Beating DeathlokMIRANDA BAYER

Real Name: Miranda L. Bayer

Identity/ClassExtradimensional/alternate reality/alternate future (Reality-10511)

Occupation: Commander in an unidentifed force resisting Roxxon

Group Membership: Unidentified force resisting Roxxon and its Deathloks

AffiliationsGeneral, Logan (James Howlett; formerly Wolverine), Punisher (Frank Castle), Evan Wakowski (see comments), unidentified resistance members; she presumably worked with other super-heroes before their deaths
Deathlok L17 (she sacrificed herself to guide him towards becoming a benevolent person)

Enemies: Deathlok L17, Deathloks, Roxxon

Known Relatives: None revealed

Aliases: Commander

Base of Operations: New York, Reality-10511, some 25 years in the future

First AppearanceWolverine: Weapon X#12 (June, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: Miranda has a highly experienced and skilled tactical combatant and commander. She appreciates the potential need of sacrificing herself or others to achieve the ultimate goal. In addition to grenades and handheld firearms or blasters, she carried an energy stick that allowed her to bludgeon a Deathlok into submission.

Height: Approximately 5'2"
Weight: Approximately 120 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Magenta (presumably dyed)

History:  See comments

with troops(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (fb) - BTS) - Miranda Bayer fought the forces of Roxxon for 25 years, ever since she started having dreams of her future and the Deathloks first came back in time.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (fb) - BTS) - Throughout her war, Miranda progressively lost ground and forces against Roxxon. She knew the day would come when there was nothing left for her to lose except her life, which she figured was no longer worth much.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (fb) - BTS) - Logan was the one who always gave Miranda hope. She felt like the world would never end as long as he was still around to fight for it.running to blow up the time machine

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (fb) - BTS) - Miranda and her troops were too late to stop a group of Deathloks from killing the Punisher (Frank Castle).

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12) <25 years in the future of Reality-10511> - The next day, posing as a physican, Miranda entered Howlett's book store, where she accessed a secret passageway into a resistance base. Revealing her failure the previous night, she added a "slain" label to the Punisher's picture. She then received information of energy readings at the north side of the Roxxon facility; noting that this was where Roxxon kept "the machine" (presumably referring to their time machine), she realized that Roxxon was getting ready to make a time jump. She instructed that her team be gathered, but they announced that they were already there and ready when she was. As she picked up a weapon, she added that someone should contact the General, but one of her men (Wakowski) told her that he already knew and wished her luck. She was surprised the General was not coming with them, but her agent told her the General said he could not go this time. Her agent then advised her that someone had volunteered to go in the General's place, and Miranda was surprised when Logan (the now handless former Wolverine) greeted her. 

    Miranda's agent Wakowski asked her despite who he used to be, how could she put on point someone who didn't even have hands. After Wolverine head-butted a Roxxon guard into unconsciousness and then gave the full details on the base's security he had obtained, Miranda asked Wakowski if she had any other questions.

    Within Roxxon's base, Wakowski reported that the time machine looked active and that it looked like it was ready to make a jump. Miranda instructed her troops to prime her explosives as they would only have one shot, and she would lead the way. Logan interrupted, telling her he would go first, and when she reminded him that he was not the commanding officer and that this was her mission. Noting he wasn't and hadn't ever been one of her soldiers, Logan told her that this was the way the General wanted. Having not heard anything from the General about this, Miranda was surprised, but Logan told her -- despite her insistence that this was suicide -- that he would handle the Deathloks and that she and her men should get the time machine.

    Miranda watched in horror as the Deathloks took down Logan and then doused him in acid, dissolving his remaining flesh. She considered to herself that this was the passing of the last living mutant (and possibly the last super hero), as well as her friend, and that now there was only the normal people left. 

    She ordered her troops to have grenades at the ready and that they were going to take out the time machine; determined to fight for the future, she ordered her men forward.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#14 (fb)) - Deathlok L17 observed Miranda and the resistance battling the other Deathloks.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (fb) - BTS) - Advised of the loss of Logan, the General silently watched a video feed of Miranda's men assaulting the Deathloks.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#13) - Miranda ordered Wakowski to blast the time machine to Hell, and when he told her he was ready, she ordered up some covering fire. 

(Wolverine: Weapon X#14) - As Wakowski rushed to throw a grenade at the time machine, the rest of the resistance fired on the Deathloks. "As" Miranda prepared the remaining five others to charge with her and finish off the Deathloks as soon as Wakowski blew up the time machine, Wakowski-616 was slain by Deathloks in the modern era. 

skewered    Reality-10511 was apparently altered by a temporal wave following the actions in Reality-616's relative past, and Wakowski-10511 and his grenade faded from existence; reality rebooted, leaving Miranda with only five allies pinned down as they sought to destroy the time machine. Miranda took off toward the time machine, dodged the Deathlok's fire, and hurled her grenade.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#15) - Recognizing Miranda, Deathlok L17 knocked her gun out of her hand and began choking her, but she pulled out some sort of energy baton that allowed her to beat him to the ground. She continued delivering such blows as she angrily vowed to wipe out all of Roxxon and the Deathloks. However, as she had Deathlok L17 at her mercy, she recognized that he was the prime Deathlok she had encountered some 25 years ago. Understanding now how it all made sense, she realized why she was there at that time, and she put down her weapon and told Deathlok, "Do it." She cried out in pain as Deathlok stabbed his energy claws into her chest; observing this, the General turned off the video feed to himself and his aide.

    As she lay dying, Miranda said that "he" (she was in the presence of Deathlok L17, but perhaps she was initially referring to the's not clear) knew all along this would happen, and that it had to happen...she understood that.

    Definitely speaking to Deathlok L17, Miranda told him to know that she didn't blame him, but that she wasn't sure what she was supposed to say him now to make him see. She told him to watch her face as she died and see that she loved him, and then ask himself, "Why?" Deathlok L17 watched at she died and stared at her for a while thereafter before following the other Deathloks through the time machine into the modern era of Reality-616.

CommentsCreated by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney.

    Miranda-10511's past likely mirrors Miranda-616's, but certain temporal variations led to some differences. Only those things specifically referenced to relate to Miranda-10511 are listed here.

    All characters in this profile represent the Reality-10511 version unless otherwise specified.

    Reality-10511 appeared to have its timeline altered by events occurring in the past of Reality-616, though in some cases, events culminated in the same or similar fashion, but by different routes. For example, Wakowski was part of Miranda's team, but he faded from existence during the final battle after his younger self perished in Reality-616's relative.

    In case it's not clear, Miranda-10511 recalled the eventually benevolent Deathlok L17 from her past and realized she was the one who made him understand she sacrificed herself to that end.

    Miranda's surprise that the General was not coming with them on that mission indicates that she had worked with him before...which means she had seen him before...yet she apparently did not realize his true identity. He wore a hood only when we saw him, but perhaps he had some sort of illusion-casting device, or something?
    Her Reality-616-self further notes that the General kept his identity secret; the rebellion did not know who he was, they just know he was a super-powered operative who arose from the modern/heroic age.

Profile by Snood.

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Wolverine: Weapon X#11-15 (May-September, 2010) - Jason Aaron (writer), Ron Garney (penciler - no inker listed); Jody Leheup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor)

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