Real Name: Roger Aubrey

Identity/Class: Human mutate (British) (World War I era to modern era)

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former V-Battalion leader, retiree, freedom fighter, marine;
    briefly posed as a reporter

Group Membership: Invaders (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, Dryad/Peggy Carter, Nick Fury, Jr., the Redacted), Radio Company (Captain America/Steve Rogers, John Koroki, Pam);
    formerly the V-Battalion (The Angel/Thomas Halloway, Betty Barstow, Citizen V/Dallas Riordan, Citizen V/John Watkins III, Fred Davis, Eamonn, Guy Fontreaux, Golden Woman/Gwenny Lou Sabuki, Goldfire/Ameiko Sabuki, Iron Cross/Helmut Gruler, Irene Martinez, Isadora Martinez, David Mitchell, Nuklo/Robert Frank, Jr., Piers, "Reb" Ralston, Riordan, Dr. Sam Sabuki, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Topspin/Darren Mitchell, Vradec, Miles Warbeck/Miles Warton, Whizzer/Robert Frank, Sr., others);
the Invaders (Bucky/James Barnes, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Human Torch/"Jim Hammond," Namor the Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Toro/Thomas Raymond, Union Jack/Brian Falsworth (honorary member)); the Crusaders (Captain Wings/Roger Dicken, Ghost Girl/Wendy Hunt, the Spirit of '76/William Nasland, Thunderfist/Patrick Mason, Tommy Lightning/Thomas Lovejoy), the Royal Marines

Affiliations: Atlanteans, the Black Marvel (Dan Lyons), Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Widow (Claire Voyant), Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), Blazing Skull (Mark Todd), Blue Diamond (Elton Morrow), the Captain of the Railways (Aaron Fischer), Captain America (William Nasland), Captain Terror (Dan Kane), Captain Wonder (Steve Jordan), Commander Hawley, Commcast (Gareb Bashur), Dr. Valerie Cooper, Lord Cedric Crichton, Mr. Crosswell, the Crusaders, the Defender (Don Stevens), Gloria Delacroix, the Dynamic Man, Electro (robot), Lady Jane Falsworth; Montgomery, Lord Falsworth; the Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Father Time (Larry Scott), the Fiery Mask (Jack Castle), Louis Frankel, the French underground (Monsieur Farrotte, Monsieur Lamonte, Rouen, others), Emma Frost, Golden Girl (Betsy Ross Mace), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Tom Hoffman, Hotchkins (butler), the Howling Commandos (Izzy Cohen, "Dum-Dum" Dugan, Nick Fury, Sr., Eric Koenig, Dino Manelli, "Reb" Ralston, others), the Human Torch ("Jim Hammond"), the Invaders, Jack Frost, Rick Jones, Justice (Vance Astrovik), Killraven (Jonathan Raven of Earth-691), King George VI, the Laughing Mask (Dennis Burton), Jeff Mace, Major Whalen, MI13 (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Gloriana/Meggan Braddock, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Union Jack/Joey Chapman), Miss America (Madeline Joyce), Miss Fury (Marla Drake), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), Nigel, Night Raven, Nia Noble, Peter Noble, Oskar, the Phantom Reporter (Richard Jones), Red Raven, the Redeemers (Beetle/Leila Davis, Citizen V/John Watkins III, Fixer/Norbert Ebersol, Meteorite/Valerie Barnhardt, Scream, Smuggler/Conrad Josten), Nathaniel Richards, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Howard Stark, Tony Stark, Andrea Sterman, Storm (Ororo Munroe), Tara (Invader-1), Thin Man (Bruce Dickson), Thunderbolts (Atlas/Erik Josten, Charcoal/Charlie Burlingame, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Mach-3/Abner Jenkins, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Songbird/Melissa Gold), the Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs), Toro (Thomas Raymond), Union Jack (Brian Falsworth), USAgent (John Walker), the V-Battalion, Vision (Aarkus), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), the Watcher (Uatu), the Wild Pack, Sam Wilson, the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Wolverine (James Howlett), Yellowjacket (Criti Noll), the Young Avengers (Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Hulkling/Dorrek VIII, Patriot/Eli Bradley, Speed/Tommy Shephard, Vision/Jonas, Wiccan/Billy Kaplan), likely Destroyer ("Keen" Marlow) (see comments);
    formerly Alfie (William Leese)

Enemies: A.I.M. (M.O.D.O.K./George Tarleton, others), Alfie (William Leese), Attila the Hun, Attuma, the Automaturks (Iron Sultan, others), Baron Blood (John Falsworth), Baron Strucker (Wolfgang von Strucker), Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo), Baroness Blood (Lily Cromwell), the Collective Man (Han, Chang, Lin, Sun & Ho Tao-Yu, numerous others), the Everlasting (Aqhat, Marduk (Mesopotamian god), others), Fenris (Andrea & Andreas von Strucker), Flag-Smasher (Karl Morgenthau), Grausum, Graviton (Franklin Hall), Henry Peter Gyrich, Iron Cross (Oskar Mors), Madam Satan, Martians, Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer), Nazis (Capt. Brool, Carl, Col. Dietrich, Capt. Floo, Hermann Goering, Hans, Adolf Hitler, Capt. Krause, Schaeffer, Hauptmann Schmidt, Schnagel, Col. Schutter, Shmite, Storm (see comments), Gen. Von Hochstein, others), the Outer Circle (Love/Ana, Machine/Ika Agboje, Money/Etien Argent, Power/Wulf Fortunov, Revolution/Gavrilo Princip), the Quiet Man, the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Sandman (William Baker), the Sculpture, Skrulls, Arnim Zola

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (presumably deceased)

Aliases: "The British Lion," "the Champion of Democracy," "Der Zerstorer" (German name for Destroyer), Dyna-Mite, "Enemy of Tyranny & Dictatorship," "Friend," "Grampa," "Kid," "Little Man," "Keen Marlow" (misspelling of dual identity), Keene Marlow (see comments), "the Mighty Destroyer," "the Mighty Wallflower," "Mitey," "Polo Partner" (radio call name), "Pops," Radio Two, "Rog," "Sir," "Sugar," "the Valiant Commando from Within;"
    impersonated Carl

Base of Operations: England, UK;
    formerly the mobile Vanguard vehicle/base; Berlin, Germany; a boat docked on the River Thames, England

First Appearance: (as Destroyer) All-Winners Comics I#6 (September, 1942);
    (as Dyna-Mite) Invaders I#14 (March, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Due to his ingestion of a Super-Soldier Serum derivative, the Destroyer retained the strength and vitality of man half his age. The Serum also somewhat slowed his aging process, often appearing to be ten to twenty years younger than his actual age. In his prime, the Destroyer had peak human strength and agility, sufficient to catch a speeding train on foot and swing an adult man around like a human baseball bat.

    The Destroyer also had the ability to shrink down to height of twelve inches at will, retaining the strength of his full-sized self at tiny size, though he seldom used this ability and rarely even spoke of it.

    Roger Aubrey was an exceptional athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, especially in the martial art of ju-jitsu. He was also a skilled radio operator and decoder, excelling at puzzles. Aubrey was also very knowledgeable in engineering, having studied in the Royal Marines as a sapper (combat engineer).

    Aubrey was a capable disguise artist and actor, able to convince others he was who he claimed despite wearing disguises over his masked costume. He was also fluent in German and was an accomplished polo player.

    The Destroyer occasionally used conventional firearms such as Tommy guns in battle and he at least once carried a small emergency flashlight in his costume's pocket. During his decades as leader of the V-Battalion, Roger Aubrey had access to advanced technology including teleportation devices, advanced aircraft and other unspecified tech.

    In his later years, Aubrey's eyesight was not as strong as it once was and he had taken to wearing glasses when not in costume (see comments).

Height: 6'2" (variable); (originally) 5'4"; (as Dyna-Mite) 4"
Weight: 221 lbs. (variable); (originally) unrevealed (approximately 130 lbs.); (as Dyna-Mite) unrevealed (but less than 14 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White (originally blonde, possibly occasionally dyed brown - see comments)

(Invaders I#15 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Destroyer entry - BTS / Captain America X#750 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey was born in England in 1919, a British citizen, presumably in London specifically.

(Invaders I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey was raised in England as well.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#10 (fb) - BTS) - In the home Roger was raised in, fists were more commonly used than forgiveness, and he grew up ever never really feeling he was the son his father wanted, often being made well aware of his father's disdain. At age thirteen, Roger's father took him along their family land as his father collected rent money, either beating the tenants for lack of payments or Roger himself for asking why the tenants were being beaten. When Roger's favorite tenant, Mr. Crosswell, was threatened by Roger's father as a way of teaching Roger a lesson about excuses, Roger became angry at the unfairness of it all and leaped into the air, fearlessly punching his father and knocking him down Crosswell's stairs, horrifying the fearful Mr. Crosswell.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Destroyer entry - BTS) - Over the years, Aubrey never acquired a criminal record and he eventually went to college.

(Invaders I#19 (fb) / Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Roger was nicknamed "Dyna-Mite" (a pun on explosives) because of his explosive energy and short stature.

(Invaders I#19 (fb)) - Roger Aubrey became the dearest friend and sometimes polo competitor to Brian Falsworth, son of Montgomery, Lord Falsworth.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (fb) - BTS) - A photo was taken of Roger Aubrey and Brian Falsworth in suits.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Destroyer entry - BTS) - Roger ultimately left college, his degree unfinished. At some point, Roger Aubrey and Brian Falsworth became lovers.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey trained to be a sapper in the Royal Marines for a time. While he loved that line of work, Aubrey loved Brian more and did not further his training in the Marines.

(Invaders I#19 (fb)) - By 1938, when the policy of appeasing Adolf Hitler went into affect in Britain, Lord Falsworth grew angry and warned that something had to be done lest all of Europe fall under Hitler's rule, but Brian Falsworth argued that it was not their place to argue British policy, Roger siding with Brian on the matter. As the Falsworth family arguments grew fiercer, the pacifist Brian refused to live under his father's roof and left in anger, taking Roger with him. As they left, Lord Falsworth grumbled that while he respected Brian and Roger's youthful enthusiasm, they were as foolhardy British Prime Minister Chamberlain. Lady Falsworth reminded Montgomery that Brian and Roger were still just boys and would learn things in time. A short time later, propaganda photos surfaced showing Brian and Roger in Berlin meeting with Adolf Hitler in support of Britain's appeasement policies and Lord Falsworth, furious that his son was associating with Hitler, denounced Brian.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#9 (fb) - Four weeks later, Roger Aubrey and Brian Falsworth visited a German pub together and discussed their feelings for one another, touching hands but neither willing to say the words the other wanted to hear. Aubrey joked that Brian didn't want Aubrey to say it first, as he always hated being second place. As Brian finally admitted he loved Roger, German soldiers busted into the pub, gunning down innocent civilians and forcing Roger and Brian to escape the burning pub together.

(Invaders I#19 (fb) - After World War II officially broke out in 1939, Roger Aubrey and Brian Falsworth attempted to depart Germany entirely but they were not allowed to leave due to the German propaganda victory caused by Brian Falsworth's prior support of appeasement and their passports were torn up by the Gestapo chief. Brian attacked the chief in response and when Brian was arrested and sentenced to prison, Roger became violent as well and was sentenced to execution. As Roger was being arrested, Colonel Dietrich, a Nazi scientist working with Project Crusader, noted that Roger's short stature made him an ideal candidate for experiments the scientist had planned for the Project and Roger was released into Dietrich's custody. Roger was then shrunk down to size of only a few inches and brainwashed by Dietrich as part of Project Crusader's plot to assassinate Britain's King George VI.

(Invaders I#15 (fb) - BTS) - His memory of his past life erased over a period of years, Roger was told by Project Crusader's agent Alfie, who was posing as a British government agent, that he, alongside five other Project Crusader recruits, had wanted to enlist in World War II military service but could not. He was also told that he would be utilized in another fashion by his government liaison Alfie, who granted each of the recruits a superhuman ability of some sort and controlled their technologically-granted powers via a power cutoff belt.

(Invaders I#14 (fb) - BTS / Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1 (fb)) - Roger Aubrey officially joined Alfie's Crusaders group as Dyna-Mite, retaining his full human strength despite only being a few inches in size.

(Captain America X#750 (fb) - BTS) - During his time with the Crusaders, Dyna-Mite enjoyed seeing the holographic "ghost" images generated by his teammate Ghost Girl.

(Invaders I#14) - In England with the Crusaders circa 1942, Dyna-Mite accompanied the Crusaders into action against Hauptmann Schmidt and his Nazi agents.

(Invaders I#14 / Invaders I#15 (fb)) - Leaping from his teammate Spirit of '76's shoulder, Dyna-Mite punched one of the Nazi agents in the face as he introduced himself.

(Invaders I#14) - The Crusaders made quick work of the Nazi agents, and Dyna-Mite gloated that they exorcised the Nazi devils. Arriving at ground level shortly thereafter, the Invaders' Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner commended the Crusaders on their work, and Dyna-Mite and his teammates introduced themselves to the Invaders as well. When the Spirit of '76 mentioned not needing any superhuman powers other than his fists, Dyna-Mite reminded the Spirit about his bulletproof cloak, at which point the Spirit of '76 claimed he could've taken down the Nazi agents with or without the cloak. The Spirit then dragged the defeated Nazis off to the authorities, and Dyna-Mite bade the Invaders a hearty "cheerio!" as the Crusaders departed the scene. Once the Invaders had regrouped, they discussed Dyna-Mite and the other Crusaders. The following morning, Dyna-Mite and the Crusaders visited Buckingham Palace to meet with King George VI about potentially replacing the Invaders as His Majesty's guard of honor.

(Invaders I#14 / Invaders I#15 (fb)) - To test the Crusaders, King George VI allowed Dyna-Mite to act as his personal bodyguard and later that day, an anarchist assassin attempted to assassinate King George, only to be defeated by Dyna-Mite after the Invaders were incorrectly led into St. James Park by Alfie. Following the assassin's defeat, Dyna-Mite regrouped with the Crusaders and moments later, the Invaders arrived on the scene, having suspected they had been purposely misdirected.

(Invaders I#14) - At first thinking the Crusaders to be behind the attempted assassination when they saw Dyna-Mite standing over the defeated assassin, the Invaders quickly learned that Dyna-Mite had actually rescued King George VI, passing the test King George had set for the Crusaders. Moments after, it was officially announced that the Crusaders would serve as guard of honor for King George at the next day's coronation of the battleship H.M.S. Hornblower, an announcement that brought Alfie to devious laughter.

(Invaders I#15) - Meeting at their boat headquarters on the docks of the River Thames, Dyna-Mite and the other Crusaders discussed their lack of knowledge regarding the origins of their superhuman abilities, and the conversation was soon interrupted by the arrival of Alfie. When the Crusaders questioned why they still had to meet in secret and take orders from Alfie when they were now publicly known, Alfie responded by turning off Ghost Girl's powers using his belt and reminding the other Crusaders that they were essentially bound into his service at the risk of losing their superhuman powers. Keeping up his ruse of being a government agent, Alfie also exclaimed that the only thing that should matter to Dyna-Mite and his allies is that they would do anything for their king and country, reminding them of their value to the king over a full military regiment. When the Spirit of '76 argued that the Invaders were there should the Crusaders not be around to act as the honor guard for the king, Alfie presented the Crusaders with seemingly incriminating photos of the Invaders and suggested the Invaders were actually secret Nazi agents, further claiming that the Crusaders were created for that very reason. Upon hearing this, Dyna-Mite questioned what organization Alfie worked for and who had created the Crusaders, and Alfie responded by claiming he was not authorized to say. Alfie then attempted to prove himself by suggesting he would have given powers to Nazis instead of heroes if he were an enemy, at which point Dyna-Mite questioned whether Alfie could truly cancel his powers, considering that he had been at small size as long as he could remember. Challenging Dyna-Mite's questions, Alfie asked Dyna-Mite just how far back he could remember and Dyna-Mite paused, puzzled for a moment at his lack of memory, before proclaiming that he could only remember that he was born to battle the British Empire's foes and he would until the day he died. Alfie then suggested that was all Dyna-Mite needed to know until the war was over and departed, deliberately choosing his words to make the Crusaders think they were serving the British Navy.

    Still suspicious of Alfie, the tiny Dyna-Mite secretly hitched a ride in Alfie's coat pocket and witnessed Alfie subsequently reporting his mission to sabotage the Hornblower coronation with an explosive champagne bottle back to his Nazi masters. Announcing that Alfie had not fooled him the way he had the other Crusaders, Dyna-Mite prepared to take Alfie into custody but Alfie hit Dyna-Mite with his radio receiver, knocking him through a crack in the floor into the River Thames. Assuming Dyna-Mite was finished, Alfie went back to his cab and monologued to himself that he would tell the other Crusaders that Dyna-Mite had went on a secret mission alone. Unbeknownst to Alfie, Dyna-Mite minutes later pulled himself out of the river and leaped onto the rear stirrup of a passing lorry to hitch a ride to warn the Invaders of Alfie's planned treachery. The weakened Dyna-Mite soon arrived at the Invaders' headquarters and feebly knocked on the door. The butler Hotchkins answered and immediately summoned the Invaders, to whom Dyna-Mite informed of Alfie's plan to assassinate the King with the explosive champagne bottle. The Invaders immediately went into action to stop the coronation ceremony while Spitfire remained behind to nurse Dyna-Mite back to health. At the same time, as Captain Wings wondered to himself where Dyna-Mite was, the Crusaders guarded the King until the Invaders burst onto the scene and ultimately hurled the champagne bottle into the river, where it exploded harmlessly, exposing Alfie's assassination attempt and making the Crusaders realize they had been duped. King George VI thanked the Invaders for the rescue, and the Crusaders gave up their powers in shame at being tricked, with Captain Wings asking Captain America to give Dyna-Mite his regards when he next saw him. As the Invaders prepared to leave, Namor asked Captain America if he thought Dyna-Mite would regain his full size with the destruction of Alfie's power control belt.

(Invaders I#18 (fb) - BTS) - While the Invaders were out dealing with Alfie's assassination plot, Spitfire and Lord Falsworth decided to take Dyna-Mite into Berlin in hopes of restoring the memory of who he was prior to becoming Dyna-Mite.

(Invaders I#15) - Returning to their headquarters, the Invaders were informed by Hotchkins that Lord Falsworth and his daughter Spitfire had departed with Dyna-Mite, leaving behind a note that the Invaders were not follow them lest they be forced to battle them to the death.

(Invaders I#18) - Dyna-Mite accompanied Spitfire and Lord Falsworth in a captured Nazi plane over Berlin, remaining in Spitfire's gear bag as they parachuted into the outskirts of town, where they met with the Falsworths' old friend Oskar. A bit confused as they got into Oskar's car, Dyna-Mite was informed of the Falsworths' friendship with Oskar, but Dyna-Mite explained that his confusion laid in how the Falsworths kept calling him Roger yet he still had no memory of who he actually was prior to becoming Dyna-Mite. Spitfire politely explained that as the reason for their trip into Berlin, as Dyna-Mite could only learn who he was in Berlin, but the frustrated Dyna-Mite insisted he could still recall nothing at all.

(Invaders I#19) - From a small hideaway in Berlin, Dyna-Mite, Spitfire, Lord Falsworth and Oskar watched as Adolf Hitler paraded the recently captured Invaders through town, and the heroic Destroyer was seemingly blown up during a subsequent rescue attempt. When Spitfire remarked on what she would do if she were down in the streets alongside the Invaders, Dyna-Mite seconded her desire to help, but Lord Falsworth warned that they would have both been dead within seconds. Lord Falsworth then suggested they could perhaps yet do something to assist the Invaders and asked Oskar to see if his German underground allies could discover when the Invaders were set to be executed, noting how strange it was that they had come to Berlin to help jog Dyna-Mite's memories only to find the Invaders captured. Now recalling his full name of Roger Aubrey, Dyna-Mite suggested the Falsworths could now call him as such but admitted that he still couldn't recall anything else of his life prior to becoming Dyna-Mite. Knowing full well who Dyna-Mite really was, Lord Falsworth, in an effort to help restore more of Dyna-Mite's memories, recounted the story of Roger Aubrey and his son Brian's closeness, their leaving the Falsworth Manor together and meeting with Hitler, and Lady Falsworth's subsequent death in 1941. Dyna-Mite regretfully responded that while he did believe Lord Falsworth's story, he still did not truly recall who "Roger Aubrey" really was and Spitfire suggested they focus more on rescuing the Invaders instead of helping Dyna-Mite by finding Brian Falsworth. Oskar then interrupted and suggested they could do both at the same time since his information had Brian last seen seen as the Institute of Nazi Science, prompting Lord Falsworth to suggest they could pay the Institute a visit, both to see if they had managed to find a way to shrink a person down in size and rob them of their memory and to acquire weapons to use against the Nazis.

