Real Name: Nia Noble

Identity/Class: Hybrid human-Atlantean mutant (citizen of Neptunia)

Occupation: Queen of Neptunia, adventurer

Group Membership: Neptunian government

Affiliations: Destroyer (Roger Aubrey), Invaders (Blazing Skull (Mark Todd), Captain America/U.S. Agent (John Walker), Jim Hammond, Spitfire, Sub-Mariner, Tara, Thin Man, Union Jack (Joseph Chapman)), Admiral Peter Noble

Enemies: Axis Mundi (Baroness Blood, Gotteskrieger, Necromancer (Jonas Eckhardt), U-Man, Warrior Woman, Pterorists)

Known Relatives: Admiral Peter Noble (husband, the Fin), Lady Lotus (mother), U-Man (Meranno, father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Presumably Neptunia;
   Formerly mobile aboard the Invaders' flagship Infiltrator

First Appearance: New Invaders#2 (November, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Nia possesses telepathic abilities of unspecified nature and extent. She is able to use them offensively, causing intense pain and distress - an effect which is curiously accompanied by images of clockwork. She was also able to project the Thin Man into the mind of the Necromancer (Jonas Eckhardt) and apparently allow him to access the Necromancer's spirit-channeling abilities, though some or all of this process appeared to require augmentation by outside equipment.
   Nia appears to possess most or all of the suite of aquatic adaptations characteristic of Atlanteans, such as blue skin, physiological resistance to extreme pressures and cold, and gills capable of extracting oxygen from water. The extent of her physical strength is unrevealed, though she was unable to stand up to U-Man in a fight. Nia also inherited the normal human ability to breathe air.

(New Invaders#3 (fb)) - Sometime circa 1942, Lady Lotus of the Super-Axis became pregnant by her teammate U-Man. The resulting child was not considered a daughter by U-Man - in fact, it is possible she was sexually abused by him - and it is unclear by whom Nia was raised. However, it is known that as a teenager, Nia became the bride of then-Lieutenant Peter Noble, the Allied superhero known as the Fin, and the two eventually ruled post-war Neptunia as king and queen.

(New Invaders#2 (fb) - BTS) - In the present day, Admiral Noble was given command of the battleship Infiltrator by the Thin Man, who was organizing a new team of Invaders. Nia accompanied him and aided in the day-to-day command operations of the ship.

(New Invaders#2) - Thin Man brought the new Invaders to the Infiltrator and introduced them to Admiral Noble. Nia began to tell the Torch about her parents, but was interrupted by Thin Man's description of the ship. Later, Thin Man and the Nobles were about to begin examination of the Invaders' captured Pterorist when the ship came under attack by the Axis Mundi and an army of Pterorists, who had followed the homing beacon in the captive.

(New Invaders#3) - Nia and Admiral Noble headed topside to help fight off the attackers while Thin Man concentrated on the captured Pterorist. The pair confronted Nia's father, U-Man, and Nia briefly incapacitated him with a psychic attack, but he taunted the admiral about his wife until Noble lunged at him and carried them both off the deck of the Infiltrator and into the ocean. Nia dove after them, but she and her husband were nevertheless overpowered and defeated by U-Man. The Sub-Mariner came to their aid, but before their fight could be resolved, Thin Man was able to override the Axis Mundi teleporters and return them all to where they came from.
   A few hours later, Nia reported that the cloaking device was operating at full power and the Infiltrator's position was once again secure.

(New Invaders#4 - BTS) - Nia was presumably aboard the Infiltrator when word came of the vampire attacks in Dymhurst, England.

(New Invaders#6) - Nia kept tabs on the Invaders' away team, sent to retrieve the Axis Mundi scientist/psionic known as the Necromancer, while Admiral Noble reported to the Thin Man that the HYDRA agent who was attacking them was Wolverine of the X-Men.

(New Invaders#7) - Thin Man enlisted Nia's aid in using the Necromancer's spiritual powers to interrogate the dead Agent Axis, who was the animating force for the Pterorist legions. From Axis, he hoped to learn the Axis Mundi's plans before they could set them in motion. Nia was aghast at the use of what she considered tantamount to torture, and tried to quit the whole proces, but the Thin Man forced her to continue. Ultimately, he was able to break Agent Axis, and learned that they planned to fulfill an ancient Atlantean prophecy by flooding the earth. Nia and Thin Man finished their task just in time for Captain America (Steve Rogers), who had been allowed aboard by the disillusioned Torch, to demand Thin Man's surrender.

(New Invaders#8) - Nia stood by as Thin Man agreed to leave the Infiltrator and the Invaders, but not before stopping Axis Mundi's plan to melt the polar ice caps with a "thermonuclear trident". After the Invaders had left to defeat U-Man and his renegade Atlanteans, Nia was also present when Thin Man gave the order to prepare for sub-dimensional dive.

(New Invaders#9) - Once the Infiltrator was safely anchored in sixth-dimensional space, Thin Man explained to the Nobles that using Kalahian technology to drop the entire region into sub-dimensional space would kill their friends as well as stop the trident, but crashing Infiltrator herself into the trident would destroy the ship. Nia was outraged, accusing Thin Man of sacrificing the Invaders to save his ship, but Thin Man explained that he merely did not plan on killing the entire crew as well. He then gave the order to abandon Infiltrator. Nia and her husband escaped with the rest of the crew in sub-dimensional lifeboats, leaving Thin Man behind to steer the ship into the trident, destroying both in a towering explosion.
   Days later, Nia attended the funeral of the Torch, who had died saving his "daughter" Tara at the North Pole. Afterwards, at the Invaders' temporary headquarters at Dymhurst, Nia asked Captain America why no one mourned for the Thin Man, who had died a hero after making sure every other living soul aboard the Infiltrator had escaped. Captain America countered with a question of his own, asking her if she truly believed the Thin Man was dead.

Comments: Created by Allan Jacobsen and CP Smith.

I assume Nia is a mutant, since no other explanation for her powers is given, and her mother also had innate psionic abilities.

I'm a little uncomfortable with the implications of Peter and Nia having "played king and queen for half a century", since she can't have been conceived much earlier than 1942, but the sliding timescale will slowly take care of that for us. And people did used to get married earlier, I guess. I'm certainly MORE uncomfortable with Meranno's line to Peter: "As I recall, my 'daughter's' kisses were always soft and sweet-" EW. Then again, Jacobsen did seem to be going out of his way to make U-Man as reprehensible as possible.

I have no idea whether Nia's hair is supposed to be blonde or black. It appears both ways with roughly equal regularity, and each is the color of one of her parents' hair. I think the blonde is more striking, but there are already a couple of prominent blonde Atlanteans, so maybe black wouldn't be so bad - although Namorita's hair seems to be white nowadays.

Walker called himself Captain America while he was with the Invaders (and apparently so does the government), but, except for in the Group membership section, I've referred to him exclusively as U.S. Agent for clarity's sake.

It's AMAZING how hard it is to find decent full-body shots of some of the characters in this series.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: Nia Noble has no known connection to:

Full shot - New Invaders#2, p14, panel 1 (including ads)
Head shot - New Invaders#3, p15, panel 5
Telepathic attack - New Invaders#3, p15, panel 1

New Invaders#2-3 (November-December, 2004 - January, 2005) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), C.P. Smith (pencils/inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)
New Invaders#6 (March, 2005) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), Jorge Pereira Lucas (pencils/inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)
New Invaders#7-9 (April-June, 2005) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), C.P. Smith (pencils/inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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