Membership: An army of unnamed Pterorists

Purpose: Terrorism

Affiliations: Axis Mundi (Baroness Blood/Lily Cromwell, Jonas Wilhelm Eckhardt, Gotteskrieger/Axl Nacht, U-Man/Meranno, Warrior Woman/Julia Koenig), Hydra (Baron Strucker/Wolfgang von Strucker, others), Dauod Rafiq, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt)

Enemies: Atlanteans, British Army, Invaders (Blazing Skull/Mark Todd, Jim Hammond, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Sub-Mariner/Namor McKenzie, Tara, Thin Man/Bruce Dickson, Union Jack/Joey Chapman, U.S.Agent/John Walker), Mazikhandarian Liberty Legion (Colonel Mutasim Zai'id, others), Nia Noble, Sulumor, U.S. Army, Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Known Relatives: Agent Axis (consciousness progenitor)

Base of Operations: Pterorist Factories in Mazikhandar

First Appearance: New Invaders#1 (October, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: The Pterorists were Adam-series synthetics imprinted with the memory of the late World War II Nazi operative Agent Axis, making them extremely xenophobic in the process. Though humanoid in appearance they possessed bug-like features like flight-capable wings and enhanced durability due to a carapace. They mostly utilized their claws and enhanced human strength in combat. Their carapace also contained a miniature flash-transit engine that allowed them short range sub-dimensional travel, basically allowing them to teleport anywhere they wanted. If they were caught or killed, a homing beacon automatically sent them back to their base of operations after a few minutes. Their strength was mostly in numbers and as they mostly attacked in swarms of thousands to overpower opponents. They were capable of human speech, interspersed with the screeching and clicking noises they use while flying into combat.

(New Invaders#6 (fb) - BTS) - Hydra, under the leadership of Baron Strucker, funded the production of over 10,000 Pterorist synthetics through a process by the Axis Mundi's necromancer Professor Jonas Eckhart.

(New Invaders#7 (fb) - BTS) - Using his power to raise the dead Eckhart summoned the spirit of Agent Axis...

(New Invaders#2 (fb) - BTS) - ...and imprinted the synthetic Pterorists with the genetic memory of the war criminal.

(New Invaders#1 (fb) - BTS) - After the Invaders deposed the Mazikhandarian dictator (actually a synthezoid imposter put in charge by the Axis Mundi) the Pterorists started to attack the country at regular intervals. Each time they were sent fleeing by the Invaders, who witnessed the surviving Pterorists and the dead disappear as mysteriously as they appeared.

(New Invaders#3 (fb) - BTS) - A homing beacon was secreted in one Pterorist's carapace to divine the location of the Infiltrator after it was captured as planned.

(New Invaders#1) - At 21:00 in Mazikhandar a V-Battalion troop transport crashed when a portal containing a Pterorist opened up in front of it. The soldiers, including Jim Hammond, survived the crash and were attacked by more Pterorists, who were quickly taken down, but more and more came through portals. Hammond ordered to form a defensive perimeter, but when a Pterorist tackled Hammond from the remains of a building he was saved by U.S.Agent (Walker), who slaughtered the Pterorist with his shield. U.S.Agent was joined by his Invaders teammates Blazing Skull, Thin Man, Union Jack and Namor to aid the V-Battalion soldiers and Jim Hammond to fight off an army of incoming Pterorists. Thin Man made sure Hammond didn't die before making his offer to join the Invaders. Spitfire and Tara joined the battle against the Pterorists as well and while many of the synthetic beings were slain in battle, many more escaped. As usual the Pterorist corpses disappeared shortly after their death, but one of them remained behind this time around for unknown reasons though U.S.Agent assumed it had blown a fuse after shooting and beating it up for a while. U.S.Agent dragged the Pterorist corpse to Thin Man.

(New Invaders#2 - BTS) - As soon as Thin Man, Hammond and the Invaders arrived on the Infiltrator, Thin Man ordered to put the Pterorist specimen into quarantine immediately. Thin Man saw it as an opportunity to find out more about these creatures.