    Soon arriving at the Institute for Nazi Science, Dyna-Mite and his allies at first attempted to enter secretly but Spitfire rushed out of the car to battle the Nazi guards and Dyna-Mite leaped from her cloak to aid in the battle. Dyna-Mite then helped the Falsworths fight their way into the heart of the Institute, where they encountered a Nazi scientist that Dyna-Mite recognized as Col. Dietrich, the man who had shrunk him down in size. Dyna-Mite immediately attacked the scientist, demanding to know how to cure himself of his shrunken stature, and Spitfire quickly pulled Dyna-Mite off Dietrich before Dyna-Mite killed him and they were all left in the dark. In exchange for the Falsworths keeping Dyna-Mite away from him, Dietrich revealed how he had experimented on Roger Aubrey and brainwashed him for Project Crusader's assassination plot and when the Falsworths asked about Roger's friend Brian, Dietrich explained how Brian had recently escaped captivity to become the heroic Destroyer. Surprised to hear that Brian was the Destroyer, whom they had earlier seen seemingly blown up, Dyna-Mite and Falsworths momentarily grieved before Col. Dietrich opened a trap door beneath them. Once inside the hidden chamber, Dyna-Mite and the Falsworths were subjected to knockout gas. Spitfire was then taken to be executed alongside the other captured Invaders while Dyna-Mite, Oskar and Lord Falsworth were left to die in the trap door chamber.

(Invaders I#21 (fb) / Invaders I#34 (fb)) - Dyna-Mite, Lord Falsworth and Oskar were soon rescued by the Destroyer, who revealed that he had not been blown up in the earlier explosion, and he removed his mask to reveal himself as Brian Falsworth.

(Invaders I#21 (fb)) - Upon seeing Brian again, Dyna-Mite's full memory was restored and he expressed happiness at the family reunion between Brian and Lord Falsworth.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Upon first seeing Brian again, Aubrey was admittedly jealous of Brian's Destroyer codename, given his own codename of Dyna-Mite (see comments).

(Invaders I#21 (fb)) - Following the brief reunion, Lord Falsworth suggested they all go to the rescue of the Invaders and when Lord Falsworth mentioned his old Union Jack costume that he'd brought along just in case, Dyna-Mite witnessed Brian Falsworth assume the mantle of Union Jack from his father and rush off into battle to rescue the Invaders, all the while wishing he could accompany Brian. Lord Falsworth quickly reminded Dyna-Mite that they had their own parts to play in the rescue and when they arrived at an airstrip minutes later, Dyna-Mite was tasked with downing the Nazis so that Oskar and Lord Falsworth could utilize their uniforms as disguises.

(Invaders I#20) - After the escaping Adolf Hitler and Col. Dietrich boarded the Nazi bomber housing the disguised Oskar and Lord Falsworth with Captain America's shield in tow, Dyna-Mite made his way into the underside of Cap's shield and remained there as Hitler beat the shield and plotted his revenge against the Invaders.

(Invaders I#21) - Dyna-Mite remained on the underside of the shield, dealing with the vibrations of Hitler banging on it, and recalled how Brian had rescued Lord Falsworth, Oskar and himself. When Hitler grumbly asked if the pilots were in position to drop bombs on the Invaders, completely unaware that Lord Falsworth and Oskar had replaced the real pilots, Dyna-Mite made his move, leaping from Captain America's shield to punch out one of Hitler's guards. As the shocked Hitler watched, Dyna-Mite then jumped from the guard to Col. Dietrich. With Hitler's guards downed, Dyna-Mite prepared to go after Hitler himself but Hitler escaped the bomber via parachute. Lord Falsworth groaned about Hitler's escape and Dyna-Mite opted to celebrate their smaller victory until Lord Falsworth reminded him that the Invaders were still fighting on the ground below. The Nazis soon deduced that the bomber had been commandeered and Master Man leaped up towards the plane housing Dyna-Mite, Lord Falsworth and Oskar, only to be met with a bomb. The Invaders then made their way up to the plane, where they were met by the victorious cheers of Dyna-Mite. Dyna-Mite's demeanor soon went grim with worry that, while he had regained his memory, he might be stuck in diminutive size forever but Spitfire and the Invaders threatened the recovering Col. Dietrich into agreeing to restore Roger to his normal size. The bomber soon ran low on fuel but Lord Falsworth was able to safely land it in the English channel, where the Royal Navy rescued the heroes onboard.

(Invaders I#22) - The Invaders and their allies were picked up by the H.M.S. Forester and as they were boarding the ship, Dyna-Mite jumped up over a railing and surprised Lord Falsworth, who blurted out Dyna-Mite's real name. Feeling as if he had become somewhat of an unwilling costumed hero in the first place, Dyna-Mite suggested Lord Falsworth start calling him by his real name of Roger Aubrey all the time, as he didn't intend to go by an alter ego that needed guarding. Lord Falsworth agreed to do so and noted that Col. Dietrich was now being taken aboard the Forester and could hopefully restore Roger to normal. Roger then remained on Lord Falsworth's shoulder until the Forester reached port. Once docked, Roger accompanied the Invaders and their allies onto a hospital plane that was to take the injured Invader Toro for medical treatment.

(Invaders I#23) - As part of the process of ensuring he was restored to his full size, Roger Aubrey remained at Falsworth Manor to interrogate Col. Dietrich alongside Lord Falsworth and Oskar.

(Invaders I#26 (fb) - BTS) - Col. Dietrich successfully provided Roger Aubrey with an antidote that restored his normal stature.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#9 (fb) - BTS) - After being restored to his normal size, Roger Aubrey decided to combine his two loves (Brian and engineering) into a new mission statement.

(Invaders I#26) - Union Jack, Spitfire, Captain America, Namor and the Human Torch returned to Falsworth Manor and found Col. Dietrich still in the company of Lord Falsworth and Oskar. When Union Jack asked Lord Falsworth if Dietrich had cured Roger Aubrey of his diminutive stature, Roger appeared in Brian's Destroyer costume and suggested Union Jack ask him himself. The Invaders immediately noticed that Roger was at his normal height and Union Jack quickly questioned why Roger was in his old Destroyer uniform.

(Invaders I#26 / Invaders I#34 (fb)) - Roger replied that he wished to assume the mantle of the Destroyer with Brian Falsworth's permission now that his normal height had been restored and when Captain America asked if Roger wished to join the Invaders, Roger responded in the negative, instead wishing to fight the Nazis alone behind enemy lines in Germany.

(Invaders I#26) - Brian expressed pride in Roger's decision before the Invaders rushed off to catch a plane to California to check on their still-injured teammate Toro.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion#1 (fb)) - In his new identity of the Destroyer, Roger Aubrey replaced Brian Falsworth behind enemy lines and continued the work Brian had begun.

(The History of the Marvels#1 - BTS) - As the new Destroyer, Roger Aubrey led a double life as the seemingly fictitious reporter Keen Marlow in order to disguise his real activities as an agent behind enemy lines in Germany.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 - Destroyer entry - BTS) - Aubrey kept his new dual identity a secret.

(Thunderbolts I#47 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Roger Aubrey received a derivative version of the Super-Soldier Serum that granted him the vigor of a person half his age.

(Captain America X#750 (fb) - BTS) - Despite claiming to hate Captain America's speeches, suggesting Cap instead use his fists instead of his words against the Nazis, Roger Aubrey secretly loved poetry.

(Invaders I#34 (fb)) - During one of Roger's sabotage missions as the new Destroyer, he was overpowered by the superhumanly strong Master Man, who captured Roger and donned the Destroyer costume to discredit the hero.

(Invaders I#34) - Upon seeing several newspaper articles suggesting the Destroyer had gone bad, the Invaders and Lord Falsworth worried that perhaps Roger had been brainwashed once again. The discussion was interrupted when a radio report came in about the Destroyer seemingly bombing London Bridge. The Invaders rushed to the Bridge and when they spotted a German plane with the seeming Destroyer leaving the scene, Captain America, Union Jack and Spitfire flew after the plane while Namor and the Human Torch handled the rescue efforts at London Bridge. After the heroic trio followed the plane to the British Moors, Union Jack and Spitfire ventured closer to the "Destroyer"'s castle headquarters and soon learned that the "Destroyer" was actually a Nazi impersonator. Crashing into the castle, Union Jack engaged the impostor while Spitfire searched the castle for Roger Aubrey, whom she soon found in a dungeon prison cell. Upon hearing how Master Man had captured Roger and assumed his identity to discredit the hero, Spitfire freed Roger and the two made their way back to Union Jack, who had been knocked out by the unmasked Master Man. Following on the ground as Master Man leaped towards a departing German plane with Union Jack in tow, Spitfire and Roger subsequently witnessed Union Jack knock himself free of the Master Man's grip and fall towards the ground. As Spitfire created an updraft to slow Union Jack's fall using her superhuman speed abilities, Roger Aubrey ran up and caught Union Jack. Weary, Union Jack began to thank Roger for the save but a smiling Roger referenced their competitive relationship and remarked that they were tied once more. Spitfire interrupted their reminiscing to remind them that Master Man was getting away but Union Jack suggested they would never be able to catch him and Roger noted that he at least got the Destroyer costume back, which he planned to use to restore the good name of the Destroyer.

(Invaders I#34 / Citizen V & the V-Battalion#1 (fb) / Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Days later, once Captain America had picked up the heroic friends in Namor's flagship, Roger donned the Destroyer costume once more and proclaimed how great it was to be back in a costume. Captain America then reiterated his earlier offer of Invaders membership to the Destroyer, but Roger again declined, feeling he could fight the Nazis best alone on their own soil. He then remarked that if the Invaders had such a need for his own fighting methods, he would agree to join the Invaders on an honorary basis before excusing himself to begin his heroic solo work. Union Jack wished the Destroyer well as he departed.

(Marvels I#1) - In mid-1942, the Destroyer participated in an air attack on a German bunker alongside numerous other superheroes of the time, parachuting into the bunker with a gun.

(All-Winners Comics I#6/2) - In September, after Nazi scientist Professor Schultz and sculptor Lubitch destroyed themselves bringing life to a monstrous statue, the statue attacked a group of British soldiers on behalf of Adolf Hitler, and the Destroyer went into action against the Sculpture. The two fought fiercely until the moon waned and the creature fled. Unable to match the living statue's speed, the Destroyer pondered how it could be dealt with until one of the British soldiers called for help. Learning the man had a broken arm, the Destroyer also discovered that the man's group objective was the Nazi ammunition factory, la Tenet. As the Destroyer helped the British commando make his way to la Tenet in an effort to complete his mission, the statue located a Nazi base and was ordered by the Nazis to kill the Destroyer.

    When the Destroyer and the commando approached la Tenet, they were assaulted by five Nazi soldiers, but the Destroyer and the commando made quick work of three of them while the other two soldiers surrendered. The Destroyer then grabbed a satchel of bombs and had the commando hold the surrendered Nazis at bay while he made his way towards la Tenet to destroy it. Soon finding a lone Nazi sentry, the Destroyer snuck up and got the sentry in a sleeper hold, knocking him out and stealing his uniform to use as a disguise. Freely moving throughout the factory in disguise, the Destroyer planted a bomb in an artillery room before the other soldiers recognized him. The Destroyer immediately attempted to run for cover but was shot in the arm. Despite his injury, the Destroyer attempted to fend off his pursuers but he was eventually overcome by force of numbers and placed into a dungeon cell.

    The Nazis then sent the Sculpture into the cell to destroy the bound Destroyer but upon recognizing his opponent, the colossus again fled and during the distraction, the injured commando snuck into the cell and freed the Destroyer mere moments before dying from injuries suffered at the hands of the Sculpture. Confirming the commando's death, the Destroyer noted that he had died for a great cause and quickly made his way out of la Tenet before it exploded due to the bomb the Destroyer had earlier planted. Returning to London under the guise of American reporter Keene Marlow, Roger Aubrey broadcasted a BBC news report confirming not only the destruction of la Tenet but the explosion-caused immobility of the formerly living Sculpture, which "Marlow" suggested was a lasting a monument to the deceased British commando's fearlessness.

(All-Winners Comics I#7/5) - A couple of months later, before a group of Nazis including Colonel Schutter attacked Switzerland, they decided to take care of the Destroyer to keep him from interfering. To lure the Destroyer into their trap, the Nazis began spreading rumors that they planned to invade England and, while undercover behind enemy lines, the Destroyer soon overheard the rumor and decided to go to Brest to allow himself to be captured in an effort to learn more. Hitching a ride on speeding train to Brest, the Destroyer invaded the Nazis' stronghold and discovered their plans to actually invade Switzerland rather than England. Quickly realizing the rumor had been planted and that he had been led into a trap, the Destroyer stashed the Switzerland invasion plans in his belt seconds before Colonel Schutter and his men surrounded him and demanded the return of the invasion plans. Grabbing one of the soldiers, the Destroyer used him as a human baseball bat to knock the other soldiers out of his way, and he escaped outside. Sneaking into a building to avoid pursuing soldiers, the Destroyer read more of the invasion plans to learn that the Nazis planned to start their Swiss invasion at Sekingen.

    Deciding to go there to stop the invasion before it began, the Destroyer was soon met by the pursuing soldiers but he fought back, knocking the soldiers back long enough to duck around the corner. Finding himself facing more soldiers, the Destroyer used a fire escape ladder to swing over the soldiers then confiscated one of the Nazis' cars. Driving his way to a German airport, the Destroyer stole a plane and flew to the Swiss border, where he fired on some of the invading German soldiers. His ammunition spent, the Destroyer safely landed the plane in a snowy forest and made his way to an explosives shack to acquire explosives to use against the German tanks. While the Destroyer was carrying a box of explosives towards the tanks, Colonel Schutter confronted the hero one-on-one and the two fought furiously until the Destroyer defeated Schutter, tied him up and shoved him into a tank. With Schutter captive, the Destroyer then used the confiscated tank to attack the other tanks, but Schutter soon escaped his bounds and attacked once more. As the two fought inside the tank, the tank went careening down a hill and the other tanks pursued what they thought was a runaway tank. When the tanks neared the explosives shack, the Destroyer jumped out of the tank, leaving Schutter and the other tanks to crash into the explosives shack. Confident that the subsequent explosions had sufficiently halted Schutter's plans to invade Switzerland, the Destroyer ran off into the woods.

(All-Winners Comics I#8/5 (fb)) - Traveling to Berchtesgden, Germany towards the end of 1942 to observe Adolf Hitler, the Destroyer witnessed a meeting between Hitler, the demonic Madam Satan and her ally from history, Attila the Hun. From his vantage point up in a nearby tree, the Destroyer at first thought he was seeing things, but he decided to keep his eyes peeled in case they were all up to something. Upon witnessing Madam Satan turn some of Hitler's lackeys into stone with a gas emitted from her cigarette, the Destroyer realized the true danger of Madam Satan and jumped from the tree to climb the vines growing up the side of Hitler's estate. Busting through the window, the Destroyer announced himself by hurling Hitler across the room. Dodging a knife attack from Attila the Hun, the Destroyer retaliated by punching Attila and kicking Hitler in the rear. Madam Satan quickly ordered Attila to use the special gas against the Destroyer, who recognized the attack and held his breath as a trio of Hitler's guards arrived and were turned to stone. When Attila projected another dose of the gas via his cigarette, the Destroyer, running out of breath, punched Attila but ran out of air and inhaled, quickly turning the stone due to the gas.

    After Hitler confirmed that the Destroyer was indeed rigid as stone, Madam Satan tricked Hitler into punching the Destroyer to further confirm the transformation and Hitler did so, hurting his hand and prompting laughter from both Madam Satan and Attila. Grumbling at having been the butt of a joke, Hitler nonetheless opted to use the stone Destroyer as an ornament to boost the morale of his troops and later that night, Hitler displayed the stone Destroyer atop a dinner table as his men enjoyed a celebratory victory feast. As the party progressed, a drunken Nazi soldier passed out and his lit cigar rolled over to the foot of the stone Destroyer, the fire partially reviving him. Using his restored legs, the Destroyer ran into the room where Attila slept and fully revived himself by the fire, only to be spotted by Madam Satan. Madam Satan immediately tried to hit the Destroyer with a dose of the special gas again, but the Destroyer knocked the cigarette from her hands. Madam Satan responded by summoning Attila, and the Destroyer was knocked off-balance by Attila's violent attempt to kill him. Forced onto his back by a chokehold from Attila, the Destroyer ultimately kicked Attila into the fire and the Hun disappeared in a cloud of dark smoke, returning to the afterlife in Hades. A terrified Madam Satan followed suit and similarly disappeared as the Destroyer rounded up the arriving Nazi reinforcements. After stopping a machine gunner using Madam Satan's dropped cigarette, the Destroyer went after Hitler with the cigarette but he was stopped from transforming Hitler into stone by an Allied air raid outside. Noting the irony that Hitler's life was saved by his own enemies' attack, the Destroyer deduced that the heat of the attack likely restored the Nazis that had been transformed into stone, and he destroyed the gas-emitting cigarette, figuring it would be too dangerous in the wrong hands.

(All-Winners Comics I#8/5) - In March 1943, the Destroyer recounted the story of his mission against Madam Satan, Attila the Hun and Adolf Hitler, noting that perhaps the fates had willed for Hitler to escape that day. He then monologued that he would one day be present with millions at his side for Hitler's final reckoning, promising to himself that Hitler would not escape that attack.

(USA Comics I#8/2) - In early 1943, the Destroyer met with the French underground in occupied France, where he was tasked with helping captive rebels escape using a chemical that simulated death for twenty-four hours. Agreeing to help, the Destroyer stalked his way to the Gestapo headquarters and quickly took down a guard to assume his identity as a cover. Taking over guard duty from another guard, the Destroyer passed the death-simulating chemical to the captive Monsieurs Lamonte and Farrotte then walked away, only to find himself stalked by a suspicious Nazi guard. After punching out the guard, the Destroyer coerced the guard to subsequently help trap Nazi leader Captain Brool. The next evening, the Destroyer returned to secret French underground agent Rouen at the morgue to find Monsieurs Lamonte and Farrotte awaking from the death-simulating chemical. Once Lamonte and Farrotte had fully regained their composure, the Destroyer prepared to lead them from the morgue but found himself facing Captain Brool. At first making quick work of Brool and his agents, the Destroyer was eventually surrounded by Brool's agents but was rescued by Rouen and the French underground. While the Nazis were held captive outside, Rouen set explosives in the morgue and the Destroyer helped lead Rouen, Farrotte and Lamonte into the sewers alongside the captive Captain Brool, the subsequent explosion covering their escape. In the sewers, the Destroyer introduced Brool to their secret ally, the nazi guard he had earlier punched out, and the guard admitted the French were quite clever in their plot to trap Brool in the morgue. The guard was then tied up as well and before departing, the Destroyer asked the resistance fighters what they planned to do with the captive Nazis. Upon hearing the fighters remarks on possibly killing their captives, the Destroyer bid the French underground goodbye and suggested they let him know if they ever again needed help bringing back the dead.

(All-Winners Comics I#9/5 (fb) - BTS) - In his efforts to keep an eye on anyone in trouble, the Destroyer witnessed spy Gloria Delacroix and a fellow spy posing as her father attempting to escape Berlin, and he decided to secretly follow them to help cover their escape.

