Real Name: Andrea Sterman

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Psychologist, author

Group Membership: Commission on Superhuman Activities, V-Battalion

Affiliations: Jeremiah Albuquerque, "Bucky", Captain America, Giscard Epurer, Vernon Hatchway, Nomad, Jack Norriss, U.S. Agent

Enemies: Henry Peter Gyrich

Known Relatives: Unnamed husband (divorced), unnamed son

Aliases: "Andie"

Base of Operations: Castle Masada, Symkaria
Formerly, the Commission on Superhuman Activities' headquarters, Washington, D.C.

First Appearance: Nomad I#2 (December, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Andrea has remarkable psychoanalysis and deductive powers, and is a natural story-teller.

History: (Nomad I#2 (fb, BTS))- Andrea Sterman was a dedicated psychiatrist, so absorbed in her work that she wound up driving away her husband and son, shutting them out of her world. She eventually came to be employed by the Commission on Superhuman Activities.

(Nomad I#2)- Andrea was employed by the CSA to psychoanalyze the vigilante Nomad for them, but after learning about his past, she wound up siding with him.

(Nomad I#4)- Andrea was present when the CSA had Captain America capture Nomad for them. Andrea felt guilty for aiding the Commission, and when she spied on Nomad's confrontation with Major-General Sokolowski, she learned that the U.S. government had helped develop its S.I.C.C.A.E.L. gun only to sell it to Cuba. She passed this on to Captain America, and he broke Nomad out of his cell so that they could stop the S.I.C.C.A.E.L. from being transferred to Russia. Nomad placed his adopted daughter "Bucky" into Andrea's care during the battle, then took her back after the gun had been destroyed.

(Nomad II#1)- Andrea was debriefed by the Commission, and reprimanded for helping Nomad escape them. Gyrich reassigned her to assist S.H.I.E.L.D. and the FBI in bringing Nomad to justice.

(Nomad II#2)- Andrea met Jack Norriss of S.H.I.E.L.D. who was to be her ally, and they met up with the U.S. Agent in Los Angeles to begin their hunt for Nomad.

(Nomad II#3)- Sterman and Norriss observed the U.S. Agent's first battle with Nomad, which ended with Nomad fleeing the scene. Later, they met up with Jeremiah Albuquerque, their S.H.I.E.L.D. contact on the west coast, and planned to stakeout Nomad's hotel. This time, Nomad took Andrea hostage, but he let her go when Albuquerque offered to get the CSA off his back if he would assassinate the Slug for them.

(Nomad II#22)- Norriss helped Andrea get into the Commission's files, and she learned about how Nomad's hometown of Clutier, Iowa was the site of a Nazi ring in Nomad's childhood.

(Nomad II#23)- Andrea and Norriss met with Giscard Epurer, who revealed to them that Bartholomew Ingrid was behind the attempts at a government-level to have Nomad killed.

(Nomad II#24)- Andrea and Norriss uncovered information in the CSA's files revealing that the FBI had set up Jack Monroe to become Bucky in the 1950's, and were aware that he would become mentally unstable.

(Nomad II#25)- After Nomad apparently died in a confrontation with Bartholomew Ingrid, Andrea quit her job the next day, and wound up writing a book about Nomad entitled "American Dreamer: the Lives and Deaths of Jack Monroe."

(Thunderbolts I#41)- Andrea was approached by Bob Haggerty, who wanted her to investigate the death of his sister, who he suspected had been slain by the U.S. government.

(Thunderbolts I#43)- Andrea visited Colin Hume in London and questioned him about his history at Roxxon, having determined that Haggery's sister had been slain by a bullet made of "hard air," such as those Hume created when he was the super-hero Windshear.

(Thunderbolts I#44)- Andrea met with Jack Norriss, and he informed her of a CSA project called "Alpha-32," which was connected to Roxxon's studies of Windshear's powers.

(Thunderbolts I#45)- Andrea met with Miles Warton of the Commission and questioned him about Omega-32.

(Thunderbolts I#46)- Andrea met with Hatchway, and confronted him on Nomad's seeming death, having pieced together that Hatchway had placed Nomad into suspended animation. However, Nomad had gone missing from the storage site.

(Thunderbolts I#47)- Andrea met up with Haggerty again, and showed him what she had determined to be the reason why his sister was killed-- that she had discovered Henry Peter Gyrich's plan to assassinate every superhuman on Earth.

(Thunderbolts I#48)- Andrea was sure by now that Nomad was the new Scourge, but was nearly slain by an agent of Gyrich's, using a hard air bullet. She was saved by Roger Aubrey of the V-Battalion, who took her with him for her own safety.

(Thunderbolts I#49)- Andrea was brought by Aubrey to Castle Masada in Symkaria to meet with Valerie Cooper and the V-Battalion, as they pieced together the conspiracy begun by Gyrich.

(Citizen V and the V-Battalion#1-3)- Essentially a prisoner of the V-Battalion now, Andrea remained with the team aboard their ship the Vanguard, and observed their conflict with Baron Strucker, the man who had controlled Gyrich into launching the Alpha-32 program. Andrea attempted to convince Elizabeth Barstow of the Penance Council to stand up to Aubrey, but she was quickly quieted.

(Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#1-4)- Andrea observed the V-Battalion during their confrontation with Marduk, and his attempt to have Flag-Smasher ignite a world war. She again attempted to stand up to Aubrey, opposing his intention of killing the Collective Man, who was being used as a pawn by Marduk, but Aubrey again ignored her. Aubrey ultimately retired as the V-Battalion's leader at the conclusion of the conflict.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, James Fry III and Mark McKenna.

by Prime Eternal

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