Real Name: Sinjin Quarrel

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (possibly Earth-791), extraterrestrial (Iolian) mutant/Probiti, technology user

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former lawgiver

Group Membership: Probiti

Affiliations: Ship/Rora (partner; possibly not the Reality-791 version); Ariguans (possibly the Reality-791 versions), Newlin (associates)

Enemies: Harith Damyish, Colonel Castonis;
    formerly Iforani (General Viz Glazgon)

Known Relatives: Sinindru Quarrel (father), Merimarth Quarrel (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout space (the Carinian Cluster and beyond), presumably in the Milky Way galaxy;
    formerly Bovric, Carinian Cluster, presumably in the Milky Way galaxy;
    formerly the Probiti Training Institute on Carina Prime, Carinian Cluster, presumably in the Milky Way galaxy;
    formerly Iolium (planet of birth), Carinian Cluster, presumably in the Milky Way galaxy

First Appearance: Starlord#1 (December, 1996)




Powers/Abilities: Sinjin possesses limited telepathic abilities, enabling him to the read the mind of others, and in some cases influence their thoughts, but only when he is in close proximity (nearly in physical contact). He could communicate across greater distances if another telepath were actively transmitting. This process functioned well with Ship.

He wields the Element Gun, which can generate and manipulate the four ancient elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The Gun actually serves as a portal in space, drawing the above elements from the planet. While the supply of these is practically limitless, removal of excessive amounts of one form may up set the balance on that planet, with catastrophic consequences. The use of the Element Gun is limited only by Star-Lord's will, focus, and imagination.

Starlord wears a costume that enables him to survive in space for a short time. It protected him from the cold and the vacuum, but could only contain a five minute oxygen supply. Synthesizers in the helmet allowed him to replicate the voice of his predecessor, Peter Quill.
His greatest asset is his partner,
Ship. While Sinjin/Starlord cannot fly, Ship can allow him to appear to do so by locking on to him with a "graviflex" (tractor-type) beam. However, this is only effective while she has a line-of-sight path to him. Even opaque vapor can nullify this ability.
She also ran a translation for alien languages over their telepathic link. In the event that he were injured beyond his own ability to recover, Ship can administer emergency medical or surgical care.

    Prior to meeting Ship, Sinjin used a handheld device called an Omnic (which was kind of like a cell phone circa 2010 or so, crossed with a Tri-Corder).

Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black

(Starlord#1) - Sinjin Quarrel was born with the mark of the Probiti: golden irises. The Probiti are humanoids of the Carinian Cluster star system gifted with telepathic power. The Probiti gradually developed increasingly levels of political power (and often corruption), with many aspiring to more and believing themselves to be superior to "normals." Each of the Probiti were assigned to a world to monitor and regulate.
    As is the law of the Carinian Cluster, Sinjin spent only his first seven years with his parents, who did their best to teach him right from wrong.

(Starlord#1 (fb) - BTS) - At the age of 5, Sinjin was unable to come up with a good name for his family's pupper (presumably a dog-like creature).

(Starlord#1 (fb)) - Sinindru and Merimarth Quarrel told Sinjin many stories about Star-Lord (Peter Quill); he was their favorite example of how one man could make a difference.

(Starlord#1) - Then he was sent off to Carina Prime, to the Probiti Training Institute to be educated in his power. However, Sinjin's power levels proved to be much lower than the standard Probiti, allowing him only limited glimpses of thoughts, and then only when in direct contact, or close to it. Eventually, not knowing what else do they graduated him from the Probiti system and assigned him a distant, insignificant planet--Bovric.
    On Bovric, Sinjin was quickly warned to steer clear of Harith Damyish, the lawgiver, who had made his dislike for the Probiti well known. His first night there, Sinjin found himself drawn to a forest, where he encountered the feminine entity known as Ship. She had been the companion of Star-Lord until she had become separated from him under mysterious circumstances twelve years earlier, and wound up on Bovric with missing memories. Sinjin befriended Ship (whom he nicknamed 'Rora) and offered to do what he could to help her find her lost companion. He spent his nights using his telepathic link with her to repair her damaged mind, and his days making discreet, unfruitful inquiries.
    Damyish, meanwhile, received reports from his intelligence sources of Sinjin's midnight strolls into the woods, and suspected him of criminal activity. When Damyish and his agent, Castonis, investigated, Ship had Sinjin pose as Star-Lord to cover himself and prevent them from taking her. Sinjin was forced to use the Element Gun to fight off Damyish and Castonis, but Castonis managed to capture one of Ship's Widgets in the process. Realizing they would be back, Ship forced herself to lift off for the first time in over a decade, and flew away. She then revealed that Damyish was a telepath--hidden even from the Probiti, and having found someway to cloak his eye color--and she and Sinjin made plans to find some way to recover her Widget before Damyish and Castonis could uncover and decipher its advanced technology.