(All-Winners Comics I#9/5) - Hidden inside the hay of a horsedrawn cart, the Destroyer sent the driverless cart into the fray of a group of Nazis led by Capt. Krause, who were interrogating the stopped Gloria Delacroix and her "father." Emerging from the hay, the Destroyer mowed down several of the Nazis with a Tommy gun and freed Gloria and her father. As he ran out of bullets, the Destroyer realized Capt. Krause had taken Gloria hostage so he hurled his empty gun at Krause, hitting him and absconding with Gloria for her own safety. Ushering Gloria and her spy partner towards a nearby Nazi automobile, the Destroyer knocked out the driver, but Gloria's partner was shot by the recovering Krause. As he died, Gloria's partner handed the Destroyer important papers to give to Gloria. and the Destroyer did as requested, turning the papers over to Gloria before they fled in a confiscated Nazi car and leaving her deceased partner behind. During their travels, the Destroyer explained to Gloria how he had discovered their attempted escape and decided to follow them in an effort to help them escape Germany. They soon came upon a Nazi barricade, but the Destroyer plowed the car right through the barricade. The pair were then set upon by a German Luftwaffe plane housing Capt. Krause and his lackey, who hit the car's gas tank followed by its tires, forcing the car to roll over.

    After making sure Gloria stayed conscious following the car crash, the Destroyer opted to fake their deaths and when Krause and his soldier checked on them, the Destroyer revealed his ruse and kicked Krause into the mud. The Destroyer then lifted Krause up with his legs and tossed him into the crashed car. When Krause took Gloria hostage once more, Gloria kicked Krause in the shin, leaving him open for a punch from the Destroyer. Krause responded by hurling a wrench at the hero, but the Destroyer dodged and hit Krause in the stomach. Krause again hurled the wrench, this time hitting the Destroyer in the face, and the Destroyer retaliated by using the wrench to knock Krause out. The duo then decided to use Krause's plane to fly to England, taking the captive Krause with them for questioning. Upon arriving in England, the Destroyer dumped the unconscious Krause out of the plane with a parachute and suggested Gloria do the same to explain the situation to the authorities. The Destroyer then opted to fly back to Germany to continue his work there.

(USA Comics I#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - Upon learning that several of Hitler's generals were taking a train to a conference with Hitler, the Destroyer disguised himself as a Nazi gunner and plugged the other gunners' guns with wax so they would backfire if he were discovered.

(USA Comics I#9/2) - While still in disguise, the Destroyer rescued attempted bomber Louis Frankel from execution, and the two made their way to the top of the train, where the Destroyer revealed his ruse to Frankel. Devising a plan to stop the generals, the Destroyer and Frankel made their way to the front of the train, where the Destroyer helped Frankel into the front car of the train before uncoupling the rest of the train from the front car. Frankel then separated the front car from its engine as the Destroyer ventured into the slowing back cars to confront the Nazi generals inside. After knocking out one of the Nazi agents, the Destroyer was held at gunpoint by another but the gun backfired due to the previously-placed wax. Another guard soon pulled a Tommy gun on the Destroyer, but the hero was rescued by Frankel, who shot the guard and held the other guards at gunpoint. The Destroyer then picked up the dropped Tommy gun and ordered the Nazi generals to depart the train car as the front train car returned to pick up the passengers of the uncoupled back cars. Nazi soldiers emerged from the front car, and the Destroyer held them off with the Tommy gun until nightfall, at which point the Destroyer devised a plan to take care of the generals. Ordering the generals to run by firing the Tommy gun at them, the Destroyer and Frankel watched as the other Nazi soldiers gunned down their own generals, thinking they were the Destroyer and Frankel. The Destroyer then had Frankel uncouple the flat car from the rest of the train while he rounded up the remaining Nazi soldiers. The two then ventured into the engine car, surprising the conductor and engineer into fleeing. The Destroyer and Frankel then commandeered the engine car and rode it safety. Days later, the Destroyer and Frankel relaxed in an underground hideout and listened to the radio reports that the Nazi generals had died "heroically" under fire from a RAF plane. Knowing the truth behind the generals' deaths, Frankel laughed to the Destroyer that it must have been some RAF plane.

(Avengers/Invaders I#12) - The Destroyer was one of the numerous heroes and facsimiles of heroes summoned by Cosmic Cube-wielding soldier Paul Anselm in the winter of 1943 to aid in defeating the Red Skull. Despite Aubrey being summoned in his Destroyer identity, Anselm also used the Cube to create a facsimile of Aubrey in his Dyna-Mite identity to assist in the battle (see comments).

(Kid Komics I#4/2) - As bombs fell on Berlin in 1943, the Destroyer smiled and thought to himself how the city could not hold out much longer under that kind of fire. Soon noticing Hermann Goering emerge from a bunker to get into an automobile, the suspicious Destroyer hitched a ride on the back of the car to investigate what Goering was up to. When Goering stopped at the bunker of a Dr. Schmaltz, the Destroyer was spotted by a guard but the hero quickly took down the guard and made his way into the bomb-proof building. Secretly witnessing Goering and Schmaltz talking about some sort of device that would prevent Allied bombs from hitting Berlin, the Destroyer became determined to find out more about this device and he soon tackled an assistant, Carl, stealing his uniform and posing as him to get closer to Dr. Schmaltz.

    Returning to Dr. Schmaltz disguised as Carl, the Destroyer asked about the secret device, learning it was a force-field generator, and when Dr. Schmaltz realized the Destroyer was not Carl, the hero attempted to rough up Dr. Schmaltz for more information. Schmaltz surprisingly fought back, knocking the Destroyer aside and summoning guards. The Destroyer made quick work of the guards but Schmaltz threatened to activate the machine, sending a million volts into the hero. Reluctantly backing off, the Destroyer was taken captive and held until nightfall to bear witness to the activation of Dr. Schmaltz's machine. The machine was soon activated and as it created a force-field around Berlin that deflected Allied bombs back upon their planes, sparks from the machine set fire to the ropes binding the Destroyer. Enduring the pain and suspecting he might have burn scars from his experience, the Destroyer ultimately freed himself and tackled Dr. Schmaltz. Schmaltz summoned more guards, but the Destroyer dodged their gunfire to rush the force-field machine. Before he could take any action against the machine, however, the guard's bullets hit the machine, short-circuiting it and causing an explosion that killed Schmaltz. Feeling as if Schmaltz had met his fate, the Destroyer ventured back outside to see the Allied bombs hitting Berlin.

(All-Winners Comics I#11/5) - In December 1943, the Destroyer arrived outside Hitler's stronghold in Berchtesgarten, Bavaria and he began to plan on how to get inside. Soon noticing a Nazi patrol passing by, the Destroyer climbed a nearby tree and then pounced on a straggling patrolman, stealing his uniform to disguise himself. Making his way onto the property with the group of patrolmen, the Destroyer discarded his disguise once on the grounds and ventured into the stronghold, where he found several men acting as doubles for Hitler. Deciding to make a grand entrance, the Destroyer applied a fake mustache onto the outside of his mask and walked right into the group of Hitlers, claiming he was the one and only true Hitler and terrifying the doubles into fleeing. The doubles summoned guards but the Destroyer took down two of them with a hurled chair and soon cornered the Hitler doubles in a hallway. The Hitler doubles fired on the Destroyer but each missed due to fear causing their hands to shake.

    More guards soon arrived, but the Destroyer made quick work of them as well before opting to hide until the real Hitler returned. Venturing through a set of doors, the Destroyer found himself in Hitler's private office and when he noticed a light behind a set of curtains, the Destroyer pulled open the curtains to find a seriously ill and bedridden Adolf Hitler. Poking his head into another nearby door, the Destroyer overheard doctors discussing Hitler's apparently incurable condition. Realizing this was the true Hitler and the one set to arrive shortly was yet another double, the Destroyer considered killing the sick Hitler but opted to let fate handle that. Brazenly revealing his presence to the doctors, the Destroyer claimed that the cure for Hitler was to let the world live in peace, as Hitler's sickness was one of a guilty conscience. Leaving the doctors to ponder his suggestions, the Destroyer departed and stopped on a nearby hillside to ponder the situation himself, wondering if perhaps the man who had brought death to millions was now causing his own death.

(USA Comics I#11/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Destroyer met with British agent Tom Hoffman in his home in a small coastal town in Holland. Together, they worked on a secret plan to be implemented that night.

(USA Comics I#11/2) - When a townsperson entered the room to warn of approaching Nazi secret police, the Destroyer acknowledged his plan with Tom before departing through a secret outlet to the roof. As the Destroyer watched from the roof, three Nazi agents led by Schaeffer entered Tom's home and interrogated him on the Destroyer's whereabouts. Tom claimed the Destroyer had forced his way into the home for food under threat of death then escaped through the back when the Nazis arrived but Schaeffer nonetheless had Tom's home searched. Finding no sign of the Destroyer, Schaeffer and his men departed, at which point the Destroyer climbed down the drainage pipe. The Destroyer was quickly spotted by the Nazis, but the hero avoided their gunfire and escaped into the sewers.

    Schaeffer ordered guards to watch over the area, but the Destroyer ventured through the sewers and emerged near a small cottage some distance away. Upon emerging, the Destroyer used a small pocket flashlight to signal British commandos led by Commander Hawley off the coast of Holland. Traveling back through the sewers with Hawley and his men, the Destroyer led the commandos in an attack on a German radio propaganda tower. When a slew of Nazi soldiers attacked in retaliation, the Destroyer and the commandos attempted to retreat back into the sewers but a German grenade sealed the sewer entrance, trapping them in a firefight. Forced to fight back, the Destroyer had the commandos create a shield of protection around him with their equipment, and he got close enough to shoot down a German motorcycle soldier. He then stole the soldier's motorcycles and drove off to recruit reinforcements from the Royal Marines. Returning a short time later with Royal Marines and a tank, the Destroyer led the Marines in a tank attack on the Nazi soldiers with the Destroyer himself mowing several down with the stolen motorcycle. With the soldiers defeated and the radio tower destroyed, the Destroyer, the Marines and the commandos all rode back to safety aboard the tank. With the commandos' mission completed, the Destroyer suggested they move on out before Nazi reinforcements arrived while he decided to stay and continue the fight against Hitler.

(All-Winners Comics I#12/5 (fb) - BTS) - The Destroyer was contacted by the French underground and told to meet a secret British commando on the coast of France.

(All-Winners Comics I#12/5) - Arriving on the French coast, the Destroyer was met by British commando Major Whalen, who presented the Destroyer with plans for a second front of attack on the Axis powers. Whalen then ordered the Destroyer to deliver the plans back to the French underground and whispered a secret mission in the hero's ear before the Destroyer departed, promising not to fail the Major. The Destroyer was quickly spotted by a Nazi guard, but the hero easily downed him, unaware that the guard remained conscious enough to overhear that the Destroyer was carrying the plans for the second front. Soon finding himself pursued by more guards led by a man named Schnagel, the Destroyer distracted one of the guards by tossing a hat at him and then stole the guard's car to continue on his way. Deliberately leaving a trail for the Nazis to follow, the Destroyer made his way to a French underground safehouse and delivered the plans, knowing the guards would be right behind him. When the Nazis arrived as expected, the French underground fought back, and the Destroyer allowed himself to be captured and the plans to be taken by Schnagel. Learning from the Destroyer's plans of a proposed second front at Chappelle, Schnagel ordered his men from the coast to Chappelle, allowing the Destroyer to witness the second front invasion get smashed by the relocated Nazi soldiers. When no second front appeared at Chappelle and an Allied beachhead occurred along the coast instead, Schnagel was informed of the new beachhead and he immediately went to the Destroyer, only to find that the Destroyer had escaped with a note left behind explaining how the entire second front plans mission was staged to distract the Germans away from the Allied powers' true intended beachhead location along the coast.

(Kid Komics I#5/2) - Witnessing a single German tank pulling a slew of others in 1944, the puzzled Destroyer leaped onto one of the tanks to investigate, only to discover it was made of cardboard. Riding the fake tank to its destination, the Destroyer poked his head out to look around and found the German Gen. Von Hochstein and his men. Despite the Destroyer's fighting back, Von Hochstein ordered his men to get the fake tanks into position and suspected the Nazis wanted the Allied to attack the fake tanks for a reason. Following the fake tanks into the nearby fields, the Destroyer confronted one of the soldiers and forced him to explain how the fake tanks would lure Allied attacks to a location near a dam which would be destroyed to flood the Allies. When Allied planes began bombing the area, the soldier was killed, and the Destroyer rushed to the top of the dam, where he found more Nazi soldiers planting explosives. The Destroyer made quick work of the Nazis and sent a message back to Allied leaders not to waste time engaging the fake German forces at the dam, instead suggesting the Allied attacks go more north. Having successfully informed the Allied leaders of the attack to the north, the Destroyer stood atop the dam and waved victoriously to the remaining Allied soldiers below. He then announced his plans to return to Berlin, wishing to be there when the Allied powers marched into the city.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#156/2) - During a night in which he planned for stealth and subtle sabotage, the Destroyer was surprised by a sudden light and the sound of anti-aircraft guns firing on a British bomber. Determined to stop the Germans from firing on the bomber, the Destroyer tossed a Nazi soldier into the spotlight, drawing the attention of more Nazi guards. Laughing as the guards pointed a second spotlight on him, the Destroyer acrobatically dodged their gunfire and drew even more attention to himself. As the bomber neared, they noticed that the Nazi spotlights were all directed at the British bomber's target thanks to the Destroyer purposely drawing the spotlights' attention to his movements. When the bomber dropped its payload onto the target, the Destroyer quickly moved away from the target to avoid getting blown up. Narrowly avoiding the explosions, the Destroyer was knocked from a rooftop but caught a Nazi flag during the fall, using it as a makeshift parachute to land safely. Once back on the ground, the Destroyer saluted the bomber with a "V for victory" sign and commended the pilots on a good job before running off into the night.

(Kid Komics I#6/2 (fb) - BTS) - The Destroyer arranged to meet with a German forced labor worker to learn information about a secret weapon the Nazis were building to stop Allied planes.

(Kid Komics I#6/2) - That night, as the labor worker made his way to his meeting with the Destroyer, he was stopped by two Nazi soldiers who demanded to know what business he had being out that late. Having been waiting on the worker, the Destroyer ventured out of the shadows and wrangled the Nazi soldiers, announcing that the worker had business with him. He then easily took down the two soldiers but when more arrived on the scene, the Destroyer suggested they leave, and the worker led the hero to the slave workers' quarters, where the workers could provide all of the information the Destroyer needed on the Nazis' secret weapon. Subsequently learning from the workers that the secret weapon was a gigantic magnetic intended to pull planes into the line of German fire, the Destroyer decided to infiltrate the workers' factory in disguise to destroy the magnet.

    Soon after, the Nazis learned of the Destroyer's presence near the factory and, deducing that the hero might be hiding out in the workers' quarters, they torched the quarters to draw the hero out. Unfortunately for the Nazis, the Destroyer and the workers had gotten to safety in a hidden tunnel dug by the workers in the case of an emergency. From there, the Destroyer donned some of the workers' clothes to disguise himself as one of them and entered the factory unhalted by the guards. Once inside, the Destroyer regrouped with the workers and revealed his plan to have the workers purposely spill small amounts of gunpowder during their work on the magnet so that he could subsequently set the powder off. The workers immediately got to work scattering gunpowder and the Destroyer helped gather crates of dynamite to surround the magnet. Moments after the Destroyer lit the gunpowder, however, the workers were discovered by the guards, and the Destroyer revealed his ruse, engaging the guards. The Destroyer easily took down the two guards and then led the workers in fighting their way out of the factory mere moments before the factory exploded, destroying the magnet in the process. A short time after, the Destroyer said his goodbyes to the freed workers, promising that he would be back with 100,000,000 others just like himself. He then asked the workers to keep up their good work.

(Marvel's Voices: Pride I#1 (fb)) - At some point, Roger Aubrey went into action as the Destroyer, fighting side-by-side with Brian Falsworth as Union Jack.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (fb) - BTS) - A photo was taken of the Destroyer fighting alongside Union Jack.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited I#9 (fb) - BTS) - The Destroyer had spent so much time based in Germany that rumors began to spread that he had defected to join the Nazis.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited I#9) - Following an attack by the armored German Iron Cross (Oskar Mors) at the Club Copa in January 1945, Union Jack and the American hero Blazing Skull opted to track the Iron Cross to the town of Schreckstadt, and Union Jack radioed Roger Aubrey for assistance. Informing the Destroyer of Iron Cross' impending arrival in Schreckstadt, Union Jack asked if the Destroyer could engage the armored Nazi until the Blazing Skull could arrive. Flying the Blazing Skull to Schreckstadt in his Infiltrator airship, Union Jack informed the Skull that he would be working with the Destroyer, whom the Blazing Skull had heard defected to the Nazis. Union Jack assured the Skull that the rumors of the Destroyer becoming a Nazi were untrue before dropping the Skull off at the rendezvous point. Already waiting for the Blazing Skull, the Destroyer greeted the Skull by berating the hero for arriving with a flaming head. When German soldiers arrived on the scene, the Destroyer attacked the Blazing Skull and tied him up for the Germans. He then accompanied the soldiers back to the Iron Cross and presented the bound Blazing Skull to them, playing up rumors that he had joined the Nazis. As the Iron Cross gloated about his plan to use V3s to hit strategic targets, the Destroyer snuck away and began hacking into the V3s, only to be caught and turned over to the Iron Cross as well. Before the Iron Cross could deal with the Destroyer, the hero claimed he would prove his loyalty to the Nazis and grabbed a flamethrower. Secretly knowing the Blazing Skull was impervious to fire, the Destroyer used the flamethrower on the Skull. Completely unfazed by the flames, the Blazing Skull then aided the Destroyer, who turned the flamethrower against the Nazis, by gathering evidence of the V3s. The two heroes then made their way to a motorcycle the Destroyer had arranged for their escape and along the way, the Destroyer apologized for earlier roughing the Skull up, explaining that it was the only way to get the Blazing Skull inside Iron Cross' base, as he manned the motorcycle's machine gun. As they drove off, the Blazing Skull placed a V3 target transmitter onto the Iron Cross' chest to draw one of the launched V3s to the Iron Cross, where it exploded.

(The Twelve: Spearhead#1) - On April 11, 1945, the Destroyer was present near the Blazing Skull at a military command center as various superheroes prepared for an attack on Berlin, Germany. While there, he witnessed the arrival of the Phantom Reporter and the Howling Commandos.

(The Twelve I#1) - A few days later, on April 25, 1945, the Destroyer joined numerous other superheroes in the massive attack on Berlin. During the attack, the Destroyer ran through the battlefield punching out several Nazi agents, clearing the way for some of the superhumanly strong heroes to overturn tanks and take down larger swaths of Nazi soldiers (see comments).

(Sub-Mariner: Marvels Snapshots#1 (fb) - BTS) - During the attack on Berlin, a photo was taken of the Destroyer and the numerous other heroes storming Berlin. Later that same day, the photo was used on the front page of the Daily Globe newspaper in an article titled "America's 'Marvels' Invade Berlin," written by Betty Dean.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1 (fb)) - Following the end of the war, Roger Aubrey returned home to England emotionally scarred from having witnessed the horrors of World War II firsthand in the concentration camps and destruction in Russia and Poland.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (fb) - BTS) - Having experienced horrors behind enemy lines during World War II, Roger Aubrey gained a soft spot for the country of Israel.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1 (fb)) - The Destroyer soon began working with Union Jack and Spitfire to rebuild London.

(Sub-Mariner: Marvels Snapshot#1 (fb) - BTS) - By Spring 1946, Betty Dean had framed the newspaper article showing the Destroyer and America's other superheroes invading Berlin.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1 (fb)) - In early 1948, the Destroyer, Union Jack and Spitfire worked with Symkaria's Wild Pack organization to hunt down escaped Nazi war criminals such as the Red Skull.

(History of the Marvel Universe II#2) - While working with Union Jack and Spitfire to hunt down Nazi war criminals, the Destroyer battled the vampire Baron Blood.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1 (fb)) - Following a meeting with the American All-Winners Squad group in late 1948 alongside the vigilante Angel, Roger Aubrey decided to form an international superhuman fighting force of his own.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#3 (fb) - BTS) - A short time later, Aubrey allied with Betty Barstow, recently known as the heroic Silver Scorpion, while working to form his international organization.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#7 (fb) - BTS) - In the winter of 1949, Roger Aubrey was involved in a mission in Mykonos, Greece alongside Peggy Carter in which a group called the Automaturks attempted to go after the Caduceus Staff. During the mission, Aubrey and Carter learned that the Automaturks' apparent leader, the Iron Sultan, had been reprogrammed by the true mastermind, Nazi geneticist Arnim Zola.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1 (fb) / History of the Marvel Universe II#2 (fb) - BTS) -  By 1951, Roger Aubrey had formed his international fighting force into a reactivated version of the V-Battalion, an organization whose original incarnation was formed during World War II by the heroic Citizen V (John Watkins, Sr.). With the reactivated V-Battalion, Aubrey helped battle would-be villains in secret.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#2 (fb)) - Shortly after the reactivation of the V-Battalion, the Destroyer, the Angel and Union Jack attempted to recruit Namor the Sub-Mariner into the organization but Namor declined, not fully trusting Roger Aubrey.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Roger Aubrey made very extensive V-Battalion files including an entry on the android Human Torch's past murder of Adolf Hitler.

