satan and Attila soon left to visit Hitler in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria.

   Hitler was surprised to see Madam Satan visiting him and bowed before her. She introduced Hitler to Attila, who would serve as Hitler's new boss. Hitler didn't like that because he wanted to conquer the world by himself and only asked for a secret weapon, but Madam Satan reminded him that he had sold his soul to the "Devil" and was going to comply or else she would send him to "Hades" immediately. Madam Satan dragged Hitler around by the ear while telling him to take orders from Attila because otherwise he would soon be chased back to Berlin after his losses in Russia and Africa. Attila laughed at Hitler, who still insisted that they needed a secret weapon. Madam Satan asked Hitler to call in a few of his stooges and used a gas sprayer to release a gas on them, which turned them to stone. Hitler was ecstatic about this weapon he could use against his enemies in Russia, America and England. Moments later the Destroyer, who was watching the ongoing development through a window, attacked the evil trio. During the fight Madam Satan ordered Attila to use the gas against the Destroyer, who eventually couldn't hold his breath any longer and got petrified along with a few of Hitler's soldiers. Attila provoked Hitler to hit the Destroyer and Hitler hurt his hand on the petrified hero, which got a laugh out of Madam Satan and Attila. Attila then showed Hitler how the petrification process could be reversed with fire and demonstrated it on one of Hitler's stooges.

   Hitler used the Destroyer as an ornament to decorate the table during a celebration, but after Hitler had left, the heat from a cigar dropped by one of his soldiers accidentally freed the Destroyer's legs and he walked to a fire to free himself from the petrification completely. Madam Satan found him wandering around and asked him to join their side, but the Destroyer didn't want to and she tried to turn him to stone again. The Destroyer punched the gas sprayer out of her hand before Attila attacked him only to be kicked into the fireplace. Attila disappeared in a cloud of smoke to return to "Hades" and Madam Satan panicked because she didn't want to be left alone and jumped into the fireplace to return to "Hades" as well.

Comments: Created by unidentified writer and Mort Leav.

This profile is the result of a discussion whether Black Widow was possibly the same as Madam Satan because one of Black Widow's aliases listed in her handbook profile was Madam Satan.

    In Marvel Year-in-Review#5 the article on the 1993 Annual characters, the third paragraph in the opening of the article mentions World War II as "the halcyon days of Madame Satan, the Fin and the Thunderer." "Madame" is spelled with an "e" on the end vs. Black Widow's OHotMU entry has her alias spelled as "Madam Satan," which matches the spelling of the Golden Age Destroyer foe.

    That reads to me like they thought they were referencing Black Widow but forgot what she was called. Regardless, in itself it doesn't state that Madame Satan (with or without the e) is Black Widow, only (at very best) hints it.

    For my money - yes, the Timely Madam Satan serves Satan, just like Black Widow, but she dresses differently, acts differently, seems to have a much less master and servant relationship with Satan than Black Widow does, and obviously a different codename. Satan presumably has more than one person who have been inducted into his service, so I'd personally lean towards them being different people unless evidence arises to suggest otherwise.

    The article mentioned above was written by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich.
   According to Tom B. himself when questioned about this, this was not even meant as a reference to this Madam Satan though: This was definitely Mike and I making an error and remembering Madame Satan as a Timely character rather than an MLJ character. So it wasn't intended as a reference to the Black Widow of the 1940s at all.

    The MLJ Comics (later Archie Comics) character named Madam Satan first appeared in Pep Comics#16 (June, 1941). Her feature in Pep Comnics was canceled to make room for a new character named Archie Andrews, who I think became pretty important for the publisher. Madam Satan wasn't completely forgotten though and a later iteration of the character is still used today in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in comics and even the small screen on Netflix.

    The real world explanation is as Tom B explained above. In the Marvel Universe, it is possible that Madam Satan and Black Widow (Claire Voyant) were confused with each other by some people due to the similarities Loki noted above.

    Hades is not only the Greek name, but also the realm of the Olympian god of the dead Pluto. It seems completely out of character for him to pose as a Devil-like entity in a rather Hellish-looking realm.

    Mephisto's scam on the Nazis (see Thule) and the fact he had a consort makes him the Satan in the Destroyer story.
--Gammatotem (John Holstein)
   I am not sure, but maybe.--Markus Raymond

    Destroyer's handbook profile lists Roger Aubrey as Madam Satan's enemy in her only appearance.

    Michael J. Vassallo credited Mort Leav as the story's artist. In Doc V we trust!

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Madam Satan has definitely no connection to:

And has no known connection to:

gas sprayer & petrifying gas

The gas sprayer and the petrifying gas were brought to Earth by Madam Satan from Hades. She demonstrated it to Hitler on two of his stooges and later had Attila the Hun use it against the Destroyer to turn the hero to stone. The Destroyer ultimately destroyed the gas sprayer after taking it from Madam Satan during a fight.

The gas released from the gas sprayer could turn people that breathed it in to stone. The process could easily be reversed by exposing the person to fire by either holding match under the person's nose to reverse the effect completely immediately or partially by exposing parts of the body to the heat of fire like in Destroyer's case when only his legs turned to flesh again after a burning cigar hit his foot.

Victims of the gas apparently remained conscious while in the petrified state, but where otherwise rendered completely immobile.

--All-Winners Comics#8/5

images (without ads)
All-Winners Comics#8, p42, pan4 (main)
All-Winners Comics#8, p40, pan5 (head shot)
All-Winners Comics#8, p48, pan3 (gas sprayer)
All-Winners Comics#8, p43, pan5 (petrifying gas)

All-Winners Comics#8/5 (Spring 1943) - Unidentified writer, Mort Leav (pencils), Stan Lee (editor)

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