Real Name: Sulumor

Identity/Class: Sub-Species of humanity (Atlantean)

Occupation: Atlantean advisor to Mazikhandar

Group Membership: Atlantean government

Affiliations: Invaders (Blazing Skull (Mark Todd), Captain America/U.S. Agent (John Walker), Jim Hammond, Spitfire, Sub-Mariner, Tara, Thin Man, Union Jack (Joseph Chapman))

Enemies: Axis Mundi (Baroness Blood, Gotteskrieger, Necromancer (Jonas Eckhardt), U-Man, Warrior Woman, Pterorists), Wolverine
   formerly Mazikhandarian armed forces

Known Relatives: Sulumor (father), Sulumor (grandfather)

Aliases: "Charlie Tuna"

Base of Operations: Mazikhandar

First Appearance: Invaders III#0 (August, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Sulumor possessed all of the standard abilities of Homo mermanus, including gills to extract oxygen from water, an enhanced physiology which made him significantly more resistant to the effects of high pressures and low temperatures than humans, and vision attuned more closely to the green portion of the spectrum. Like all normal Atlanteans, he could swim at roughly thirty miles an hour, and possessed strength ten times as great as that of a normal human. Sulumor wore an eyepatch over his left eye. When fighting on land, Sulumor wore a special water-filled helmet to allow him to breathe and carried a sword which could project an unidentified form of energy. He also used an Atlantean sidearm. He was presumably a capable tactician and administrator.

History: (Avengers III#84 - BTS) - Sulumor was part of the Atlantean strike force which, along with the new Invaders, forced their way into the Mazikhandarian capital.

(Invaders III#0) - Sulumor accompanied the Sub-Mariner into the palace in pursuit of General Rafiq, who had murdered President Hassan shortly after the Invaders captured him. When the Avengers showed up and opposed the Invaders, Sulumor tried to shoot down Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Iron Man inside the palace. When Sub-Mariner stopped him, Sulumor angrily accused him of having grown soft. Sub-Mariner knocked him to the floor in a rage, but when the Thin Man appeared and convinced the Sub-Mariner that the capture and trial of Rafiq was essential to bring closure to this military action, he helped Sulumor up, and the two set out to capture Rafiq. When they found him, Sub-Mariner told the general to lower his gun, or Sulumor would take it - and probably his hand, as well. Rafiq surrendered, ending the hostilities in and around the palace. Sub-Mariner declared that Mazikhandar and Atlantis had come to an agreement, and that Mazikhandar was now a protectorate of Atlantis, with Sulumor as the Atlantean advisor to the new government.

(Invaders III#6) - Sulumor and elements of the Invaders (including U.S. Agent, Sub-Mariner and Blazing Skull) led a combined Atlantean/Mazikhandarian force against the "Pterorist factory" housing the Necromancer, director of the Pterorist activity still based in remote areas of Mazikhandar. The team accomplished its mission, capturing the Necromancer even when he sent a last-ditch wave of partially-completed Pterorists at them. Sulumor was then trying to tolerate the Blazing Skull, who suggested he change his name to Charlie Tuna, when the mind-controlled Wolverine, sent by HYDRA to assassinate the Necromancer before he could be interrogated, impaled Sulumor on his claws, killing him.

Comments: Created by Chuck Austen, Allan Jacobsen and CP Smith.

So if "Namor" means "Avenging Son", do you think "Sulumor" means "Son of Sulu" or "Avenging Sulu"?

Walker called himself Captain America while he was with the Invaders (and apparently so does the government), but, except for in the Group membership section, I've referred to him exclusively as U.S. Agent for clarity's sake.

It's AMAZING how hard it is to find decent full-body shots of some of the characters in this series. There was an excellent headshot of Sulumor in #6, but Lucas forgot to give him his eyepatch.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: Sulumor is the son of a Sulumor and the grandson of a Sulumor, but has no known connection to:

Full shot - Invaders III#0, p30, panel 2 (including ads)
Head shot - Invaders III#0, p31, panel 2

Invaders III#6 (March, 2005)

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