Real Name: Professor Jonas Wilhelm Eckhardt

Identity/Class: Human mutant or mutate

Occupation: Terrorist, technician

Group Membership: Axis Mundi (Baroness Blood, Gotteskrieger, U-Man, Warrior Woman, Pterorists)

Affiliations: Formerly HYDRA, Mazikhandarian armed forces

Enemies: HYDRA, Invaders (Blazing Skull (Mark Todd), Captain America/U.S. Agent (John Walker), Jim Hammond, Spitfire, Sub-Mariner, Tara, Thin Man, Union Jack (Joseph Chapman)), Nia Noble, Sulumor, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Necromancer"

Base of Operations: Formerly "Pterorist Factories" in Mazikhandar

First Appearance: Invaders III#6 (March, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Eckhardt has the psionic ability to channel the spirits of the dead, making it possible to communicate with them. He was also able to incorporate the spirits of the deceased Agent Axis into the Pterorists in some way, giving them control over hundreds or thousands of the synthezoids simultaneously.

It is unclear how instrumental Eckhardt was to the development of the Pterorists himself; Strucker referred to him as a "technician", and the Pterorist factories themselves appeared to be largely automated. Eckhardt did, however, wear a wrist-mounted device which gave him some level of control over the Pterorists.

History: (Invaders III#6 (fb)) - Eckhardt was installed in Mazikhandar, probably in conjunction with the synthezoid replica of President Hassan. Once the Invaders and Atlanteans overthrew the Hassan impostor, Eckhardt sent Pterorists from the factories located in the southeastern borders of the country to raid the coalition forces.

(Invaders III#6) - Several months after the establishment of the coalition government, combined US/UK/Atlantean attacks on the Pterorist factories finally broke their defenses, and an Atlantean/Mazikhandarian strike force, led by the Invaders' USAgent, Sub-Mariner and Blazing Skull, stormed the factory containing Eckhardt. Eckhardt desperately requested extraction before he could be captured, but, unbeknownst to him, Baron Strucker, whose HYDRA had been financing the Pterorist program, had decided it was not worth salvaging. Consequently, he sent HYDRA's new brainwashed assassin Wolverine to kill Eckhardt before he could be taken captive and relinquish any of his knowledge of Axis Mundi activities to the authorities.
   The Invaders got to Eckhardt before Wolverine did, and USAgent convinced him to deactivate his remaining Pterorists by sticking the muzzle of his gun down the technician's throat. As the Invaders moved to take Eckhardt away, however, Wolverine arrived, killing Sulumor and the Mazikhandarian colonel Mutasim Zai'id. Sub-Mariner fought Wolverine to cover the extraction of Eckhardt, but USAgent disobeyed Thin Man's orders to abandon Sub-Mariner there, and helped incapacitate Wolverine long enough for all three Invaders to make good their escape with Eckhardt safely held captive.

(Invaders III#7) - The Thin Man and Nia Noble hooked Eckhardt's brain up to some kind of machine which allowed Nia to telepathically access his thoughts. Thin Man made use of this by torturing the spirits of Agent Axis to learn what the Axis Mundi planned to do next.

(Invaders III#9 - BTS) - Eckhardt was removed from the Infiltrator before she crashed into the Axis Mundi's "thermonuclear trident". He was then presumably taken into US, Mazikhandarian or Atlantean custody.

Comments: Created by Allan Jacobsen and Jorge Lucas.

That whole exposed-brain-with-pins-in-it thing looks like it hurts.

Walker called himself Captain America while he was with the Invaders (and apparently so does the government), but, except for in the Group membership section, I've referred to him exclusively as U.S. Agent for clarity's sake.

    Jacobsen has commented that Eckhardt never used the alias "Necromancer," but rather it was something others called him.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: Necromancer, the Axis Mundi technician, has no known connection to:

Full shot - Invaders III#6, p26, panel 2 (including ads)
Head shot - Invaders III#6, p4, panel 3
Under interrogation - Invaders III#7, p6, panel 2

Invaders III#7 (April, 2005)

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