Membership: Automaton, Banzai, Firestryke, Harvester, Victor Sternwood (leader), Tanuta Umbotha

Purpose: Mercenaries

Affiliations: Allies: Otomo and Otomocorp (employers); formerly Mys-Tech

Enemies: Gene Dogs (Cat, Howitzer, Kestrel, Pacer, Panther, Tyr), Hurricane (Albert Potter), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Knights of Pendragon, Mys-Tech (Crowe)

Base of Operations: formerly Otomocorp HQ (Siberia), formerly Mys-Tech Central, below the Museum of Pagan Antiquities, London, England

Aliases: Mys-Tech Strike Force Unit Q7

First Appearance: Knights of Pendragon II#2 (August, 1992)

History: The origins of the group and individual members are for the most part unrevealed. Harvester, Sternwood, andTanuta were former agents of Mys-Tech, and some or all were most likely empowered or enhanced by their research laboratories. At some point they left Mys-Tech, and began working as mercenaries. They were employed by Otomo, CEO of Otomocorp.

(Knights of Pendragon II#2) - Harvester, Sternwood, and Tanuta were dispatched by Mys-Tech to search for Union Jack III. However, they encountered and were overpowered by Iron Man, who was involved in an adventure with the Knights at that time, and they were teleported away by Mys-Tech.

(Gene Dogs#1) - Otomo learned of a powerful weapon known as the Gene Scanner, from information deliberately leaked by Mys-Tech. Otomo dispatched the Q7 Strike Force to the Nakasoni Corporation, a subsidiary of Mys-Tech, to obtain the Scanner. Q7 was opposed by the Gene Dogs, who were sent by S.T.O.R.M. (Special Task Force Omega Response Mandate) to prevent Otomo from obtaining the Scanner. The Gene Dogs ended up with the Scanner, but one of their members, Panther, was killed by Banzai in the process

(Gene Dogs#2) - Mys-Tech sent Hurricane III to steal the Gene Scanner from STORM. Suyin, a spy within Mys-Tech loyal to Otomo, leaked this information to Otomo (This also was deliberately allowed by Crowe, a Mys-Tech Techno-Wizard). Otomo sent Q7 to ambush Hurricane and bring him and the Scanner back to Otomocorp HQ in Siberia.

(Gene Dogs#3) - Sternwood enjoyed torturing the seemingly helpless Hurricane, who absorbed the energy, broke free, and took mental control of Q7. The Gene Dogs arrived to attempt to retrieve the Scanner, and defeated Q7 by linking their minds through Cat. The Gene Dogs were defeated by Hurricane, and imprisoned alongside Q7.

(Gene Dogs#4) - The members of Q7 teamed up with the Gene Dogs, and were freed by Otomo to oppose Hurricane, who now had control of the Gene Scanner. The combined group traveled to Otomocorp Space Station, from which Hurricane planned to use the Gene Scanner to mutate large portions of Earth's population. Again united mentally by Cat, the group defeated Hurricane, at which Otomo attempted to activate the Scanner for his own use against Mys-Tech. However, Otomo learned too late that the Scanner was actually a bomb designed to destroy its user when activated, a plan of Mys-Tech (specifically Crowe) to rid themselves of Otmo's competition. Tanuta teleported the Gene Dogs and Hurricane to safety outside Otomocorp HQ, and it is presuemd she teleported her own allies to another location.

COMMENTS: The Q7 team, Harvester, Sternwood, and Tanuta created by John Tomlinson and Phil Gascoine.

Automaton, Banzai, and Firestryke created by John Freeman and David Taylor.

I have no idea what the Q7 stands represents, other than to illustrate the fact that Mys-Tech is so extensive, that it has had hundreds of Strike Force units, possibly.

Sternwood's first name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Q7 has no connection to:

Firestryke should be differentiated from:

Harvester should be differentiated from:

  • Harvester, an extra-terrestrial whom Nate Grey sacrificed his life to stop, @ X-Man#75
  • Harvester from Beyond, a Sm'ggani who used dirt from under the hulk's fingernails to refertilize his home planet, @ Incredible Hulk II#230
  • Harvestor, Johnny Farmer, transformed by the black magic, @ Midnight Sons Unlimited#1

Automaton is apparently from the far future. It was once a man, but had his very self downloaded into robot form to fight in a war. It was brought back from the far future by Mys-Tech's dimension hopping pillagers, the Warheads. It was intercepted and stolen by Q7, who brought it to Otomocorp. The "robot" was reprogrammed to follow Sternwood's orders, but after being damaged in battle with Howitzer, its old memories overwrote its current observations, causing it to see everyone around it as an enemy in its former war. It blasted at friend and foe alike until subdued by Sternwood. It was reprogrammed and joined in their subsequent efforts, although it was blown apart by Hurricane when he escaped. It began running repair routines.

It is composed of a dense metal carapace, possesses superhuman strength and durability, and can fire energy blasts. It can rebuild and repair itself even from extensive damage. --Gene Dogs#1 (2-4



 Banzai ( ) killed Panther, ambushing her and impaling her with his sword.

He possesses training in the martial arts, is a master swordsman, and trained in stealth. He can mirror his surroundings like a chameleon, becoming virtually invisible at will. --Gene Dogs#1 (2-4



Firestryke can generate and project flame. --Gene Dogs#1 (2-4



Harvester is apparently a robot.

It possesses great superhuman strength and durability, and remains silent during combat. Its exo-skeleton is necessary to contain its internal energies and prevent it from overloading.--Knights of Pendragon II#2 (Gene Dogs#1-4





Victor Sternwood is team leader..He is ruthless and sadisitic, but has a relationship with Tanuta.

He is skilled at armed and unarmed combat, uses a variety of bladed weapons, wrist-blasters, and occasionally an armored exo-skeleton

--Knights of Pendragon II#2 (Gene Dogs#1-4





Tanuta Umbotha is the lover of Sternwood, although she has some past history with Howitzer, of the Gene Dogs. She has been seen as a bloodthirsty killer, but she usually acts as one of the more calm and controlled influences on the team.

She uses a teleport mechanism able to transport herself and large groups of people over at least orbital distances. She is skilled in armed and unarmed combat, and uses a variety of energy weapons.

--Knights of Pendragon II#2 (GeneDogs#1-4

Knights of Pendragon II#2 (August, 1992) - Dan Abnett & John Tomlinson (writers), Phil Gascoine (pencils), Adolfo Buylla (inks)
Gene Dogs#1-4 (October, 1993 - January, 1994) - John Freeman (writer), David Taylor (pencils), Stephen Baskerville (inks)

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