Type: Alternate Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-32943

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement 

Dominant Life Form: Humanity

Significant Inhabitants: Frank Castle, Green Goblin, May Parker, Spider-Man (Peter Parker);
   perhaps "raptor-hounds"

First Appearance: Motormouth Remix#1 (May 1994; see comments)

Motormouth Remix#1 (and maybe#2) ) - On Earth-32943 Peter Parker put aside his heroic career as Spider-Man to enlist during the Vietnam War. While he was overseas, the Green Goblin discovered his hated foe's alter ego and attacked Peter's Aunt May in her home, blowing her up with a goblin bomb, then went on to murder all of Peter's relatives and friends. Peter returned home to seek vengeance, modifying his costume to incorporate a skull motif and arming himself with lethal weaponry. Evangelical military priest Frank Castle set out to stop him.

    Castle was closing in on Spider-Man's location when Earth-616's Motormouth arrived on Earth-32943, hunting for her missing friend/partner Killpower. While Spider-Man watched from the shadows, perched on a nearby alley wall, the new arrival was attacked by robotic raptor-hounds (see comments).

    Seeing Castle's van racing towards Motormouth, Spider-Man used his webbing to yank her safely away from the closest hounds and out of the vehicle's path. Castle crashed into some of the hounds and impacted against a building's wall, destroying them. The remaining hounds rounded on Motormouth, but she had managed to catch her breath and blasted them to smithereens with her sonic powers. Glancing up, she spotted Spider-Man as he moved away, but then her attention was drawn to Castle as he exited his wrecked van and ran towards her.

Comments: Created by Rafael Marin and Carlos Pacheco.

   Intended as a four issue miniseries, Motormouth Remix is another of the stories planned for Marvel UK that was lost thanks to the line's implosion during the mid-1990s. Solicits in Comics International#38 listed the series was to start in March 1994, the overall plot for the series had been hashed out, and the first issue had been written and at least partially penciled, when the axe fell. The series was intended to show Motormouth hunting for a missing Killpower across Marvel's multiverse; though four issues, it was intended to be split into three chapters, one for each of the realities visited. As such, this reality would presumably have featured in the first, and perhaps second, issues.

   Pacheco revealed some of the first issues' pages along with character designs on his Twitter account. Apart from the small amount of information these provide regarding the characters and realities involved in the story, they also show a framing sequence that appears to show a Watcher (Uatu?) discovering the body of another, slain Watcher who died while viewing alternate realities, and discovering a crystal lying on the floor nearby within which can be seen visions of the Green Goblin murdering Aunt May in the "Spider Punisher" reality. Someone, possibly still the living Watcher, but perhaps not, is then seen holding that or an identical crystal while moving pieces on a three dimensional chess board; said chess board looks to be the same as the one Merlyn and Roma used while playing against one another in Alan Moore and Davis' Captain Britain run, down to the pieces being characters from the realities Motormouth was about to visit. Given that Merlyn had been revealed to still be alive and manipulating events back in 1992's Excalibur I#50, the chess board's presence may be evidence that Roma and/or Merlyn were involved in the tale, perhaps manipulating Motormouth to visit these realities as a pawn in the Omniversal Protectors' games.

   The Green Goblin who murdered May Parker and Peter's other friends would most likely have been Norman Osborn, but the possibility of it being Harry or another individual can't be entirely ruled out.

   With only a handful of unlettered pages to go on, we don't know the origins of the apparently robotic creatures, which I've dubbed raptor-hounds, that are seen attacking Motormouth. They may have come to this reality with her, or they could have attacked her upon her arrival; if the latter, they might be randomly attacking people, or targeting superhumans.
    My guess however, given Spider-Man's presence and Frank Castle's sudden arrival on the scene, is that they are Castle's, and were sent to hunt down Spider-Man, only to be distracted when Motormouth suddenly materialized. Given that Castle appeared to be driving straight at Motormouth, and Spider-Man intervened to save her both from the hounds and the van but only after he saw the vehicle bearing down on her, could be evidence that the wall-crawler had held off helping the new arrival until he saw enough to decide she wasn't working with Castle.