(New Invaders#2) - Thin Man examined the Pterorist corpse in the Infiltrator's med-lab and found out that it was a synthetic like the Human Torch (Hammond) and Tara housing the genetic memory of his nemesis Agent Axis. He didn't understand why its homing beacon malfunctioned, but hoped to trace the Pterorists by duplicating its signal. In that very moment the beacon activated and a horde of Pterorists attacked the Infiltrator. Though the Invaders did their best to handle the attack, Tara was affected by their attack. After the Pterorists' master Gotteskrieger decapitated the Blazing Skull a swarm of Pterorists came down upon the Infiltrator while Gotteskrieger declared the vessel to be theirs.

(New Invaders#3) - As the Pterorists' assault on the Infiltrator continued, Thin Man contacted Hammond from the medilab to inform him that the Pterorist they had caught was a Trojan Horse left for them by the Axis Mundi, who used it to determine the Infiltrator's location in sub-dimensional space. U.S.Agent, Jim Hammond, Union Jack and Namor kept fighting the Pterorists while Tara was caught by Warrior Woman until Hammond came to her aid, taking down numerous Pterorists in the process with his massive heat. The Pterorists' assault on the Infiltrator continued while the Invaders and Namor dealt with the Axis Mundi.

   Meanwhile inside the medilab Thin Man tried to hack into the captured Pterorist's systems, but failed. Other Pterorists infiltrated the lab and attacked him. Thin Man showed no mercy to them because he knew they were merely his old nemesis Agent Axis in a different form. A Pterorist thanked him for freeing him from Agent Axis' cancer-riddled body to avenge Kalahia, but Thin Man corrected him that he killed Axis for pleasure and not to avenge his homeland.

   On deck Blazing Skull regenerated his head and saved a soldier from a Pterorist while more of them circled above them and kept fighting other soldiers on board.

(New Invaders#3 - BTS) - Inside the medlab Thin Man slaughtered the attacking Pterorists.

(New Invaders#3) - Thin Man continued his attempts to hack into the captured Pterorist's systems and finally succeeded, activating all the Pterorists' recall protocols to send them and the Axis Mundi back to where they came from. Using the captured Pterorist Thin Man was able to record the Axis Mundi's transit signatures while returning them to their broadcast location taking away their ability to access sub-dimensional space any longer without alerting the Invaders.

(New Invaders#6) - On a Sunday thousands of Pterorists attacked from the skies over Mazikhandar in a massive battle against Colonel Mutasim Zai'id's Mazikhandarian Liberty Legion, Atlanteans, British and U.S. soldiers. The Pterorist factories in Mazikhandar were hit with airstrikes. At the end of the battle the land was lost to the Axis Mundi and their former ally president-elect Dauod Rafiq was indicted. Displeased with their failure Baron Strucker sent in Wolverine to assassinate Eckhart, the Pterorists' creator, before his secrets could fall into the hands of their enemies.

   While Pterorists fought Atlanteans and the Mazikhandarian Liberty Legion outside the a Pterorist factory Eckhart contacted the Axis Mundi to request his extraction, but Blazing Skull, Namor, Sulumor and U.S. Agent captured him. In a last ditch effort Eckhart activated a horde of Pterorists to save him, but after a short battle U.S.Agent put a gun in Eckhart's mouth to force him to deactivate the Pterorists, ending the battle and the threat posed the Pterorists once and for all.

Comments: Created by Allan Jacobsen (writer) & C.P. Smith (artist).

The Pterorists are Adam-series androids like Adam-II, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), the Invaders' Tara, the Avengers' Vision and Volton.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

The Pterorists have no known connections to:

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New Invaders#1, p6, pan4 (main)
New Invaders#1, p2, pan3 (from behind)
New Invaders#1, p3, pan5 (front)
New Invaders#6, p4, pan1 (attack)

New Invaders#1-2 (October-November, 2004) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), C.P. Smith (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
New Invaders#3 (December, 2004) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), C.P. Smith (artist), Andy Schmidt (editor)
New Invaders#6 (March, 2005) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), Jorge Lucas (artist), Andy Schmidt (editor)
New Invaders#7 (April, 2004) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), C.P. Smith (artist), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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