Real Name: Lily Cromwell

Identity/Class: Human, vampire

Occupation: Bloodsucker, cult leader

Group Membership: Axis Mundi (Gotteskrieger, Necromancer, U-Man, Warrior Woman, Pterorists),
  leader of Blutsauger (Children of Blood; including Grausum, Christopher Sinclair, Wampyr)

Affiliations: Baron Blood (John Falsworth), Baron Blood (Kenneth Crichton)

Enemies: Invaders (Jim Hammond, Spitfire, Tara, Union Jack (Joey Chapman)), Mighty Destroyer (Roger Aubrey), Nia Noble, Sulumor

Known Relatives: Dr. Jacob Cromwell (father, deceased), Charlotte (sister, deceased), John Crichton (son)

Aliases: The Baroness, impersonated Kenneth Crichton

Base of Operations: Formerly the caverns beneath Falsworth Manor, England

First Appearance: (as the Baroness) Union Jack#1 (December, 1998);
    (as Baroness Blood) New Invaders#2 (November, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Baroness Blood possesses the natural abilities of a vampire, including enhanced strength, hypnotism, the ability to replenish her strength by sucking blood from others and transform others into vampires. Thanks to her having drunk from the Holy Grail, she can exist in sunlight indefinitely, and can temporarily share this power with other vampires who drink from her. She can also generate and control lightning.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (Union Jack#2 (fb)) - The woman now known as the Baroness was the daughter of Dr. Jacob Cromwell, a servant of Dracula's. Cromwell revived the Nazi vampire Baron Blood on Dracula's behalf, but Blood then turned on Cromwell and his family. He killed Dr. Cromwell and one of his daughters, but transformed the other daughter into a vampire to serve him.

(Union Jack#1) - The Baroness led a cult of vampires in a quest for the Holy Grail. As the prophecies surrounding the Grail involved the bloodline of Baron Blood, the Baroness began to meet with Kenneth Crichton, Blood's great-nephew.

(Union Jack#2) - The Baroness met with Kenneth again in broad daylight (using an umbrella to shield herself). Meeting with her loyal Wampyr, the Baroness learned that the date on which to perform the ceremonies with the Holy Grail which would render vampires immune to sunlight was Christmas. Kenneth finally succumbed to her, wanting to become strong and overcome his anemia. She transformed him into a vampire, making him the new Baron Blood. She sent him out to help retrieve the Holy Grail from the Natural History Museum.

(Union Jack#3) - The Baroness slept with Kenneth, and sent her vampires to destroy Falsworth Manor. She finally gathered the cult at Glastonbury Abbey, and drank from the Holy Grail, becoming immune to all vampiric weaknesses. She then destroyed the Grail rather than share it. As the sun rose, all of her vampires-- including Baron Blood-- were slain, and she promised Union Jack that he was now as cursed as the Falsworths for having donned the mantle of Union Jack.

Eight months later, the Baroness was hiding out in the Mojave Desert, preparing to give birth to her son, conceived with Kenneth Crichton.

(New Invaders#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Baroness gave birth to her son, naming him John Crichton after the original Baron Blood.

(New Invaders#2) - Now garbed as Baroness Blood, the Baroness joined the Axis Mundi (including Master Man, Warrior Woman and the U-Man) in their assault upon the Infiltrator, the powerful battleship base of the Invaders which the Mundi sought to bring under their control.

(New Invaders#3) - Baroness Blood confronted Spitfire and attempted to take some of her blood, indicating that it was needed for her son. When the Thin Man regained control of the Infiltrator, all of the Axis Mundi were driven off.

(New Invaders#4) - Based in the caverns beneath Falsworth Manor, Baroness Blood met with her followers, and sent them out to attack Dymhurst Common, knowing it would get the Invaders' attention. When Spitfire came with the Invaders, the Baroness appeared to her as Kenneth, using hypnosis, and lured her into the caverns.

(New Invaders#5) - As the Baroness began to feed on Spitfire, she revealed that John Crichton had inherited Kenneth's anemia, and needed the blood of his mother and grandmother to live. She had John begin to feed on Spitfire, but Spitfire managed to break free, and the other Invaders came to her rescue. Jim Hammond used his control over his blood to set aflame all of the vampires present who had fed off of Spitfire, but the Baroness and John had already escaped.

Comments: Created by Ben Raab and John Cassaday.

Baroness Blood got an entry in OHotMU Horror 2005.

John Crichton and Grausum created by Allan Jacobsen and C.P. Smith.

In Mortigan Goth: Immortalis, just consuming the blood of Jacqueline Falsworth was enough to kill a vampire.

And just who is the "Baron Blood" seen

Grausum was a German vampire and I believe the authors intended something with his name. AFAIK the second "U" in his name is spoken like an "A" in German. Therefore his name would be pronounced like the German word "Grausam" which could be translated as cruel or ferocious.
--Markus Raymond

In Blade III#12 a prophecy was fulfilled that brought back all vampires that ever died. This most likely included Wampyr and Grausum as well. We'll have to wait if they resurface.
--Markus Raymond

Her first name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1. Her sister's name was revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Hardcover#1.

by Prime Eternal

Baroness Blood is connected to, but should not be confused with:


John Crichton is the son of Kenneth Crichton and Baroness Blood, and was born a vampire. John was named for his great-great uncle, John Falsworth-- Baron Blood. He inherited his father's anemia, and can only exist by taking the blood of Baroness Blood and Spitfire.

--New Invaders#4) [Union Jack#3] (conceived), New Invaders#4, 5


Wampyr was a German vampire who followed the Baroness, and was useful at obtaining information on the Holy Grail, and directing the Baroness' vampires in their quest. For all his loyalty, the Baroness still allowed him to be destroyed by sunlight as she saved herself with the Holy Grail.

--Union Jack#1 (2, 3


Christopher Sinclair was a young man suffering from anemia who became a patient at St. Mary's Hospice, where he met Kenneth Crichton. He befriended Kenneth because of their similar predicaments, and Kenneth was overwrought when Christopher passed away. However, Christopher had been visited by the Baroness before his death, and rose again as a vampire. He helped draw Kenneth to the Baroness' cult, so that he could become the new Baron Blood, but did not consider himself a part of the cult, and directed Union Jack to Glastonbury Abbey to try and stop the Baroness from using the Holy Grail. He was possibly destroyed by fire when Falsworth Manor was destroyed.

--Union Jack#1 (2, 3


Grausum was a German vampire, one of Baroness Blood's later followers, and joined in the attack upon Dymhurst Common, battling the Mighty Destroyer there. He was possibly destroyed by Jim Hammond in the caverns beneath Falsworth Manor.

--New Invaders#4 (5

Images taken from:
Union Jack#3, page 27, panel 6
New Invaders#4, cover
John- New Invaders#4, page 3
Wampyr- Union Jack#1, page 17, panel 1
Sinclair- Union Jack#1, page 28, panel 5
Grausum- New Invaders#4, page 7, panel 1 (not counting ads)

Union Jack#2-3 (January-February, 1999) - Ben Raab & John Cassaday (writers), John Cassaday (artist), Tom Brevoort & Bob Harras (editors)
New Invaders#3-5 (December, 2004-February, 2005) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), C.P. Smith (artist), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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