Classification: Terrestrial technology

Creator: Dr. Doom

User/Possessors: Dr. Doom, various Doombots (including A-73 and B-57), Kristoff Vernard

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#278 (May, 1985)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Remembrancer was a device used to play back the recorded memory-tapes of Dr. Doom's life experiences into Kristoff Vernard's mind, essentially brainwashing him and making him into a mental "copy" of Doom. It consisted of a helmet and all the supporting equipment.







(Fantastic Four I#260 - BTS) - With the presumed death of Dr. Doom during a battle between the Silver Surfer and Terrax (see comments), the Doombots initiated a contingency program previously set up by Dr. Doom in the event of his death, so that he might leave a human heir.

(Fantastic Four I#278) - In Latveria, Doombot B-57 escorted Doom's ward, Kristoff Vernard, from his daily school lessons and took him into a secret chamber containing the Remembrancer. Placing the Remembrancer helmet on Kristoff's head, the Doombots activated the device.

  The Remembrancer replayed all the major points of Doom's life: His youth in Latveria, the death of his father, his discovery of his mother's trunk of arcana, his loss of the love of Valeria, his journey to the United States and his schooling at Empire State University, his creation of the "Necrophone" and his disfigurement in its subsequent explosion, his discovery of an order of monks in Tibet, his first encounter with the Fantastic Four, his first use of the Grabber to steal the FF's Baxter Building headquarters...

  At that point, Kristoff ordered the Remembrancer sequence terminated -- the memory implants were successful...Kristoff's personality was gone, and he was now "Dr. Doom".

  The Doombots placed the child in an exo-suit that gave him the proportionate size of a full-grown adult.







Comments: Created by John Byrne (artist and writer).

For the record, the Remembrancer only replayed the events of Doom's life up to Fantastic Four I#6 before it was cut off -- kinda makes you wonder how much trouble the little brat would have caused if he'd gotten the full treatment...

Although Dr. Doom was presumed to be dead at the time, he had actually transferred his mind into the body of Norman McArthur.

The real Doom eventually returned and used magic to correct Kristoff's mind, restoring his true identity to him, although Kristoff retained the knowledge and personality traits he had absorbed. A full profile on Kristoff Vernard can be found in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#12 (a plug!).

Profile by John Kaminski


The Remebrancer has no known connections to

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Fantastic Four I#278, p3, pan3 (main image)

pan4 (Kristoff wearing Remembrancer helmet)
pan5 (explanation)

Fantastic Four I#278 (May, 1985) - John Byrne (writer/artist), Michael Carlin (editor)

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