wakowski-evan-10511-lateral-WWX14p13pan1.jpgwakowski-evan-10511-solo-grande-WWX14p14pan4.jpgEvan Wakowski

Real Name: Evan Wakowski

Identity/ClassExtradimensional/alternate reality/alternate future (Reality-10511)

Occupation: Soldier in an unidentifed force resisting Roxxon

Group Membership: Unidentified force resisting Roxxon and its Deathloks

AffiliationsGeneral, Logan (James Howlett; formerly Wolverine), Miranda Bayer, unidentified resistance members; he may have worked with other super-heroes before their deaths
(she sacrificed herself to guide him towards becoming a benevolent person)

EnemiesDeathlok L17, Deathloks, Roxxon

Known Relatives: None revealed

Aliases: None revealed

Base of Operations: New York, Reality-10511, some 25 years in the future

First AppearanceWolverine: Weapon X#12 (June, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: Wakowski was an experienced combatant, skilled in tactical missions and the use of firearms. 

    He was brave and willing to sacrifice his life for his cause.

HeightUnrevealed (approximately 5'10");
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 190 lbs.);
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (likely with brown moustache; formerly blond see comments)

group-WWX12p3pan3.jpgHistory:  See comments

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (fb) - BTS) <sometime prior to 25 years into the future of Reality-10511> - Evan Wakowski fought in a resistance directed by the General and opposing Roxxon, the corrupt corporation that ruled the USA. 

    He served in a group commanded by Miranda Bayer.

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12 (fb) - BTS) <25 years in the future of Reality-10511> -Wakowski and the rest of the team received word that Roxxon was preparing to send their Deathloks back in time. The team readied themselves within the secret resistance base associated with Howlett's book store in preparation of Bayer's plans to invade the Roxxon base. 

(Wolverine: Weapon X#12) - When Miranda ordered her team to be assembled, they announced that they were already there and ready when she was. As she picked up a weapon, she added that someone should contact the General, but one of her men (possibly Wakowski, see comments) told her that the General already knew and wished her luck. After relating that the General said he could not go on the mission this time, this agent then advised her that someone had volunteered to go in the General's place, Logan, the now handless former Wolverine. 

    En route, Wakowski asked Miranda despite who Logan used to be, how could she put on point someone who didn't even have hands. After Logan head-butted a Roxxon guard into unconsciousness and then gave the full details on the base's security he had obtained, Miranda asked Wakowski if she had any other questions.

    Within Roxxon's base, Wakowski reported that the time machine looked active and that it looked like it was ready to make a jump. Miranda instructed her troops to prime her explosives as they would only have one shot, and she would lead the way; however, Logan convinced her to let him lead the assault instead. 

    After the Deathloks dissolved Logan in acid, Miranda ordered her troops to have grenades at the ready and that they were going to take out the time machine; determined to fight for the future, she ordered her men forward. Wakowski and the others followed orders.with troops

(Wolverine: Weapon X#14) - Needing a runner Miranda ordered Wakowski to blast the time machine to Hell, and when he told her he was ready, she ordered up some covering fire. 

    As Wakowski rushed to throw a grenade at the time machine, the rest of the resistance fired on the Deathloks. "As" Miranda prepared the remaining five others to charge with her and finish off the Deathloks as soon as Wakowski blew up the time machine, Wakowski-616 was slain by Deathloks in the modern era (about 25 years in the relative past). 

    Reality-10511 was apparently altered by a temporal wave following the actions in Reality-616's relative past, and Wakowski-10511 and his grenade faded from existence; reality rebooted, leaving Miranda with only five allies pinned down as they sought to destroy the time machine. Miranda took off toward the time machine, dodged the Deathlok's fire, and hurled her grenade.

CommentsCreated by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney.

    Wakowski-10511's past likely mirrored Wakowski-616's, but certain temporal variations led to some differences; and the death of his past incarnation in Reality-616 seemingly caused him to cease to exist in the future. Only those things specifically referenced to relate to Miranda-10511 are listed here.

    All characters in this profile represent the Reality-10511 version unless otherwise specified.

    Reality-10511 appeared to have its timeline altered by events occurring in the past of Reality-616, though in some cases, events culminated in the same or similar fashion, but by different routes. 

wakowski-evan-10511-group-question_logan-WWX12p11pan2wakowski-evan-10511-vertchinstrap-WWX12p11pan3.jpgWhich future guy is Wakowski?

Profile by Snood.

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Wolverine: Weapon X#11-15 (May-September, 2010) - Jason Aaron (writer), Ron Garney (penciler - no inker listed); Jody Leheup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor)

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