Classification: Self-supported underground community for radiation victims, hidden beneath a NORAD facility in Arizona

Creator: NORAD

User/Possessors: Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, Molly Hunt, Wilfred Tobias

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes III#5 (April, 1991)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Colony is entirely self-sustained, and features hydroponics, a library, school, and a crafts center

History: (Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2 (fb) - BTS) - In the 1950's, to compensate people mutated by radiation, the US government turned over a former NORAD base to an entire community of such victims, led by Wilfred Tobias. Unknown to the members of the Colony, Tobias was working for NORAD, and an active lab was still present above ground, studying the residents of the Colony. Steps had also been taken to prevent members of the Colony from ever leaving, by posting guards in the surrounding area.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2)- When the Thing happened across Molly Hunt, a member of the Colony who had ventured above ground, the Colony welcomed him in and showed him their facilities. The Thing was impressed, and helped them in constructing a new building. He then departed, promising not to tell anyone about the Colony.

But as the Thing took off, Tobias' allies caused an avalanche in an attempt to kill the Thing. Grimm survived, and returned to the Colony to investigate. He discovered the aboveground lab, and fought and destroyed Harmony-1, the lab's greatest defense. By then, the Colony members had realized Tobias had been keeping secrets from them, and they confronted NORAD themselves. Ultimately, NORAD abandoned their lab, taking Tobias with them. The other members of the Colony decided to remain where they were, because it had become home to them.

Comments: Created by Dave Michelinie, Ron Wilson and Al Milgrom.

by Prime Eternal

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Molly Hunt is the daughter of two radiation victims, and was born at the Colony. Although she is blind, she has a remarkable gift for finding her way around, and would often go the surface, returning with lizards or jackrabbits. She befriended the Thing when he arrived at the Colony, and when she became concerned for the Thing later on, Wilfred Tobias struck her in an attempt to keep her quiet. By doing so, the Colony realized they couldn't trust Tobias.

--Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2

Wilfred Tobias was a local NORAD agent who was recruited to became the leader of the Colony back when it was founded, and was given artificial arms to replace the ones he had lost. Tobias was aware of NORAD's constant monitoring of the Colony, and kept in touch with the outside world, but did not inform the rest of the Colony. When Tobias struck young Molly Hunt, the other members of the Colony realized he had been keeping secrets from them. When the Colony chose to remain where they were without NORAD, Tobias departed with the NORAD staff.

--Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2

Harmony-1 was the Riot Control Vehicle used by NORAD to defend their facility above the Colony. They unleashed it against the Thing when he discovered their monitoring station, but the Thing easily destroyed it.

Harmony-1 was a six-wheeled vehicle with a spike-studded front wheel and six metal tentacles.

--Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/2

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