Real Name: Johnny Farmer

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Monster

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Two other unnamed men, the Darkhold Dwarf, the Other

Enemies: Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Johnny Blaze

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His "Harvest Ground" in the basement of an abandoned building, in New York City.
formerly Tarrytown, New York, then a terminal ward in upstate New York

First Appearance: As an unnamed human: Midnight Sons Unlimited#1 (April, 1993)
Named and turned to the Harvestor: Midnight Sons Unlimited#2 (July, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: When Johnny Farmer used the Darkhold, it gave him the ability to graft other people's limbs and organs onto his own body. He was also superhumanly quick and fast and had claws that aided in slicing up his victims.

History: (Midnight Sons Unlimited#1) - Johnny Farmer and two other men attacked a woman. This drew attention of the Ghost Rider, who used his Penance Stare upon him immediately. Ghost Rider and Blaze then went and caught Johnny's two friends.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/4) - The attack left Johnny legally brain-dead and he was taken to a special terminal ward in upstate New York. Here the Darkhold Dwarf revived Johnny enough that he was able to accept and use a page of the Darkhold.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/4 - BTS) - The Other turned Johnny into the Harvestor and he spent several weeks stealing organs from living people and grafting them to himself. This cured all of Johnny's ailments except for a buzz in the back of his skull left from the Ghost Rider's penance stare. Johnny went to New York City and, in an abandoned building began chaining up living people so he could have fresh organs when he wanted them.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/4) - After attacking one man and stealing his heart, the man's girlfriend ran out into the street and attacted the attention of the Ghost Rider. Harvestor boasted that he would defeat the Ghost Rider and take his skull, to rid himself of the buzz in his own. The two fought and Harvestor tried to lure Ghost Rider into a trap by bringing him to his harvesting ground. There Ghost Rider prepared to use his penance stare again, which frightened Harvestor. Backing away, Harvestor came within reach of his living victims who began to pull him apart. They pulled so much of him off that he explodes and is destroyed. Ghost Rider freed his victims.

Comments: Created as some unnamed scumbag by Howard Mackie and Klaus Janson.
Harvestor created by Mort Todd, Bart Sears and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Neither Johnny nor his two co-scumbgs were named in the first Midnight Sons Unlimited. I'm only marginally sure that the one I've singled out is actually Johnny, as he bears the most resemblance to the brief glimpse we get of Johnny before he becomes the Harvestor in MSU#2.

by Patrick D Ryall

Harvestor should not be confused with:

Images taken from:

Midnight Sons Unlimited#2, page 56, panel 1
Midnight Sons Unlimited#1, page 10, panel 8

Midnight Sons Unlimited#1 (April, 1993) - Howard Mackie (writer), Klaus Janson (artist), Hildy Mesnik (editor)
Midnight Sons Unlimited#2 (July, 1993) - Mort Todd (writer), Bart Sears (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Hildy Mesnik (editor)

First Posted: 01/10/2005
Last updated: 01/10/2005

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