taking out Deathloks with batonsSPIDER-MAN
of Reality-10511

Real Name: Peter Parker

Identity/ClassExtradimensional/alternate reality/alternate future (Reality-10511) human mutate and technology user

Occupation: Freedom fighter, former vigilante;
    presumably shared previous careers of Earth-616's Spider-Man

Group Membership: He was presumably part of an anti-Roxxon/anti-Deathloks militia/resistance (perhaps associated with the General and/or Miranda Bayer, although he could have just opposed Roxxon independently.;
    presumably shared previous memberships of Earth-616's Spider-Man

Affiliations: Spider-Friends/Amazing Friends;
General and/or Miranda Bayer;
    presumably shared previous affiliations of Earth-616's Spider-Man

Enemies: Deathloks (possibly including Deathlok L17), Roxxon;
    presumably shared previous enemies of Earth-616's Spider-Man

Known Relatives: None confirmed, but presumably shared relatives of Earth-616's Spider-Man

Aliases: None confirmed, but presumably shared aliases of Earth-616's Spider-Man

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly (presumably New York City, New York), USA, Earth-10511;

    presumably shared previous careers of Earth-616's Spider-Man

First Appearance: (Partially pictured) Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (June, 2010);
Wolverine: Weapon X#13 (July, 2010)

dodging blastsPowers/Abilities: Spider-Man possessed superhuman speed and reflexes, and presumably strength. He could likely cling to surfaces, although he was not seen to do so in his limited appearances. 

    He may or may not have had the danger-warning Spider-Sense, as he did not anticipate or prepare surprise attacks by the Deathloks; perhaps they could neutralize his sense.

    Spider-Man used a rifle that fired web-base projectiles to ensnare and incapacitate targets. He did not appear to utilize wrist web-shooters at the time of his death.

    He could hurl baton-like weapons with great speed, accuracy, and force. 

    He also utilized a group of miniature robotic arachnids known as Spider-Friends (and/or Amazing Friends) that could swarm over and presumably incapacitate targets.

    Spider-Man-10511 presumably at least previously possessed all of the powers of Earth-616's Spider-Man; some of these may have weakened or been lost over time. 

Height: Presumably 5'10"
Weight: Presumably around 165 lbs.
Eyes: Presumably hazel (not clearly seen in the two panels where his left eye was uncovered)
Hair: Gray, including beard (presumably formerly brown)

flattening DeathlokHistory
Wolverine: Weapon X#13) <22 years into the future of Reality-10511> - When a group of Deathloks were dispatched to slaughter a crowd of Roxxon protesters who refused to disperse outside of their south gate, Spider-Man realized he was too late to prevent the conflict. Intending to take the Deathloks down before they turned this into another massacre, Spider-Man fired his rifle, striking a series of Deathloks with incapacitating web-based projectiles. He then voiced, "Code: Amazing Friends K-Alpha 12. Now! Move in now!"  And in response, his Spider-Friend robotic arachnids swarmed out of the building and assaulted the Deathloks.

face    However, one of the Deathloks spotted Spider-Man and shared the information with two of the remaining Deathloks who then transported into the apartment in which Spider-Man was based. 

    Cursing, "Damn," Spider-Man dove through the air, evading the trio of Deathloks' fire and then stunning two of them  in a coordinated attack with a pair of batons. After Spider-Man punched down the third Deathlok, that Deathlok alerted a Deathlok still on the street below that the intercept had been successful and to target his coordinates; the street level Deathlok then fired a rocket-launcher device into the apartment, collapsing it. 

    Telling himself he wasn't dead yet, Spider-Man struggled to recover his weapon, only to have his reaching hand stomped on by a Deathlok. That and two other Deathloks aimed their weapons at the fallen hero, and one of them identified him as being ranked #4 on Roxxon's most wanted list; as that Deathlok instructed the others to prepare to neutralize him, another recorded the last moments of "enemy combatant designate 'Spider-Man'" for posterity.

    At his enemy's mercy, Spider-Man noted, "Heh. You know, for the first time in forever...I can't think of anything to say."

    And the Deathoks apparently executed Spider-Man.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 - BTS) <25 years into the future of Reality-10511> - Spider-Man was shown as one of the allies of the resistance Roxxon on a wall of a resistance base under Howlett's bookstore. 

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney.

posterSpider-Man's past presumably mirrored that of Reality-616's up to the point of the Wolverine: Weapon X#11-15 arc: Tomorrow Dies Today. In the future Reality-10511, Roxxon became a major world power, ruling tyrannically. They created the Deathloks/Peaceloks to exterminate their foes, including the super heroes who opposed them. Spider-Man opposed Roxxon, but it is unconfirmed whether he was directly affiliated with other resistants, most notably the General and his forces.

    In the poster image shown in #12, as only the top of his head was shown, it was not clear whether he was apprehended, slain, or still free. He was shown in his classic costume, but the information either may be out of date, chosen because of his recognizability, or artistic license. Or perhaps he didn't die as seemingly shown and went on to return to his classic costume...or there was another Spider-Man. 

Profile by Snood.

is an alternate future version presumably diverging from Reality-616 sometime after the events of Wolverine: Weapon X#11-15: Tomorrow Dies Today

He should be distinguished from:

spider-friendsspider-friends attackingSpider-Friends

    To aid his efforts to protect the crowd protesting Roxxon from the Deathloks sent in for "crowd control" -- which including killing everyone present in the crowd -- Spider-Man voiced, "Code: Amazing Friends K-Alpha 12. Now! Move in now!"  

    And in response, a series robotic arachnids swarmed out of the building. One of the arachnoids responsed, "Copy that. Spider-Friends, go for it. Over." The arachnoids then assaulted the Deathloks.

    The Arachnoids appeared to be roughly tarantula-sized. They clearly affected their targets as they swarmed over them, as the Deathloks were seen to react negatively, but it is not clear exactly what they did to their victims.

--Wolverine: Weapon X#13

Note: The responding arachnoid referred to the group of archnoids as Spider-Friends. When Spider-Man summoned them, he used the code "Amazing Friends." It is not clear whether the both names are appropriate for this group, but since "Amazing Friends" was only used in the code to summon them, I'm taking "Spider-Friends" as a bit more likely to be the official codename for the group.
    Or not. Dorcas Farkas.

rifleweb projectilerifle

    To aid his efforts to protect the crowd protesting Roxxon from the Deathloks sent in for "crowd control" -- which including killing everyone present in the crowd -- Spider-Man used his rifle to incapacitate a number of the Deathloks with web-based projectiles.

    The exact natures of the rifle and the web-projectiles are not clear, but they were sufficient to stun, if not incapacitate, the Deathloks.

    When the Deathloks teleported into the room from which he was firing on them, he dropped his rifle as he leapt to evade their fire.

--Wolverine: Weapon X#13

Note: Spider-Man appeared to have bracelets along the line of some of the web-shooters his Reality-616 incarnation had used in the modern era's past, but he was not observed to use them to fire webs in the few pages in which he appeared. Regardless, it would seem that the rifle was used for more distant and powerful assaults.

images: (without ads)
Wolverine: Weapon X#12, pg. 2, panel 5 (poster)
    #13, story page 2, panel 3 (with rifle);
        pg. 3, panel 1 (rifle web projectiles);
            panel 3-4 (Spider-Friends crawling and attacking);
        pg. 4, panel 1-2 (leaping and attacking);
        pg. 5, panel 6 (face)

Wolverine: Weapon X#12-13 (June-July, 2010) - Jason Aaron (writer), Ron Garney (penciler & inker); Jody Leheup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor)

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