   It's not clear from the information Carlos Pacheco provided whether Peter enlisted by choice or was drafted; Carlos states Peter "was enlisted to Vietnam," which is a slightly curious phrasing. You'd normally expect "Peter enlisted" or "Peter was drafted." It's worth remembering that English is not Carlos' native language, so the unusual phrasing might simply be down to that, but that might also mean he picked a word with slightly different connotations from what he intended. That's not intended as a slight against Carlos Pacheco; I have numerous family members for whom English is not their native language, and though most of them speak excellent English, every so often in conversations with them an odd phrase or word choice (to my ears) will still crop up.

    Further, Peter Parker's participating in the Vietnam War means this is a reality that didn't following the sliding timescale, meaning that Peter was empowered Spider-Man in 1962 rather than the sliding 12-15 years ago of Reality-616, the "mainstream/prime Marvel Universe."

Profile by Loki.

The residents of Earth-32943 have no known connections to:

Frank Castle

    Frank Castle was an evangelical military priest. When Vietnam veteran Spider-Man went on a vigilante spree seeking to avenge his murdered loved ones, Castle sought to stop him. He nearly ran down Motormouth as she battled robotic "raptor-hounds," and crashed his van into a wall when she was yanked out the way at the last second by Spider-Man's webbing. Moments later, just after Motormouth had destroyed the last of the hounds, Frank exited his vehicle and ran towards the newcomer.


--Motormouth Remix#1

Green Goblin

    While Peter Parker was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam the Green Goblin discovered the teenager was Spider-Man, and decided to murder his hated foe's friends and family. He began with May Parker, breaking into the elderly woman's home to confront her and blow her up with a goblin bomb just after she had accepted her mail from the mailman.


   He apparently went on to slaughter many other people connected to Parker, prompting Parker to return from the war and take up a violent vigilante vengeance spree.


--Motormouth Remix#1

 May Parker

     May Parker was Peter Parker's aunt. One morning, while he was serving in Vietnam and just after she had received her mail from the mailman, she was attacked in her home by the Green Goblin. As she recoiled in terror upon being confronted by the cackling villain, he activated one of his goblin bombs and blew up her house, killing her.

     Her demise was witnessed from across the multiverse by Uatu, the Watcher of Earth-616.


--Motormouth Remix#1


As on Earth-616, the Peter Parker of Earth-32943 became Spider-Man, presumably after being bitten by a radioactive spider. During the Vietnam War, Peter Parker enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces and was sent overseas. However, while he was away, his bitter foe the Green Goblin discovered Spider-Man's dual identity and slaughtered Peter's friends and family, including his beloved Aunt May. Scarred by war and this deep personal loss, Peter returned home and reinvented his alter ego, adding a skull motif to the spider symbol on his costume and arming himself with lethally sharp throwing "spider-blades." As this more brutal version of the former hero cut his way through the underworld, military priest Frank Castle sought to stop him.

   From a safe perch high up a wall and in the shadows, Spider-Man witnessed Earth-616's Motormouth, newly arrived on his world, being attacked by robotic raptor-hounds. Spotting Castle's van racing towards Motormouth, Spider-Man snagged her with webbing and yanked her out of the vehicle's path. Spider-Man waited long enough to witness Motormouth destroying the last of the hounds with her sonic powers, then departed moments before Castle exited his now crashed van.


Note: While clearly adding a version of the Punisher's origin to Spider-Man, the minimal story information provided doesn't hint whether he also amended his codename to match. It's possible this is the Spider-Punisher (though that makes it sound like he punishes spiders), or Punisher Spider, or it might be something suitably violent and 90s, like Blood Spider. Or he might still just be Spider-Man, and in the absence of confirmation, I'm going to run with that codename.


--Motormouth Remix#1


     Apparently robotic, the "raptor-hounds" looked like quadrupedal dinosaurs with vicious fangs, lethal-looking claws on all four feet, and a lengthy, whiplike tail. A group of them attacked Earth-616's Motormouth when she arrived on Earth-32943, and as she tried to fight them off she was nearly run down by Frank Castle's van. Spider-Man gave her some much needed breathing space by yanking her momentarily out of harm's way, and, after Castle's van smashed a couple of the hounds to pieces, Motormouth destroyed the remaining ones with her sonic blasts as they renewed their attack and lunged for her.


--Motormouth Remix#1

images: (without ads)
Motormouth Remix (uncertain issue/page numbers) and design sketches for same.

Motormouth Remix (intended for March-June 1994 publication, but ultimately unpublished) - Rafael Marin (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils)

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