Real Name: Sinindru Quarrel;
    Merimarth Quarrel

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (possibly Earth-791), extraterrestrial (Iolian) civilian

Occupation: Unrevealed;
    they may have been diplomats or perhaps social workers of some sort

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ship/'Rora, Starlord (Sinjin Quarrel);
    parted on friendly terms with Viz Glazgon;
    admired Star-Lord (Peter Quill) of Reality-791

EnemiesColonel Castonis, Harith Damyish

Known Relatives: (Sinindru): Merimarth Quarrel (wife), Sinjin Quarrel (Starlord, son);
    (Merimarth): Sinindru Quarrel (son), Sinjin Quarrel (Starlord, son);

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsIolium (planet), Carinian Cluster, presumably in the Milky Way galaxy

First Appearance: Starlord#1 (December, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Neither Sinindru nor Merimarth demonstrated any superhuman abilities or special skills. They had strong beliefs in justice, integrity, and courage. They believed in doing what was right, but also worked within the laws of their society.

Height: (Sinindru) approximately 5'10" (possibly slightly taller in youth); (Merimarth) approximately 5'6" (possibly slightly taller in youth)
Weight: (Sinindru) approximately 180 lbs.; (Merimarth) approximately 130 lbs.
Eyes: (Sinindru) red; (Merimarth) brown
Hair: (Sinindru) Red-blond, with white sides in later years; (Merimarth) black, with white streaks in later years

(Starlord#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Sinjin Quarrel was born, the nurses took him away briefly, then returned him to Merimarth. He was asleep at that time and remained asleep until Sinindru arrived.

(Starlord#1) - Seeing his newborn son, Sinjin, for the first time, Sinindru teased his wife, Merimarth, that the baby was kind of wrinkled and asked her if she didn't want to trade him in on a smoother model. When Merimarth told him he was being silly, he told her that new fathers were allowed to be silly. He then asked if Sinjin had his or her eyes, but when Merimarth awakened the sleeping baby, she was distraught to see that his irises were gold-colored, which marked him as having telepathic powers and thus one of the Probiti, who served as judges of the courts in the Carinian Cluster; this meant that on Sinjin's seventh birthday he would be sent to the Probiti Institute on Carina Prime.




    Sinindru tried to calm Merimarth, warning her that she would scare the baby; he assured he didn't want to give Sinjin up any more than she did, but that they had no choice. Merimarth suggested that they flee the Carinian Cluster, as there must be thousands of worlds out there where no one had even heard of the Probiti. Sinindu instead reminded her to think of Sinjin: Would she want him to grow up without the proper training and counsel on how to use his telepathic abilities; or worse, to grow up without a solid ethical foundation behind it. Distraught, Merimarth sarcastically commented on how the Probiti would not be good for teaching anyone ethics. Sinindru agreed that the recent revamping of the justice system had granted the Probiti a huge amount of political power, and it was easy for that sort of thing to go their heads; however, he told her that this was all just a period of adjustment, and the Probiti would come to their senses.
    Merimarth reluctantly accepted and agreed with this, though she worried that it was not going to be an easy life for Sinjin. Sinindru agreed, but told her they would do what they could to prepare Sinjin for it. He then looked at his baby, and told little Sinjin that the Probiti wouldn't get him until his seventh birthday, which gave them seven years to teach him everything they knew about right and wrong. They would do their best.



(Starlord#1) - For the next seven years, whether at work or at play or just sitting together during the quiet of the Iolium sunset, Sinindru and Merimarth did everything in their power to instruct their son.


(Starlord#1) - Merimarth taught Sinjin to cook.


(Starlord#1) - Sinindru taught Sinjin to fish.



(Starlord#1) - Sinindru and Merimarth taught Sinjin about justice, integrity, and courage.




(Starlord#1 (fb)) - Sinindru and Merimarth Quarrel told Sinjin many stories and watched footage about Star-Lord (Peter Quill); he was their favorite example of how one man could make a difference.

(Starlord#1 (fb) - BTS) - At the age of 5, Sinjin was unable to come up with a good name for his family's pupper (presumably a dog-like creature).


(Starlord#1 - BTS) - The Probiti's intoxication with their new political power did not fade away; while many of the Probiti accepted their new authority with wisdom and humility, far too many others did not. Some Probiti grew rich on bribes; others became the shadow power behind local political leaders; others twisted the judicial system to satisfy personal animosities.

(Starlord#1) - On Iolium, the Quarrels heard little of the quiet battles where the Probiti prevented the lawgivers from reining in the Probiti.

(Starlord#1) - On Sinjin's seventh birthday -- which came much too soon -- Merimarth promised Sinjin to come to Carina Prime to see him as often as they could, and she would send him an M-disk every week. Sinjin told her he'd M-disk her, too, but asked if he really had to go. Sinindru told Sinjin, "I'm afraid so, son. It's going to be hard for awhile, but in the long run it'll be for the best." Hugging Sinjin, Sinindru told his son he had a great gift, with a great future to which to look forward. "We love you, son. Make us proud."

(Starlord#1-2) - Completing Probiti training (though only able to read human minds when directly contacting a person), Sinjin was stationed on Bovric, where he encountered a semi-amnesiac Ship, the starship of the Star-Lord (Quill). Running afoul of corrupt Bovric lawgiver Harith Damyish, Sinjin secretly adopted the identity of Starlord (and gave Ship the new name 'Rora). Damyish suspected Sinjin was working with Star-Lord (believing Star-Lord to be Quill).

