Membership: Sinjin Quarrel (Starlord, former member), a number of unidentified masters

Purpose: Rule of the Carinian Cluster (a section of space in the future of Reality-791)

Affiliations: The governing bodies of the Carinian Cluster; Ship/'Rora, Starlord

Enemies: Harith Damyish, Iforani (Viz Glazgon), and to some extent, the governing bodies of the Carinian Cluster

Base of Operations: Carina Prime, Carinian Cluster, presumably the Milky Way galaxy, possibly Reality-791 (almost certainly not Reality-616)

First Appearance: Starlord#1 (December, 1996)



Characteristics: The Probiti are a group of telepaths from various races and planets within the Carinian Cluster (see comments). Each of them possesses golden irises, as well as varying degrees of telepathic abilities. In most cases, their power varies inversely with their distance from their target. The Probiti generally cannot mentally control others.
    Young children identified as Probiti spend only their first seven years with their parents, after which they are sent to the Probiti Training Institute on Carina Prime. There they are instructed in the use of their abilities, and are eventually graduated, and given a station on some planet within the Cluster.

(Starlord#1 (fb) - BTS) - The telepaths of the Carinian Cluster, all of whom had golden irises, were organized at the Probiti Training Institute on Carina Prime, where they educated in the use of their power. 

    Eventually, the Probiti's skills were recognized, and they were made an important part of the legal system in the Carinian Cluster. 

    Upon graduation to a full Probiti, the Probiti was assigned to work at a justice center on one of the planets in the Cluster. The Probiti would probe the thoughts of defendant and plaintiff and witnesses, sorting through the tangle of fact and assumption and opinion, trying to dispense justice as best as he or she could.

    Their skill continued to grow, and while many of the Probiti accepted their new authority with wisdom and humility, far too many others did not. Some Probiti grew rich on bribes; others became the shadow power behind local political leaders; others twisted the judicial system to satisfy personal animosities.

    The lawgivers of the Carinian Cluster realized their problem too late. They attempted to rein in the young monster they had created, but they found that the authority they'd given could not so easily be rescinded. Every legislative maneuver they tried was blocked--either by Probiti control of the legal system or else by intense pressure on their own membership. 

(Starlord#1) - On his 7th birthday, as was the law, Sinjin Quarrel was sent to Carina Prime to study at the Probiti Training Institute. His parents promised to visit him as often as they could.

    The Probiti instructors were frustrated by Quarrel's limited range, as he could only transmit thoughts on contact (while most could read thoughts from several feet away).

    The Probiti instructors eventually graduated Quarrel to full Probiti and stationed him on Bovric to replace the Probiti that had died there 4 months ago. They felt this the perfect match, a seemingly weak and ineffectual Probiti and a distant, insignificant planet.

 (Starlord#2, 3-BTS) - Harith Damyish, a telepath who had managed to cloak his abilities and thus never become a Probiti, made alliances with the the Iforani mercenary unit and planned to overthrow Carini Prime and take control of the Cluster. This alliance was broken by the new Starlord, Sinjin Quarrel.

COMMENTS: Created by Timothy Zahn and Dan Lawlis.

    The word Probiti presumably comes from "probity," meaning uprightness in one's dealings; complete honesty; integrity.

    It would appear that the natives of the Carinian Cluster star system are from a common ancestor, and that the Probiti are some sub-species of that race, but this is undetermined.

    Starlord (Sinjin Quarrel) referred to his predecessor, Peter Quill, as being from "a minor planet called Earth," but further noted his was mobile throughout "the entire galaxy." Since Sinjin said "the galaxy," I'd think that meant he considered Earth to be in the same galaxy as the Carinian Cluster...which would make the Carinian Cluster in the Milky Way galaxy.

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