Real Name: Dalton Beck

Identity/Class: Human/Criminal

Occupation: Arson Investigator, criminal

Group Membership: Heavy Mettle

Affiliations: Heavy Mettle, Joe Manfredi

Enemies: New Warriors

Known Relatives: Unnamed father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: New Warriors II#2 (November, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Firestrike has the ability to produce fire from his costume

History: (New Warriors II#1 - BTS) - Puts a warehouse on fire.

(New Warriors II#2) - At a bar in New York City, talks with his boss, Joe Manfredi. Manfredi orders Firestrike to get the New Warrior Turbo's costume. Firestrike asks if Manfredi cares whether or not the girl's alive when he get it.

(New Warriors II#3) - In his civil identity as an arson investigator, reads his file on Turbo, iwhen she comes through the door. When ask if he isn't a little too young to be an arson investigator, ansers that he is fresh out of college.

(New Warriors II#4) - As Dalton Beck comes to the burning New Warriors headquaters, , talks with Turbo. After the New Warriors leaves, calls Joe Manfredi on the phone and tells him that he has some information for him. Later as Firestrike manage to set-up the New Warriors, alongside the rest of the Heavy Mettle, attacks the New Warriors, fights Turbo, escapes alongside the rest of his team. Later as Dalton introduces the New Warriors to their new headquaters an old firehouse.

(New Warriors II#6) - As Dalton Beck calls Joe Manfredi to tell him, that the costume is as good as his. Meets with Turbo, they decides to go out ice-skating, but their plans are stopped when a bomb goes off nearby. Turbo and Dalton rushes to the place, and sees that a subway station has been hit, they tries to save the people, but are buried beneath alot of bricks alongside the rest of the passangers, but are in no danger. When the Moloids comes, one of the passangers panics and begins to shot at them, but Dalton Beck manage to disarm him, and without anyone seeing, keeps the gun. After Turbo, Nita, Human Torch and himself has manage to save the people from the subway explosion, returns with Turbo to her home, where she finally confides in him, taking off her costume, revealing her true identity, all at the same time as Dalton is holding the gun behind his back.

(New Warriors II#7) - While Turbo is standing with her back to Dalton Beck, he is pointing a gun to her head. She tells him how she feels about him, and it's nice to finally be with someone, who likes you for what you're not as a super-heor and friend of the New Warriors, but likes her as her. Dalton himself decides he can't shot Mickey, and instead of shooting her, he kisses her when she turns around. Later he meets with Joe Manfredi, Joe asks Firestrike why he hasn't got the Turbo costume yet, Dalton lies and tells him that Turbo doesn't trust him yet, which Joe has a hard time believeing. Later Dalton and Mickey meets for a run in the park, he tells her that his father is a retired fireman, and that no one in his family ever asked him what he wanted to be, just assuming he was to step in his father's footsteps. Later Mickey as Turbo takes a stop at Dalton's apartment before her barbecue at the New Warriors. There she sees Dalton taking on the costume of Firestrike finally learning the true about the man whom she has come to like very much. She attacks him, but he tells her, that he won't fight her, and that he think he loves her. Turbo brings him to the New Warriors barbecue and leaves him with her teammates. Aegis is so angry at Dalton that he hits him, but the rest of his teammates stops him. Later the same evening Dalton helps bring his former teammates the Heavty Mettle down, who are all send to jail, Turbo says to Detective Avery that Dalton was laso one of them and he is also send to jail. Later Mickey visits Dalton in jail, only to learn that in order to get to Joe Manfredi, he has joined the witness protection program, and that this is the last time they will ever see each other

Comments: Created By Jay Faerber & Steve Scott

Profile by: The Beetle

Firestrike is not to be confused with:


New Warriors II#2-3 (November-December, 1999) - Jay Faerber (writer), Steve Scott & Chris Renaud (#3) (pencils), Walden Wong (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
New Warriors II#4 (January, 2000) - Jay Faerber (writer), Karl Kerschl (pencils), Walden Wong (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
New Warriors II#6-7 (March, 2000) - Jay Faerber (writer), Jason Armstrong (#6) & Jamal Igle (#7) (pencils), Walden Wong (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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