(Starlord#3 (fb) - BTS) - Damyish had his enforcer Colonel Castonis (or other agents) kidnap Sinindru and Merimarth Quarrel and bring them to Holmrig to use as leverage in case Starlord opposed him. Damyish promised the mercenary Iforani leader Viz Glazgon to give him the information he had used to blackmail Glazgon in return for Glazgon capturing Starlord and his ship.

(Starlord#3) - When Starlord (Sinjin Quarrel) confronted Damyish and Glazgon on Bovric and informed them that his ship was in position to destroy the Iforani building's heavy duty gravifex beams, thus trapping Glazgon's fighters underground and leaving him rather vulnerable, Damyish revealed he was holding Quarrel's parents hostage. Assuming Sinjin Quarrel to be piloting Ship, Damyish warned Starlord that if the gravifex beams were thusly destroyed, Starlord would have to tell his partner that he watched his family die. Damyish then "introduced" Merimarth and Sinindru Quarrel to Starlord as the parents of "the young traitor who assisted you on Bovric." Damyish then advised Starlord to call his ship and instruct Quarrel to break off his attack.
    Telepathically warning 'Rora to stay back as he feared Castonis would slay his parents if she acted, Starlord instructed ship to find the blackmail package containing the information Damyish held over Glazgon, while he revealed Damyish to be a telepath. Starlord then had 'Rora send the information pod flying into the room, correcting counting on Castonis' hair trigger reflexes to cause him to shoot and destroy the pod as soon as it flew into the room. Starlord then convinced Glazgon that since Damyish could no longer pay him with the data pod, their contract was no longer valid. Glazgon then had his men arrest Damyish and Castonis.
    Glazgon then offered to personally transport the Quarrels to their home, as he had some business in the Carinian Cluster. When Merimarth asked if their son was really aboard his ship, Rora telepathically told Sinjin he couldn't tell them the truth just yet, and so he told his parents that he was not, but assured them that he had gotten Sinjin off of Bovric and that he was safe. Saying he understood and thanking him for his assistance, Sinindru (and Merimarth) reached to shake Starlord's hand, and Starlord instinctively met the handshake. When they touched his hand, it became clear they knew who he was. Sinindru telepathically told him, "Well done, my son. A well-thought-out, perfectly executed plan. You've made us both very proud." And Merimarth told him, "We don't know what this is all about, Sinjin, but we know it must be important. We'll keep your secret. Take care, and remember that we love you. Always."
    As their hands parted, the contact was broken, but Merimarth smiled at him on the way out, and as the soldiers escorted his parents from the room, Sinjin suddenly felt the whole thing had been worth it.



Comments: Created by Timothy Zahn and Dan Lawlis.

    Sinjin Quarrel's adventures take place in a potential future, approximately 12 years after the last known adventure (at the time) of Star-Lord (Peter Quill) - presumably the Reality-791 version. This COULD occur between Marvel Super Special#10 and Starlord, the Special Edition.

    Starlord (Sinjin Quarrel) referred to his predecessor, Peter Quill, as being from "a minor planet called Earth," but further noted his was mobile throughout "the entire galaxy." Since Sinjin said "the galaxy," I'd think that meant he considered Earth to be in the same galaxy as the Carinian Cluster...which would make the Carinian Cluster in the Milky Way galaxy.

    At the time I write this, my son just turned seven. It goes quickly, and you only just begin to see your child grow up. I would hate to be sending him away from home so soon. So, I considered covering Sinindru and Merimarth as sub-profiles in the Iolians profile, but there seemed to be so much to cover that was important to them, but not to their world/race in general. Then I started profiling Sinindru and figured Merimarth would be a sub-profile, but they both are pretty much equal in importance. So, I considered profiling each one separately, but not only would the bulk of the text be the same, but most of the images are of both of them, with only a couple ones with either Sinindru or Merimarth, but not both. So, I did a joint profile. I don't like them in general, and I don't want people to do them in general. Just seemed the best fix for these two.

Profile by Snood.

Sinindru and Merimarth Quarrel
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images: (without ads)
Starlord#1, pg. 1, panel 1 (Sinindru & Merimarth, distant shot with baby Sinjin);
            panel 2 (Sinindru & Merimarth, close-up shot with baby Sinjin);
            panel 4 (Merimarth face, distraught upon discovering Sinjin to be Probiti);
        pg. 2, panel 1 (Sinindru face)
        pg. 3, panel 1 (Merimarth cooks with young Sinjin);
            panel 2 (Sinindru fishes with young Sinjin);
            panel 3 (Sinindru & Merimarth have drinks at home with alien couple(?));
        pg. 4, panel 2 (Sinindru & Merimarth say goodbye to Sinjin);
        pg. 14, panel 4 (Sinindru, Merimarth, & Sinjin watch footage of Starlord/Quill and Ship);
    #3, pg. 23, panel 4 (Sinindru & Merimarth, full body, recent);
        pg. 29, panel 3 (Sinindru & Merimarth, mostly full body closeup, recent);

Starlord#1 (December, 1996) - Timothy Zahn (writer), Dan Lawlis (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Starlord#3 (February, 1997) - Timothy Zahn (writer), Dan Lawlis (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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