Real Name: Shareen

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Moensien race), extratemporal (billions of years in the future of Reality-81049) mutate

Occupation: Currently unrevealed;
    former space explorer/life-seeker

Affiliations: Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl (her alias at the time)/Susan Storm (now Sue Storm-Richards), Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm);
    members of Moensien race;
    mutated by extradimensional energy creatures

Enemies: Formerly the Fantastic Four (former enemies of Ebon Seeker)

Known Relatives: Ebon Seeker (Xanth; lifemate)

Aliases: The Cosmic Shade, the Dark Dreadnought, Neg-Star

Base of Operations: A black hole;
    formerly an unidentified portion of the universe;
    formerly the planet Moensien in a region far distant from the known galaxies

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#229 (April, 1981) 

Powers/Abilities: A being of living light, Firefrost could travel through space unaided, and presumably was effectively immortal, as well. Her light could dispel darkness as well as protect others from the Ebon Seeker's destructive energies. She spoke telepathically, but any other powers she possessed were not clearly displayed.

    As Shareen, she had extensive education in science and philosophy.

Height: 5' 6"; original height unrevealed
Weight: Presumably immaterial; original weight unrevealed (approximately 145 lbs.)

Eyes: White (with visible iris and black pupil)
Hair: White; original form did not possess any visible hair

(Fantastic Four I#230 (fb)) - Billions and billions of years in a far distant sector of the universe in the future of Reality-81049, the Moensien race reached an evolutionary, moral, scientific, and philosophical dead-end. The inhabitants had begun a slow but inexorable decline into decadence and corruption. The Moensien Elders realized the scientific means to restore their society was slipping from their loosening grasp; they decided that hope for their world's revitalization could be found only in contact -- and exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience -- with other life, other planetary cultures and civilization.

    Two native pilots, the lovers Xanth and Shareen, were chosen to explore space for other lifeforms with which to interact with and enrich their stagnant race. Two of the rare natives who still believed in the old ways, embracing progress and rejecting decadence, they were inculcated with the absolute necessity for success. Together they left their dying world behind, seeking new life with the hope and faith of youth.

    They searched empty space for "forty solar years" before finally ending the doubt and hopelessness of age by finding evidence of life: a derelict ship -- a battered remnant of random encounters with the flotsam of space -- floating towards a black hole. Xanth was desperate not to lose the one thing they had finally found, and so he flew their ship into the black hole after the derelict, despite Shareen's warnings.

    Their ships and their bodies were instantly disintegrated, but their minds lived on as they were pulled into the black hole. Inside the hole, their vaporized life-energies fused with the ships' dead matter as they were pulled deeper into the black hole's pipeline -- and there was fire and frost, blackness and blinding light...the ecstasy of agonies held for a flickering moment of forever. The vaporized life-energies tasted colors and saw sounds, felt strange odors and heard frozen visions of burning light.

    Arriving at the heart of the black hole, the life-energies were met by swirling energy-beings of black light, who spoke to the new mass of arriving energy, whispering and cooing and buzzing deep in the consciousness -- perhaps in welcome, passing on the secrets of eternity -- or perhaps merely seeking to instill madness. The energy-beings infused what was/were Xanth and Shareen, violating them with their maddening, soundless voices. The life-force that had been Shareen listened to their voices, accepting their hissing, crackling messages of bliss and mania, and she was reborn as Firefrost, a creature of living light, knowing a peace beyond peace. The energy-beings told Firefrost how the universe's expansion since the "Big Bang" would eventually reverse and the universe would contract and eventually be swallowed up by a central black hole.

    However, the life force that had been Xanth could not listen or comprehend, and was driven mad. He took on only the darker aspects of the black hole, which consumed him body, mind, and soul. Rejecting the voice of alien life -- precisely what he had sought for 40 years -- Xanth fled the dark light at the bleeding heart, and escaped out of the "opposite end" of the black hole, forsaking his Shareen.

