Classification: Terrestrial technology (Earth-20051)

Creator: Reed Richards

User/Possessors: Reed Richards

First Appearance: Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#0 (July, 2005)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: This small handheld device was able to convert subatomic particles into high output sustainable energy sources.


(Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#0) Reed Richards worked in his lab on a handheld (A device that he believed would change the world) Quantum Converter that was able to convert subatomic particles into a sustainable high energy power source. While doing some last minute adjustments to its quantum deregulator and carbon fluxometer, the Thing and the Human Torch pass by arguing and roughhousing over an MP3 player. Susan Storm enters and confiscates the music player and reminds Reed that they needed to attend a parade in their honor by the city of New York. During the parade Reed once again begins making adjustments to the Quantum Converter but Susan Storm confiscates it and puts away alongside the MP3 player so they could simply enjoy the festivities. Doctor Doom and a large force of Doombots show up and begin attacking the Fantastic Four demanding that Reed hand over his Quantum Converter or he would have his robots turn on the crowd. Reed accepts the demand and gets Susan to hand him the device and he quickly departs. Doctor Doom much later believing he now had the ability to power his country and entire army of robots with the Quantum Converter, plugs the device into one of his computers. The Laterverian Monarch becomes enraged as the device begins playing music and turns out to be nothing but a simple MP3 player.

Comments: Created by Mark Sumerak (writer), Scot Eaton (pencils), Jonathon Glapion (inks).

Reed Richards believed the device would change the world but there is no evidence that it actually lived up to the hype.

The Human Torch had taken the Things MP3 player and began teasing him about not giving it back until he changed his taste in Music. The music in question was the 1969 #1 hit, Sugar Sugar from the Archies.

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: Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#0, p18, pan3 (main image)

p3, pan3 (Reed working on the device)

Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four#0 (July, 2005) - Mark Sumerak (writer), Scot Eaton (pencils), Jonathon Glapion (inks), Nicole Wiley (editor)

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