MEMBERSHIP: (From left to right) The Hooded One, Burning Snake, and Goat Child

PURPOSE: Unknown, possibly providing cryptic advice or righting cosmic wrongs; 




AFFILIATIONS: Five Who Are All (former members, defunct); Dr. Glitternight and Fire-Eyes (formerly teamed with them in the Five Who Are All); Brother Voodoo, Raymond Coker, Jack Russell (Werewolf), Topaz

ENEMIES: Dr. Glitternight

BASE of OPERATIONS: An unidentified extradimensional realm

FIRST APPEARANCE: Werewolf by Night I#38 (May, 1976)

HISTORY: Originally, at least thousands, if not millions of years ago, in a region outside of reality, there were the Five Who Are All (or should that be the Five Who Were All? hmmm...).  Their origins, purpose, and nature remain a mystery.

(Werewolf by Night I#40 [fb]) - At some point, under unrevealed circumstances, one of the Five, later known on Earth as Glitternight, turned against the other four.  Glitternight drove one of the remaining four away from the group, and imprisoned it within his own dark soul.  

    The other three; The Hooded One, Burning Snake, and Goat Child; actively battled him, in a war of such magnitude that "entire worlds were created and destroyed in the course of that battle...for we are unimaginably huge by the standards of your continuum.  Giant planets served us as weapons, boulders to be hurled!  Some were shattered with such force that fragments were sent careening into other cosmos...even to your own, there to rest evermore as asteroids--celestial monuments to our cosmic combat!  Glitternight was defeated in mere minutes, although eons had transpired within your reality.  For punishment, Glitternight was reduced to a size so small that he could be seen within our reality by no eyes save our own," and he was banished to Earth.  

    The remaining members became the Three Who Are All, but they could only indirectly affect Earth's dimension.

(Werewolf by Night I#29, 31, 32-BTS) - Raymond Coker traveled to Haiti, in an effort to learn how to combat zuvembies (zombies). (His own great-grandfather had become one and had killed several of his other family members.)  He followed the trail to Jeesala of de Thousand Years, an old voodoo priestess living out in the middle of nowhere.  Jeesala immediately recognized Coker as having suffered from lycanthropy (werewolf-ism), but told him she could not help against the zuvembie.

(Werewolf by Night I#38) - The Hooded One appeared to Jack Russell in a cabin in the woods of Northern California.  It rambled on about their being reasons for the Great Flood and Noah's Arc, and the death of JFK, for volcanic eruptions, for the bombing of Hiroshima, for the sun exploding less than 200 years in the future...and a reason why Russell must aid the Three.  It soon faded away, and Russell thought it was perhaps just an hallucination.

At the same time, another of the Three, Burning Snake, appeared before Coker in the hut of Jeesala, instructing him to find Jericho Drumm (Brother Voodoo) and Jack Russell, the Werewolf.  Jeesala gave him the same advice, and so Coker set out to accomplish this.  The final member of the Three, Goat Child, appeared through Buck Cowan, before Topaz and Lissa Russell, directing them to link up with Russell and Coker.

(Werewolf by Night I#39-41) - As the Three planned, Coker and Drumm; Russell and Topaz ;and Buck and Lissa got together to compare notes.  

After an attack by the zuvembies (who abducted Coker), Drumm, Jack, and Topaz headed to Haiti where they found Coker a prisoner a master of the zuvembies (or pseudo-zuvembies, anyway), Glitternight.  They fought and narrowly escaped from Glitternight, losing Topaz to him in the process.  As Russell and Drumm attempted to find a way into Glitternight's power source, they again encountered the Three Who Are All, who revealed the origins of Glitternight and themselves.  They provided Russell with cryptic comments, promising him the ability to control his werewolf persona, but that the change would involve the death of the missing Fourth.

Russell and Drumm managed to free Topaz and eventually to turn the tables on Glitternight.  On the edge of being overpowered, Glitternight released Fire-Eyes, the fourth member of the original Five Who Are All, who had been contained within and mutated by his dark soul for untold eons.  Glitternight controlled Fire-Eyes, forcing him to attack the Werewolf.  This he did until Brother Voodoo severed Glitternight's connection to Fire-Eyes.  This freed Fire-Eyes to take his vengeance for his long imprisonment at Glitternight's hands. Fire-Eyes blasted Glitternight, who responded by releasing a whirling buzz saw of light that cut Fire-Eyes in half. The ensuing explosion apparently consumed them both, and the energies released granted Russell the control he had sought for so long.

COMMENTS: Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin.

There's more information to be had under Glitternight.

I've got no idea how these guys are supposed to fit in with any other cosmic entities.  I'd call them "The Three who are a Nebulous Pseudo-Cosmic Plot Device."

I'm pretty sure the word "Zombie" was not allowed in regular comics at the time of this story, which is why everyone used the term "zuvembie."

    As the "Four Who Are All,"

CLARIFICATIONS: Sorry, that's the best I can do.  None of these characters have appeared anywhere else, to the best of my knowledge.

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