(Starlord#2) - Sinjin used the Element Gun to create a massive ball of ice and rock that he launched from orbit aboard Ship to crash into Damyish's building, creating sufficient disturbance to allow him Ship to recover the Widget (via tractor beam) and escape. In for a penny, in for a pound, Sinjin realized that he could not return to his previous role on Bovric, and he agreed to fill the role of Starlord until the original could be found. Ship modified his costume to enable him to better emulate the abilities of Peter Quill, and trained him to use those abilities, as well as how to target with the Element Gun.
    To start their search, she took him to R'Ralmis, the former base of the Master of the Sun, who had pretty much created both Star-Lord and Ship. As they approached the planet, they found that an immense volcano was erupting, threatening the lives of thousands--a direct result of his formation of the meteorite on Bovric. With Ship's help, he succeeded in capping the volcano, but now fully appreciated the source of the Element Gun's matter projection, and the consequences of its use.
    Ship learned that Damyish was sending a big mercenary group, the Iforani--led by General Viz Glazgon, after them. Realizing that Damyish could be planning an assault to take over Carina Prime, they decided to head him off. They traveled to Iforani headquarters on the planet Holmrig, in the Crynbur Pelago (see comments).

(Starlord#3) - Sinjin infiltrated Iforani headquarters and confronted Glazgon, Damyish, and Castonis. However, while Damyish had wrongly assumed that Starlord was merely allied with Sinjin, he had taken Quarrel's parents hostage, to force both Starlord and Sinjin to stay out of his way. Starlord, in turn, revealed that Damyish was a telepath, and also detailed how his meteorite had taken out Damyish's blackmail files on his many "allies," including Glazgon himself. When Ship duped Castonis into destroying the last piece of material that Damyish held over Glazgon, the mercenary had Damyish thrown into detention--and allowed Sinjin, his parents, and Ship to go free.
Sinjin's parents recognized him despite the disguise, but vowed to keep his secret.

Comments: Created by Timothy Zahn and Dan Lawlis.

    Sinjin Quarrel's adventures take place in a potential future, approximately 12 years after the last known adventure (at the time) of Star-Lord (Peter Quill) - presumably the Reality-791 version. This COULD occur between Marvel Super Special#10 and Starlord, the Special Edition.

    Starlord (Sinjin Quarrel) referred to his predecessor, Peter Quill, as being from "a minor planet called Earth," but further noted his was mobile throughout "the entire galaxy." Since Sinjin said "the galaxy," I'd think that meant he considered Earth to be in the same galaxy as the Carinian Cluster...which would make the Carinian Cluster in the Milky Way galaxy.

    I don't know what the Crynbur Pelago means, but I would GUESS that Pelago is meant to be a derivation of archipelago, which is a chain, cluster, or collection of islands. I would take that to perhaps refer to a local system or cluster of planets, with Crynbur being the formal name. But...maybe not.

    Interesting that Sinjin Quarrel would know about Aurora, the Olympian goddess of the dawn, while he was from a planet far distant from Earth. According to Sinjin, she was in "one of the old mythologies." Perhaps it's just a language translation thing, and it referenced a similar being from his world's mythologies, identifying her by her equivalent name in English.

    Sinjin got an entry in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#10.

Starlord, Sinjin Quarrel, should be distinguished from:



    Sinjin's Omnic looked to be something between a Star Trekkian Tri-Corder and modern cell phones circa 2010 or so.

    It contained numerous programs, such as "Lostproof," which was kind of like Google Maps, or before that, Mapquest. It let him know where he was and along what path he had taken.




images: (without ads)
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Starlord#2, Cover (main image);
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Starlord#1 (December, 1996) - Timothy Zahn (writer), Dan Lawlis (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Starlord#2-3 (January-February, 1997) - Timothy Zahn (writer), Dan Lawlis (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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