(Citizen V & the V- Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (fb) - BTS) - In 1953, Roger Aubrey sent Citizen V (Paulette Brazee) on a mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina and shortly after, Aubrey and Brian Falsworth were involved in a car crash. Brian died in Aubrey's arms from injuries suffered in the crash and Aubrey barely survived with a head injury and having to use crutches for mobility.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (fb)) - A still very injured Roger Aubrey attended the funeral of Brian Falsworth alongside the Falsworth family, the V-Battalion and numerous heroes Brian had fought alongside as Union Jack. During the service, Aubrey apologized to Montgomery,
Lord Falsworth, feeling as if he should have done more to save Brian. Lord Falsworth informed Aubrey that he was lucky to have survived the crash himself and admitted that he knew how much Brian's death was hurting Aubrey since the two were such "good friends." Muttering to himself how Lord Falsworth had no idea how close the two were, Roger Aubrey whispered his thoughts that Brian should have died in battle and apologized at Brian's grave that he hadn't, recalling Brian in action as Union Jack. The V-Battalion's Thomas Halloway (formerly the Angel) then confronted Aubrey and asked if Lord Falsworth said anything about continuing to help fund the V-Battalion, to which Aubrey replied that he felt it would have been inappropriate to ask Lord Falsworth a question like that when his son had just died. Helmut Gruler then asked if Spitfire would be staying with the V-Battalion, and Aubrey admitted he didn't know, suggesting they instead let her find some solace in the arms of her beau Lord Crichton. Halloway then exclaimed that, without Lord Falsworth's funding and political clout, the V-Battalion would be finished and Aubrey responded by nearly blurting out in anger how he'd just lost his lover but he quickly covered his words, instead commenting how he'd just saw his friend die in his arms. Grabbing Halloway's wrist, Aubrey insisted he was not finished but rather, just tired, and he explained that Union Jack's death would definitely change things with the V-Battalion, having reinforced the fleeting nature of all of their lives. Aubrey then hobbled off on his crutches, claiming that the time had come to start thinking about the future and leaving Gruler and Halloway to discuss his outburst and what it meant for the future of the V-Battalion.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 3 - Destroyer (Marlow / Aubrey) entry - BTS) - Montgomery, Lord Falsworth never approved of Aubrey's relationship with his son Brian (see comments).

(New Invaders I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey intended to honor the now-deceased Brian by succeeding him as Union Jack but the still-disapproving Lord Falsworth instead suggested Aubrey choose a different identity that he was "better suited" for.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 3 - Destroyer (Marlow / Aubrey) entry - BTS) - Lord Falsworth ultimately refused to allow Roger Aubrey to become the new Union Jack.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Brian Falsworth left a large sum of money to Roger Aubrey in his will, effectively making Aubrey incredibly rich.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (fb)) -  A short time later, after Citizen V brought the V-Battalion a strange bow belonging to the assassin Aqhat, the V-Battalion spent two years studying it to learn about the energy arrows it fired. In 1955, Roger Aubrey turned the bow over to an Israeli museum since the bow and identity of Aqhat was based on Hebrew mythology.

(Agents of Atlas I#3 (fb) - BTS) - When the President was kidnapped in 1959, FBI agent Jimmy Woo gathered files on all superhumans who might be available to help rescue the President including the Destroyer and many other heroes of the time (see comments).

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#2 (fb)) - Some time later, the Destroyer and the V-Battalion uncovered a group of shapeshifting alien Skrulls, keeping their technology out of the wrong hands by killing the Skrulls.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#2 (fb)) - Pulled away from the construction of the V-Battalion's new headquarters circa 1971, John Watkins, Jr. was sent to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to enlist the help of psychic Amahl Farouk in determining what the Everlasting (a name that came up several times over the years as the V-Battalion investigated Aqhat's bow) was and during the meeting, Farouk read Watkins' mind, learning that Watkins' superior, Roger Aubrey, despised not being in control. Watkins laughed that Aubrey despised everything but especially not being in control and Farouk agreed to perform a telepathic search of the Everlasting for Watkins. Watkins then returned to Aubrey with a name discovered by Farouk, "Marduk," and Aubrey became annoyed that it was all Farouk was able to find out about the Everlasting. Assured that the name was all Farouk could get, Aubrey began questioning what "Marduk" meant and Watkins revealed that it was the name of an ancient Babylonian god. When Aubrey expressed a bit of worry, Watkins questioned him, and Aubrey admitted that Brian Falsworth's death had made him realize how time was fleeting. He then speculated that an organization calling itself the Everlasting could have immortality on its side and expressed that the V-Battalion may fail to solve the world's problems within the current generation.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#3 (fb)) - In 1981, Roger Aubrey traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to meet with renowned mythology expert Zoltan Nestor (completely unaware that Nestor was actually the ancient god Marduk himself), who showed Aubrey one of the helms of the Asgardian Heimdall. As Nestor explained the helm to Aubrey, Aubrey jokingly asked if Nestor had found the helmet in his mother's attic, prompting Nestor to joke back that Asgardians tended to leave their belongings everywhere. The two then got down to business and Aubrey showed a computer tablet image of the Sumerian deity Marduk. At first surprised at the technology Aubrey was utilizing to display such an image, Nestor asked why Aubrey was wanting to know more about Marduk, and Aubrey expressed suspicions that Marduk might have an unhealthy interest in the present day. Nestor followed up by asking if Aubrey simply didn't want gods ruling the people or if perhaps he himself wished to rule the gods and Aubrey shook hands with Nestor, remarking that perhaps it was a little of both. Aubrey then assured Nestor that his assistance would be for the betterment of mankind and Nestor replied that he was sure that was the case Aubrey then promised to be in touch again about Marduk.

    After Aubrey departed, Nestor revealed himself to be Marduk and met with his agents Aqhat and Papahanau-Moku (secretly Whiro posing as Papa) to discuss how much Aubrey truly knew about him and the Everlasting. Marduk / Nestor replied Aubrey knew just enough to warrant their concern but not enough to be a real threat to their plans. Papahanau-Moku then asked what they should do about Aubrey, suggesting killing him outright, but Marduk / Nestor suggested they instead derail Aubrey's interests by providing him "answers" that would lead Aubrey's search astray. He also noted to Papahanau-Moku and Aqhat that Aubrey's time would eventually pass like all beings of flesh, smiling and commenting that even if Aubrey did not pass, he had been touched by Marduk and belonged to him forevermore.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#2 (fb)) - The Destroyer and the V-Battalion later helped save the world from an otherdimensional attack and subsequently petitioned the cosmic Watcher to spare mankind for the scientific excesses of a few. The Watcher agreed and allowed the V-Battalion to depart with Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards.

(Thunderbolts I#42 (fb)) - Some years later, Aubrey, still active as the Destroyer, and the other V-Battalion members witnessed the heroic death of V-Battalion operative Mr. Riordan.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#2 (fb) - BTS) - As time passed, Roger Aubrey redesigned and updated his Destroyer costume. At some point, Aubrey founded the Holocaust Center in Dachau.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#2 (fb)) - The Destroyer and the V-Battalion gathered together to view the mutant-detecting Cerebro computer system, secretly helping to prevent the genocide of the entire mutant race. Not long after, having retired his identity of the Destroyer, Aubrey subtlely used his influence to ensure V-Battalion member Robert "Reb" Ralston's election as a United States senator.

(Thunderbolts I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Over the course of his previous fifty years, Roger Aubrey compromised many people and things including James Riordan and his daughter, Dallas, who suggested Aubrey had even compromised his own beliefs.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 3 - Destroyer (Marlow / Aubrey) entry - BTS) - Having worked behind-the-scenes for decades, Roger Aubrey and his allies built the V-Battalion into an extremely covert worldwide organization, essentially unknown to even to other superhuman champions.

(Captain America X#750 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in his life, Roger Aubrey twice saved the life of the heroic Wolverine, never letting Wolverine forget it.

(X-Men: The Chaos Engine, Book 3 - Red Skull (fb) - BTS) - During his high school years, young Leonard Mathias Jackson was taught a history lesson about the horrors of World War II and he seemed to relate more to the villains like the Red Skull, Baron Blood and Master Man while his fellow classmates were more interested in the costumed heroes like Captain America, Miss America, the Patriot, the Destroyer and others.

(Thunderbolts I#40 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey and the V-Battalion Penance Council made a vow that their Symkarian Masada Castle base would never be stained by bloodshed. In the modern era, the revived Captain America told his Avengers teammate Hawkeye many stories about the Destroyer.

(Thunderbolts I#49 (fb) - BTS) - After an unsanctioned Citizen V appeared on the scene with the Thunderbolts group, Roger Aubrey and the V-Battalion were supplied information on the Thunderbolts from secret V-Battalion operative Miles Warton, who had earlier been placed first in New York mayor's office and later the Commission on Superhuman Activities. Learning from Warton of a conspiracy within the CSA to destroy the Thunderbolts and confirming Warton's information when the CSA raided the castle of Baron (Helmut) Zemo, Aubrey and the V-Battalion opted to stop the conspiracy by secretly creating their own group of superhuman agents, dubbed the Redeemers, using the CSA's own materials.

(Thunderbolts I#42 (fb)) - When Dallas Riordan, granddaughter of former V-Battalion operative Mr. Riordan, was fired by the mayor, Roger Aubrey greeted her in a limousine as she left and offered Dallas her "grandfather's inheritance" in the form of a position within the V-Battalion and the mantle of Citizen V.

(Thunderbolts I#49 (fb) - BTS) - After learning the CSA's Henry Peter Gyrich was behind the conspiracy to kill the Thunderbolts as part of larger scheme to destroy all superhumans using Omega-32, Roger Aubrey and the V-Battalion sought to act quickly and decided to have their newest Citizen V (Dallas Riordan) assassinate Gyrich.

(Thunderbolts I#35) - Roger Aubrey and several members of the V-Battalion monitored a training session for their new Citizen V. When agents Eamonn, Piers and Vradec noted some of the collateral damage to the training mannequins, Citizen V remarked that, in war, innocent lives unfortunately often got killed. Roger responded in agreement but noted that innocents were not so cavalierly killed as Citizen V had just exhibited in her training session and he warned Citizen V to never lose sight of the fact that the V-Battalion's war was being fought to protect innocent lives and defend their rights. Remarking that why they fought was much more important than who, Roger then suggested Citizen V remember that when she was debriefed on her next mission. With that note, Roger had Eamonn present Citizen V with her next mission, one of assassination. A shocked Citizen V claimed she could not kill her assigned target but Roger commented that the V-Battalion had their reasons, reminding Citizen V of her orders. As he left, he warned that if Dallas could not fulfill her obligations as Citizen V, the V-Battalion would be forced to replace her.

(Thunderbolts I#49 (fb) - BTS) - When Citizen V refused to terminate Henry Peter Gyrich and defected from the V-Battalion, Aubrey and the rest of the V-Battalion's Penance Council felt forced to initiate their Redeemer program as a contingency program to stop Gyrich.

(Thunderbolts I#38 - BTS) - To protect the V-Battalion's secrecy, Roger Aubrey and the rest of the V-Battalion hunted Citizen V to Mt. Charteris, where the Thunderbolts became involved in the fight. As the battle progressed, Roger and the V-Battalion's Penance Council projected a hologram of themselves to the Thunderbolts, warning that the group was risking their lives unnecessarily since Citizen V was V-Battalion property and must perform as ordered or cede her mantle to someone else.

(Thunderbolts I#39 - BTS) - The holographic projection of Aubrey and the Penance Council remained in the air as Citizen V revealed herself to the Thunderbolts as their former ally Dallas Riordan. Aubrey's holographic projection then proclaimed that Dallas had performed as well as could be expected but that she must renounce her title or risk her family name becoming tarnished for her transgression. Suggesting that giving back the mantle of Citizen V would only allow the V-Battalion to sink further into a moral cesspool, Dallas commented that Citizen V's heritage should mean more to Roger, prompting Aubrey to warn against compromising the V-Battalion's secrecy. Dallas then argued that perhaps the V-Battalion needed their secrets compromised, remarking that Aubrey had compromised her father, herself and Aubrey's own beliefs over the past few decades. Before their feud could continue, however, the cowl of the Crimson Cowl appeared and enveloped Dallas, leaving Citizen V's mask behind and surprising both the Thunderbolts and Roger Aubrey.

(Thunderbolts I#40) - The holographic projections of Aubrey and the Penance Council remained and when Betty Barstow questioned what the Thunderbolts had done with Dallas Riordan, Hawkeye explained that they were just as surprised at Dallas' disappearance as the V-Battalion was. Aubrey admitted his respect for Hawkeye and his work with the Avengers, noting that they had tolerated Dallas' previous refusal to apprehend the Thunderbolts out of that same respect. He then announced that the V-Battalion had no further reason to fight the Thunderbolts and that the V-Battalion would depart without any further altercation. An angry Atlas instead attacked the V-Battalion ground soldiers, emotional at having reunited with then lost Dallas, and Aubrey ordered the evacuation of all injured V-Battalion personnel and a retreat from the scene, leaving the Thunderbolts to deal with the avalanche caused by Atlas' attack. Reappearing over the European nation of Symkaria, Roger Aubrey ordered the V-Battalion to reconvene at a later time for a damage report and personnel status update from their mission to Mt. Charteris, remarking that he wanted every nut, screw and guard accounted for.

    When the Thunderbolts' Mach-2 and his reluctant ally Sandman later tracked Mach-2's teammate Atlas to the Vanguard in Symkaria and attacked, Roger Aubrey announced the attack to the other Penance Council members, prompting Councilman Helmut Gruler to remark that the V-Battalion had no one to blame but themselves for the attack after their existence had been earlier revealed to the Thunderbolts. Aubrey admitted Gruler was right and suggested the Penance Council suit up and provide a hands-on solution to the problem for the first time in years. After suiting up, Roger Aubrey ordered the V-Battalion to stand down before confronting the Thunderbolts, who had regrouped with their teammates Mach-2 and Atlas. Announcing that it was the V-Battalion's fault that things had come to a fight, Aubrey, dressed in his Destroyer costume, apologized for unwisely starting the fight with the Thunderbolts but further announced that they were prepared to end it.

(Thunderbolts I#41) - Once more active as the Destroyer, Aubrey led the V-Battalion Penance Council in a fight against the Thunderbolts, warning that the Thunderbolts' actions jeopardized half a century's worth of carefully crafted V-Battalion isolation. During the battle, Hawkeye mentioned that he had been told a lot about the Destroyer from Captain America, sarcastically commenting that Aubrey must be at least two hundred years old. Correcting Hawkeye that he was a spry eighty, the Destroyer remarked on how it pained him to see how far Hawkeye had fallen from the example set by Captain America. Hawkeye soon became distracted by the injury of his ionic teammate Atlas, and the Destroyer asked if Hawkeye's attention always wandered before he became a team leader. Upon hearing that the escaping Sandman had been aiding the Thunderbolts, a surprised Destroyer questioned whether Sandman had joined the Thunderbolts, but Hawkeye assured the Destroyer that he had only allied with Sandman to find their way through Symkaria. The Destroyer then questioned Hawkeye's morality, asking whether the means mattered as long as the ends were satisfied, but the Thunderbolt Songbird accused the Destroyer of hypocrisy, given Dallas Riordan's claims that she had went rogue from V-Battalion because they had betrayed what they stood for. The fight was soon interrupted when the Thunderbolt Moonstone rendered everyone present intangible and flew off into space, prompting the Destroyer to comment that Moonstone's actions had the desired effect of halting the hostilities. He then admitted the two teams' fighting was unnecessary and tried to explain that the V-Battalion was simply trying to protect their privacy. Aubrey then quietly questioned where the escaped Sandman might go and Hawkeye revealed that Sandman had only agreed to aid the Thunderbolts in getting into Symkaria in order to go after Silver Sable. The two groups then reluctantly decided to work together to apprehend Sandman, with the Destroyer commending Hawkeye on his rousing speech that convinced the Thunderbolts to work with the V-Battalion. The Destroyer and the Penance Council then accompanied the Thunderbolts to Silver Sable, who provided the Destroyer with access codes that allowed them to get past her security to confront the Sandman, who was attacking Sable's Wild Pack team.

(Thunderbolts I#41 / Thunderbolts I#42 (fb)) - During the subsequent brief battle, the Destroyer dodged the Sandman's attacks, noting how surprisingly fast Sandman was.

(Thunderbolts I#41) - After Sandman was subdued, the Destroyer admitted he would rather have the Thunderbolts working with the V-Battalion instead of against them. Hawkeye agreed, and the Destroyer asked what the Thunderbolts would do with Sandman, to which Hawkeye answered he would be dropped off at Seagate Prison. At that point, Atlas snatched up Destroyer, who agreed to come clean about Dallas Riordan's connections with the V-Battalion.

(Thunderbolts I#42 (fb)) - Roger Aubrey and Penance Council member Betty Barstow informed Atlas of Dallas Riordan's past, explaining how she had become the newest Citizen V and how she had refused a direct order and defected from the V-Battalion.

(Thunderbolts I#41 - BTS) - Aubrey and the Penance Council then briefed Atlas on the situation with Dallas as the other Thunderbolts worked on figuring out where Moonstone had flown.

(Thunderbolts I#45 - BTS) - When John Watkins III awoke from a coma in London after five years, the nurse Lydia reported the occurrence to the V-Battalion, insisting that they inform Roger Aubrey.

(Thunderbolts I#46) - Lydia informed John Watkins III that he had visitors and then led Roger Aubrey and Betty Barstow into John's room, where Roger commented on how good it was to see John up and about. John responded by sarcastically asking if he heard real emotion in the two Penance Council members' voices, wondering aloud if he might mean more to Aubrey and Barstow than a return on the V-Battalion's long-term investment. Taking note of John's cynicism, Aubrey sarcastically replied that it was a pity John's sense of humor remained intact following his comatose state. Announcing to Aubrey that more than his sense of humor remained, John leaped from his bed and carved a giant "V" onto the wall, remarking that it was time to fully assume his responsibilities.

(Thunderbolts I#47) - Roger Aubrey was training at the V-Battalion's Castle Masada in his Destroyer costume when Betty Barstow entered the room. When the Destroyer warned Barstow that it was too dangerous for her to be in the room, Barstow ignored warnings and assured him that while she did not have a Super-Soldier Serum derivative in her veins like Aubrey did, she was still quick enough to hit an "off" button. She then hit a button on the training room's computers, accidentally hitting the button that increased the level of the training simulation to a lethal level. The Destroyer quickly dodged the incoming dangers and touched the "off" button with his toes, commenting to Barstow that while he had been wearing his Destroyer costume more often of late, he had no desire to play the role of superhero again. Barstow apologized, remarking that her memory wasn't as sharp as it once was, but Aubrey assured Barstow that she had solved many a mystery in her day and that whatever memory she had left was more than most had to begin with. Barstow thanked Aubrey for his chivalry before showing him footage from Burton Canyon, Colorado of the Scourge battling the Thunderbolts' Atlas. Upon seeing the footage, Aubrey noted that "the weapon" had been activated and the V-Battalion had been right to order the assassination. Barstow argued that Dallas Riordan had been correct in questioning the assassination orders but Aubrey argued that they had no other choice. He then suggested they contact V-Battalion spy Warbeck (Miles Warton) to accelerate their contingency plans. Communicating with Warbeck to ensure he was watching the feed from Colorado, Aubrey witnessed the Scourge utilize size-altering Pym Particles. Hours later, Warbeck met with John Watkins III to deliver a suit of Beetle armor and Watkins remarked that Aubrey had devised quite a gambit. When Watkins wondered if their upcoming target would appreciate the irony of the situation, Warbeck mentioned that the target was the most humorless man he knew, to which Watkins replied "next to Roger, of course."