    Xanth emerged into Reality-616's universe, distant from the point in space from which he had entered it, and in the dim past, an unrevealed time period prior to the modern era. Maddened, he moved on with but one thought stirring his dark soul -- to complete his mission at any cost -- to find life. But his new form was like unto a black hole himself and, upon contact with a planet, his energy was pulled outward -- to begin destroying the planet even as the planet destroyed him. Upon the cataclysm of his death, he destroyed his first world...and then was reborn in the released energies of continue seeking new repeat the tragic process endlessly (allegedly a million times).

    In addition, the black hole that re-created Xanth began expanding somehow, attempting to reclaim its escaped matter (both the Ebon Seeker and Firefrost), and threatening to bring about a premature end to the universe.

(Fantastic Four I#230 (fb) - BTS) - Shareen, now Firefrost, pursued her lover, known primarily as the Ebon Seeker, endlessly, attempting in vain to restore his sanity and put an end to the destruction.

(Fantastic Four I#229) - In recent years, Reed Richards used a signal-pulser to send and receive a roving signal to help NASA locate a missing communications satellite (see comments). The Ebon Seeker detected this signal and followed it to Earth. His approach caused a temporary wave of distortion across the planet. He landed in Manhattan, where his leaking energy/matter damaged and injured the materials and people around him. The Fantastic Four attempted to stop him, but their powers failed to harm him in the least. Mr. Fantastic used the signal-pulser to lead him out into the sea to get him away from the city, but the pulser was ultimately destroyed by Xanth's tendrils. The Ebon Seeker spoke out, accusing them of using the signal-pulser as a trap to draw him to Earth so it could kill him, after which he blasted them into submission. Firefrost then arrived on Earth, protecting the heroes while interacting with Xanth's potential victims for the first time.

(Fantastic Four I#230 - BTS) - Shareen told the Fantastic Four of her and Xanth's origins, explaining the threat not just to Earth, but to the entire universe.

(Fantastic Four I#230) - Richards theorized that if they moved the Ebon Seeker into the Negative Zone, the energy drain on him would be reversed, ending his cycle of destruction and rebirth. While Richards prepared a containment field, the rest of the Fantastic Four occupied the Ebon Seeker. Firefrost then appeared before the Seeker; surprised that she had come down a planet for the first time, the maddened Ebon Seeker suspected a trick and he pursued her, threatening to destroy her. When they entered the containment field, Reed transported a few blocks of Manhattan into the antimatter Negative Zone, bringing the Ebon Seeker and Firefrost with them. There, as Richards had planned, the energy siphoning process was reversed, and Xanth was restored to his full size, no longer bleeding off his life. Xanth could not understand why his enemies had helped him, but in that moment of clarity, Shareen was finally able to connect with him. She explained how he had changed so drastically from his original forma and purpose, and that neither of them could exist anywhere outside of the black hole anymore, nor could the cosmos survive if they did not return there. She further convinced him that if he returned to the black hole with her, that he could accept the light energy and become a creature of light like her. Xanth took Shareen's hand, and they returned to the black hole, using a conduit in the Negative Zone.
    Oh, and don't worry, Reed got the block of Manhattan back to Earth...but that's another story (one you can find here).

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Joe Sinnott.

    The Voyager ship was a hot topic back then. Reed Richards reasoned that it was the ship which Xanth and Shareen had found on the edge of the black hole in the distant future. It was also the topic of the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

    Special Thanks to MarvellousLuke for cleaning up the main image! Thanks to James Cope for pointing out a recurring typo.

    The Moensien race was identified in Fantastic Four: Five Fabulous Decades handbook: Ebon Seeker entry

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Clarifications: Shareen, Firefrost, has no known connection to:

Fantastic Four I#229, last page, last panel (main image);
    #230, pg. 5, panel 5 (Shareen, original Moensien face);
        pg. 19, panel 4 (Firefrost face)

Fantastic Four I#229-230 (April-May, 1981) - Doug Moench (writer), Bill Sienkiewicz (pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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