(Thunderbolts I#49 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey set out to find writer Andrea Sterman, the only person he felt was capable of convincing Dr. Valerie Cooper that there was a conspiracy within the Commission on Superhuman Activities.

(Thunderbolts I#48) - Roger Aubrey visited the home of Andrea Sterman, saving her from being assassinated by deflecting a hard air bullet with Sterman's hat rack. Picking up the bullet, Aubrey suggested the panicked Sterman come with him if she wished to survive past sunset.

(Thunderbolts I#49) - Aubrey brought Sterman to the V-Battalion's Castle Masada in Symkaria, where Sterman joked that her being kidnapped would make for a good book. Assuring Sterman she had not been kidnapped, Aubrey explained that his request that she convince Cooper, of a conspiracy within the Commission. Upon seeing Sterman, Dr. Cooper sarcastically commented to Aubrey that the V-Battalion's "big secret" was being kept by someone who had shilled her most recent book on The Jerry Springer Show. Despite Dr. Cooper's comment, Sterman then informed Aubrey, the Penance Council and Dr. Cooper about how the CSA had absconded with Jack Monroe and coerced him into becoming the new Scourge of the Underworld assassin using nano-probes. She continued, explaining how the new Scourge was tasked with assassinating the Thunderbolts and how he had already killed the Thunderbolt Jolt, reporter Gayle Rogers and Roxxon employee Roberta Haggert. Aubrey confirmed Sterman's story, revealing to Dr. Cooper that a secret V-Battalion operative within the CSA, Miles Warton, had passed information about the conspiracy from the CSA to the V-Battalion. Following a brief discussion regarding the reasoning for not simply blowing up the Thunderbolts in their headquarters, Aubrey quietly watched as Dr. Cooper deduced the CSA conspirator's identity as Henry Peter Gyrich, who wished to draw out the anguish suffered by the Thunderbolts before their supposed deaths.

(Thunderbolts I#50 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey and Valerie Cooper contacted the assembled Redeemers team to announce that they were ready for the assault on Gyrich. Learning that Miles Warton had not returned from his dinner, Aubrey noted how odd Warton's disappearance was since Warton knew of the V-Battalion's plans to begin the attack that night.

(Thunderbolts I#50) - One day after Gyrich's defeat and exposure as being under the control of nano-probes himself, Citizen V reported back to Roger Aubrey and the V-Battalion. A frustrated Aubrey questioned who was truly behind the CSA conspiracy since Gyrich himself was being controlled and when Citizen V responded that the entire conspiracy idea was Gyrich's and that Gyrich had merely been nudged into action by the nano-probes, Aubrey noted that whoever had nudged Gyrich had to be found. Aubrey continued, commenting that whoever had enough power to infiltrate the deepest recesses of the most secretive government agency was someone the V-Battalion wanted either stopped or recruited.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Aubrey became increasingly impatient during the V-Battalion's day to day activities.

(Thunderbolts I#51 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey and the V-Battalion fronted a Project: Earth mission into Latveria to rescue Dallas Riordan.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1) - One week after saving the world, Roger Aubrey led a V-Battalion assault on China's Pa-Mie Shan Mountains.

(Thunderbolts I#51) - Roger Aubrey contacted the mutant Commcast to request his assistance in filtering through various communications in the area to locate Dallas. Commcast revealed his prior knowledge of who Dallas was and her importance to the V-Battalion, at which point Aubrey assured Commcast he meant no disrespect to Commcast's abilities and that he only needed Commcast to relay the info he acquired to a S.H.I.E.L.D. convoy sent to the scene. When Aubrey promised he would owe Commcast, Commcast agreed to Aubrey's request for that very reason, asking why the V-Battalion did not simply fly their Vanguard ship over to destroy Latveria. Aubrey replied that they were busy blowing something else up.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#1) - As the attack on the Pa-Mie Shan Mountains concluded, Aubrey projected a large hologram of himself warning that if China continued to service illegal organizations, the V-Battalion would return to target their buildings then hospitals then homes. He then turned his attention towards Citizen V's activities in Atlanta, Georgia against the thief Diamondback. When Diamondback tossed a vial containing an antidote to poison she had administered to two V-Battalion agents, Aubrey attempted to guide Citizen V, who turned off his communicator, angering Aubrey. Penance Council member Fred Davis attempted to reach Citizen V again but he refused to answer, and the annoyed Aubrey ultimately had Davis stop trying, figuring Citizen V would contact them when he wanted to. Grumbling that Citizen V's penchant for doing things his own way had gotten him into trouble in the past, Aubrey walked out of the room, commenting that Citizen V had been downright impossible since recovering from his coma. As Aubrey walked out, Andrea Sterman noticed how tired both Aubrey and Betty Barstow looked. Aubrey then visited Helmut Gruler's room to inform him that his recent absences from Penance Council meetings had become awkward. Learning that the one hundred and three-year-old Gruler was dying, with his Iron Cross armor the only thing still keeping him alive, Aubrey admitted that he still valued Gruler's input and agreed to keep the Iron Cross on a live link. When the Iron Cross sarcastically asked if he could turn off the link like Citizen V, Aubrey grumbled and left the room, only to be confronted by Betty Barstow, who could not recall a time she had seen Aubrey so flustered. The still-annoyed Aubrey replied that he was surprised Barstow recalled anything at all with the way her memory had been lately. Barstow replied that Aubrey's comments were uncalled for and when Aubrey began to suggest he be allowed to vent frustrations given how long he had known Barstow, Barstow revealed that she had Alzheimer's Disease. Shocked, Aubrey then joked that Gruler and Barstow had planned their terminal situations in an effort to leave Aubrey leading a bunch of children. Aubrey then assured Barstow that Alzheimer's would not affect what she brought to the V-Battalion before walking off, leaving Barstow to mutter that their operation was all that mattered to him.
    Returning to the Vanguard's Abyss Bridge, Aubrey found Fred Davis communicating with Citizen V, and he learned that V-Battalion agents Eamonn and Piers had been killed by Diamondback. Citizen V then revealed to Davis and Aubrey that, while he had been unable to prevent Eamonn and Piers' deaths, he had tracked Diamondback to Brooklyn. Before the two Penance Council members could argue against Citizen V's subsequent actions, he turned off his communicator, prompting an angry Aubrey to mutter what he would do to Citizen V if he were forty years younger. Davis suggested Citizen V's actions went beyond simple rudeness, as he had grown up with Eamonn and Piers, and Aubrey admitted that, while Citizen V had perhaps went into field duty a bit too soon, his past injuries had earned Citizen V some latitude for the time being. As Davis and Aubrey left the room, V-Battalion guest Andrea Sterman thought back on Aubrey's heroic career, noting how Brian Falsworth and Roger Aubrey swapping heroic identities during the 1940s sounded slightly homosexual but also curiously wondering about the psychological toll of decades of dedication and sacrifice. When Citizen V later tracked nano-probes inside Diamondback to an A.I.M. base, Roger Aubrey and the rest of the Penance Council arrived at the base in the Vanguard and demanded A.I.M. present the voice modulation program (VMP) controlling the nano-probes or risk obliteration. When MODOK responded that the back and forth with the V-Battalion was pointless since the VMP was already being field-tested in Atlantis.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#2) - Immediately traveling to Atlantis via the Vanguard, Aubrey and the rest of the V-Battalion assaulted Atlantis, forcing the nano-probe-controlled Atlanteans to halt an attack on a Russian submarine to protect their main city. Fred Davis immediately asked how the V-Battalion should handle such a big situation and when Betty Barstow suggested they pray, Roger Aubrey suggested Davis instead contact the commissary to see how much Old Bay they had in stock, joking that they would be frying a lot of fish that night. Watching Aubrey, Andrea Sterman took note of Aubrey's joking and suspected an ethical conflict was raging inside the Penance Council leader. As the battle progressed, Davis informed Aubrey that a Fenris craft was departing the A.I.M. island where they had previously confronted MODOK Aubrey ordered Davis to track the Fenris twins and let Citizen V handle them while he dealt with MODOK Ordering Davis to open a communication channel with MODOK, Aubrey threatened to detonate Quistilium warheads on A.I.M. island and have the V-Battalion salvage what was left unless MODOK cooperated with their orders. MODOK claimed the V-Battalion could not back up their threat but Aubrey commented that he would be happy to show MODOK why he was called the Destroyer and suggested MODOK ask China if he was bluffing. When MODOK appeared indecisive, Aubrey repeated his threat to bomb MODOK into the Stone Age if he refused to cooperate, prompting MODOK to talk.

    A short time later, as the battle against the mind-controlled Atlanteans worsened, Iron Cross contacted Roger Aubrey and demanded options other than slaughtering the Atlanteans. When Aubrey mentioned that genocide may be the best option with the barbarian Attuma in charge of Atlantis, Namor the Sub-Mariner sent a communication to Aubrey advising against such action, having been contacted by V-Battalion member Irene Martinez. When Namor admitted that he did not originally join the V-Battalion due to his mistrust of Aubrey and remarked that he was disappointed to have been proven right, an angry Aubrey demanded Namor give him another alternative, suggesting perhaps he could use Namor's voice with the VMP to order the Atlanteans to be free under Namor's newly-imposed rule. Further attempting to goad Namor into that action by reminding him of the lives that could be saved if Namor participated in such an action, Aubrey and Betty Barstow warned that they would soon have no choice but to kill the attacking Atlanteans. Agreeing to provide Aubrey and the V-Battalion with any Atlantean medical information they needed to help stop the mind-controlled Atlanteans, Namor refused to reassume his role as Atlantean ruler by brainwashing his people. Without Namor's full cooperation, Aubrey ordered Iron Cross and the other agents in the water to warm the waters around them to provide better flow of sound. Aubrey then utilized the VMP information provided by MODOK and the medical information provided by Namor to halt the attacking Atlanteans using his own voice to command the nano-probes through the VMP. Slyly smiling as the other V-Battalion appeared shocked by his actions, Aubrey then ordered Betty Barstow to debrief the mission team as he left the room, further commenting that he wanted the Vanguard back in low orbit until they could find the person originally responsible for the VMP nano-probes. Once Aubrey left, Fred Davis and Betty Barstow exchanged worried glances and Andrea Sterman commented that she would be worried Aubrey might use the VMP to control anyone infected by the VMP nano-probes as well. Barstow quickly came to Aubrey's defense, reminding Sterman of the sacrifices and accomplishments Aubrey had made over the past decades before asking Davis to meet her in Iron Cross' quarters in one hour.
    An hour later, Barstow, Davis and Iron Cross met to discuss how dangerous Roger Aubrey truly was, noting that he rarely ever crossed the line. Davis noted that Aubrey had become increasingly impatient and the foursome discussed whether they would stay true to themselves if the time came where their loyalty to themselves or Aubrey would be tested. Forty minutes later, Aubrey led an attack on A.I.M. in his Destroyer identity, much to the confusion of the terrorist organization, who assumed they would be safe after MODOK had provided the V-Battalion with information. When Nuklo referred to the Destroyer by his real name, MODOK was shocked that the Destroyer he was battling was the same Destroyer active during World War II and wondered how the V-Battalion could have waged a secret war for fifty years without detection. The Destroyer replied that they had dealt with threats in much the same manner as they were dealing with MODOK: efficiently, cleanly and permanently. A terrified MODOK then claimed he could tell the V-Battalion who was behind the entire nano-probe operation, prompting the Destroyer to remark that the information might ensure MODOK survived into the next day.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#3) - After the V-Battalion learned that Baron Strucker was behind the nano-probe conspiracy and Citizen V infiltrated Strucker's headquarters, Citizen V contacted the Vanguard to discuss his next course of action and when he asked V-Battalion member Vradec about reprogramming the nano-probes rather than destroying them, Vradec questioned whether Roger Aubrey had given Citizen V authorization for such an action. Citizen V replied by stating that he was the one in the field while Aubrey sat on a pedestal and demanded that he be allowed more flexibility in the field. Vradec then sent the V-Battalion's Guy Fontreaux to the Abyss Bridge of the Vanguard to request Aubrey's authorization for Citizen V. Recognizing Fontreaux's voice without even seeing him, the very busy Aubrey gave Fontreaux authorization for Citizen V. Having watched the exchange, Andrea Sterman quickly realized that the V-Battalion did not have enough manpower to stop the atmospheric release of the nano-probes, and she suspected Aubrey had intended to reprogram the nano-probes for his voice commands all along. Having heard the authorization code, Fred Davis questioned Aubrey, who sternly reiterated his commands to a disapproving Davis. Noticing that Betty Barstow also disapproved but was not confronting Aubrey about his actions, Andrea Sterman confronted Aubrey herself, and Aubrey outright admitted his actions were wrong before ordering Davis to have Iron Cross inspect the satellites housing the nano-probes.

    Watching from the Vanguard as Iron Cross patched his armor into one of the satellites, Aubrey and the V-Battalion discovered that the satellites had been manufactured by Oracle, Inc., a company formerly ran by former World War II heroic android the Human Torch. Sending a communication over to the Torch in his dual identity as Jim Hammond, Aubrey surprised Hammond, who thought Aubrey to be long dead. The two then argued about the satellites as the V-Battalion field agents failed to stop the satellites by destroying the communication signal of a single satellite. When Hammond reminded Aubrey that he was no longer the head of Oracle, Aubrey angrily reminded Hammond that he had been in charge when the satellites were created and he demanded that Hammond tell the V-Battalion how to disable them, prompting Hammond to argue that the world was already compromised if it was dependent on Aubrey to save it. Iron Cross suggested the two halt their arguments, and Hammond reluctantly sent Aubrey the codes to shut down the satellites. Aubrey immediately transmitted the codes to Iron Cross but the armored hero quickly realized he lacked the power to shut down the entire array. Aubrey suggested feeding power from the Vanguard into Iron Cross, but Iron Cross argued that the Vanguard's power would overload communications, instead suggesting he use all power within his armor to accomplish the goal at the loss of his own life. As Iron Cross prepared to destroy the satellite array, Citizen V battled Baron Strucker at his base, commenting that Roger Aubrey might spare Strucker's life if he surrendered. Citizen V eventually defeated Strucker, severing his arm, and rushed to the VMP computers as Aubrey quietly watched both the Iron Cross and Citizen V's actions from the Vanguard. Realizing Iron Cross was not scuttling the satellites but rather, reprogramming the VMP codes, the V-Battalion looked to Aubrey in wonder of whose voice commands were being programmed into the VMP. Iron Cross ultimately sacrificed his life to stop the satellite doors from opening to drop their nano-probe payload and Aubrey said goodbye from the Vanguard as Iron Cross' armor ceased functioning, thereby ceasing its life support functions. The younger V-Battalion agents then brought Iron Cross' corpse back to the Vanguard and when Betty Barstow asked why they could not have found another way to stop the nano-probes, Aubrey replied that they could have with something they did not have: time.

    After the V-Battalion spent eighteen hours disabling the other satellites, they returned to Masada Castle, where Aubrey grieved Iron Cross' death by throwing himself into intense physical training in his Destroyer costume. Barstow eventually came to check on him and asked if he was coming to Iron Cross' funeral service or if he would continue hiding. When Aubrey insisted he was not hiding but grieving, Barstow questioned whether that was possible. Demanding to know why Barstow was angry with him, Aubrey exclaimed that he did not want Iron Cross to die and Barstow revealed that she was not angry with Aubrey for Iron Cross' death but rather, she was curious whether Aubrey would have truly used the VMP nano-probes to enslave the planet with his own vision of peace. Aubrey became silent and Barstow admitted that she was angry because, after all their years fighting together, she was not sure what Aubrey's answer to that would have been. The Destroyer then departed to check on Iron Cross' corpse and found Citizen V by Iron Cross' side. Citizen V questioned why Aubrey was in his Destroyer costume and Aubrey explained that he found it comforting to slip into the past in times like these. Figuring Citizen V could relate, the Destroyer suggested that Iron Cross did not have to die if they had just waited a bit longer for Citizen V to reprogram the nano-probes but Citizen V expressed his thoughts that Iron Cross had wished to stop both Strucker and Aubrey from using the nano-probes. The Destroyer then revealed his knowledge that Citizen V had attempted to reprogram the nano-probes to his own voice commands rather than Aubrey's but Citizen V claimed he only did so because Aubrey could only live so long and they had to prepare for the future. Agreeing with the need to prepare, the Destroyer revealed a plan to reconceive Baron Strucker's idea into one for peace. He then suggested it might be time for Citizen V to return to the Thunderbolts and after that, there would be peace on Earth no matter the cost after sixty years of fighting.

(Thunderbolts I#57) - Following Graviton's capture of most of Earth's heroes and his attempt to reshape Earth in his own image, Roger Aubrey and most of the V-Battalion took the Vanguard into orbit per V-Battalion protocol. Having little choice but to stand idly by with the Vanguard's structural integrity at 14%, Aubrey asked how long before they could return to Earth's atmosphere. Informed that it would be at least ten hours before the Vanguard could return to Earth, Aubrey asked for a status update on Citizen V, and he was told that the V-Battalion was still trying to raise him but if he were still alive, Aubrey could be sure Citizen V was trying to do something about Graviton. With the help of the retired Mach-2 and Songbird, Citizen V ultimately managed to get a communication to the Vanguard asking for Roger to activate V-Battalion protocols M-3 and SB-2. Despite some misgivings from Betty Barstow, Roger Aubrey ordered new armor for Mach-2 and new carapace technology for Songbird into an escape pod that was launched to Earth.

(Thunderbolts I#58) - Monitoring the situation with Graviton from the Vanguard, Roger Aubrey was informed of gravimetric spikes in Colorado and it was suggested by Betty Barstow that they get Citizen V out of Colorado. Aubrey agreed and ordered all remaining power rerouted to the teleporter. Barstow reminded Aubrey that the first time they used the teleporter was the last but Aubrey argued that it was pretty much the same if Citizen V died on Earth or in their teleporter: He would still be dead. Just as the situation with Graviton reached its peak, the Vanguard managed to pull enough power into their teleporter, and Aubrey ordered Citizen V teleported back to the Vanguard.

(Thunderbolts I#60 (fb) - BTS) - During the Aubrey-ordered teleportation of Citizen V, a bio-modem link with Citizen V's mind established by Baron Zemo was severed. Following the revelation that Zemo had access to Citizen V's mind, Roger Aubrey ordered a worldwide search for the Thunderbolts and traces of Zemo's bio-modem frequency, only to find nothing and no one other than Songbird.

(Thunderbolts I#60) - Roger Aubrey and the rest of the Penance Council were informed of a medical scan of Citizen V, which now showed him clean of conflicting encephalograms. Aubrey was assured that whatever had been controlling Citizen V's mind since he awoke from his coma was gone. Citizen V then acrobatically jumped down in front of the Penance Council, happily proclaiming that he was finally back and ready to design a new costume for himself, but a stern Aubrey reminded Citizen V that his mind had housed that of Baron Zemo, who had access to information on the V-Battalion from his mind. When Aubrey wondered what Zemo planned to do with the information he had accessed, Citizen V reminded Aubrey that they had searched the world for the Thunderbolts since the teleportation and found nothing, questioning whether it mattered what Zemo accessed if he was dead. Citizen V then suggested Aubrey look at the bright side, noting that if Zemo had not sought refuge inside Citizen V's mind, Citizen V would have never awakened from his coma in the first place. When Citizen V proclaimed that he was back and ready for action, Roger Aubrey asked how Citizen V would like to capture a "dead man."

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Roger Aubrey felt Andrea Sterman had learned too much about the V-Battalion and he refused to let her leave the Vanguard. By the time he came to that decision, Sterman had gotten so used to being around the V-Battalion that she had come to enjoy being there.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1) - Following one of the Citizen V's missions in which he encountered the bowman Aqhat, Roger Aubrey and the rest of the V-Battalion's Penance Council viewed footage and images taken from the cameras within Citizen V's mask. Upon reviewing the images, Aubrey suggested they go pick up Citizen V in eastern Europe. Once Citizen V was back aboard the Vanguard, he questioned how Aqhat could be alive when the V-Battalion knew Aqhat to be dead circa 1953, and Aubrey explained that this Aqhat could not be the same man the 1950s Citizen V had encountered, noting that Aqhat's bow had been stolen from its Israeli museum display three weeks earlier. When Citizen V assumed that meant that this Aqhat was someone assuming the mantle, Aubrey corrected him, further explaining that V-Battalion scientists had originally determined that Aqhat's bow could only be fired by someone with the properties of its original wielder. Citizen V then suggested some sort of reincarnation, prompting Aubrey to question why anyone want to live their life over when life was miserable enough the first time. He then proposed more questions such as who had rescued Aqhat from Citizen V, why Oracle, Inc. was helping the terrorist ULTIMATUM organization (whom Aqhat was aiding) foment civil strife and what Oracle might gain from such an alliance.

    Citizen V insisted the V-Battalion would find the answers it sought and when he mentioned they could do it without Aubrey, Aubrey glanced over at Betty Barstow and asked what Citizen V was talking about. Barstow then suggested that perhaps Aubrey needed a vacation after the death of Iron Cross, but an angry Aubrey insisted he was the same he had been for fifty years, unchanged by Iron Cross' death, and that the only peace he expected was that of the grave once he had brought peace to the world. The argument was interrupted by Vradec, who informed the Penance Council that Aqhat had been tracked to Beijing, China. Aubrey immediately ordered the Vanguard to Beijing then ordered Fred Davis to have the V-Battalion's One-Eyed Team look into Oracle, Inc.'s records to see what the company had turned into following Jim Hammond's departure. Fred Davis asked why Aubrey didn't simply ask Hammond himself, and Aubrey reminded Davis about how much he disliked Hammond and reiterated his orders a bit more politely. Aubrey then left the room, unaware that Andrea Sterman suspected he was tired of life, having spent it fighting for the unattainable goal of world peace. Retiring to his quarters, Roger Aubrey picked up an old photo of himself with Brian Falsworth and longingly whispered Brian's name. Moments later, the Vanguard arrived in Beijing and Citizen V ventured outside to investigate the area, prompting Aubrey to ask for a status report. A shocked Citizen V reported back that everyone in China appeared to be dead.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#2) - Roger Aubrey had Citizen V inspect the fallen in China and questioned whether they were asleep rather than dead. With the Penance Council, Aubrey viewed the footage of the confirmed-sleeping Chinese natives, and Fred Davis soon presented Aubrey with an analysis of the situation from the V-Battalion Steam Team. Aubrey then informed Citizen V that something appeared to be forcing the Chinese people to sleep and the energy source was traced to the same point where Citizen V's tracer had tracked Aqhat. Citizen V sarcastically suggested that Aubrey not sound too eager to get the source into his own hands, and Aubrey countered Citizen V could imagine the potential uses for something that could put an entire nation to sleep just as much as he could. Aubrey and the Penance Council then monitored Citizen V's activities and when a giant sand-like creature erupted from Aqhat's location, Aubrey appeared stunned and asked if the others had any suggestions. When Nuklo suggested the phrase "the bigger they are, the harder they fall," Aubrey agreed and sent Nuklo, Topspin and Goldfire out to engage the creature alongside several V-Battalion jets.

    Soon determining the creature to be a gigantic incarnation of the mutant Collective Man, Aubrey witnessed the Collective Man kill Goldfire in the blink of an eye and he immediately pulled back the V-Battalion forces. Citizen V then engaged and captured Aqhat, and the V-Battalion Steam Team recovered the equipment used to transform the Collective Man into a giant monster, with Roger Aubrey subsequently informing Betty Barstow that the equipment was too damaged to use to reverse the Collective Man's transformation. As the Steam Team worked to bring the equipment back to the Vanguard, Citizen V reported that they needed to stop the Collective Man before he drained the lives of billions and Aubrey, realizing the situation, wondered if perhaps there was a way to instead speed up the life-draining. Surprised that Aubrey would even suggest such a thing, Citizen V instead suggested they learn what the life-draining process was for, and he interrogated Aqhat, learning that the deaths were to fuel something called the Genesis Well. Upon hearing this information and the pleading from Betty Barstow that Collective Man was also a victim, Aubrey reluctantly decided that if they could not reverse the Collective Man's transformation and if the V-Battalion refused to take advantage of him, the Collective Man had to be stopped. Andrea Sterman quickly reminded Aubrey that the V-Battalion didn't have the firepower to destroy the Collective Man, and Aubrey agreed, proposing two possible solutions: allow the Collective Man to drain the lives of billions or pull the plug on the Chinese people he had already absorbed as a fuel source. Despite his insistence that he was merely being practical and logical, Aubrey was reminded by Citizen V that killing those who made up the Collective Man would only fuel the Genesis Well as Aqhat intended. Aubrey nonetheless ordered an attack on those who made up the Collective Man, hoping to only kill enough to weaken the Collective Man. Citizen V overrode Roger Aubrey's orders and instead punctured the Collective Man, destroying his assembled form. After Citizen V was rescued from the scene, he met with Roger Aubrey, who considered Citizen V lucky to have survived. Citizen V reminded Aubrey that the V-Battalion worked to sacrifice the least for the most while Aubrey's earlier suggestions would sacrifice many to stop a single opponent. Citizen V then questioned when Roger Aubrey had started contradicting everything for which he had fought his entire life.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#3) - As the Flag-Smasher and his ULTIMATUM agents attacked various countries across the world, Roger Aubrey set in a chair in the V-Battalion's Vanguard base and remarked that death was coming, suggesting they open the door. Knowing that ULTIMATUM had been getting its weaponry from Oracle, Inc., Aubrey and the V-Battalion's Penance Council reached out to Jim Hammond, the original android Human Torch and former CEO of Oracle, Inc. Antagonistically noting how much Aubrey had aged since their last encounter, Hammond was questioned about why Oracle had been helping ULTIMATUM, but Hammond responded by remarking on the V-Battalion's seeming desperation in reaching out to him. Aubrey argued that if they could not cut off ULTIMATUM's weapons supply at its source, the small attacks could turn into a worldwide inferno. Hammond still proved less than cooperative with Aubrey, noting that he was in London. Aubrey turned his back on Hammond and gave him three minutes to get ready. Within minutes as expected, the Vanguard was in London, and Hammond was aboard the Vanguard to assist. Still somewhat antagonistic towards Aubrey, Hammond sarcastically asked why they didn't have a teleporter and Aubrey grumbled that the teleporter was Skrull tech that rarely worked, commenting that he opted to use it on Hammond anyway but Betty Barstow disagreed. They then got to work, and Aubrey and Barstow brought Hammond by a medical bay where medical scans of Aqhat had provided vital information. As Aubrey remained quiet, Barstow informed Hammond of how Aqhat worked for a man named Marduk, whom the V-Battalion had discovered also went by the name of Zoltan Nestor, a name Hammond immediately recognized as the man who succeeded him as CEO of Oracle, Inc.

    Later, after the V-Battalion cut fourteen of Oracle's weapons distribution points, Roger Aubrey reached back out to Citizen V and demanded he restore his comm-link to provide a status report. Upon learning that Citizen V had provided Flag-Smasher the country of Rumekistan to rule in exchange for ULTIMATUM's immediate ceasefire, Aubrey demanded to know what sort of game Citizen V was playing and asked if he thought Rumekistan would just hand their country over to Flag-Smasher. When Citizen V mentioned that Rumekistan officials would be asleep thanks to the powers of the Collective Man, Betty Barstow questioned what Aubrey's plans for the Collective Man's remains were, and Aubrey admitted he had a similar idea to the one Citizen V was utilizing. Despite not particularly agreeing with Citizen V's plans, Aubrey then watched as Citizen V utilized the Collective Man's remains to project Rumekistan into a state of sleep in order to turn the country over to Flag-Smasher. Hammond questioned whether Aubrey was just going to let Citizen V finish such a plan, and Aubrey replied that it would be hypocritical of him not to let Citizen V complete his plan as well as that the action did serve to stall Marduk's plans. He did note that Citizen V nonetheless had a lot to answer for. As Citizen V continued with his plan, Marduk and
Papahanau-Moku (Whiro) prepared Marduk's Genesis Well, and "Papa" remarked on how Marduk had once stated years ago that Aubrey's continued involvement in their plans would only lead to more killing. Smiling, Marduk commented on how rude it was for Aubrey not to cooperate with his plans, noting that Aubrey would have to be punished and since they had shaken hands years ago, Aubrey's soul remained Marduk's for the taking. Marduk then snapped his fingers and Aubrey fell to the ground dead, with Betty Barstow and Jim Hammond rushing to his side in fear of what had happened.

(Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#4) - As Marduk gloated about his plan to regain his immortality via his physical death and how Roger Aubrey's own death helped fuel his own, Roger Aubrey's corpse was scanned by the V-Battalion but no apparent cause of death existed. When Jim Hammond noted that it was almost as if Aubrey's life was stolen, an upset Betty Barstow asked what it mattered if Aubrey was still dead. Andrea Sterman noted Barstow's past detective skills and asked if Barstow wanted to find out if Aubrey had been murdered, but Barstow remarked that everything seemed so pointless now and reminded Hammond that everything Aubrey had done was in an attempt to bring the world peace. Having learned of Aubrey's apparent death, Citizen V angrily confronted the captive Aqhat to learn how Aubrey's soul could be saved from Marduk. Citizen V subsequently departed to confront Marduk, and the Vanguard followed behind, ready to assist him. As the Vanguard appeared at Marduk's Black Sea oil refinery headquarters, Andrea Sterman and Jim Hammond discussed the V-Battalion's bloodthirsty methods, and Sterman reminded Hammond of his murder of Adolf Hitler, prompting Hammond to groan at how complete Roger Aubrey's files were. When Sterman mentioned that the war never ended for Aubrey, Hammond replied that Aubrey's kind of thinking had corrupted Aubrey's morals.

    Citizen V eventually made his way in to confront Marduk, who devoured Roger Aubrey's soul before hurling Citizen V's sword through V's midsection. Marduk then began to experience severe stomach pains and learned that Aubrey's soul (appearing in the form of Aubrey's original Destroyer identity and costume) was internally fighting against being absorbed by Marduk from beyond the grave. Teaming with other souls devoured by Marduk, the Destroyer continued his fight against Marduk internally as a recovering Citizen V fought the god externally. Eventually, Citizen V used explosives to destroy Marduk's Genesis Well, freeing the souls inside to aid the Destroyer in fighting, and Marduk was soon torn apart by the souls in the Well. Most of the souls passed on into the afterlife, but Aubrey's soul returned to his physical body mere seconds before a V-Battalion mortician was to perform an autopsy on his corpse. Reports then made their way back to Citizen V that Aubrey had been restored to life.
    Two days later, Aubrey attended the funeral of V-Battalion operative Goldfire. At the service, Aubrey commended Goldfire on being a good soldier, and Topspin questioned whether the war ever ended. Aubrey replied that while the war never ended, soldiers could lay down their arms when they didn't have any fight left in them. Later that day, Roger Aubrey informed the rest of the Penance Council that he was leaving the V-Battalion. A shocked Betty Barstow asked why, and Aubrey answered that, since he could not even find peace in death, he had to find it in life. Admitting he no longer wished to be a Destroyer, Aubrey nominated Jim Hammond as his replacement and Hammond, while surprised, agreed to become the new head of the V-Battalion.

(New Invaders I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Following his retirement from the V-Battalion, Roger Aubrey (still in his Destroyer identity) was one of the first allies recruited by the new Invaders organization.

(New Invaders I#2 - BTS) - While showing the new Invaders his Infiltrator ship / base of operations, the Thin Man displayed screens showing various allies his reorganized Invaders had made including Red Raven, the Blue Diamond, the otherdimensional Vision (Aarkus), the V-Battalion's Citizen V and what appeared to be a new Iron Cross (see comments).

(New Invaders I#5 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Roger Aubrey developed the ability to shrink down to size of 12 inches while retaining his full human strength. However, he chose not to advertise this ability and rarely used it (see comments).

(New Invaders I#4 (fb) - BTS) - As he prepared to visit a Gay and Lesbian Pride fest known as the Dymhurst Common Outright Festival, Roger Aubrey was told people would be wearing costumes.

(New Invaders I#4) - Roger Aubrey and his friend Nigel attended the Dymhurst Common Outright Festival in the UK, less than twenty kilometers from ancestral Falsworth Manor, where Roger wore a shirt that bore the logo of the mighty Destroyer. Nigel immediately complained that Roger looked like the grim reaper at a Pride festival and noted that, despite Roger being surrounded by many strapping lads, Roger had spent the day grousing like an old woman. When Aubrey grumbled that he had left Jim Hammond in charge of his life's work, only to watch Hammond leave in less than a year to join the new Invaders, Nigel reminded Aubrey that he had offered his own services to the new Invaders. Growing tired of Aubrey's gripes, Nigel decided to get the two some drinks and while walking around, Aubrey was met by a pair of leather-clad festgoers. When one began aggressively flirting with him, Aubrey accused the man of giving the gay community a bad name before threatening to nail the man's tongue to his forehead. Assuming that Aubrey was a fan of the Punisher due to the skull on his shirt, the man continued flirting until lightning rained down, electrocuting the two leather-clad men. Aubrey managed to duck for cover and soon, a group of vampires leaped down from the skies, prompting Aubrey to rip a piece of wood from a nearby window sill and impale one of the vampires with it. Another vampire attacked in retaliation, turning into mist when Aubrey slashed at him. When Aubrey managed to destroy that vampire as well, the vampire group ganged up on him and used their lightning attack to down Aubrey.
    Aubrey eventually regained consciousness with Nigel standing over him, and he immediately reached out to the new Invaders on their Infiltrator ship to inform them of the vampire attack and its proximity to Falsworth Manor. The new Invaders subsequently held a meeting in which the Thin Man discussed the attack, and both Spitfire and Union Jack were sent to meet Aubrey at Falsworth Manor. As the android Human Torch decided to accompany Union Jack and Spitfire and bring the android Tara with him, the vampire Herr Grausum reported back to Baroness Blood that the Destroyer had opposed their attack at the Dymhurst Common Outright Festival. Baroness Blood asked Grausum if the Destroyer lived and when Grausum replied in the affirmative, Baroness Blood commended Grausum on leaving Aubrey alive, as it would lure the Invaders into their clutches. Unaware of Baroness Blood's plans, Spitfire, Union Jack, the Human Torch and Tara soon arrived at Falsworth Manor and were greeted by Roger Aubrey and the Manor's butler, Hotchkins. When Spitfire asked if Aubrey was sure the attacking vampires were agents of Baroness Blood, Aubrey admitted he couldn't be sure but noted that the original Baron Blood could affect the weather and the vampires he encountered were manipulating lightning. He also noted that the vampires were not afraid of the sun, prompting Spitfire to note that if perhaps Aubrey had attended her son Kenneth's funeral, he might have been better prepared. Union Jack then informed Aubrey that Kenneth had been transformed into a vampire by Baroness Blood, who had acquired the means to overcome sunlight. As Union Jack mentioned how he had tried to save Kenneth, a grumbling Aubrey remarked on Union Jack's failure and insulted him by referring to him as "Junior Jack." Union Jack angrily corrected Aubrey, and Aubrey explained how he had once tried to honor Brian Falsworth's death by becoming the new Union Jack, only to have Brian's father, Lord Falsworth, refuse such an idea. Union Jack reminded Aubrey that Aubrey's issues with Lord Falsworth had nothing to do with him, and Spitfire agreed, acknowledging Aubrey's love for Brian but noting that Joey Chapman was nonetheless the new Union Jack and that he was very brave. They all then decided to get some rest before renewing their investigation and when Spitfire pulled Union Jack into another room, calling him "Jim" instead of "Joey," Union Jack sarcastically commented on the insult to a shocked Human Torch, prompting Aubrey to wink and sarcastically remark "Me-ow."

    After Union Jack and Spitfire went to bed, Roger Aubrey asked Tara if he could have a private conversation with the Human Torch. Once Tara had departed to her room, Aubrey demanded to know why the Human Torch was with the new Invaders. The Torch responded that he could ask the same of Aubrey, and Aubrey noted that they may have to take the Invaders' Infiltrator ship. Falsworth Manor was soon rocked by a huge strike of lightning, prompting all inside to rush to Spitfire's room, only to find it empty and half the outer wall missing.

(New Invaders I#5) - Roger Aubrey watched as Union Jack yelled into the night about the missing Spitfire and he later accompanied the other new Invaders to confront Baroness Blood after they learned of Spitfire's capture. Using the Human Torch's blood connection to Spitfire, the Invaders and Aubrey ventured into Falsworth Caverns, where Union Jack had the Invaders' Infiltrator ship scan for vampires based on a hunch. While the Invaders were sneaking into Baroness Blood's base using the Caverns, two vampires attacked Aubrey, who briefly shrank down in size as he shot the vampires, returning to normal size when he heard a noise behind him. Quickly realizing the noise was just Union Jack, who admitted he had no idea Aubrey could get smaller, Aubrey remarked that it wasn't a trait he cared to advertise before asking Union Jack how he knew the Caverns would house vampires. Union Jack expressed his thoughts that Baroness Blood could not come up with original ideas and the original Baron Blood had used Falsworth Caverns in the 1940s. More vampires soon attacked and briefly downed Union Jack, prompting Aubrey to destroy them with silver bullets before sarcastically commenting on how expensive silver bullets were. The foursome then made their way to Spitfire, arriving just as Baroness Blood was attempting to recapture the escaping Spitfire. The Human Torch made quick work of the vampires, but Baroness Blood escaped with the infant John Crichton while Aubrey tended to the injured Spitfire. Following the rescue of Spitfire, the Human Torch asked Roger Aubrey to resume command of the V-Battalion on a temporary basis while the Torch remained with the new Invaders until the threat of the Neo-Nazi Axis Mundi organization could be contained. Roger Aubrey later visited Brian Falsworth's grave with Nigel, remarking on how he had been to visit Brian's sister Jacqueline (Spitfire). Referring to Jacqueline as a witch, Aubrey nonetheless mentioned that he loved her and, while they were not blood related, Jacqueline and himself would always be family. Speaking as if to inform the deceased Brian, Aubrey then mentioned that Jacqueline's current boyfriend Joey Chapman was a bit rough around the edges but a fine Union Jack, hoping to assure the deceased Brian that the Union Jack tradition was secure. He then laid some flowers on Brian's grave.

(New Invaders I#9) - Following the destruction of the android Human Torch while trying to save the new Invaders from a programmed Tara, Roger Aubrey attended the Torch's funeral alongside numerous other heroes and Nigel, where he solemnly proclaimed Jim Hammond to be an ally and brother.

(Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America - Iron Man) - After Captain America was seemingly killed following the superhero civil war, Roger Aubrey attended his funeral alongside Betty Barstow. During Sam Wilson's eulogy in which he asked those who served alongside Cap to stand, he also asked any superheroes from Cap's World War II days and those keep those legacies alive to stand. When Sam asked those from that era that had given up their heroic identities to also stand, both Aubrey and Barstow stood with a few other retired heroes.

(All-New Invaders I#10) - The Destroyer, Union Jack and Spitfire came upon a Martian ship while patrolling Britain. After Spitfire expressed wishes that Captain Britain were there, she asked for opinions as to whether the three of them could take down the ship, and the Destroyer remarked that they had it in the bag. When Union Jack asked if the Destroyer was sure he was up to the fight, the appalled Destroyer reminded Union Jack that he was an incredibly vain older gay gentleman who probably was in the gym more than Union Jack himself was. The Destroyer then suggested they get down to business, as time waited for no man, and the trio rushed into action despite wondering why the Martian ship was there in the first place.

(All-New Invaders I#12 (fb)) - During the subsequent battle, the Destroyer leaped onto the top of the Martian ship, and Union Jack followed suit, both attacking the ship directly. When the ship began to glow, Spitfire suggested the two leap free and as the Destroyer and Union Jack jumped to safety, the Martin ship disappeared. Following the ship's disappearance, the trio opted to review Lord Falsworth's writings and discovered a writing from 1922 mentioning an earlier Martian incursion from October, 1917.

(All-New Invaders I#12) - After reviewing Lord Falsworth's writings, the Destroyer, Union Jack and Spitfire realized that Martian incursions had been happening on and off for more than a century. As Union Jack began to question what the Martians were there for, the Winter Soldier arrived and interrupted, noting to the trio that the better question would be who the Martians were there for. The Winter Soldier then introduced the trio to Earth-691's Killraven, whom the Martians were after for his knowledge.

(All-New Invaders I#15 - BTS) - While discussing recent events involving the Invaders, the android Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner and the then-elderly Steve Rogers discussed the unresolved threats the Invaders had been involved in, including the Winter Soldier working with the Destroyer, Spitfire, Union Jack and Earth-691's Killraven against the recent Martian incursion.

(Fantastic Four V#643) - When the enigmatic Quiet Man unleashed interdimensional monsters on the world, the Destroyer and Britain's MI13 organization fought back against the monsters in London.

(Marvel's Voices: Pride I#1 - BTS) - While documenting LGBTQ+ history within the superhero community, the mutant Prodigy recorded entries on various LGBTQ+ superhumans, noting lovers Union Jack and the Destroyer that were active during World War II.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Roger Aubrey joined a radio group of those who lived through World War II dubbed Radio Company. As part of Radio Company, Aubrey used the call sign of Radio Two.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#1) - In the wee hours of a morning, Aubrey (as Radio Two) reached out to Radio Company and asked if anyone was interested in watching the sunrise over some tea. Captain America (using his call sign of Radio Four) responded that he was still up, noting that the moon was also still up and that Aubrey would have to report back about the sunrise. Cap then asked how Aubrey had been doing, and Aubrey replied that everything hurt and his Super-Soldier Serum had been working over time, joking that they didn't all get spa time in the Arctic Sea. Cap responded back, joking how the "Mighty Destroyer" complained in his old age, at which point Aubrey joked back that at least he wasn't in a country about to throw a garish party for itself. Radio Company's John and Pam then chimed in, noting that the next day was also Cap's birthday before a string of recorded numbers interrupted their broadcast. Pam tried to brush off the numbers as simply an old code interfering with their broadcast, but Aubrey noted that the numbers were not interfering the day before and that these code numbers must be new. Pam then became intrigued by the potential puzzle and when John also expressed interest in getting to the bottom of the puzzle, Aubrey asked Cap if he thought the code numbers were worth their time. Cap smiled and broadcasted back for Radio Company to assemble. As each of the Radio Company members began working on the puzzle of the code numbers, Roger Aubrey first determined that the numbers were a substitution cipher similar to the Enigma Machine and he became convinced that the puzzle lied in the numbers themselves rather than any sort of machine. With Radio Company's help, Captain America soon deduced an attack set for the following day and the next day, he and the Winter Soldier scoped out the local parade and eventually saw some activity near the docks involving someone dressed as the Destroyer. When the Winter Soldier noted that Roger Aubrey was close to ninety years old and Brian Falsworth was dead, Cap interrupted to state that this Destroyer appeared to be someone new and that he would regret wearing the colors of men Cap respected. During the subsequent battle against the new Destroyer, Captain America noted that the man appeared to possess his strength, Roger Aubrey's attitude and Thor's lightning.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#2) - While Captain America was out on patrol, Roger Aubrey radioed in to report they had received another coded radio message, confirming that it was the fourth one that week. Informing Cap that he was running the message through Radio Company's decoder device, Aubrey further noted that while the message did not seem to suggest another kid had stolen his Destroyer identity, it appeared to be part of some larger game. Discussing the matter with Cap via radio, Aubrey warned that he had not seen such a war machine since Hydra or any political power capable of making moves such as the ones mentioned in the coded messages. John and Pam both chimed in as well, agreeing with Aubrey. When Pam mentioned having to use her brain to figure out the coded puzzles, Captain America noted that he thought better while moving, prompting Aubrey to reply that it was a terrible thing to say to an almost-centenarian. He then sarcastically remarked on how people had no idea what kind of person Captain America could be, prompting Cap to remind Aubrey about the old phrase regarding glass houses and how he felt Aubrey was the only person who enjoyed punching Nazis as much as Cap himself did back in the day. Aubrey then continued his work trying to decode the radio message and became confused as to what "Secure the Forge" meant.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Captain America and Roger Aubrey continued working, eventually discovering that the messages were being sent by an old organization called the Outer Circle. The two then began tracking the Outer Circle.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#7) - Namor the Sub-Mariner met with a slightly disillusioned Steve Rogers to return his missing shield and when Rogers began to explain how he and Roger Aubrey had uncovered something, Namor admitted his surprise that "Dyna-Mite" was still alive. Rogers calmly explained that Aubrey preferred the codename of the Destroyer, and Namor commended Aubrey on choosing that codename. Rogers then continued, explaining how he and Aubrey had been tracking the Outer Circle and how the Winter Soldier had seemingly joined the group. After Namor reminded Rogers of how the Winter Soldier had always been in the shadows while Captain America shined in the light, he bade Captain America farewell and asked Cap to give his best to "Dyna-Mite." As Rogers returned home, he heard Aubrey speaking over his radio, thinking Rogers was asleep and trying to wake him up. Rogers immediately jumped on the radio and asked if Aubrey had learned of another move in the coded messages. Aubrey replied that he had not but that he had perhaps found something else. He then revealed that since Brian Falsworth's will had left him rich, he was able to feign interest in advanced home security and had buyers with connections to A.I.M. When Rogers tried to dissuade Aubrey from associating with A.I.M., Aubrey explained that his false interest and contacts had oddly found no A.I.M. tech on the market anywhere, suggesting that either someone had bought all of the A.I.M. tech on the market or A.I.M. was planning something new. As the two discussed the possibility that A.I.M. was planning something big, Aubrey admitted his delight in stating that the Destroyer was reporting for duty before asking Steve Rogers what his orders were. Feeling as if he had once again fallen into a situation that was too big to take on alone that was too vague to understand, Rogers remained silent as Aubrey questioned whether Rogers was still on the radio line.

    Steve Rogers later met up with Sharon Carter and the two made some calls to recruit allies to help uncover the conspiracy that Aubrey seemed to have discovered. Using his private jet, Aubrey flew in everyone Cap called and they soon all met up in-person in an underground bunker. Captain America exchanged happy greetings with Aubrey, noting that Namor also said hello and prompting Aubrey to sarcastically remark that Namor saying hello should be put on his tombstone. Cap then informed everyone present of the conspiracy of the Outer Circle and how they had apparently influenced and even directed several of the biggest organizations such as Hydra, A.I.M., the F.B.I., Interpol and even S.H.I.E.L.D. When Black Widow questioned who the Outer Circle leaders were, Aubrey replied that they had only learned the leaders' aliases: Love, Power, Money, Machine and Revolution. He also confirmed that Revolution had recently been executed, his seat willingly taken by Bucky Barnes. As Captain America revealed a piece of Neganite found in Barnes' apartment, Aubrey recognized it as being similar to what was used in the Caduceus Staff during a mission involving Peggy Carter back in 1949. Carter also recalled the 1949 mission and noted to the others that the true mastermind in that mission was Arnim Zola. Zola's potential involvement prompted Hawkeye to mention a damaged Zola facility beneath downtown New York and the group decided to meet back in two days to prepare a trap for the Outer Circle in Zola's damaged facility.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Prior to their takeover of Manhattan, A.I.M. transported Captain America, Roger Aubrey and Cap's other allies out of the city.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#8) - Five days later, Roger Aubrey regrouped with Captain America, Nick Fury, Jr., Sharon Carter, the Redacted and Peggy Carter in Kansas, where Captain America had been transported to. While discussing what had happened to them and how most of the group had five days of no memory, Sharon Carter noticed subdermal scar tissue behind her ear and Aubrey quickly noticed the same about himself. When Fury and Peggy Carter also noticed similar scar tissue, the entire group realized that not only had their bodies been moved but their minds had been tampered with. Sharon then asked what they planned to do about their situation, and Aubrey suggested having a psychic read their minds in hopes of getting to the bottom of the mystery. Captain America then psychically summoned Emma Frost, who owed Cap a favor, and Frost agreed to help restore some of their memories by psychically reading the collective scar tissue left behind from the mental tampering. Frost ultimately discovered the presence of M.O.D.O.C. in their minds and when each of the group came to, each dealt with the anger about M.O.D.O.C. stealing secrets from their minds in their own way, Aubrey punching a large dent into the door of the train car they were in. Determined to stop A.I.M. and retake Manhattan, Captain America gathered up his band of allies and Roger Aubrey donned his original Destroyer costume as Cap dubbed his group the Invaders.

(Captain America X#750 / 2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during his time with the Invaders, Aubrey bragged to Nick Fury, Jr. about how much he could still bench-press, prompting Fury to joke that he didn't care how much Aubrey could bench-press, as he still "smelled like old people."

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#9) - The Destroyer and his new Invaders teammates invaded Manhattan, riding in atop a train and leaping from it when it collided with another train on the tracks. Landing in the heart of Manhattan, the Destroyer was partnered with Sharon Carter and the two were tasked with destroying A.I.M. Command and Control. During the attack, Sharon jokingly asked if the cardio was too much for Aubrey, who joked back that at his age, he was happy his heart was still pumping at all. He then exclaimed that while he might get old, smashing crypto-fascists never did as he punched an A.I.M. agent in the face. Upon locating A.I.M. Command and Control, the Destroyer asked if Sharon happened to have rocket boots, and Sharon joked that she must have left those in her other purse, prompting the Destroyer to remark "Same." Sharon then handed the Destroyer a roll of microfilament and ordered him not to let it go under any circumstances. The confused Destroyer asked where Sharon was going, and she smiled, asking if Aubrey was still Super-Soldier'ed under his costume and how his throwing arm was. The Destroyer then hurled Sharon, who pulled the Destroyer along with her using the microfilament, and the two smashed their way into A.I.M. Command. As they battled A.I.M., the Destroyer remarked to himself that Brian would have loved Sharon, whom he commented was their "exact kind of trouble." When Sharon mentioned that they needed to take down A.I.M. Command, the Destroyer revealed his engineering background while explaining why he'd first taken the Destroyer identity and suggested they set explosives charges at key engineering points on the building, remarking that the Destroyer wasn't just a name but a promise. The two then blew up A.I.M. Command. The Destroyer and Sharon subsequently regrouped with the other Invaders as M.O.D.O.C. arrived on the scene in a large UFO. M.O.D.O.C. then attacked their minds, telepathically forcing them into illusory situations, with the Destroyer finding himself surrounded by World War II-era soldiers.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#10) - Within M.O.D.O.C.'s telepathic illusions, the Destroyer next found himself reliving the moment that Brian Falsworth first expressed his love for him and the German attack that followed. While the Destroyer was still stuck in his illusory world, Peggy Carter realized she was trapped in an illusion and reminded M.O.D.O.C. that he'd trapped dynamite in the form of Roger Aubrey. Soon realizing as well that he was trapped in an illusion, Roger Aubrey refused to relive events, instead announcing that M.O.D.O.C. would live to regret his intrusion. Gloatingly asking if he would regret his actions because Aubrey had regained self-awareness, M.O.D.O.C. was informed by a tearful Aubrey that M.O.D.O.C. would instead regret the act of assuming the form of the only man Aubrey ever loved. Proclaiming that it had been decades since Brian had died but there wasn't a day that went by that Brian's actions didn't remind Aubrey of how far he was willing to go to resist, Aubrey began manifesting his Destroyer costume within his illusion, exclaiming that M.O.D.O.C. hadn't caged him but rather, inspired him to fight back. Smashing through M.O.D.O.C.'s illusions, the Destroyer fought his way to his Invaders teammates, freeing each of them while informing M.O.D.O.C. of the childhood that had made him the person he was. When M.O.D.O.C. gloatingly asked if the Destroyer thought his fists could hurt him into the realm of the mind, the Destroyer replied that he wasn't using his fists but rather, hitting M.O.D.O.C. with fearlessness, compassion, solidarity, hope and love as the now-freed Invaders joined in the attack on M.O.D.O.C. The Invaders eventually smashed their way completely free of M.O.D.O.C.'s telepathic hold, and the Destroyer confronted M.O.D.O.C. personally, demanding the whereabouts of M.O.D.O.C.'s superior in the Outer Circle, the Power. Aubrey then ordered the shocked M.O.D.O.C. to inform the Outer Circle that the Invaders were coming for him. M.O.D.O.C. did as ordered, causing the Power to release MODOK from the innards of M.O.D.O.C. himself. Aubrey barely had time to order Sharon Carter to get back before the newly-emerged MODOK blasted the Destroyer apart, his mask dropping and shattering on the ground.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#11) - As the Destroyer's smoldering corpse fell to the ground, a grieving Sharon Carter attempted to free herself from Captain America's hold in an effort to avenge Roger. Unaware they were being watched from afar by Bucky Barnes, Captain America ordered Sharon to get down and sternly confirmed to Sharon that while Roger was now dead, they didn't have to be. An emotional Sharon exclaimed that she would kill MODOK, and Cap admitted he had no doubt in his mind of that but suggested he handle the Outer Circle's Power while Sharon and the other Invaders dealt with MODOK. Sharon agreed, remarking that they would take down MODOK for Roger and from afar, Bucky Barnes whispered "for Roger." After taking down the Power, Captain America spoke, knowing Bucky Barnes could hear him, noting that Roger Aubrey was dead and accusing Barnes of playing Aubrey like a pawn. Barnes, remaining stern, insisted Aubrey had made his own choices and so did Cap based on the clues Barnes himself had left behind. In the aftermath of the battle, Sharon picked up Roger's shattered Destroyer mask and revealed how impressed she had been with Aubrey's actions during the mission, asking Captain America what the point was of Barnes' recent actions if he still let a man like Roger Aubrey burn to death. Cap and Sharon then shared a hug as the other Invaders gathered around Aubrey's corpse. One week later at a cookout, Nick Fury, Jr. discussed with Sharon Carter the need for Captain America to receive some sort of care following Bucky Barnes' recent manipulations and the loss of Roger Aubrey.

(Captain America: Cold War Alpha - BTS) - When the heroic Nomad met his father Captain America for dinner, Nomad admitted his worry for Captain America after Bucky Barnes departed and Roger Aubrey died. Later, after Nomad was captured by Peggy Carter, who appeared to be acting as an agent of Barnes, Sharon Carter informed Misty Knight that Peggy had apparently gone rogue and gotten Roger Aubrey killed in the process.

(Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#12 - BTS) - The Black Widow confronted Bucky Barnes in his guise as the Outer Circle's Revolution, and Barnes claimed that no one was burning by his actions that didn't deserve it, prompting the Black Widow to remind him about Roger Aubrey's death. Barnes responded by insisting that he had nothing to do with Aubrey's death. As the two discussed Barnes' recent actions, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Misty Knight and Sharon Carter were battling monsters from Dimension Z in Alaska and when Sharon took down one of the creatures, she spoke aloud to the deceased Roger Aubrey, asking if he was seeing her destructive actions as the promise he'd once made in regards to his codename.

(Captain America: Cold War Omega - BTS) - As Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter located and confronted Peggy Carter and Bucky Barnes, with Sharon assuming the identity of Destroyer, Peggy remarked that Roger Aubrey would be honored to see Sharon taking over the Destroyer identity.

(Captain America X#750 / 2) - Following Nomad assuming the throne of Dimension Z and Captain America deciding to stay in Dimension Z to assist, Captain America emerged from his self-imposed exile to attend Roger Aubrey's funeral. Regrouping with his then-recent friends, Cap traveled to England and arrived at the funeral service to see several of Aubrey's surviving decades-old and modern era friends and allies. During the service, many of his friends and former teammates spoke about how great Aubrey was and Sharon Carter spoke about how Aubrey had destroyed everything that tried to rule his life and tell him what he couldn't be. Sharon then donned her Destroyer mask and reiterated Aubrey's own words by saying the Destroyer was not a name but a promise. Captain America then walked to the podium and revealed Aubrey's secret love of poetry, reading from a dog-eared page in an old poetry book Cap had found in Aubrey's study. After Cap read the poem aloud, Aubrey's coffin was draped in the British flag and carried to the cemetery by pallbearers Namor, Sharon Carter, the Redacted, Captain America, Captain Wings and Jim Hammond. At the cemetery, Aubrey was laid to rest next to his lover Brian Falsworth with a tombstone that read "Roger Aubrey: A Man of Love and Destroyer of Hate (1919-2023)" (see comments). As the service concluded and attendees were departing, Peggy Carter remained behind to put flowers on Aubrey's grave. She was met by Aubrey's Radio Company friends Pam and John, who offered her an umbrella, stating that there was no need for a friend of Roger's to go through the rain alone and inviting her into Radio Company. A short distance away, Bucky Barnes, having watched Aubrey's service from the shadows, was confronted by Captain America, who admitted Barnes' decision to remove Nomad from the Outer Circle's clutches by having him rule Dimension Z made sense. Cap also assured Barnes that the blame for Aubrey's death no longer rested on Barnes, as Aubrey had willing sacrificed his own life to save others.

(Love Unlimited Infinity Comic#49 (fb) - BTS) - Upon his death, Roger Aubrey left a sizable donation for the establishment of a series of centers designed to help those most in need of inspiration and hope.

(Love Unlimited Infinity Comic#49 - BTS) - Captain America appeared in New York City at the dedication of the inaugural Roger Aubrey Center. While speaking to the visitors, Cap revealed how Aubrey had taught him to never falter and never give in to weakness. Explaining how Aubrey had lived during a time when living his true self was almost impossible and yet, Aubrey had done just that, Captain America remarked that Aubrey's home country of England and the entire world owed a debt to Roger and Brian Falsworth's love, courage and sacrifices. Following the dedication, Captain America met with the attending Aaron Fischer and when Cap mentioned how much the Roger Aubrey Centers could help those in the LGBTQ community like Fischer, Fischer argued that Aubrey's Centers weren't even a drop in the bucket when there were entire states demonizing his community.

(Captain America: Finale#1 - BTS) - Following the destruction of the Outer Circle, Steve Rogers went for a morning run and as he passed the New York Public Library, its entrance was draped with banners recognizing and honoring the fallen Destroyer.

(Thunderbolts V#1 - BTS) - During a battle with the Red Skull, who commented on Sharon Carter choosing the identity of men he claimed to have crushed countless times, Sharon Carter blocked the Skull's attack and exclaimed that both Brian Falsworth and Roger Aubrey said hello.

Comments: Technically created (due to retcon) by an unidentified writer and Mike Sekowsky. Actually created by Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins and Frank Springer.

    Originally, the Destroyer was a singular character, Kevin "Keen" Marlow, who fought during the 1940s but later retcons revealed that the Destroyer identity was actually shared by both Marlow and Briton Brian Falsworth, the lover of Roger Aubrey, who assumed the mantle of the Destroyer himself in 1942 after Brian assumed the mantle of Union Jack from his father. These retcons place Roger Aubrey as the Destroyer in All-Winners Comics I#6 (September, 1942) despite the original story being written as if it were "Keen" Marlow. Since Roger took over the Destroyer identity from Brian Falsworth, he also continued to play along with the ruse that there was only a single Destroyer and thereby shared the Destroyer identity with Marlow much as Brian Falsworth had done. As part of that ruse, one can assume that, in the reference to the Destroyer being Marlow in All-Winners Comics I#6 despite it being retconned that it is actually Roger Aubrey in that story, Roger was merely impersonating "Keene" Marlow to continue the ruse of there being a single Destroyer to confuse the Nazis. This would be the only time Roger would be shown to impersonate "Keen" Marlow.
    Update 7/1/2024: 
The History of the Marvels#1 establishes that Roger Aubrey used the seemingly "fictitious" identity of reporter "Keen" Marlow to disguise his true activities in Germany. This explains why Aubrey is using the Keene Marlow identity in his first appearance in All-Winners Comics I#6. Presumably, he used that identity prior to that story in between his taking on the mantle of Destroyer and that story in All-Winners Comics I#6. He only ever shown using the identity in that one issue so presumably, he got very busy with his Destroyer activities following that story that he simply didn't have time for a dual identity.

    Interesting note about the above mentioned retcon: While the original stories were written (and intended at the time) as if all of the Golden Age Destroyer stories were the same character, the later retcon that there were three different Destroyers active during the 1940s is kind of supported by a line in the Golden Age Destroyer story in Kid Komics I#6 (1944). In that issue, a Nazi leader reports back to his bosses that the Destroyer, "der REAL Destroyer" was there, suggesting that the Nazis had encountered more than one Destroyer at some point and deduced that some might be doubles or stand-ins. Perhaps that line was what inspired the later retcons that there were indeed three different Destroyers ("Keen" Marlowe, Brian Falsworth & Roger Aubrey) with at least two active (Marlowe and either Falsworth or Aubrey, depending on the year) at the same time at any given time during World War II.

    Perhaps due to outdated Comics Code Authority restrictions or even social culture at the time of his earlier comic book appearances, Roger Aubrey's homosexuality was not even hinted at until 2001's Citizen V & the V-Battalion#1 and even then, it was ONLY hinted at by a off-handed statement thought by Andrea Sterman, who noted the swapping of heroic identities between Brian Falsworth and Roger Aubrey sounded "gayer" than it really was. Prior to that, Brian and Roger had only been referred to as "good friends" and the like despite there seeming to be some unstated homosexual undertones. In the flashback to 1953 seen in Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1 (2002), it was more blatant when, at the funeral of Brian Falsworth, Roger becomes angry at some of the other V-Battalion members and nearly blurts out that his lover had just died in his arms before stopping himself. It was outright stated and officially confirmed that Brian and Roger were lovers in the Destroyer entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age 2004 (2004).
    So, the real reason that Roger Aubrey's homosexuality wasn't hinted at until 2001 and confirmed until 2002 is that he is a fictional character, and that he was not originally written to be homosexual. I am not trying to argue that Roger is not gay by any stretch of the imagination, just detailing the history of the character--Snood.
    Our own Loki details it best as follows:

When I worked on the Union Jack profiles I came across Roy Thomas' statement about this, and back in 2014 Paul Cornell sent a writer working on a paper discussing LGBT (and especially T) representation in comics, who asked me the same question. So here's what I said to her:destroyeraubrey-tied

No, it wasn't in the Invaders. It was in either Thunderbolts circa 2000 or a mini-series that spun off from Thunderbolts, Citizen V and the V-Battalion (2001). The modern day Roger Aubrey was reintroduced and it was revealed that he and Brian had been lovers. This was definitely made clear in Citizen V, but it might have been mentioned in Thunderbolts - I'd have to re-check the issues to be sure. Both were by writer Fabian Nicieza, who, when asked about the reveal, said he was just confirming something he felt the Invaders writers had hinted at but been unable to openly say back in 1976. However, Roy Thomas subsequently stated that he hadn't intended to hint anything like this - he's introduced GLBT characters since then, but it wasn't on his mind when he was writing Destroyer and Union Jack, who he considered just close friends. There is one Invaders issue, #34, which focuses on the pair somewhat and which was written by Don Glut instead of Roy, and I know some people cite some of the art in that as evidence of the creators hinting at them being lovers, but it is unconfirmed and I'd be surprised if the artist, Allan Kupperberg, who worked with Roy on several other issues, would have snuck in something so major for Don Glut, a guest writer, without at least mentioning it to Roy.

Back to current response: In terms of Invaders#34 the "evidence" cited is literally a single panel (see the image to the right):

Allegedly the way Roger looks at Brian, and the fact the text says they were "close" friends, are clear hints that they were a gay couple. Me, I think that's stretching worthy of Mr. Fantastic. 

I'll check over the profile and give feedback. Off the top of my head the handbook entries for the characters make it clear which Destroyer was which in the Golden Age stories, and the general decision was that any of the stories that depicted the Destroyer working back in the U.S.A. were Marlow and the ones set in Europe subsequent to the first U.S. adventure were Brian and then Roger.

And then Jacob correctly detailed the information as first hinted and then confirmed in Citizen V and the V Battalion#1 and Citizen V and the V Battalion: The Everlasting#1, respectively.

    In his Golden Age appearances, the colors of the Destroyer's costume would sometimes randomly change, as evident by two different images utilized above (and the one to the left here). For example, when he first shows up in the All-Winners Comics I#8 story, his trunks are inexplicably colored pink, and later in that same issue, his face is colored Caucasian rather than his usually gray mask. Although one could argue that one, as it occurred moments after a large bomb blast and the force of the blast could have loosened the Destroyer's face mask. He's seen with the mask in the next panel though he could have corrected the issue. It's more likely, however, that it was just a coloring error. In one panel of USA Comics I#8, his skullcap appears white instead of its usual red (see image at left).

    Despite being referred to as Captain Krause throughout the story in All-Winners Comics I#9, the Destroyer (& the narrator) refers to Krause as "Storm" on the last page of the story. Since Krause's main soldier ally was never identified, perhaps "Storm" is his name...?

    Roger Aubrey's Crusaders group was created as a counterpart to DC's Freedom Fighters, a group of heroes formerly owned by Quality Comics. Each of the members of the Crusaders mirrored a DC / Quality character. For example, Captain Wings=Black Condor, Dyna-Mite (Roger Aubrey)=Doll Man, Ghost Girl=Phantom Lady, Tommy Lightning=The Ray, the Spirit of '76=The Fighting Yank and Thunderfist=The Human Bomb. In fact, the entire story in Invaders I#14-15 (1977) was sort of an unofficial DC crossover in the sense that DC characters of the same group name appeared in Freedom Fighters#7-9 (1977) and each of DC's Crusaders characters mirrored Marvel's Invaders characters: Americommando=Captain America, Barracuda=Namor the Sub-Mariner, Fireball=Human Torch, Rusty=Bucky and Sparky=Toro.

    It's been established that Roger Aubrey became Dyna-Mite in early 1942 and by 1942's end (around Fall going into Winter), he had taken up the mantle of the Destroyer. However, in Invaders I#14, in which Dyna-Mite & the Crusaders first meet the Invaders, Captain America makes a reference to the "Casablanca" movie, a film he claims to have seen "last week." According to real life facts, "Casablanca" first released in November 1942 with a more wide release occurring in January 1943. So either Dyna-Mite & the Crusaders didn't meet the Invaders until sometime between November 1942-January 1943, or the "Casablanca" movie released nearly a year earlier on Earth-616 than it did in real life reality (Earth-1218 for you novices)....

    On one panel in Thunderbolts I#40, Roger Aubrey was miscolored to resemble the Thunderbolts' Atlas, with his hair and eyes colored to match Atlas' (red and red, respectively). Similarly, Roger Aubrey's hair is mistakenly colored brown in Thunderbolts I#46 & #48 (where his eyes were also mistakenly colored brown). His eyes also seemed to be colored brown throughout his appearances in the New Invaders series but that could easily be written off as artistic interpretation.

    Citizen V & the V-Battalion I#3 suggested Aubrey had an antagonistic past with the original android Human Torch and it was insinuated that the reason why was well-known but I could find no issue prior to that where Aubrey and the Torch had problems with one another.

    In New Invaders I#2, the Thin Man shows the android Human Torch his Infiltrator ship and at one point shows a bunch of screens showing scenes of the various allies the new Invaders had made. Roger Aubrey is present on the screen in his V-Battalion-era Destroyer costume and the Thin Man mentions that Aubrey was one of the first recruited into the new Invaders' allies. However, Aubrey's last appearance before that issue (Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#4) ends with him saying he was tired of being a Destroyer and he quits the V-Battalion. Apparently, he wasn't TOO tired of being a Destroyer because he was fairly soon after recruited into the new Invaders' allies in his Destroyer guise. The Thin Man introduces him as Roger Aubrey the Destroyer, former head of the V-Battalion, so his recruitment into the allies of the new Invaders clearly occurred after he left the V-Battalion so I guess he just decided to not quite retire the Destroyer identity. Additionally, one of the screens the Thin Man shows also shows Citizen V and Iron Cross but Helmut Gruler, the Iron Cross who was with the V-Battalion and who wore the particular armor shown, was dead at that point. It's unclear who this Iron Cross is but whoever it was allied with Citizen V and possibly the V-Battalion. It seems unlikely to be Oskar Mors, who seemingly died in 1945, as even if he had survived getting hit with the German V-3, he would be very very old in the modern era plus, as a Nazi, he probably would not be palling around with Citizen V and aiding the new Invaders. There was a modern era Iron Cross that debuted in 2010 but it seems unlikely to be that person either due to that Iron Cross' neo-Nazi alliances. My theory is that the Iron Cross seen on the screen in New Invaders I#2 (and at Jim Hammond's funeral in New Invaders I#9, standing behind Captain America) was a new Iron Cross serving the V-Battalion, having succeeded Helmut Gruler upon Gruler's death and possibly outfitted with Gruler's own armor. Perhaps it was a relative of Gruler's or some other form of legacy hero...maybe even Helmut's daughter Clare, who later wore a variation of Helmut's armor in the All-New Invaders series before being transformed into a robot-like form by dormant Inhuman genes. Given that her nickname while wearing the armor was "the Iron Man of Germany," perhaps it was Clare wearing Helmut's old armor, which she later modified to appear more feminine (given the masculine nickname) before eventually transforming into robot-like form. It being Clare actually makes logical sense since many of the V-Battalion members were legacy heroes, the children of WWII era heroes. That being the case, it would make sense for her to perhaps hang around with V-Battalion to honor her father and perhaps was given his armor following his death or something like that, much in the way that Dallas Riordan briefly became the new Citizen V as part of her own V-Battalion legacy.

    In his New Invaders appearances, Roger Aubrey was seen alongside a man named Nigel but it was unclear if Nigel was simply a close friend or if he was a lover. They attended the Dymhurst Pride festival together but during the fest, Nigel berated Aubrey for being grumpy despite being surrounded by several single men, which might suggest Nigel wasn't Aubrey's lover since he was insinuating Aubrey could meet someone at the fest. Nonetheless, Nigel was seen by Aubrey's side when Aubrey visited Brian Falsworth's grave at the end of New Invaders I#5 and was seen next to Aubrey during Jim Hammond's funeral in New Invaders I#9. So while Nigel suggesting Aubrey could meet someone at the Pride festival could be a clue that Nigel was not Aubrey's lover, the fact that he was by Aubrey's side throughout those appearances seems to suggest that Nigel might have been more than friends. No definitive answer was given in those issues and during his Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II appearances, Roger mentions Brian Falsworth as the only man he ever loved...

    The Marvel Database Wiki states that Roger Aubrey appears in a photo as the Destroyer in Agents of Atlas I#3. However, I believe the character the Marvel Database Wiki thinks is the Destroyer is actually the Golden Age hero known as the Terror, given the demonic / skull-like face and prominent widow's peak hairline. While Aubrey DID eventually adopt a costume with a more demon-like mask, that was not until much later, closer to the modern era. As for the Terror, sure, his powers were essentially faded by 1959 when Jimmy Woo was assembling his FBI team but Jimmy was reviewing an old FBI photo of the Terror and may not have known the Terror was no longer active at that time...OR maybe the Terror WAS still active and had only told She-Hulk that his powers faded "after a year or so" because by the time he met She-Hulk, he was elderly and could have been misremembering the exact time frame his powers disappeared. He was also an amnesiac when he first became the Terror so perhaps due to that affliction, he may have ongoing memory problems. Either that or like I suggested, Jimmy Woo was simply working off old data because the Terror had not been seen in awhile by 1959. At any rate, there are a few photos Woo was reviewing that aren't seen 100% in the Agents of Atlas issue (some, we only see an arm or part of a body due to other photos covering them up). I see no reason why one of those partially obscured photos could not be the Destroyer. Aubrey was still active in 1959, after all, as part of the V-Battalion.

    In winter 1943, the Red Skull used a Cosmic Cube to conquer Earth. However, soldier Paul Anselm subsequently used the Cosmic Cube to restore Earth-616 to normal, diverging the Red Skull-conquered world into Earth-93198. During the reality restoration, Anselm used the Cosmic Cube to summon numerous Allied superheroes to battle the Skull in Avengers / Invaders#12, one of which was Roger Aubrey in his Dyna-Mite identity. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z TPB Vol. 3 Crusaders entry update text suggests that some of these heroes summoned by Anselm could be Cosmic Cube-created facsimiles of the actual heroes. I believe that to be the case with Dyna-Mite and pretty much all of the Crusaders seen in that issue for a couple of reasons: 1) The Crusaders disbanded in 1942 and most of the group lost their special abilities and equipment when Nazi agent Alfie died, 2) The Spirit of '76 is shown flying in Avengers / Invaders#12 and he cannot fly and 3) Roger Aubrey took over the identity of the Destroyer around the middle of 1942 so by winter 1943, he would have no longer been using the identity of Dyna-Mite but rather, the Destroyer. If anything, the Destroyer seen in Avengers / Invaders#12 would have been either the real Aubrey, the real Keen Marlow or another Cosmic Cube-created facsimile, with the Union Jack present in that scene being Brian Falsworth. Either way, the Dyna-Mite and Crusaders present there would have been facsimiles created by the Cube for the reasons described above. One might argue that it was the Earth-93198 counterpart of Aubrey that was the Dyna-Mite in that issue but I don't think that works either, for the same reasons I gave (since Earth-93198 diverged from Earth-616's own history and I've established why it couldn't be the Earth-616 Aubrey as Dyna-Mite there). Also, I don't believe the heroes / facsimiles summoned by Paul Anselm were native to the diverged Earth-93198 reality but rather, heroes and / or facsimiles summoned from the unaltered, non-divergent Earth-616. Basically, on Earth-616 (restored to normal by a Captain America-wielded Cosmic Cube), history played out with the heroes being present to defeat the Skull whereas in the divergent Earth-93198, the Skull succeeded in conquering the world and many of those Golden Age heroes were killed. As such, I've included a mention of the Avengers / Invaders issue in Aubrey's history with a note to see this particular comment for an explanation of what exactly had happened.

    In Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty II#9, Roger Aubrey claims he was jealous of Brian Falsworth's codename of the Destroyer when they first started seeing each other, as he was dubbed Dyna-Mite. However, that statement doesn't exactly match up chronologically. Brian and Roger had known each other for years by the time Brian became the Destroyer and while Roger did had the nickname Dyna-Mite, he didn't take it as a codename until he was brainwashed in 1942, also years after he and Brian became friends then lovers. One might try to argue that Brian and Roger had been friends for years before becoming lovers but even that doesn't exactly work because the brainwashing of Roger as Dyna-Mite lead directly into the events in which Lord Falsworth and Spitfire bring Roger to Germany and his memory is restored upon seeing Brian (suggesting the two already had a strong closeness, which later learn was more than just friends) and by the end of the adventure in Germany, Brian had become the new Union Jack and Roger, the new Destroyer. Roger couldn't have been jealous of the Destroyer name when he first started seeing Brian because he'd met Brian years before Brian became the Destroyer. A few modern Handbook entries (and a few later retcons) mention Brian and Roger being lovers prior to the two being captured in Nazi Germany (the point in which Roger was shrunk down in size to use Dyna-Mite as a codename & Brian first became the Destroyer). Therefore, Roger might've been jealous of the Destroyer codename but it couldn't have been when they first met or started seeing each other because Brian wasn't using that name at that point. I'm leaning more towards Aubrey's remarks were meant to reference the first time he saw Brian after his memory was restored not the actual first time they'd met or starting seeing each other. That seems to make more sense, as when Roger first saw Brian again, he was using the Dyna-Mite codename and Brian was the Destroyer.

    In later years, Roger Aubrey wore glasses when not in costume. While it was never explained in-story, it seems likely that he had special lenses in his Destroyer costume to account for the vision issues so that he could still see properly while in action.

    Captain America X#750 (September, 2023) shows Roger Aubrey's funeral and the Love Unlimited Infinity Comic#49 (May, 2023) shows Captain America dedicating the inaugural Roger Aubrey Center, the first in a series of centers that Aubrey had left money aside to found upon his death. Therefore, despite being published online several months earlier than Captain America X#750 (Roger's funeral), the Love Unlimited Infinity Comic takes place after Captain America X#750 because it deals with the aftermath of Aubrey's death & funeral.

    Roger Aubrey's death date of 2023 is topical due to Marvel's sliding time scale.

    Modern stories have established that Montgomery, Lord Falsworth never truly approved of Roger's relationship with his son Brian, even to the point of Lord Falsworth not allowing Roger to take up Brian (and earlier Lord Falsworth's himself)'s identity as Union Jack following Brian's death. If that's the case, then Lord Falsworth must have deliberately tried to ignore the fact that Brian and Roger were lovers, as there are several stories that show Lord Falsworth aiding both Roger and Brian while only referring to them as "close friends" rather than lovers and, in most cases, straight up seeming to be completely unaware that they were lovers. Perhaps the outdated and probably less-than-accepting, elderly Lord Falsworth convinced himself that Brian and Roger were only friends in denial of the fact that his son was gay, to the point that he outright feigned ignorance of the fact. After all, it was a time period during which homosexuality was not very accepted in society. That would explain why Lord Falsworth seemed unaware that Brian was gay at Brian's funeral as seen in Citizen V & the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1. Lord Falsworth mentioned how hard Roger must be taking Brian's death given their close friendship, prompting Roger to mutter to himself about how Lord Falsworth had no idea how close they were. Clearly, Lord Falsworth was somewhat aware of it, as he subsequently prevented Roger was taking up the mantle of Union Jack following Brian's death and again, it was established later that Lord Falsworth had never approved of Brian's relationship with Roger. Perhaps Lord Falsworth had no actual ill will towards Roger (given that he did help restore his memories & normal size during the Invaders stories) but just didn't approve of his homosexual relationship with Brian without ever stating his disapproval outright, instead outwardly feigning ignorance of Brian's relationship with Roger. That might also explain why Lord Falsworth declined to allow Roger to assume the role of Union Jack using the excuse that Roger should find an identity better suited to him rather than outright stating his disapproval of Roger. Perhaps Lord Falsworth loved his son Brian but blinded himself to Brian's homosexuality, allowing Brian to assume the mantle of Union Jack from him because Brian was his beloved son but not Roger, who was Brian's homosexual lover.

    In New Invaders I#5 and only New Invaders I#5, Roger displayed the ability to shrink down to a size of 12 inches, an ability he admitted he rarely used. Whether this was an ability he developed over time or if it was an ability he had since his time as the Dyna-Mite remains to be seen...

    Though we never saw them interact (for obvious reasons), he's presumably affiliated with Keen Marlow to some degree - they must have co-ordinated if only just a little to maintain their pretence of being a single individual. - Loki


    It's feasible that the Destroyer in The Twelve#1 was Marlow rather than Aubrey, though the latter is more likely. - Loki


    According to The Marvels Project#7, Brian Falsworth only went to Germany in 1941, and as a spy under the name of Keen Marlow, rather than in 1938 under his own name as a would-be appeaser. However, this tale was the account given in the Angel's diary, and that in turn was based on events Angel wasn't present for and so only pieced together from tales he had heard from others, so it's the very definition of an unreliable narrator. Notably Angel's version doesn't explain Roger's presence. It is possible there is some truth to Angel's account, and perhaps Brian AND Roger went to Germany in 1938 as spies but under the guise of being appeasers; however, that then begs the question of why they tried to flee when war broke out instead of posing as collaborators. I suspect that the real world reason for this attempt to retcon the timeline was that Marvels Project writer Ed Brubaker wanted Steve Rogers to be the first person to take a Super Soldier serum; however, there are others who pre-date Rogers regardless (cf Protocide). For my money, Brian and Roger went to Germany in 1938 as appeasers, were arrested when war broke out in September 1939, and Roger was a victim of Nazi experimentation and mind-control from 1939/1940 until freed in 1942; if Angel's diary is considered the more accurate account, then Brian went to Germany as a spy after war broke out, was captured, gained his powers in 1941, and though not mentioned presumably the same details hold true for Roger, making him a Nazi pawn for only a few months. - Loki

    I concur with the comment that it's the Terror in the photos in Agents of Atlas I#3, not the Destroyer. - Loki


    In terms of Montgomery not permitting Roger to take up the mantle of Union Jack, that might have had more to do with Montgomery considering it a family legacy and Roger wasn't a Falsworth. Yes, Montgomery eventually let Joe Chapman take up the mantle over his grandson Kenneth Crichton, but that was decades later when Montgomery had time to rethink his position, plus Montgomery was barely clinging to life when that decision was made and so in no position to raise objections. And once Joe had helped slay Baron Blood, the dying Montgomery would have recognised Joe had earned the title and hardly be so churlish as to waste his final moments demanding Joe surrender the costume to someone who didn't even want it. - Loki

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Destroyer
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